First Teen Experiences
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, boy, gi, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, First, Safe Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is story in multiple parts set in the early seventies when I was in my teens at school in Northampton (UK), the story is a mixture of truth and "wishful thinking fantasy", I will leave it to you the reader to decide which is which, either way I hope you enjoy it and it brings back memories of those teen years.

It was the spring of 1972, I was a few weeks away from being fifteen and attended Southfield Boys Comprehensive in Northampton. I guess I could be described as quite shy and quiet compared to some of my contemporaries, my hormones were in overdrive just like all my school friends but unlike a lot of them I didn't shout about it and was rather scared of girls. The most exciting thing to happen around that time had been a recent find of about a dozen "adult magazines" near some fields and gravel pits that my friend and I used to ride our bikes around. The state of the magazines varied from good to nearly unreadable but to us it was like finding a pot of gold. We carefully put the magazines in a box and buried the box in a den we had built under some thick trees and bushes in which we could sit hidden way and read when we wanted. We both must have had massive erections sitting reading these magazines but neither of us dared do anything about that in each others company, although I did at times sneak back on my own to look at the magazines and sit there wanking hidden in the bushes. I suspect my friend did the same.

Southfield Boys school was next door to Southfield Girls school, all the girls milling around always generated a lot of interest going and leaving school as the girls school start and finish times were exactly the same as the boys. There were various boasts from a lot of my my friends about this and that girl and what they had done and would do, none of these I really believed. I did however have one friend, Dave, who was rather different. I always felt Dave was rather mature for his age and he would occasionally let drop some details of his experiences when he had been out with various girls. He also seemed to actually speak to and know some of girls from the girls school next door, to me this gave his stories of his sexual adventures much more creditability, because of this I was very envious of him.

Whereas a lot of my friends were involved in the various sporting activities of the school I had little interest in this and was more interested in art, this meant I was involved in designing and producing the school magazine and at this particular time painting scenery for the drama groups' new production. I was so into this once a week when the drama group rehearsed after school I would go along and work on the scenery, a lot of my friends thought I was "totally weird" doing this after school but I didn't care. It was

on one of these occasions I was making my way home and taking a short cut across the nearby park, this was not only the shortest route but also gave me the opportunity to be out of sight and have a crafty smoke. It was not dark but getting dusk as I dodged in among the bushes and trees the lined one side of the park, now out of sight I lit up a cigarette

and followed the narrow path through the trees.

About half way along I could hear voices, I quietened my steps and continued, curious to see who it was and what they were doing, on getting a little nearer I could see a boy in school uniform with his back to the path, I think I must have let out a audible gasp when I saw his trousers were around this ankles, luckily I was not heard. I left the path and skirted around behind the bushes to get a better view and not be seen, I could now see there were two of them, the other person being a girl also in school uniform. The girl had a firm grip on his cock and was wanking him furiously, I could feel my cock hardening and hear my heart thumping as I watched the scene unfold no more then a few yards away. I am unsure how long this had been going on before I had arrived but within a matter of a couple of minutes I heard the boy groan and shoot two streams of sperm over the leaves of the nearby bushes. It wasn't long before the boy mumbled something that I couldn't hear, did his trousers up and headed off along the path, the girl on the other hand didn't seem in any hurry and reached into her bag for a cigarette and learning back on a tree started smoking it. I waited a few minutes and then as the show obviously was over decided make my way home. As I extricated myself from the bush I caught my foot on a tree root and went flying, landing sprawling on the path, the girl spun round and instead of being startled, seemed angry.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she yelled at me.

I found it hard to formulate much of a reply, but just muttering something about tripping over a tree root.

"I can fucking see that!, but what were you doing in the those bushes?" she retorted.

Before I could think of an answer she launched into a full scale rant about me being a little pervert skulking in the bushes watching her and the boy. I guess she was not far wrong.

I was already the colour of beetroot and having visions of this spreading all round both the girls and boys school and the shame that would result. I decided honesty and a friendly apology was the only thing to do.

"I was just walking home having a fag out of sight and just happened to see you and your boyfriend, sorry, it wasn't on purpose, honestly..." It all sounded rather pathetic but it was true.

"He's not my boyfriend, I was just giving him a wank" she snapped back.

Sensing a slight melting I introduced myself, said I was in the 4th year at Southfield School and tried to be a bit chatty.

It seemed to be working, and I began to think I might be off the hook and not going to be branded as the pervert skulking in the bushes, she in turn, introduced herself as Vicky. Vicky must have also have been about fifteen, was slightly plump, or what I imagine might have been called puppy fat and had short dark hair. I was beginning to think this might be

the time to say goodbye and make my exit.

"Bet you had a big hard on while you were watching didn't you" she said.

"Were you wanking?"

Once again my face turned beetroot red as I contemplated how I should answer this, once again I decided honesty been the best policy.

"Yeah, was a bit hard when watching... " I admitted.

"Want wanking off then?" she asked as matter of factually as if she were asking if I wanted a cigarette.

If I had had this scenario suggested to me to me I would have probably said I would have run a mile, but instead I said yes.

I sheepishly undid my grey school trousers and then slid trousers and Y fronts down to just above my knees, my cock sprang out, despite being as nervous as hell, like an iron bar. Vicky threw down the cigarette and stamped it out into the mud.

"Oh, nice fireman's helmet" she said laughing as she surveyed my circumcised cock.

She then spat twice into her hand and firmly grasped my cock just below the head, the most sensitive spot. I knew full well this was going to over pretty quick as her hand slid up down in short movements, the sweet agony continued for no more than two minutes before I could feel myself building to an unstoppable crescendo. She could obviously see the signs as should stud aside slightly as I groaned, spasmed and shot streams of sperm out and landing on the muddy path.

No sooner than I had pulled up my trousers, she said "See ya, gotta get home now" and headed off down the path leaving me standing there dazed but happy.

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