Sitter Sex-ed
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My sister and I had a babysitter who not only stayed with us, she taught us all about sex, even bringing us together to enjoy one another in such a beautiful, intimate way.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Babysitter  

It wasn't that I didn't know anything at all about sex, I did. Not a lot and really no experience with it, well, except for rubbing myself with a piece of an old fleece blanket which I began using after the discovery that my penis could feel pretty good if I played with it just right.

I tried lots of things and found the scrap of fleece was really nice. It's big drawback, of course, was that I needed to wash it a couple of times a week, especially after I turned fourteen.

But I did, there was a place behind some shelves in the attic that I used to hang it to dry and I began using it even more as I became fifteen.

Now, I'm not alone in this story, I have a family, a Mom and Dad, and a sister, a younger sister, Teri. She's fifteen months younger.

There's another person in this story as well, that's Karen.

Karen came into this because our mom and dad began doing a weekend act at a local nightclub, Mom sang and Dad played the piano, and the money was pretty good. So, they looked around and found a girl who lived nearby who'd just started college to come and stay the weekends with us. That's Karen.

It was the second weekend Karen stayed with us when this story really started. She'd already put my sister to bed when she told me it was time for me to get in bed and she went with me upstairs to my room.

I was already in pajamas, I had turned fifteen a few months before, and she stood there while I got under the covers. Then, she knelt down and asked, "Zach, you'll probably want to masturbate, you know, jack-off, so you can sleep better. You're doing that right?"

I couldn't believe she would ask me something so embarrassing.

"You can tell me. I know most boys do it. You use some hand lotion, right?"

Now I was in a fix. I didn't really want to talk about it but I did want to know more about using hand lotion.

"Um, no, I do it different," I managed to squeak out.

So she stood up and left my room only to return with a bottle of hand lotion.

She knelt down again and pulled the covers aside and took the waistband of my pjs in her hands and pulled them down exposing my hardened dick.

"I ... you ... what are you... ," I stuttered.

"I'll show you how my boyfriend does it," she said as she put some of the lotion on her hand and circled her fingers around my dick and began stroking up and down.

"Like that, Zach? Feel good?"

I was so overtaken by it all that I could barely say anything but I did groan that it was good, really good.

Not surprisingly, it didn't take long for me to cum and she got some tissues and cleaned me up, then bent over to kiss the tip of my dick, saying, "Now, that'll help you to get to sleep, Zach. It's just our little secret, right?" and she got up, turned off the bedside lamp and left my room with me stretched out in bed totally dazed.

The next afternoon, Saturday, she came over and everything seemed normal but as bedtime approached and I'd taken a shower and dressed for bed, she leaned over as we were watching TV and whispered, "Looks like your friend there needs some attention. Let me get Teri to bed then we can see to him," and she nodded downward.

So I sat there nervously and, oh, so hopeful, until she came back downstairs to tell me it was time for me now.

She followed me upstairs and I pulled down the covers and got in bed.

"Take your pjs down, Zach, here's the lotion," she said handing me the bottle.

I took a squirt in my hand and began, still uncomfortable but a little less so.

"Look, take a twist to your hand at the top, like this," she said as she pulled my hand away and replaced it with her own. "See, twist at the top, like this. Feels good, huh?"

It was feeling so good that I began cumming that quickly.

"Oh, sorry, didn't mean to, it was so quick," I apologized.

"That's all right, Zach. I know it's sexier when a girl does it for a boy. But, see, twisting around the head feels really good, huh?"

I agreed and she had me jack-off again while she watched.

This was how our weekends went with Karen showing me more each time, little hints and tips to use to make it better and last longer. I really got used to her helping me get off those nights she stayed with us.

Then, one Friday, she didn't come down very quickly from getting Teri to bed so I went up. Her bedroom door was mostly closed but I could see inside and Karen had her head down between my sister's legs and I knew that could only mean one thing, she was eating her out, giving her oral sex.

They were trying to be quiet, my sister telling Karen softly how good she was making her feel, that she was going to cum pretty soon. I watched as my sister began to tremble, then whimper softly. Her moans were muted but I could tell it was making her feel really, really good.

I had my hand down in my pajamas as I watched but then, not wanting to get caught, left the hall and went back downstairs.

She was back down a few minutes later, telling me it was time for bed so I eagerly went up with her, got in bed and pulled down my pajamas, my eager cock pointing to the ceiling.

"You look ready, Zach, let's see you do a good job on that," she said as she dribbled the lotion on the head as I gripped and began sliding up and down.

It was feeling good, of course, great, really, and I was soon into it as her hand softly rubbed my chest. I was loving showing my body to this college girl, it just turned me on so much.

I'm not sure if I really gave any thought to what came out of my mouth then but I said, "Do you ever do anything with Teri when you put her to bed?"

"Why are you asking, Zach? Did you see something?"

"Um, no ... well, I might have," I admitted.

"Just tell me if you have, Zach."

"Yeah, I saw what you were doing just a while ago."

"Is that something you'd like to do to your sister?"

I'd stopped stroking myself now just stunned at her question.

"If you do, I think I could get her to let you."

