Raped on the River

by neff trebor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lolita, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ginny and her fourteen-year-old grandaughter, who is visiting for the summer, run a small grain elevator and diner in a very small rural town. They are kidnapped, humiliated and sexually violated. Ginny is forced into a Mexican brothel in exchange for keeping her grandaughter from being breeding stock.

Ginny Marie Munson gazed silently at the flower bed in front of her as she gathered up the weeds she had just pulled. The cannas she had planted a couple of weeks ago reminded her of her fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Maria, who was spending the summer with her.

Once the bright green stalks broke through the surface, they would grow like they were on fire, from small stalks to six foot high stalks with stunning flowers that would bloom until the snow covered them up in the winter. Maria was a stunning young girl who seemed to be a dead ringer for Kylie and Kendall Jenner who were about her same age. It was hard to tell whether this young girl was oblivious to her budding looks or whether she was the result of too much time in front of the reality tv series...

Ginny was concerned and determined not to let her granddaughter fall into the same stupid mistakes she had made at the same age. When she was fourteen, she had been smitten by a strapping young eighteen year old who had come through town with the wheat harvest crew. She had met him at the grain elevator, where she was helping her grandfather unload and weigh the semis as they came through. The boy was working for his dad during the summer and would be going to NU on a track scholarship when school started.

Ginny had her daughter, Jenny by the time she was about fifteen. Her daughter had actually made it to college, where she had gotten pregnant after her first year of school there. Ginny looked stunning for a forty six year old grandmother. She was no older than Demi Moore, and even ten years younger than Michele Pfifer. She didn't look that glamorous, on first glance, because she was usually wearing a straw hat, construction boots dark glasses, and bib overalls.

Ginny's only erotic side to her was that she would go down to the Nemaha River, strip down and get a sun tan; that, and she shaved her pubic hair into a "landing strip" above her slit. Below that, her mound was bare. This was a side of her that nobody in town had known about; except that some of the boys made it a regular pilgrimage to sneak down to the west bank of the Nemaha River bank with a pair of hunting binoculars whenever Ginny closed the Diner on Sunday afternoon.

As far as looks go, Ginny was pretty much a dead ringer for a Canadian model named Shalom Harlow; same short pixie hairdo, honeydew melon breasts and long stem pink nipples, slender waist and hips with incredibly long slender legs.

Ginny had grown up in Nemaha River Bend; a town of about 100 people. The name of the town almost had more letters than there were people in the town. The main "drag" was a concrete strip of pavement about a hundred feet wide and a couple of blocks long. It had a post office, grain elevator and a few other vacant buildings. It was common to see the young boys, from about nine to about thirteen driving through town on their ATV's or riding mowers with the blades removed. They usually had their John Deere caps on backwards, a plug of gum in their mouth to imitate tobacco, and a fearless disregard for the grain trucks they shared the road with.

By the time the kids were about eleven, they commonly drove the tractors while the men loaded hay or feed grain to the cattle. Kids grew up quick in Nemaha River Bend, and didn't stay around long if their parents didn't have more than a section of land for each child.

Ginny ran the grain elevator by herself. It was owned by a co-op that owned most of the grain elevators in the county, but she was the only employee there. During harvest season, she had to climb up into the huge trucks, stick that great big tube down into the grain used to calculate the moisture content, and give them a corresponding price for the whole load. She weighed the truck full and empty and gave them a receipt, run out and sweep up the spilled grain into the grating in the floor. There were other times when there wasn't too much work.

Over the years, Ginny was able to buy the big stone barn across the street; convert it into a restaurant, kitchen and gas station. If somebody needed gas, she gave them the key to turn on the pump, and use a credit card.

Ginny's grandfather had taught her how to tie fishing flies. During slow periods at the elevator, or in the evening when she had her restaurant, she had time to make new fishing flies. Through the years, many people from neighboring towns came by to buy them. Some of the young boys who played for the University of Nebraska would come by during the summer. They let their friends know, and her business grew. Several of them went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay and some of the other professional teams. Ginny soon had a bulletin board full of photos and notes signed by famous players.

