Raped on the River

by neff trebor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Lolita, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ginny and her fourteen-year-old grandaughter, who is visiting for the summer, run a small grain elevator and diner in a very small rural town. They are kidnapped, humiliated and sexually violated. Ginny is forced into a Mexican brothel in exchange for keeping her grandaughter from being breeding stock.

Ginny Marie Munson gazed silently at the flower bed in front of her as she gathered up the weeds she had just pulled. The cannas she had planted a couple of weeks ago reminded her of her fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Maria, who was spending the summer with her.

Once the bright green stalks broke through the surface, they would grow like they were on fire, from small stalks to six foot high stalks with stunning flowers that would bloom until the snow covered them up in the winter. Maria was a stunning young girl who seemed to be a dead ringer for Kylie and Kendall Jenner who were about her same age. It was hard to tell whether this young girl was oblivious to her budding looks or whether she was the result of too much time in front of the reality tv series...

Ginny was concerned and determined not to let her granddaughter fall into the same stupid mistakes she had made at the same age. When she was fourteen, she had been smitten by a strapping young eighteen year old who had come through town with the wheat harvest crew. She had met him at the grain elevator, where she was helping her grandfather unload and weigh the semis as they came through. The boy was working for his dad during the summer and would be going to NU on a track scholarship when school started.

Ginny had her daughter, Jenny by the time she was about fifteen. Her daughter had actually made it to college, where she had gotten pregnant after her first year of school there. Ginny looked stunning for a forty six year old grandmother. She was no older than Demi Moore, and even ten years younger than Michele Pfifer. She didn't look that glamorous, on first glance, because she was usually wearing a straw hat, construction boots dark glasses, and bib overalls.

Ginny's only erotic side to her was that she would go down to the Nemaha River, strip down and get a sun tan; that, and she shaved her pubic hair into a "landing strip" above her slit. Below that, her mound was bare. This was a side of her that nobody in town had known about; except that some of the boys made it a regular pilgrimage to sneak down to the west bank of the Nemaha River bank with a pair of hunting binoculars whenever Ginny closed the Diner on Sunday afternoon.

As far as looks go, Ginny was pretty much a dead ringer for a Canadian model named Shalom Harlow; same short pixie hairdo, honeydew melon breasts and long stem pink nipples, slender waist and hips with incredibly long slender legs.

Ginny had grown up in Nemaha River Bend; a town of about 100 people. The name of the town almost had more letters than there were people in the town. The main "drag" was a concrete strip of pavement about a hundred feet wide and a couple of blocks long. It had a post office, grain elevator and a few other vacant buildings. It was common to see the young boys, from about nine to about thirteen driving through town on their ATV's or riding mowers with the blades removed. They usually had their John Deere caps on backwards, a plug of gum in their mouth to imitate tobacco, and a fearless disregard for the grain trucks they shared the road with.

By the time the kids were about eleven, they commonly drove the tractors while the men loaded hay or feed grain to the cattle. Kids grew up quick in Nemaha River Bend, and didn't stay around long if their parents didn't have more than a section of land for each child.

Ginny ran the grain elevator by herself. It was owned by a co-op that owned most of the grain elevators in the county, but she was the only employee there. During harvest season, she had to climb up into the huge trucks, stick that great big tube down into the grain used to calculate the moisture content, and give them a corresponding price for the whole load. She weighed the truck full and empty and gave them a receipt, run out and sweep up the spilled grain into the grating in the floor. There were other times when there wasn't too much work.

Over the years, Ginny was able to buy the big stone barn across the street; convert it into a restaurant, kitchen and gas station. If somebody needed gas, she gave them the key to turn on the pump, and use a credit card.

Ginny's grandfather had taught her how to tie fishing flies. During slow periods at the elevator, or in the evening when she had her restaurant, she had time to make new fishing flies. Through the years, many people from neighboring towns came by to buy them. Some of the young boys who played for the University of Nebraska would come by during the summer. They let their friends know, and her business grew. Several of them went on to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay and some of the other professional teams. Ginny soon had a bulletin board full of photos and notes signed by famous players.

