Sweet Dreams
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Fiction, BDSM, MaleDom,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beth is confused by the wet dreams she's been having lately and decides to video tape herself sleeping to see what might be causing them, and is shocked to find that a stranger is sneaking into her room at night and using her sleeping body for sex.

The alarm went off and Beth awoke slowly, stretching.

And then it hit her. it had happened again!

Beth was laying in bed naked and clammy. Almost like she had been working up a sweat all night long, but she only slept with a single sheet on and the nights hadn't been that warm lately.

For a week now she had awoken sweaty, horny and with an only salty taste in her mouth. Beth was confused with what could be causing this. Never before had she had wet dreams really, nor did she ever sleep walk.

It was obvious to Beth that if she wanted answers she was going to have to do one of the oddest things that she could think of. Beth took the day off work, went to a local computer store and purchased a webcam that she setup in the bedroom, pointed at her bed and tested it on her laptop to make sure it would record and she knew how to work it.

That evening she went about her normal routine, made dinner, and went for her nightly walk.

When Beth got home, she made her tea and watched a show as she got really tired and crawled into bed.

The next morning was Saturday. No alarm to wake her up today, however again, Beth woke up sweaty, clammy and horny. She knew something had to be causing this, and it was time to watch the video to see if it lead to any answers. Maybe she talked in her sleep or had started sleep walking. Beth had no idea what to expect, only hoped it had at least some answers for her.

Starting up the video, Beth leaned back on her bed. So far, nothing out of the ordinary.

She watched herself wander into the bedroom, undress and crawl into bed. It didn't take long for her to drift off to sleep.

After a few hours of peaceful, uneventful sleep, Beth's mouth opened in shock! All she could do was stare at the screen.

A tall man that she didn't recognize entered her bedroom. He stood over the bed for a moment before reaching down to slowly pull back the bed sheet, exposing Beth's naked and vulnerable body.

He appeared to poke at her, maybe to confirm Beth was in a deep sleep.

Beth wasn't sure what to think. She felt violated by him, betrayed by herself. How could she not wake up to this?

The stranger in her bedroom then put a duffel bag on her bed and pulled out what appeared to be rope, then placing it back on the floor. He took his time slowly and oddly carefully tied her legs up and open, using her headboard for leverage.

Beth glanced at her headboard, now that she looked closer she could see the beginnings of wear marks from where he had been tying the rope. She reached her hand up, running her fingers over the marks and a strange feeling started to bubble inside of her. Ignoring this, Beth turned back to the video, wanting and needing to see everything that had happened.

With her legs now wide open, the man had moved to lay down on the bed between her legs. Beth watched in wide eyed wonder as the stranger obviously enjoyed licking at her naked pussy. Without realizing it, one of Beth's hands had moved down between her legs. She now realized how swollen her pussy felt, and gasped at how wet she was getting.

This was wrong, she shouldn't be wet watching a stranger violate her sleeping body, and yet she absolutely was.

On the video, Beth's sleeping body was responding to the stranger's attention and he was clearly enjoying this.

After his oral attention, the stranger stood and stripped. Beth caught herself thinking he was quite attractive. She still hadn't moved her hand, and her fingers started to move against her clit slightly.

The man stroked himself, standing beside the bed, playing with her nipples. Pulling at them.

After a few minutes of this he then untied the one leg closest to him, letting it rest back on the bed. Beth couldn't figure out why he would untied just one leg, until she watched him move back up beside her bed. This time the stranger was standing beside her head.

He moved Beth's body slowly, so that her face was at the edge of the bed and turned towards her.

He leaned down close, kissing her lips until she again started responding. The stranger slipped a hand down between her legs, playing with her pussy. Beth watched as he removed his fingers, they glistened slightly, and she realized she had been wet for him.

Next, he brought the fingers up to their lips while he continued to kiss her, slipping a finger in between them. Beth's unconscious body continued to respond. Now she was licking at her own lips as he pulled back, watching.

Beth expected she would just lay there limp, and yet here she was watching her mouth sucking on his fingers, allowing him to move them in and out of her lips. Then Beth caught herself moan slightly as the man removed his fingers and pressed the head of his hard cock against her slightly open lips.

He stroked himself as Beth watched him start to rock his body back and forth slightly ... slipping his cock in and out of her lips. Beth moved her fingers over her clit more intentionally now as that feeling that had begun to bubble inside her grew. She was getting turned on as she watched this stranger use her sleeping body.

It was obvious to Beth that the stranger was enjoying himself as his head tilted back, eyes closed and he continued to slowly move himself in and out of her mouth.

Beth had no idea how long she had been watching the video as she slipped down further on the bed, slipping her fingers into her pussy now, letting herself pleasure her body as she watched the man then pull out of her mouth and slip onto the bed between her legs, lifting the one he had untied, and slipping easily into her pussy.

The stranger took his time, pumping in and out of her slowly as his reactions were displayed on his face. Clearly he was loving every second, and Beth's body put up no resistance, in fact, if Beth didn't know better, she would say she was equally enjoying it. No wonder she had been having erotic dreams lately.

Beth then saw the stranger climb back off the bed, still hard, reaching into the duffel bag beside the bed, he pulled out a dildoe. Removing it from it's plastic bag, the man slid it up and down her pussy before slowly slipping it inside of her. He continued to stroke it in and out as he moved up beside her head again, pressing his cock against her lips.

Beth's mouth opened without a fight as the man began to fuck her mouth as he used a dildoe to fuck her pussy.

Beth's eyes closed as she came hard, arching her body, not even seeing the screen as the stranger clearly came in her mouth.

By the time Beth opened her eyes again, the stranger was leaving her bedroom with his duffel bag and he had pulled the blanket back up over her body.

Now Beth was left with the dilemma of trying to figure out what she should do next...

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