Making a Sure Bet

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Squirting, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I collect on sure bets with a young lady and her mother. They pay with their bodies - quite willingly after losing their bets that G-spot orgasms don't exist.

Laying naked on my bed (with a vey wet patch under her hips) is Kaitlyn. She is 19 yrs old, 5ft 1 inches tall, petite with a nice set of A-cup tits. Her pussy is marked out with a thin landing strip of closely cropped black hair (matching the hair on her head) - a pussy which is very wet and gooey at the moment. She is laying back - sucking in some very deep breaths - recovering from multiple massive orgasms.

How did she get there?

I know Kaitlyn from the local Costco store. She's served me a number of times - and being a dirty old man (I'm 53 yrs old), I've perved on her sensational petite form quite a number of times. We've always had a conversation at the time - lately talking about her first tattoo (one on the back of her neck that creeps around to the base of each ear).

I caught up with Kaitlyn at the local Westfield on one of her days off. She's been killing time waiting for her mum who is at the hairdressers. I invite her back to my apartment across the road for a drink - I'm very surprised when she accepts. Hence that's how she got to be in my apartment. The reason for being naked on my bed is that we drank and chatted - and got to discussing sex and in particular G-spot orgasms.

She said that they don't exist - I said that they do. We made a bet - I put $200 on the table and she put her body on the line. Yes, if I won, then I could fuck her. The bet was that I could give her a G-spot orgasm within 5 minutes by just using my tongue and one finger.

The result - within 5 minutes she has drenched my face and the bed with a massive explosion of cum - the result of a series of G-spot orgasms brought on by my finger and talented tongue. One finger in her showed me just how tight she was going to be for my big fat 10 inch cock.

I've stripped off and I'm gazing at her very wet pussy. Her pussy lips are engorged and standing out from her pussy. I shuffle between her wide-spread legs - ready to start introducing her pussy to my big fat cock. I'll have to go slow - her pussy is very small looking and my cock is quite fat.

My cock is fully erect. I lead it to her pussy using my hand to direct its head around and over her pussy lips - then running it between her pussy lips. There's still heaps of gooey juices between her pussy lips - soon those juices are transferred to my cock head - wetting the mushroom head of my circumsized cock.

I use my cockhead to tap on her clitoral area; her clit hood shelters her clit initially but with a sustained assault from my cock it starts to peak out. For such a petite girl with such a small-looking pussy her clit is quite sizeable when excited. A fact that I discovered when I was licking her pussy.

My attention has aroused Kaitlyn from her cum-induced slumber. She's propped herself up on her elbows to have a look at what I'm doing.

"Oh my fucking god - your cock is so fucking huge - that will NEVER fit inside me - no fucking way!" she gasps.

I smile at her and continue to rub and slap her pussy with my cock. I can hear her pussy juices gurgling just inside her pussy as. I direct a cock-slap directly onto her open outer pussy lips. A small spray of juices escapes - wetting my cock even further. My slaps increase in frequency as her pussy reacts harder and harder to each blow. She collapses back onto the bed - bringing her hands to her small tits to pull on her nipples as her body is racked by another cum.

As I slap her open pussy, my cockhead seemingly gets sucked into her pussy hole. The mushroom head sticks to her pussy hole and then reluctantly breaks away after each slap.

I change my approach - a pussy slap followed by a short thrust into her pussy hole. Initially my cockhead just breaches her pussy before withdrawing to slap her pussy again and repeat the thrust. Soon her pussy is opening to admit the full mushroom head of my cock - I can feel the heat of her pussy and I can smell her arousal.

Kaitlyn props up on her elbows again - just in time to see my big fat cock head disappear into her pussy.

"Oh fuck that feels enormous!" she groans.

With my cockhead seated in her pussy, I grasp her ankles and lift them up to my shoulders and slowly spread them further apart. In unison, my cock slides just a little further into her tight and hot pussy. I'm now about 3 inches into her pussy with another 7 inches remaining outside. I start a gentle rocking motion - millimetre at a time my cock rocks in and out of her tightly clasping pussy. She collapses back onto the bed - her body racked by another slightly stronger cum than last time.

I can feel her juices bathing my cock shaft and balls.

My cock is now halfway in - just 5 inches remain outside.