One of the players hired a web designer for her, and set up a website, Craigslist and EBay business for her. The hardest part was to set up the credit card payment part. Once that was done, Ginny was now able to sell them on the internet with photos and testimonials from recognizable names. During the summer, Ginny would get some of the local teenagers to help out. Life in the small city wasn't so bad.

Ginny had also been mayor several times. The way you became mayor, was if you forgot to come to the town meeting. If you weren't there to object, you were voted in because nobody else wanted to do it. The mayor had to mow the city park and turn out the lights at midnight. Mowing was a bitch, because you had to sharpen the blades once a month, and put Stabil in the gas to store it during the winter.

The barn had about a forty-eight foot square center portion that was at least forty feet high. This was the part that was filled with hay bales. The lean-to sides used to have feed bunks and stocks that were used to pin the cattle in during the morning and evening milking. The hay bales were dropped from the hay storage into the feed bunks. Ginny had removed the feed bunks and stocks which held the cattle. She had also been able to buy the Junior High School, which had been abandoned during the last school consolidation. She had been dismantling the school to use the bricks for pavers in the barn. The lean-to sides had been built with 12" square posts and beams at sixteen foot centers. That gave her three rooms sixteen foot wide on each side of the center hay loft. She had used these spaces for kitchen, storage, bathrooms, pool and snooker tables and storage. The lean-to structures were more than high enough for her to make her own living quarters above. She had added dormers for more light.

A lot of the older retired men had been eager to help her with the carpentry and brick-work. She knew she could get a lot more help if she wore cut-off levis for shorts, but had mixed emotions about getting help this way.

Ginny usually opened up at about five in the morning and had to be there by about four to get everything started. Lots of old retired farmers, and men on their way to work would stop in for a small breakfast and bullshit over a cup of coffee. Many of the women in the county were of Czechoslovakian descent, and known for their Kolachees. These were a form of pastry that had a dab of fruit jelly in the center. Ginny had learned at an early age from her grandmother, and was famous for her recipe.

This was a very small town, but all the men had an open crush on this young-looking grandmother. She had a quiet shy smile that she shared with most of the older men, but was pretty aloof with the ones close to her age. She had a feckless interaction with the men her age, because she didn't trust them.

During the summer, the temperature could be well over a hundred degrees, and with her working across the street in the elevator, and going back and forth to the diner, Ginny often work cut-off jeans with her boots and long-sleeved gingham work shirt. The long sleeves had long since worn holes through the elbows, so they were cut off above the elbows and folded up to her armpits.

Since Marie arrived, there had been some changes in Ginny's outfits. Reluctantly, Ginny had given in to her granddaughter's adamant objections to the way she dressed. Marie often modified clothes that Ginny was ready to throw out, or use as rags. Marie would bring out some form-fitting bib overalls that were cut off above mid-thigh. Ginny looked pretty good in her cutoff bib overalls, high laced work-boots with the white socks folded down over the tops, and her red checkered work shirt. Her short red hair was hidden by her weathered straw hat, and she could be easily mistaken for a young boy, unless the front of the coveralls were low enough to see her perky nipples pushing against her braless work shirt. Ginny would never have dressed like this on her own, but she had to pick her battles with the young girl in order to clamp down on bigger issues that might come up.

There were a lot of farmers who drove past other small towns to unload their grain at Ginny's elevator.

Sometimes she wore the Paris Hilton styled military cap; other times she wore a regular John Deere baseball cap; sometimes she wore the straw hat or Stetson. Whatever she wore, it always seemed to fill the diner in the morning hours before everybody went to work. Although she would never admit it, business had picked up considerably since Marie was here, and Ginny had changed the way she dressed.

On Friday and Saturday nights, farmers came into town to buy groceries, and listen to a band put together by several high school boys who did a pretty good impersonation of Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Buddy Holly. Between themselves, they would also do Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cooke.

