Just Keepin It in the Family

by jack08180

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Reluctant, BiSexual, Sister, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I never wanted a sister, but she ended up being plenty of fun for me and my friends A first person POV, written in a very unique style. No emails about grammar please.

I had met her once before, a long time ago at some Christmas party. Dad had told me the story many times. He liked to talk about what a pimp he was, how he met two girls and fucked them that night in a threesome. Claimed to have video of it somewhere. I was always a bit pissed off at the story, since by then he had run out on my mom and was out fucking everything else that moved while she was working 3 jobs to take care of me, but I just rolled with it.

So anyway, the story goes that he hooks up with these two hot Mexican girls, who were dying to try some black cock. He tells me how they spent an hour dyking out for him, then had a BJ contest, then fucked them both.

Guess none of the guys in our family are into condoms. I know I'm not.

So the story goes that a year later he gets a phone call from the judge to come to a hearing that one of the girls named Miranda wanted child support. So dad sticks me with grandma like he always does and ran off. Never really talked about what happened when he came back, but I was too young to really know what was going on.

Anyway, she was a skinny thing then, with no tits and short hair. I thought she was annoying, but most 17 year old guys would think that when they are stuck with an 11 year old girl. Funny how things work out sometimes

4 years later we got a hell of a surprise. I was 21 and still at home chilling with Dad. I was working shit jobs, trying to make ends meet. So was he, so we decided to pool money and hang out. We were more like roommates than father and son. I brought home girls and so did he. No big deal.

One Saturday afternoon there was a knock on the door. My dad was crashed out in his room and I was sitting on the couch watching UFC drinking a beer in just some shorts. I was comfortable and was pissed off that I had to get up off my ass.

"If it's the Mormons again, someone's gonna get a black eye" I announced as I grabbed the handle and yanked the door open. It took me a half second to look down. I wasn't expecting to see a girl standing there with a bag in her hand. I'm 6'2; I bet she was barely 5'0. Her hair was long now and jet black. Some perky tits were poking out from behind her tank top and some nice legs came out of some tiny shorts. She was a little cutie, a hot mixed race spinner waiting to happen.

I obviously didn't know what sort of boy experience she had, but she sure was fighting to not check me out, considering I was her half-brother and all.

"Kat?" I asked

"Hey Ty, is dad here?" She asked in this tiny voice.

"Yeah girl, get in here, I'll get him."

Kat walked past me into the house and until the day I die I swear that she brushed her hips against my crotch. No biggie, I was scoping out her half Mexican ass as she walked past me anyway.

Kat dropped onto the couch with her bag next to her on the floor and I noticed that she was eyeing my beer on the table next to her. I walked down the hall and pushed my dad's door open. He was still crashed out in bed, half asleep.

"Yo, wake up. Kat's here." I called out.

"Huh? Kat?" He asked, still asleep

"Yeah, Kat. You know, your daughter?" I called out, banging on the wall a bit.

"Oh shit." He jumped, throwing on some clothes.

I walked back out into the living room in time to watch Kat put my beer back on the table. I grinned a bit.

"He's coming." I called out.

"Cool." She replied as I walked back into my room. Whatever family business was about to go down,

I figure I'd catch the deets later.

Two hours later my dad came and knocked on my door. Apparently Kat got kicked out of her house and was going to live with us now. Good thing we had a spare bedroom that wasn't piled with shit too badly. I was annoyed, but stumbled into the spare room and gathered up some of my junk and tossed it out in the garage. Kat didn't need much room, since basically her whole life was in this big duffle bag.

It ended up not being such a bad thing. Kat had friends close by that could take her to school. I was glad for that, I didn't want to play taxi driver. She also knew how to cook and clean some, so Dad and I didn't have to go out for fast food every night.

The best part was that all of her girlfriends were fucking fine and she had plenty of them in all shapes and sizes and races. From the day she moved in, it was a steady stream of short skirts and tiny tank tops in and out of the house and I didn't mind one bit. The girls didn't seem to mind the fact that I hated wearing shirts and I caught more than one girl checking me out on the way back to Kat's bedroom.