"My cock is now 5 inches inside you, and 5 inches remain outside. I'm going to be touching parts of you soon that your boyfriend has never touched. Are you ready?" I ask her.

"FUCK YES!!!" she shouts. "You've already taken me places where I've never been with him or anyone else. Just take it slow so I can get used to you".

I release her ankles and put my hands under her ass. I lift her pelvis and change the angle of my cock thrusts into her clasping pussy - sliding in another couple of inches causes her to groan and cum again. Her cum is stronger again and the pussy twitching and clenching sucks me even deeper into her pussy. I would never have believed that such a petite girl could take almost all of my 10 inches but she has - well, 9 inches so far to be exact.

A short thrust and my cock is butting up against her cervix - she grimaces asI make contact. I ease off - sliding my cock in and out of her pussy sheath with a slow and steady fucking motion - making contact only occasionally with her cervix (and only when she bucks hard up against me).

My back and hands are tiring from holding her up in this position so I let her down and slide down to kiss her. She wraps her legs around my back and pulls me into her. I can feel her pussy spasming as each new cum rocks her body.

"Oh fuck me! fuck my little pussy you dirty old man! fuck me and fill me with your cum!" she chants.

"You dirty little slut - you've been teasing me for weeks - thrusting these little titties at me at every opportunity".

"You just didn't expect a big fat cock, did you?" I ask her as I thrust hard and deep inside of her; butting hard against her cervix.

"Did you?" I shout at her.

She shakes her head. "Answer me slut! Use your words you little whore!" I demand.

She shakes her head again. I bring my mouth down to the base of her ear - kissing and licking it for a moment before latching onto her skin and imparting a love bite on her tender flesh. I hold the bite and suck hard - wanting to make it big and very dark against her pale skin.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh ... ccccccuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg!!!!" she screams as I feel her body and pussy convulse under me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" she continues to scream as I continue with my deep thrusts and my hard bite on her neck.

"Yes. yes. yes. yes!!!!!!! I have been teasing you!!!" she finally admits when she comes down from her orgasmic high and I release my mouth from her neck. I look her in the eyes as she stares back at me definantly. "You are still a dirty old man. Who else would want to fuck such a young innocent girl like me?" she taunts me.

I smile rather than answer her taunts. I answer her by thrusting harder, faster and deeper into her swampy pussy. My cock is still rock hard and deep inside of her. The slap of my loins on hers is loud and bounces off the bedroom walls. I bend down again and nibble her ear - the one just above the massive hickey that I've added to her neck. I lick her earlobe and kiss it. Sliding my tongue over her bruised neck before nibbling just below the bruise.

I whisper to her "I admit to being a dirty old man. You are however far from innocent - your body tells me it wants to be fucked, and fucked hard and often. You are just a little slut - admit it!!". I don't wait for an answer - I latch onto her neck again and start lengthening the existing hickey.

"Oh you fucking bastard!!!" she shouts as she feels me sucking hard on her flesh. "You're right I'm am a slut. A slut who just loves the massive fat cock inside her now. Keep fucking me my dirty old man!"

I keep on plunging my cock deep inside her pussy. Her pussy is still really tight but I am finding it easier to slide in and out. I release my mouth from her neck and admire my handiwork. She now has a hickey about 5 inches in length and 2 inches wide and all red and purple.

Its time for a change. I carefully roll to the side whilst still connected with her until she is now on top of me.

"Time for you to ride my cock my little slut".

She sits up carefully on my groin (keeping my cock fully inside of her). She starts to move up and down - slowly to start with - gathering pace until over half my cock is being exposed on each up-stroke. I grasp her hips and pull her fully onto my cock on the down-stroke - butting her cervix on every stroke. I release my grasp on her hip - bringing my hand back and imparting a slap to her butt cheek.

That was totally unexpected - Kaitlyn plunges hard down to escape the stinging on her butt cheek and impales herself fully onto my cock. The mushroom head thats been butting her cervix finally parts it and slides partially inside. The sensation is much too much for me - my cock explodes - my juices squirt hard directly into her womb. One, two, three massive squirts followed by many smaller squirts before my cockhead slides back from inside her cervix and continues to pump my hot cream into her hot pussy sheath.

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