Since the elevator had to be open seven days a week during harvest season, Ginny had decided not to open the diner past two o'clock on Sunday afternoons. After the noon crowd had left one Sunday, Maria was sweeping up and had turned the "Open" sign around to read "Closed" but had not locked the door.

Before she turned on the "Closed" lights, half-a-dozen bikers pulled up. The elevator was empty, so Ginny came over to tell them they were not going to be serving any more food today. Ginny didn't recognize any of the young men, and soon realized they all had out of state plates.

Once she walked in, somebody slammed the door shut, pulled the blinds on it and flashed a Bowie Knife against her throat. She looked across the room and saw that somebody else had Maria spread-eagled on one of the tables with a knife at her throat also. Ginny cursed herself for not recognizing the trouble she was in soon enough.

The forms in front of her were huge. They were silhouetted against the windows behind them, so she could not see their features clearly. She was reminded of the passage by Grantland Rice that started out:

"Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as famine, pestilence, destruction and death. These are only aliases..."

But this was not a football game, and these were not: Stuhldreher, Miller, Crowley and Layden. In fact the men in front of her seemed like the real four horsemen of the apocalypse. They rode a shovel head, a knucklehead, a soft tail, and a Hayabusa.

Ginny pointed to the cash register and told them they were welcome to it. Subconsciously, she knew that wasn't what they were there for. Each of their motorcycles was worth ten times what was ever in the cash register.

She knew better than to ask them what they wanted. She knew exactly what six bikers wanted with her beautiful fourteen-year-old granddaughter.

The biggest one had been called Gabe by the others. He had weathered engineering boots; boot cut Levis; open leather vest with no shirt. He had no fat and his six pack abs glistened and rippled when he moved. He had a baseball cap turned backwards that showed the shaved part of his head but hid his Mohawk. His suntan showed he had spent months riding his motorcycle.

Next to him was another monster. Snake looked like one of the Chiefs guards she had met one year. His name was Brian Joswiak. He looked like he was about six feet-eight inches tall and over three hundred pounds. He wore no shirt; just a leather vest that did little to hide a body that had spent a lifetime lifting weights, and the summers in the sun riding across the country.

"We've heard about the exciting entertainment you have here, but we were never able to get off of work to get her in time to see it." Gabe said.

"If you come by Wednesday, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. If you do, I might even entertain you myself." Ginny lied in an insidious attempt to avoid what she knew was about to happen.

"First of all, we've driven a long way and are hungry. What do you have?" "I'll be glad to get you whatever you want." Ginny said, hoping to gain some time or even get to one of the guns in the kitchen.

Some of the others had already rummaged through the kitchen and found some cold chicken wings and beer. "No need to cook, but it would be nice to have some Nemaha River Bend Hospitality from that nice young woman over there." Gabe said, as he eyed the terrified Maria, who was spread out on the table.

They let Maria up. She walked over to pour the pitcher of beer into their glasses. "Not so fast, young lady. We heard how good you look when you are entertaining, so we have come to see if it is true." Maria looked around, first at Ginny, then the others to see what she was being ordered to do.

"Get up on the table!" Maria complied. Her hair was in a bun; her beautifully tanned legs were exposed from the top of her cut-off jeans down to the top of her oiled brown boots. Her wool socks had been folded down over the tops, and accented her beautifully tanned legs. Her checkered, sleeveless gingham shirt was tucked into her shorts. The white pockets hung down past the un-stitched edges of her Levis.

"Get on your knees, young lady." Maria dropped down to her knees on top of the table. Gabe placed his knife between the layers of her shirt and slowly moved it upwards, sending the buttons skipping across the worn oak floor. Gabe stuck the knife point through the fabric beside her belly button, and pulled out, bringing her shirt out of her jeans. He used the knife point all the way around her waist to pull it out, all the way around.

He looked her in the eye without speaking. Knowing what he wanted, Maria lifted her arms to pull the shirt over each shoulder and handed it to him. Gabe looked at the juncture between her breasts, then up at her. Fighting back tears, Maria reached up and un-clasped her bra. She shrugged it off and held it against her for a while, fighting with her mind, knowing she had to give it up. She handed it to Gabe. He looked her in the eye as he held it to his nose and slowly inhaled.