"You really mean that?"

"I've thought about putting you two together to have fun, you both really enjoy sex and I'm sure you two would enjoy it with each other."

"Teri and me?" I asked, still dazed at her suggestion.

"Yeah, why not? She's really cute and she's got a beautiful body. Have you seen her naked?"

"No, not really, just a quick look once," I told her knowing that it was just a few minutes earlier. But that I didn't want to admit.

"Has she seen you naked? Has she seen this nice dick of yours?" she asked as she touched my penis making it twitch.

"I don't think so, not that I know of."

"Would you want to see her and let her see you?"

"Yeah, I guess if she wants to," I told her and she said she'd be right back. I had a hard-on like never before.

A few minutes later she came back in my room with my sister.

"Teri said she wants to see what you look like, Zach, and that she'll show you how she looks, okay? Zach, you go first."

I had pulled up my pajama bottoms when she'd left the room so I got up and took off the top then slid the bottoms to the floor and stood there.

"See, he's cute like this, huh, Teri? Doesn't he have a pretty penis?"

"Yeah, it's bigger than I thought. I saw it, oh, a long time ago and it was real small. But his is nice."

"Would you let her touch it, play with it, see how it feels?"

I nodded and her hand reached down and that first touch from my sister sent a jolt through me as I stood there.

"It is hard, and really warm, too."

She fondled my dick for a minute, then Karen asked, "Let's let Zach see what you look like, okay?" and Teri pulled off her top and I couldn't believe how beautiful my sister's breasts were. She had just turned fourteen and they were perfect. Each about the size of a half a grapefruit, they were tipped with small, light pink nipples.

Then she pulled down her pajama bottoms and stood there in a pair of pink panties. She was beautiful.

"Isn't she pretty, Zach? Show him your pussy, Teri, look how hard he is," Karen said and my sister pulled down her panties and stood there.

She had become quite a curvy girl in the last year or two and her pussy was so pretty, plump and covered with some wisps of blond hair around the slit.

"Let him feel how nice your boobs are, Teri, go ahead, Zach," she urged and I reached out and cupped her left breast in my palm and squeezed gently. "Nice, aren't they? They're fun to suck on, too, let him try," she told my sister and I leaned forward to take one of her hard little nipples in my mouth and suck.

"She likes her titties sucked, Zach, I know, she has me do it when I come to stay over. But, now you can do it when I'm not here."

I was busy, of course, but I sure heard what Karen said and I was sure ready to do just that. Then I felt her hand return to my dick to rub and squeeze while I sucked away. This was incredible, I'd never dreamed anything like this would ever be possible. But here we were doing it and I couldn't imagine that now it would stop. So, it looked like my sister and I were going to be having sex together in some form or another, I was so excited.

"Why don't you let your brother lick your pussy, then he can do it for you during the week when I'm not here? Go ahead, Zach, let her get down on your bed," she said and Teri laid down and spread her legs open and I got between them and began licking up and down on her pussy.

"Tell him how it feels," Karen urged.

"Oh, really hot, really good. Do what Karen does and open me and lick up inside," she purred and I eased her pussy lips apart to lick and poke up inside as she squirmed. I could see Karen's mouth sucking on her boob while I was between her legs and suddenly, my sister just stiffened and let out a gasp as her legs surrounded my head pulling me tight into her as I felt her body quiver and shake.

She leaned up and pulled me up and kissed me and kissed me over and over, thanking me for making her feel so good.

"I'll bet Zach'll do that for you whenever you want, right, Zach?"

"Oh, I sure will, You really had a great orgasm, I've never been with a girl when she went off like that, it was really cool."

"Now, Teri, why don't you suck your brother's dick, make him cum, okay?" our sitter asked. "Lie down, Zach, let your sister suck you off. She's fourteen now, might as well learn how," Karen said and the feeling of my sister's warm, moist lips slipping down over my dick was the best thing I'd ever felt.

As Karen sat there on the bed with us, she had her hand between my sister's legs and I could tell she was putting a finger up into her. It looked like our babysitter was doing stuff with both of us and now was putting us together so we can do things with each other. All I knew is that my sister's mouth was the best thing I'd ever felt.

"You look happy, Zach. Tell your sister how she's making you feel."

"Oh, Teri, your mouth feels so soft and smooth on me, it's better than anything I've ever felt before, really the best."

"See, I knew you two would like this. And do you like my finger, Teri?" she asked and my sister grunted in agreement.

It felt so good that it wasn't long before the tip end of my dick began to tingle and feel like I was ready to cum. Then, suddenly, I began spurting my cum into my sister's mouth as she swallowed it away. It felt awesome, way better than when I jack-off.

"Oh, you swallowed it all, Teri, good girl. See, you really made your brother happy. You both know how to make each other feel good now. Why don't you two just stay here together, I'll come get Teri before your parents get home so she can go back to her bed," she told us and left us there in my bed, our arms around each other, kissing, rubbing, both amazed at how good siblings can be for each other.

We fell asleep in each other's arms and about two in the morning, Karen came in and woke my sister to take her back to her bed. I slept through it all, happy from the sex we had earlier.

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