Basic Training
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My best friend, Lori, and I had both turned fourteen and we decided it was time for sex. All we needed was a boy to do it with. So we went looking and here's what happened.

When I was thirteen, my whole body was on fire. I don't know how most of you girls remember it but for me it was hell, a heavenly kind of hell.

My breasts were growing, my nipples sore and swollen and my best friend, Lori, was the same way. We often showed our bodies to each other, now don't get the idea that we were lezzies, we weren't. We were just curious about this wild change we were going through.

We talked about it endlessly, about how our pussies throbbed and tingled all the time, how sex was practically all we thought about.

Neither one of us had access to a computer to look on the internet, well, we did have computers in our family but they were set to block anything like what we wanted to see.

And we wanted to see dicks. Naked boys, lots of naked boys and their mysterious penises.

What were they like, what did their dicks look like close-up? When they were hard? Soft? When their stuff spurted out? It was something we talked about every day and we were both so horny we couldn't stand it.

Then we turned fourteen, our birthdays were three days apart and I was wanting a book from the local library on bird migration for a science paper I was doing and when I was checking it out, I saw the row of computers against the wall. I got my book and went over and sat at the one on the end and typed in 'penis' in the image browser.

Omigod, there were pages after pages of penises, some were drawings, some were obviously deformed or something but some of them, oh, man, they were beautiful, long, hard, curved and straight. And now I could see what they meant about circumcised or not. They were both cool.

As soon as I got home, I called Lori.

"You'll never believe what I was just looking at ... dicks, penises, cocks ... hundreds of them, girl, they're beautiful."

"Who showed them to you? Guys at school, who?"

"No, no, at the library," I told her breathlessly.

"Like back in the shelves of books, some boys?"

"No, their computers. I saw them and just thought I'd try and see if they had the same controls like at home and school and they don't. Lori, they don't, you can look at everything."

So, the next afternoon, we were both in the library, again down at the end of the row of computers as I typed in 'p-e-n-i-s' and hit Return.

Wow, there they were, from weird and ugly to beautiful, I mean really beautiful. We each took turns looking at the screen and keeping an eye out for the library staff. We went through a lot of searches that day: boys penises, boys dicks, boys cocks, boys erections, boys soft cocks, boys masturbating, naked boys, nude boys, oh we typed in everything we could think of.

Then we ran all the way to my house and up to my room and got naked and masturbated three times before we were scared my mom would come home and catch us.

I guess I haven't told you that these days Lori and I were getting off together, no, no girl/girl stuff, neither of us was interested in that, like I said, it was boys we wanted.

We were both on my bed, our backs leaning against the wall, fingers going in and out, as Lori said, "We need to get us a guy who'll show us his stuff."

"Yeah, sure, like who? Who are you going to ask to do that?"

"I don't know, who do you think might do it?" she asked.

"There's no way I'm asking someone in our school, no way."

She agreed with me and we talked about boys in our neighborhood we knew, some older, some younger.

"If they're too young, well like nine, ten, eleven, that's too young. I want to see one that's well, you know, gets hard, swells up, you know," she said.

"Yeah but what you want is some guy our age in our school, you want to see it cum, right?" I asked her. Of course, that was exactly what we wanted to see.

The school year was ending in just a few weeks as we wracked our brains about who the boy would be to show us his stuff. And endless talk about whether or not we'd show him how we looked.

It didn't take long for us to agree that we'd be showing him as well, we even thought it would be hot to do it. Just two more exhibitionists added to the long line of females who love showing off their bodies. Aren't you guys happy there's so many of us?

So, who would it be? This was debated on and on as we crossed off our mental list every boy we knew. So, it was look at boys on the library computer which was fun but not near the fun of a real, live penis for us to play with.

But our fun was restricted at the library where we would stealthily take rubs as we looked at boy's dicks and sometimes took turns going to the last stall of the ladies room for a quick but muted rub-off. We even found one series of pictures of a dick going from soft, really small and floppy, up to long and hard and curved, all swollen-looking. It was so interesting and hot.

Then, about a week after school was out, we got lucky.

Lori came running up to my room, we never bothered with doors in each other's houses, if they're open, we just went in, so she came running up the stairs, yelling, "I know who it is, I've got the boy, I've got the guy," as she ran in, out of breath, and plopped on my bed.

"You mean our mystery boy who's gonna show us his stuff, pull it out for us? Let us see it?" I squealed.

"Yeah, he's perfect. You know Craig Lawson?"

"Yeah, he's a year ahead of us, lives on Briarwood Drive, right?"

"That's him."

"But we'll be going to school with him, so he's out," I told her.

"Not him, his cousin, his cousin from Colorado, he's here for the summer. His parents are splitting and, well, he's living with Craig for the summer. So it's Greg, not Craig."

"How do you know him?"