Next, Gabe extended his knife towards her and stuck the end of it under the edge of her shorts. His eyes told her either she could peel it off willingly, or he would slice it from her; leaving her nothing to put on after they were done.

Slowly, Maria's hands went to the steel buttons of her faded jeans. She popped the first snap open. Each steel button revealed a tantalizing expanse of golden tanned flesh as the front of her shorts opened. She was on her knees, with her butt on her ankles, so she had to rise up to slide them off. They were trapped at her knees. She had to stand in order to slide them past her knees. The blue denim fabric dropped silently to catch on her leather boots.

Maria put one hand on Gabe's shoulder as she lifted her leg and stepped out of the shorts. Maria stood there with her hands crossed in front of her breasts, wearing her blue see-through panties and high-laced logging boots. She slid her thumbs between her waist and the band of her panties. She grabbed the sides and slid them down a few inches, letting them drop the rest of the way. Again, they caught on her boots. Gabe reached out with his knife and slit the sides, relieving her of the effort of stepping out of them.

"I guess you're dressed appropriately to serve food now," Gabe said as he grinned up at her. He ordered her to spread her legs. He reached out with the point of the monster knife to fondle the flap of her clitoris. Maria raised her hands to cover her eyes. She dared not back away or move, for fear of being cut. He raised the flap of skin to examine it. Maria was petrified! She was too terrified to move with the cold steel holding the small flap of skin out for his inspection. He sheathed the knife and extended his hand to help her down.

There was no graceful way to cover herself as she stepped down off of the table. She didn't know how to cover her vagina and breasts at the same time, so in a gesture of defiance to mask her terror, she put her other hand on his shoulder as she stepped down. The move exposed her freshly shaved labia as it also opened while stepping down.

The two women were so embarrassed at their situation; they couldn't bear to look at each other. Maria tried her best to endure the crude comments and stares as she went around the table pouring beer out of a pitcher. More than one of the men would wrap an arm around her and pull her down into his lap as she filled their glass. When this happened, one of the fingers usually went into her vagina while he drank the beer.

"Now, young lady, I want to know if you are as good a dancer as your young granddaughter is. I think that you are the real star of the show here. I want you to show my friends here what a good dancer you are." Gabe said with a big grin.

Ginny froze; shivers shot through her as her mind raced. "How could she get out of this?" She asked herself. Subconsciously, she knew that any exhibit of reluctance might jeopardize her granddaughter, so she tried to take a few deep breaths, getting her mind to accept her situation.

Ginny resigned herself to accept her situation. She was wearing white sox that folded down over her logging boots. Her red checkered work shirt was tucked into her jeans. Her white Stetson fit down to the top of her eyes and hid her short curly red hair.

Actually, both pairs of logging boots belonged to Ginny. They were good shoes to wear around the elevator, because they were high enough to keep most of the grain out. Maria thought they were neat because none of the stores she shopped at carried anything like them. At Cabalas, they were several hundred dollars.

Ginny had not danced since Jenny, Maria's mother, was born, and had a hard time getting started. With her boots seemingly glued to the floor, all she could get her mind to do was just swaying back and forth; barely moving her hips. At Gabe's command to take something off, she tossed her hat out into the crowd.

"Strip! Dammit!"

Ginny was not really dancing. Her performance seemed like a series of poses to accompany the music. She sat in the high bar stool and leaned her head over the back of it. She raised one leg and slowly unlaced and peeled off the boot. She laid that leg out in front of her, and raised the other leg to repeat. Once the boots were off, she placed both legs out in front of her, raised her butt and slowly unbuttoned the buttons of her jeans. She raised her butt off of the chair and slowly slid the jeans down below her knees. Once she had them that far, she raised her legs in the air, and used her feet to peel off the jeans. Sitting sideways to the crowd, she put her heels on the first rung, raised her rear, and peeled off her panties.

