Marooned With Gina
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Cheating, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gina and I work together. A storm ensures the we have to spend a night away from her boyfriend and my wife. Gina has been talking to the office gossips about my privates - now she wants to see for herself.

I'm a IT manager with a small company. The hiring decisions are left to me, and I've chosen carefully over the last few years. The successful applicant must be young and female, and with sensational features.

Today I'm visiting a software supplier to our company. He lives in a small community about one hundred miles from the office. It's going to be a day trip, so I've decided to take my latest recruit with me.

Gina is a redhead - flame red hair on a peaches and cream complexion. Quite petite in stature except for the nice set of C-cup tits that fill out her uniform. She always wears strappy high heels which show off her sexy feet to perfection.

Hmmmm ... I often had a fantasy of sucking on her toes and doing all sorts of other things with her. But alas she has a live-in boyfriend of her age (she's 22 yrs old); and besides I'm 35 yr old and married to a bitch who makes my life hell. The bitch has cut me off sexually - I've not had any wifey pussy in the last nine months. Too tired; or I've a headache have been familiar excuses - but the most persistent has been "You are too big and you stretch my poor pussy too much".

I broke my pussy drought about six months ago when I fucked my previous assistant Linda - nailed her on Valentines Day when her boyfriend dropped the ball and didn't pay her attention. Now she didn't complain about my size - she actually loved the feeling of being filled by my 10 inch fat cock. Its just a pity that she has left to have a baby cos we fucked quite regularly.

Back to the out of town visit...

Gina and I have just finished the visit when the heavens open up with torrential rain - just bucketing down We are close to the local hotel so we decided to wait it out and have a drink. It's interesting having a drink and some conversation with Gina. I've found out that her live-in boyfriend is a bit of a yobbo - hmmmmm ... sounds similar to Linda's guy, and look what happened there.

My gentle flirting hasn't been rebuffed - it's actually been returned. I've noticed that she's a bit touchy feely - touching my arm when speaking to me. I respond by touching her arm too - not rebuffed either. Hmmmm ... can I turn the conversation to sex? I allude to my dry marital spell ... hmmmm, she thinks that that is 'criminal' since I'm such a 'nice' guy. I don't let on that Linda helped me keep my cock from drying out.

We move away from the bar to a booth towards the back of the room. Gina slides in next to me and we sit close together to continue talking. The bar becomes noisy with more very wet arrivals - Gina slides closer so we don't have to shout at each other to be heard. Her hips brushes mine, but she stays there not moving away - if anything she moves closer. I put my arm along the back of the booth behind her - no objections from her.

The conversation continues - a little more risque at times. Good natured flirting between us - accompanied with lots of frequent touches.

We've been in the hotel bar for nearly an hour now. The torrential rain pounds down on the roof making a constant loud noise. Suddenly the door bursts open and the very wet local police officer stumbles into the bar and announces that the only way out of town is flooded and will remain that way until at least tomorrow morning.

Gina and I look at each other questioningly - then my phone rings. It's my operations manager - the company is having a systems crisis and they need my advice and assistance.

Gina slides out of the booth and walks away as I start helping my caller. The call goes on and on for ages and finally we sort out the problem. By which time Gina has returned to the booth and slides back in beside me.

"I've taken the chance to see if we could get accommodation for the night" she explains her absence.

"We are lucky. The hotel has one room only left. I've booked it for us" she says.

"One room? What will your boyfriend say; but more to the point what will my wife say. She is always jumping to wrong conclusions" I comment to Gina.

"Well, what they don't know won't hurt them - lets just tell them we have separate rooms" was Gina's reply.

"Good idea" was my response.

After a couple more hours of close company combined with more flirting, a few more drinks and a very hearty meal, we make our way to the room. Gina produces the key and leads the way inside. We have nothing with us - just the clothes that we are wearing for the planned day trip.

Oh my god, the first thing that I notice - it's only got a queen size bed. This is going to be very interesting.

The room has a seperate bathroom to which I head to drain my bladder and freshen up as best I can. I close the door and go about my business - emerging a few minutes later saying "Its your turn ... ahhhh fuck!!!".

What greets me is Gina laying back on the bed totally naked, with her thighs spread and with her fingers playing in her pussy. A pussy with a small landing strip of flame red hair (just like the hair colour on her head). She's got a finger in her pussy and another tweaking her clit.

"I've been waiting for you" she says with a smile.

"How about you strip off and show me that legendary cock of yours. The girls and the older women in the office have told me all about this wonderful cock that you have. I just want to see if for myself and I want to experience it for myself too."

My god - I didn't know that I was the subject of office gossip - and especially not about my privates.

I'm a little slow to get started with my undressing. Gina prompts me along "C'mon big boy. Show me your cock - show me it!"

I'm down to just my boxer shorts when she says "Oooh - that cock is making such a nice tent in those boxers. C'mon show me it - show me the cock that knocked up Linda".

I almost tripped on my boxers as they fall to my ankles. I had fucked Linda previously and it was during one of her fertile times but she steadfastly refused to confirm or deny that her baby was the result of our fuck sessions. Now I have Gina telling me that the baby was in fact mine. That was a shock.

All through my strip and her verbal urgings, she kept up a steady fingering of her pussy.

I'm now naked and I'm standing at the bottom of the bed. My cock is at full stretch and its engorged to its full fatness. 10 inches in length and as fat as a can of Red Bull.

"Oh fuck!!! The girls weren't kidding when they said it was big. Fucking huge would be a better description!" she groans.