The guys loved my little half-sister too and since she seemed to like older guys, I knew some of them and the rest knew of me. I got a couple scared looks when I opened the door when they came to pick her up, but I shrugged it off. She can take care of herself. I thought to myself.

Kat loved the little skirts; you know the ones that stop right below your ass cheeks? Fuck that girl had some long legs for someone that short, and she loved them tall shoes too. Girl wasn't hurting in the tit department either, but loved them push up bras anyway. I'd stop and stare at her as she ran down the stairs into some guy's waiting car.

I watched once through the window as she got into some guys car. She closed the door behind her and then her head disappeared. Guy didn't bother to start the car, but I did see his hand move to about where her head would have been. The way that his head went back, I could figure out what was going on and it seemed that my little sis knew what she was doing.

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I got hard, knowing that my lil sis was out blowing some guy in the driveway. I was about to drop my shorts and jerk one out when I remembered this little white girl that had given me her number at Sonic that afternoon.

She was a tiny white girl, probably 5'1, under a bill with little tits and short blond hair. Her name was Katie and she was staring at me hardcore. Shy girl, I saw her walking back and forth, trying to get up the nerve to come back to my car and slip me her number.

I picked up my phone and shot her a text. "Hey girl, want to hang out."

A minute later. "Sure, what do you want to do?"

"Come over, let's chill."

"Kewls." Was her reply I texted her my address and 15 minutes later there was a soft knock on the door.

Katie must shop at the same store as my sister, since they both had the same skirts that stopped right under their ass and high ass shoes. Unlike my sister though, Katie needed the push up bra. It was cool, I didn't mind little tits.

"What's good girl?" I asked as I opened the door, checking out her tiny body.

"Not a lot, just off work." She replied, fighting hard not to drool all over herself looking at me.

"Come on in babe, want a beer?" I asked

"Uhm, sure." She stammered.

I grabbed two beers from the kitchen and handed one to her. She took a tentative sip and tried to hide the fact that she didn't like the taste. I grinned and grabbed the remote, putting my arm around her as I flipped on the TV.

I was watching some interracial porn earlier and figured it would loosen the girl up. Sure enough, Katie's eyes were glued to the screen. I slugged my beer and moved my hand closer to her little tit as she stared at some brotha shoving his foot long cock up some white girl's ass.

"Are all black guys huge like that?" Katie asked, not moving her eyes from the TV.

"Not all, but most." I grinned, grabbing her hand and putting it on my crotch.

Katie turned to face me finally, her eyes wide as she tried to wrap her fingers around my cock.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed.

"Don't be shy baby. Go for it. We both know why you're here." I stated bluntly.

Katie bit her lip and dropped down onto her knees in front of me, fumbling for my zipper. This girl couldn't have much experience I thought to myself as she finally reached into my jeans and pulled out my cock. My shaft smacked her forehead as it sprang out, and Katie jumped back like it was a cobra.

"Holy Fuck!" Katie gasped, trying to hold my cock but finding that her fingers didn't wrap all the way around it.

"Yeah baby, think you can handle that?" I grinned.

"I don't know." She whispered. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was scared.

"Better find out huh?" I replied with a grin.

Katie tried her best porn star imitation, slowly licking up and down my 10 inch shaft. It was cute, but her tongue was too small and she didn't have enough experience to make it very good. She finally opened her tiny mouth and tried to suck my cock, but her gag reflex kicked in with barely my cock head in it. I held her there, letting her move her tongue around my cock head for a while, wondering if a trip to the ER was going to happen when I split her tiny body in half in a few minutes.

"You ready for this baby?" I asked, letting the back of her head go. Katie pulled away from my cock and nodded her head, wiping some spit off the corner of her mouth.

"Cool baby, strip and climb on then." I demanded, stroking my cock and holding it upwards.

Katie stood up and nervously took her shirt off. I could see why. There really wasn't much up top on this girl and she was embarrassed. Her push up bra gave her little tits a bit of cleavage and I decided to let her keep it on. Katie reached to her hip and started to pull the zipper down on her skirt when I stopped her.

"Leave the skirt on, and the shoes. You look hot in them. Climb on baby, I'm gonna take you for a ride."

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