Ginny was naked from the waist down, but still had the cover of the tails of the long work shirt. She put her hands on the buttons at the top of her shirt, but couldn't make herself shed the last piece of clothing. Her head dropped and she covered her eyes. She dropped to her knees and put her face against them. The action pulled the shirt up in the back and exposed her beautiful rear end.

At Gabe's orders, Ginny got up and went over to him. She knelt down in front of him as she reached up to unbuckle his pants. She knew it would come down to this anyway, and was hoping to appease him, keep her shirt on, and divert attention away from Maria.

Gabe slapped her with his open hand, sending her recoiling back and down on the floor. Her head hit the floor, and her arms went out wide, hoping to break her fall. Her legs went up in the air and parted before she could recover. As she lay on the floor, stunned, she did not realize she had landed with her legs spread apart, exposing herself to the crowd.

Once she gained her composure, she tucked her legs together and tried to sit up with her legs under her. Gabe came over and grabbed one side of the top of her shirt. He yanked at it savagely, ripping the entire shirt from her, leaving her naked on the floor. "Get up! He whispered. There was no graceful way to get up as the stunned woman accepted Gabe's hand and pulled her up. The action parted her legs and exposed her to the crowd as she tried to keep one hand over her breasts.

There was no interest in eating anymore, so Maria's waitressing skills were no longer needed. One of the men came back from the grain elevator with some duct tape.

Ginny's chest heaved at the sight of the duct tape. Somebody put a big black leather motorcycle jacked on each of the women. They were not zipped up.

Ginny was first. They wrapped the tape around her arm above one elbow, and then around the other. They wrapped more tape around the upper part of her arms, tightening them back and forcing her breasts and nipples to thrust out and almost straight up. Those long pink nipples seemed to defy gravity. Her lower arms and hands were still free. She would be able to hold things but could not reach much more than anything at her side.

They forced Maria down to her knees and taped her the same way. They put the women's hats back on, and found some wrap-around dark glasses in Ginny's truck. They put the dark glasses on the two girls; put the women on the back of two Harleys and started them up.

The men all got on their bikes and started driving around the small city. It was Sunday, the temperature was over a hundred degrees and nobody was out; but there was no way the women could have known or counted on that. It was too hot for the elderly town.

The girls had been staged on the motorcycles. With their arms bound, they could hold on to the sissy bar behind the seat. Their legs were wrapped around the riders' waist, with their ankles locked against the men's crotch. The women were humiliated at their public exposure, but their fear of being dropped bound and naked on the city street kept their legs wrapped tight around the men.

The women were humiliated. Their long pink nipples jiggled like manometers, telegraphing every bump in the road. The air whipping past them actually felt chilling as it blew against their exposed vaginas, accenting their wanton poses with their legs spread and up in the air.

They were in a dilemma. On the one hand, they were terrified that they would be seen riding wantonly naked through town in open daylight. On the other hand, perhaps if they were seen, somebody would call the police. In any event, a response from the police department would have to go to the county seat, about eighty miles away. It would take forever for them to get there. Nothing happened.

The men roared down the main street, turned along a side street, and down through the city park. They rode back to the diner, and filled their tanks with gas as the humiliated women balanced nakedly on the back of the motorcycles. In order to maintain their balance, their feet had to rest on the back foot pegs. In order to keep from being burned by the mufflers, they had to spread their legs, which opened their shaved vaginas. The women were drenched in humiliation at the wanton poses they were in and the feeling of the wind against their open vaginas.

There were some children's park equipment in the center of the large manicured lawn; jungle gym; see saws, slides, and swings. The men rode up to the equipment and parked the shiny hogs. Gabe and the others sat Ginny and Maria on the swings. The girls could not balance when they were pushed, and fell off. Gabe put them back on and duct taped their arms to the chains of the swings. Gently, the men started them swinging. The girls had to spread their legs somewhat to keep their balance and keep from tipping over.