"Craig lives near me, just a few houses away, around the corner, and I met him just this morning. Oh, and he's really cute. And get this, he told me that Craig was going to a two-week baseball camp next week and did I know what there was to do around the neighborhood?" I almost said, "Yeah, show Amy and me your dick," she roared, laughing and rolling around on my bed.

"So, he's cute?" I asked, hoping, hoping, hoping.

"Oh, girl, he's really hot. Wavy blond hair, blue eyes, kinda some muscles, oh, Amy, you'll cum when you see him. And ... the best part ... he was real flirty."

"He came on to you? Just like that?"

The experience Lori and I had with the opposite sex was none, zero, nada. So maybe this guy would not freak out when we told him what we wanted. Maybe he'd be cool with it.

"Look," she said as she held out a piece of paper. "It's his email and cell number so we can email or talk or text. And Craig's going away, how's that for luck?"

We talked about it for the rest of the afternoon and got ourselves off three times we were so wound-up over the real possibility of seeing a boy's penis, even to touch it and hold it and play with it. And maybe even more, that really got us excited.

Lori and I both had parents who worked and neither of us had a brother or sister so we were basically home alone every day making it ideal for having some fun with this new boy all the way from Colorado. We even joked about whether boys from Colorado would have penises similar to the boys around here but we were sure he would and we were just so excited we could hardly stand it.

We did keep using the library computer and using different words to bring up all kinds of images of dicks, we just loved it and made a game of trying to pick out ones that we thought Greg's might look like. We even got some side-by-side pictures of cut and uncut ones and we finally began to fully understand the difference.

Lori started texting Greg a bit, just to keep in touch as the date for Craig's baseball camp edged ever closer. It was a nice, friendly conversation mostly but we analyzed and parsed every word and phrase from him and picked out everything we thought might be in the smallest degree flirty.

We carefully composed every text reply she sent to him when we were together, trying to get just the right bit of sexiness without going all the way to sluttiness.

So, the day before his cousin's camp started, Lori texted Greg and asked if he'd come over in the morning to her house, that she and I would be there.

Here's what he sent back: "How could I miss being with the two cutest girls in the neighborhood? I'll be there, like you said, at ten."

So, we had him coming to Lori's house, it was set. We rubbed and fingered and rubbed some more talking about what was going to happen.

"Do you want him to fuck us?" she asked.

"I'm not on the pill, are you?" I asked.

"No but I got some condoms out of a machine at the 7-Eleven the other day. I've got twelve of them. And I bought some stuff, a spermicide, it's called, we can look at it when we're finished. But, if it works and all, would you do it? Let him fuck you if he wants to?"

"I never thought about it, I mean, well, I'm not on the pill and didn't think i'd have the chance. But, geez, if we've got something that works, well ... would you let him?" I asked not wanting to quite tell her yet that I wanted to begin having sex and Greg was cute and I'd love it.

I spent the night at Lori's and by nine-thirty the next morning, we'd prepared everything. Her bedroom was picked up, clean sheets were on the bed, we were perfectly dressed. Lori had on a halter top and short cut-off jeans that were probably R-rated with no panties under.

Me, I was in a bandeau top that I'd pulled down just enough to show the tops of my boobs some, I had nice ones and I wanted his attention. Below I had on a pair of black spandex shorts that I used in dance class two years earlier, oh, yeah they were super tight on me now that I had hips.

No panties, of course, and they were so tight it showed the crease between my legs where my pussy was. Lori pronounced me, 'the hottest ever.'

So, we were ready, even had decided that we would use condoms instead of the other stuff which we were less sure of. That's if it came to that. Our experience with boys was limited, we had no idea that just about any boy on earth would fuck us if they had the chance.

When the doorbell rang, we both went running down the stairs and pulled the door open.

"Hi, Greg, come in," Lori greeted him and we made sure he followed us up the stairs to her room. We'd looked in the mirror and at each other from behind so we knew the view he was getting.

As soon as we entered Lori's room, she asked Greg to sit on her bed and that we wanted to ask him some questions. I'm sure he probably thought it was about how it was living in Colorado, what the schools were like but, no, Lori asked him, "Which one do you think has the nicest hair?"

I knew Lori would win that one, she's got long, silky blond hair down past her shoulders, I'm a curly brunette.

He was diplomatic with, "You both have really nice hair but I think Lori's is just a bit nicer. To me anyway."

"How about our legs?" I asked and he looked us over.

"You, Amy, I think yours are," he said as I turned in a circle for him.

"How about our butts?" Lori asked as we both turned and bent over to push our butts at him and shake them a little. Then we turned back toward him.

He was looking a bit uncomfortable but, nonetheless, said, "Gee, that's a tough one, can I see again?" and we turned and shook our booty once again.

"Well, you're both really nice, um, do I have to decide?"

We told him he did and he chose me.

"How about our boobs, who's got the nicest ones?" Lori asked.

"Um, you both look nice there, it's hard to say for sure," he said, obviously a bit unsure what was happening.

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