I slide down between her thighs and bring my lips and tongue close to her pussy. I gaze at her pussy for a moment - taking in the sight - perfectly formed outer lips which are currently very engorged with her arousal. The outer lips have been parted by her playing with just a hint of her inner lips on view. It looks to be a very small pussy - one that promises to be very tight and very wet. Her clit is excited and is peeking out from under its hood.

She removes her fingers, giving me an uninterrupted view of her glistening pussy. She shows me her fingers before licking her own juices from her fingers. I slide one of my fingers into her pussy - it is quite tight and very wet as my finger slides in and out for a few seconds. I ease my finger back out and lick her juices from my finger.

My hard cock is trapped between my tummy and the bedding as I move in closer until my lips and tongue make contact with her pussy. I start out by laying kisses all over her engorged pussy lips before I start a shallow tongue-poking between her pussy lips - sliding it up and down - gathering her abundant tasty juices.

I've avoided her clit so far - but that changes when my tongue slides all the way up to her clit - over it and around it - teasing her and stoking her arousal levels. I can smell her arousal building - I just love the heady aroma of a pussy on heat - and this is a pussy on heat, that's for sure.

Sensing the onset of her first cum - I ease off for a moment - before returning with stronger and more frequent pussy licking and kissing. Gina is so close - I push my tongue as deep as I can deep inside her - right into her spasming pussy hole. That's the trigger - she cums hard with a loud "Ahhhhhhh. ffffuuuuuuucccckkkkk!!!!! My god what have you put in me?" she shouts.

The question dissolves away to be replaced by loud and long groaning - her cum rolls on and on. I'm doing my best to keep her cumming on my tongue - poking my tongue deep inside her clenching pussy - sliding it up and over her clit before reversing its track back deep into her pussy hole.

It takes a minute or so before her cum starts to wane; and her body only twitches occasionally from the cum aftershocks.

"Oh fuck - don't tell me that was your fucking tongue in my pussy?" she groans.

I raise my head from her pussy and poke out my tongue to her - showing her my rather long tongue.

"I take it that the office gossip didn't include details about my tongue?"

Gina pauses a moment before saying "I have a confession to make ... I have only spoken to Linda about you. She told me about your massive cock and the fuck sessions that you both enjoyed in the office and elsewhere. But she didn't tell me about the tongue".

'What about me knocking her up?" I ask.

"No, she didn't say anything about it to me either ... I'm sorry" Gina added very remorsefully.

"You know that I'm going to have to punish you for lying to me Gina".

She looks at me apprehensively.

"I'm sorry" she whispers.

I sit back on my haunches and shuffle forward towards her pussy - I'm kneeling close with my very long fat hard cock almost touching it. I'm ready to fuck this delicious little pussy.

"Do not move. I'm going to spank you for your lies" I tell Gina.

"Please don't hurt me..." she starts to say interrupted by the first slap of my cock across her pussy lips.

"Ooohhh..." she groans as I inflict another slap from the other direction.

Slap, slap, slap ... my cock beats out a tune across her pussy lips and her clit region.

Her outer pussy lips bloom open from the impacts with her inner lips now in full view. The slaps become more pointed with my cock head making contact with her inner lips more often. Her inner lips part to reveal a very small pussy hole - a hole with a steady stream of juices flowing down between her ass cheeks.

I can hear a sloshing sound as her juices start to pool in her pussy - a harder cock slap yields a spray of juices from her pussy. Another slap yields more spray until with each slap the juices are exploding from her pussy and wetting both of us. Gina grasps her nipples and pulls on them as a massive cum overcomes her body - convulsing as its cum racks her from head to toe.

In the middle of her cum I slide my cock into her pussy - just a few inches before the tightness bars my way. I pull back out and continue to slap her pussy; before pluging my cock back in a few more inches. I continue the slap and plunge technique until my cock is plunging quite deep inside her very tight, hot and soaking wet pussy.

I lower myself to her and kiss her as my cock slides repeatedly in and out - deeper and deeper into her.

"You will not lie to me again - I will punish you again, just like this if you do" I tell her (with a broad smile).

"If I tell you I've been very bad, will you punish me again" Gina asks as she wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me fully inside her tight clenching pussy. Her arms go around my neck and pull me in close as we kiss each other savagely.

I'm not thrusting at all at the moment - Gina's pussy is pulsating around my cock - squeezing it with her pussy muscles - milking me. Soon I will be filling her pussy with my hot man cream.

"Fuck me! ... fuck me! ... fuck me! ... you big cocked bastard ... Fill me with your massive cock - stretch me out - my boy friend will not feel my pussy sides if you keep me full of this fucking massive cock ... Fuck me!" she trash talks as she builds again to a massive cum - one with my massive cock deep inside her pussy.

"Ahhh nearly there" I exclaim before plunging in deeper - my bloated balls slapping against her ass as I unload a massive load of cum inside her erupting pussy. She screams into my mouth as we kiss to mask the sounds of our mutual orgasms.

My squirts inside her are hard and strong initially with a gradual waning until I stop shooting inside of her. I can feel her juices streaming down my cock shaft and pooling in my ball sac. Those juices will be joined by mine when I eventually withdraw for her pussy. That won't be soon - Gina has her legs locked around my waist and isn't letting go as yet - her body is still twitching with cum after-shocks.

It takes a few minutes before I finally get her attention as she comes out of her cum induced trance. Her legs unwind from my waist and flop to the bed. I slowy withdraw from cock from her pussy. Its covered in our combined juices. I lay back on the bed beside her for a moment before saying.

"Time for my creampie dessert ... would you like some cream on a stick too?".

She responds by climbing up over me into a classic 69 position.

She seats herself on my mouth and tongue ... moaning "Oh my fucking god. I've died and gone to heaven..." before taking my creamy cock into her mouth.

More to come...

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