They were sobbing at the open display of their naked bodies, knowing anybody in town could easily drive by at any minute. There were always a couple of trucks of boys; cruising the park looking for girls doing the same thing. Gabe was enjoying their humiliation. Not satisfied with what he had done, he stopped the swings and taped their ankles above their heads to the supporting chains.

The girls were now forced back in their swing-seats. Their heads were arched back, their breasts pointed up in the air, and their legs were spread wide and taped to the chains above their heads. The tape around their legs kept them from falling off. Their despair and humiliation was unbearable.

"Please let us down! Somebody will come by and recognize us! P ... P ... P ... Please stop!" Ginny pleaded. At the apex of Ginny's swing, Gabe caught her before she started forward. He turned around in front of her to stop her forward movement. He held her motionless with his forearms, and placed his nose and lips into the folds of her vagina. He inhaled the aroma of her open pink lips. He lowered her until her vagina rested against his crotch.

From a distance, Ginny could barely make out the noise of an engine. She could tell that it was one of the small ATV's or one of the modified lawnmowers the young boys rode. The noise stopped some distance away. The young boy had spotted the scene, and not knowing what to make of it, called some of his friends on his cell phone. Soon more motors were humming. They stopped a safe distance away.

With their growing numbers, and their curiosity increasing, they moved forward, trying to gauge how long it would take to get away before the motorcycles could catch them. They got closer. Ginny could plainly hear the engines just a few yards away.

The young boys, from eleven up to about fourteen, with their hats on backwards, weren't sure what to make of the situation. They knew the two women with the leather jackets that hid nothing when they were strapped into the swings naked and almost upside down. They didn't recognize men, and didn't realize the men weren't really with the two women.

"You kids want to push the swing a while?"

"Mother of God!! This was turning into the thrill of a lifetime!" They approached cautiously, one at a time, while friends made sure their ATV.s were still revved up for a possible escape. The boys just came up and faced the girls and watched as the alabaster white vulvas swung into and out of their view.

Marie was mewing softly, out of humiliation and despair at the situation she was in. Ginny tried not to cry for fear of upsetting her granddaughter further. She knew the boys which made it more upsetting to her. Maria could leave town. She was stuck there and would have to live with their knowing glances the rest of her life.

Gabe looked into Ginny's eyes as the terrified woman wondered what would happen next. "Well, do you feel like a good blowjob, or another lap around town. It will be cooling off soon, and the ride will be more relaxing?" he whispered as he took off her glasses. "We could just leave you her and let you swing with you'r your legs taped up in the air like this while we go back to get some more beer. We'll get a few six packs and finish them back here while you enjoy the swing some more. These young boys will take care of you while we are gone." Ginny sobbed; her head shook and her stomach convulsed violently. "P ... P ... P ... Please t ... t ... t ... take us back inside. Please leave my granddaughter out of this." She whispered, knowing the implications of her answer.

Gabe cut the tape binding them to the swing and led the procession back to the diner. The front door was still open, and the bikers rode right into the diner. As the riders got off, they pulled back and raised each one on the center-stands on the oak floor.

Before Gabe dismounted, he sat there and extended his hand to lend his support to Ginny as she raised her leg to dismount. Before she was allowed to dismount, one of the other riders came by to take pictures of the provocatively posed women who sat nakedly with their legs around the riders in front of them. Once the riders go off, the women were moved up to the front of the seats and photographed. They were turned so that both legs were on the same side facing the camera and photographed some more.

Once off the motorcycles, Gabe took the women's hats and glasses off. "Tell us why we are back here," Gabe asked loud enough for everyone to hear. "To give you a blowjob" Ginny whispered with her eyes closed and her head down.

Gabe hit her and knocked her down. "Louder! The rest of us want to know why we are here!"

Ginny struggled like an upside down turtle trying to right itself; unable to get up with her hands bound behind her. She tried to sit up, but struggled. Her legs were spread from trying to get up. Her beautiful vagina was exposed and opened. "W ... W ... W ... We came back here so I could ... could ... could ... give a blowjob." She said, between sobs, loud enough for all to hear. "To who?," Gabe asked. "A ... A ... A ... Anyone." She sobbed.