One of the players hired a web designer for her, and set up a website, Craigslist and EBay business for her. The hardest part was to set up the credit card payment part. Once that was done, Ginny was now able to sell them on the internet with photos and testimonials from recognizable names. During the summer, Ginny would get some of the local teenagers to help out. Life in the small city wasn't so bad.

Ginny had also been mayor several times. The way you became mayor, was if you forgot to come to the town meeting. If you weren't there to object, you were voted in because nobody else wanted to do it. The mayor had to mow the city park and turn out the lights at midnight. Mowing was a bitch, because you had to sharpen the blades once a month, and put Stabil in the gas to store it during the winter.

The barn had about a forty-eight foot square center portion that was at least forty feet high. This was the part that was filled with hay bales. The lean-to sides used to have feed bunks and stocks that were used to pin the cattle in during the morning and evening milking. The hay bales were dropped from the hay storage into the feed bunks. Ginny had removed the feed bunks and stocks which held the cattle. She had also been able to buy the Junior High School, which had been abandoned during the last school consolidation. She had been dismantling the school to use the bricks for pavers in the barn. The lean-to sides had been built with 12" square posts and beams at sixteen foot centers. That gave her three rooms sixteen foot wide on each side of the center hay loft. She had used these spaces for kitchen, storage, bathrooms, pool and snooker tables and storage. The lean-to structures were more than high enough for her to make her own living quarters above. She had added dormers for more light.

A lot of the older retired men had been eager to help her with the carpentry and brick-work. She knew she could get a lot more help if she wore cut-off levis for shorts, but had mixed emotions about getting help this way.

Ginny usually opened up at about five in the morning and had to be there by about four to get everything started. Lots of old retired farmers, and men on their way to work would stop in for a small breakfast and bullshit over a cup of coffee. Many of the women in the county were of Czechoslovakian descent, and known for their Kolachees. These were a form of pastry that had a dab of fruit jelly in the center. Ginny had learned at an early age from her grandmother, and was famous for her recipe.

This was a very small town, but all the men had an open crush on this young-looking grandmother. She had a quiet shy smile that she shared with most of the older men, but was pretty aloof with the ones close to her age. She had a feckless interaction with the men her age, because she didn't trust them.

During the summer, the temperature could be well over a hundred degrees, and with her working across the street in the elevator, and going back and forth to the diner, Ginny often work cut-off jeans with her boots and long-sleeved gingham work shirt. The long sleeves had long since worn holes through the elbows, so they were cut off above the elbows and folded up to her armpits.

Since Marie arrived, there had been some changes in Ginny's outfits. Reluctantly, Ginny had given in to her granddaughter's adamant objections to the way she dressed. Marie often modified clothes that Ginny was ready to throw out, or use as rags. Marie would bring out some form-fitting bib overalls that were cut off above mid-thigh. Ginny looked pretty good in her cutoff bib overalls, high laced work-boots with the white socks folded down over the tops, and her red checkered work shirt. Her short red hair was hidden by her weathered straw hat, and she could be easily mistaken for a young boy, unless the front of the coveralls were low enough to see her perky nipples pushing against her braless work shirt. Ginny would never have dressed like this on her own, but she had to pick her battles with the young girl in order to clamp down on bigger issues that might come up.

There were a lot of farmers who drove past other small towns to unload their grain at Ginny's elevator.

Sometimes she wore the Paris Hilton styled military cap; other times she wore a regular John Deere baseball cap; sometimes she wore the straw hat or Stetson. Whatever she wore, it always seemed to fill the diner in the morning hours before everybody went to work. Although she would never admit it, business had picked up considerably since Marie was here, and Ginny had changed the way she dressed.

On Friday and Saturday nights, farmers came into town to buy groceries, and listen to a band put together by several high school boys who did a pretty good impersonation of Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Buddy Holly. Between themselves, they would also do Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cooke.

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