Helping Brittany

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Size, Foot Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Brittany is struggling to carry a box upstairs. I help her carry it up and assemble the contents. I get a very nice reward for my troubles.

I've passed Brittany in the stairwell of the units a few times now. Normally she's been in the company of her boyfriend, but tonight she's alone and struggling to carry a large box up the stairs. I throw my stuff inside my door and scoot up the next set of stairs to catch up with her.

"Can I help you get it up to your unit?" I ask her.

"Thank you. That would be so great" she says.

I grab the quite heavy large box and somehow get a grip on it and carry it up the remaining two flights of stairs. She opens the door and directs me inside her unit where I put the box down in her lounge room.

Being inquisitive I ask her "What have you bought?" to which she replies "Its a desk. All I have to do is put it together".

"That should be easy for your boyfriend to do then" I blather out.

"He's gone" she says. "I caught him fucking my room-mate on the weekend; so they are both gone". She then gets teary as she speaks. "I trusted them and they betrayed me".

I've seen the room-mate and the boy would have to have rocks in his head to choose her over Brittany. Brittany is quite petite and slim. A short page-boy type hair cut of her dark hair. Not a lot in tits - just nice bumps on her chest. I'd have to estimate her age at about 20 yrs old. This afternoon she is wearing a skirt and t-shirt top and thongs.

I have a foot fetish and I can tell you her feet are the makings of a very wet dream for me. Perfectly formed petite feet with pink nail polish on her toes.

"Do you need any help putting it together?" I enquire, hoping to spend some more time with her. I have nothing to do as usual - just a lonely 53 yr old guy watching TV or surfing the net. Maybe posting a few new pictures on NN - nude ones of my cock - normally my very erect and fat cock. Its been fun getting comments, but I'm getting bored with that lately.

"Yes. I'd love some help but only if I'm not inconveniencing you" she says.

"I'll go back down to my place and get changed into something more comfortable and I'll get my tools too".

About 5 mins later I'm back at her place with my tools. Since its a little warm I throw on a polo shirt and a pair of shorts (ones with inbuilt underwear).

The instructions for the desk are a little hard to follow. All pictures and hardly any words. Brittany has kicked off her thongs (and it looks like her bra is gone too); and we are sitting on the floor together trying to figure out the instructions. We chat as we work and I find she is a very nice person to talk to - although it is hard to look her in the eyes when her nipples are making their presence known through her t-shirt. My cock has been half-hard since I arrived - and that is substantial because at full extension it is 10 inches in length,

Gradually the desk is coming together - almost complete after an hour. Just a couple of screws to be tightened in the footwell. I lay on my back and shimmy under the desk to tighten the screws. I find I've chosen the wrong screwdriver and ask Brittany to hand me another one.

Brittany surprises me by straddling my body to hand me the screwdriver. She doesn't move off me; instead she settles her petite frame onto my tummy then slides back until she is sitting directly on my cock. Oh god, the extra stimulation of her body on mine has the blood rushing to my cock and it becoming full erect in an instant.

I drop the screwdriver as she grinds her skirt-covered pussy down onto my cock shaft.

"Oh God what have you got in your shorts?" she asks. "I've been watching you just like you've been checking out my tits."

With that statement she slowly grabs her t-shirt and raises it - revealing her tummy and eventually the petite tits perched on her chest. The shirt is thrown to the floor. She cups her tits in her petite hands.

"They are so small. Maybe my boyfriend wanted the bigger tits of my ex-roommate?" she comments.

My hands come up from beneath the desk and cup her tits from below. Holding and caressing them - I can hold them completely within my hands. The nipples are quite hard and bore into the palms of my hands. For such small tits, she has quite big and very hard nipples. I tweak her nipples with my fingers - having an instant reaction as she moans and grinds her pussy down on my trapped cock. I play with her for a few minutes before suggesting that we move to more comfortable surroundings.

"He took the bed when he moved out - I'm sleeping on the floor at the moment" she admits quite distressed.

I pick up her discarded t-shirt. "Here put this on - we are going back down to my unit".

We've been in my unit about 5 minutes now - there is a trail of discarded clothes from the front door to the bedroom. We are naked on my bed and she hasn't let go of my cock in the last 5 minutes.

She has the softest of lips and the most active of tongues. We've been kissing constantly since we laid on the bed. My hands have been active too - one on her ass and another caressing one of her tits. Her hand has been stroking my cock - running from the tip to the base with her strokes. Eventually we break our lips apart to suck in a few deep breaths. I bring my lips back to the side of her neck and I start to kiss and nibble just under her earlobe. Hmmm ... I've hit a sensitive spot as I soon have her moaning in my ear as I trail my kisses down her neck and across her shoulder.

I spy her nipples standing very erect from her small tits - my lips are drawn to her nipples. Soon my tongue is running circles around her nipple before grabbing it between my lips - pulling on it and then sucking it. I can get her full tit in my mouth - they are small but quite firm and the nipples are the hardest that I've encountered. I work on one breast before switching to the other and repeating the process.

"Ahhh ... ahhhh ... ahhhh..." she moans with increasing frequency and volume. I think I can make her cum just from nipple stimulation - I redouble my efforts - switching from one tit to the other rapidly. Sucking and licking - and then biting the nipples gently. The bites are the trigger - her body twitches and then convulses - "Ahhhhhhhhhhh ... ccccuuuuummmmmmiiiinnnngggg" she shouts as I ease off the breast stimulation and let her body experience the wonders of a nipple induced orgasm.

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