Ginny was able to collect her feet underneath her so she sat on her knees and ankles. She lowered her face to her knees in an attempt to cover as much of herself as she could. Ginny took her breaths in short gasps, trying to work up her courage to continue. She knew what was expected of her and was reluctantly trying to get her mind to accept her situation.

Gabe went over to the bench that was attached to the picnic table and sat down. Ginny stood and walked over to him. She dropped down to her knees in front of him; waiting the inevitable command she knew would come.

"Do it with your teeth!" Gabe told her. Ginny inched a little closer, and leaned into him. She used her teeth to unbuckle his belt and work it away from his zipper. She was able to twist the copper snap free behind the belt. Ginny was unable to get the zipper started with her teeth, so Gabe flipped the tab on the zipper up. Ginny grabbed the tab on the zipper and pulled it down. Gabe had to pull his jeans down to his knees. She was blinded by her own tears, and unable to clearly see what she was doing. Ginny used her teeth to wrestle his underwear down far enough to expose his penis. It jumped up and slapped her in the face once his shorts slipped past it.

Ginny had never willingly given a blowjob before, and was having trouble being sensual about it. She moved her face up against it and rubbed her cheek against it, trying to work herself into the mood. It was still not fully erect, but wide enough to fill her mouth. The male odor made her panic and she was unable to avoid the realization of how close this thing was, even with her eyes closed.

Ginny leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. She slid it along each side, and along the bottom to lubricate it, knowing this would be a painful ordeal otherwise.

"You either start now, or we go to the city park and continue this outside." Gabe said as he waited impatiently. Ginny was unable to prolong her ordeal any longer. She opened her lips slightly and sucked the opening of his shaft against her clenched teeth. Slowly, she opened her teeth and sucked it into her mouth until her lips were resting on the ridge at the back of the crown. Ginny rolled her tongue around it trying to stimulate him without taking it any deeper.

Ginny thought back to her teenage years when she had passed up the opportunity to do this under a more bearable situation with somebody she cared about. If she had been willing to submit then, she probably wouldn't have gotten pregnant so soon. She regretted not doing it so many years earlier under more "pleasant" circumstances with somebody she was in love with.

Ginny felt the hands on the back of her head. Rather than be forced, she opened her mouth a little further, and leaned into him as far as she could without choking. The hands still pressed her further, trying to get it clear down her throat. Ginny tried to turn her head to keep from gagging. She braced her body against him and tried desperately to pull back. Once she pulled back, she withdrew until her mouth was off of him, desperately trying to get her breath.

Her chest heaved as she tried to regain her breath. She turned her head to keep it off of her for a while. When her breathing returned to normal, she felt the hands back on her head. She glanced up at him with a pleading look in her eyes, imploring him not to force her.

Ginny looked back down to gauge the distance and location, ready to resume her punishment. She relaxed the muscles of her mouth so that the penis would go back in. She wet her lips with her tongue and turned to accept the monster. The hands on the back of her head guided her back down on him. She tried to stop the penetration with her lips at the back of the head again. She flickered her tongue around him hoping he would stop the pressure.

Slowly, they developed a rhythm between them of pressure and release; giving her time to breathe every several strokes. In between, Ginny was horribly embarrassed by the slurping sound she was making on him as this monster went in and out of her mouth. By now, there were huge gobs of saliva and seamen streaks, that she was unable to get rid of, suspended between them when she pulled away.

Finally, she felt him stiffen and groan; then he erupted. The streams of seamen shot out the sides of her mouth and down her cheeks, pooling on her chin, breasts, and neck. Once his convulsions diminished, the hands withdrew from the back of her head. Ginny turned her head sideways as she leaned against his abdomen, and the subsiding erection popped out of her mouth. Strings of semen and spittle still hung from the end of him to her lips. Ginny dropped her head down to her knees as she whimpered and sobbed in despair.

While all this was going on, Snake had placed Maria on the picnic bench beside him with her legs straddling each side, so she was a foot or two away from Gabe and forced to watch the humiliating sodomizing of her grandmother.

Snake, who was sitting behind her with his arms around her, was well aroused by the scene in front of them. He stuck one finger into her and slowly began adding more. Once he had two fingers into her, he started exploring with them. Maria was in agony. She was forced to extend her legs and put her left foot up on the bench to relieve the pain. Her legs were now spread wantonly with one foot on the table. Snake was wiggling his fingers in-and-out of her creating an embarrassing "slurping" sound.

Maria sat there, with her hands bound behind her; her head back; her nipples sticking straight out; and one foot up on the table to accommodate the invading hand in her vagina. Snake stopped and pushed her hands into his pants. He wiggled them around until she could feel his expanding penis. He made her open her hand and encircle him with her dainty fingers. Reluctantly, Maria alternated tightening and loosening her grip on him. With each squeeze, she could feel the monster expand and thicken.

Snake's fingers going in and out of her created a loud "slurping" sound which echoed the sound Ginny was creating with her mouth and switched some of the attention from Ginny to Maria.

Gabe ordered Ginny to stand. She stood with her hands bound, and her magnificent breasts pointing straight out. Her tears had mixed with the streams of spittle and seamen that hung from her nose, mouth and face and ran down over her breasts. Her stomach and shoulders shuddered as she fought to stop her tears.

They were allowed to finish cleaning up the kitchen and dining room without any clothes. Most of the men were sitting around watching television, while a couple of them watched to see that neither of the girls tried to get away.

Once the diner was cleaned, the motorcycle riders put the naked girls on behind them and drove off in the dark. They stopped at a twenty-four-hour truck stop about twenty miles away. The let the women stand away from the lights near some parked semis as they filled their motorcycles with gas and left the women, naked and without clothes.

The truck stop was at the intersection of a couple of major highways. There was nothing to hide behind. These kind of truck stops had mechanics, showers, bunks, and a diner open all day and night.

Maria hugged her sobbing grandmother after the men roared off into the dark. They were out of one nightmare and about to fall into the center of another. They sat on the running board of an over-the-road tractor and tried to decide what to do. They were just at the edge of light in the parking lot. They didn't know if they should run into the diner screaming for help, or just hope one of the drivers would take pity on them and take them home.

Finally, the driver of the truck they were hiding behind walked over to his door, trying to adjust the top of his thermos of coffee. He was used to seeing hookers soliciting from truck to truck, but had not seen anyone so brazen as to be naked. He gazed at the two women holding each other, wearing nothing but boots. They did not look like ordinary hookers.

The women explained their situation, and asked for a ride home. The driver, Ken, was on his way home to Texas from Minot. Ken pulled out a deputy sheriff's badge and said they were under arrest for indecent exposure. In Texas, it is easy for anybody from a small town to get a legitimate Deputy Sheriff's Badge.

The women were crying out of despair for the situation they were in. Naked, and handcuffed, they were hoisted into the sleeping cab. Once they were taken into the cab, they knew something was wrong.

Ginny pleaded with Ken to let them go. "As good as you two look, I don't see how I can pass up on the two of you." Ken said as he smiled at them. He put duct tape over their mouths and hog-tied their wrists to their ankles so they could not move or make any noise. "I'll be right back." He told them.

Ken walked over to the truck stop. This was one of the regional type of truck stops that has 24 hour service mechanics, food service, showers, novelties and clothes. He went into the clothing area and came back with a tee-shirt and jeans that fit Maria.

He untied Maria and lowered her down to the ground. Ginny was hogtied with her feet behind her and tied to her handcuffs.

"If you want your grandmother untied, you are going to do what I say!" Maria knew she had no choice. She was naked and about to be gang raped. Maria knelt down on the ground with her hands over her face, choosing to block her own vision rather than try to cover herself.

Ken gave her the tee-shirt and jeans and ordered her to dress. Maria complied, knowing that whatever she ended up doing would be worse than being naked.

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