Just Keepin It in the Family

by jack08180

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Reluctant, BiSexual, Sister, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I never wanted a sister, but she ended up being plenty of fun for me and my friends A first person POV, written in a very unique style. No emails about grammar please.

I had met her once before, a long time ago at some Christmas party. Dad had told me the story many times. He liked to talk about what a pimp he was, how he met two girls and fucked them that night in a threesome. Claimed to have video of it somewhere. I was always a bit pissed off at the story, since by then he had run out on my mom and was out fucking everything else that moved while she was working 3 jobs to take care of me, but I just rolled with it.

So anyway, the story goes that he hooks up with these two hot Mexican girls, who were dying to try some black cock. He tells me how they spent an hour dyking out for him, then had a BJ contest, then fucked them both.

Guess none of the guys in our family are into condoms. I know I'm not.

So the story goes that a year later he gets a phone call from the judge to come to a hearing that one of the girls named Miranda wanted child support. So dad sticks me with grandma like he always does and ran off. Never really talked about what happened when he came back, but I was too young to really know what was going on.

Anyway, she was a skinny thing then, with no tits and short hair. I thought she was annoying, but most 17 year old guys would think that when they are stuck with an 11 year old girl. Funny how things work out sometimes

4 years later we got a hell of a surprise. I was 21 and still at home chilling with Dad. I was working shit jobs, trying to make ends meet. So was he, so we decided to pool money and hang out. We were more like roommates than father and son. I brought home girls and so did he. No big deal.

One Saturday afternoon there was a knock on the door. My dad was crashed out in his room and I was sitting on the couch watching UFC drinking a beer in just some shorts. I was comfortable and was pissed off that I had to get up off my ass.

"If it's the Mormons again, someone's gonna get a black eye" I announced as I grabbed the handle and yanked the door open. It took me a half second to look down. I wasn't expecting to see a girl standing there with a bag in her hand. I'm 6'2; I bet she was barely 5'0. Her hair was long now and jet black. Some perky tits were poking out from behind her tank top and some nice legs came out of some tiny shorts. She was a little cutie, a hot mixed race spinner waiting to happen.

I obviously didn't know what sort of boy experience she had, but she sure was fighting to not check me out, considering I was her half-brother and all.

"Kat?" I asked

"Hey Ty, is dad here?" She asked in this tiny voice.

"Yeah girl, get in here, I'll get him."

Kat walked past me into the house and until the day I die I swear that she brushed her hips against my crotch. No biggie, I was scoping out her half Mexican ass as she walked past me anyway.

Kat dropped onto the couch with her bag next to her on the floor and I noticed that she was eyeing my beer on the table next to her. I walked down the hall and pushed my dad's door open. He was still crashed out in bed, half asleep.

"Yo, wake up. Kat's here." I called out.

"Huh? Kat?" He asked, still asleep

"Yeah, Kat. You know, your daughter?" I called out, banging on the wall a bit.

"Oh shit." He jumped, throwing on some clothes.

I walked back out into the living room in time to watch Kat put my beer back on the table. I grinned a bit.

"He's coming." I called out.

"Cool." She replied as I walked back into my room. Whatever family business was about to go down,

I figure I'd catch the deets later.

Two hours later my dad came and knocked on my door. Apparently Kat got kicked out of her house and was going to live with us now. Good thing we had a spare bedroom that wasn't piled with shit too badly. I was annoyed, but stumbled into the spare room and gathered up some of my junk and tossed it out in the garage. Kat didn't need much room, since basically her whole life was in this big duffle bag.

It ended up not being such a bad thing. Kat had friends close by that could take her to school. I was glad for that, I didn't want to play taxi driver. She also knew how to cook and clean some, so Dad and I didn't have to go out for fast food every night.

The best part was that all of her girlfriends were fucking fine and she had plenty of them in all shapes and sizes and races. From the day she moved in, it was a steady stream of short skirts and tiny tank tops in and out of the house and I didn't mind one bit. The girls didn't seem to mind the fact that I hated wearing shirts and I caught more than one girl checking me out on the way back to Kat's bedroom.

The guys loved my little half-sister too and since she seemed to like older guys, I knew some of them and the rest knew of me. I got a couple scared looks when I opened the door when they came to pick her up, but I shrugged it off. She can take care of herself. I thought to myself.

Kat loved the little skirts; you know the ones that stop right below your ass cheeks? Fuck that girl had some long legs for someone that short, and she loved them tall shoes too. Girl wasn't hurting in the tit department either, but loved them push up bras anyway. I'd stop and stare at her as she ran down the stairs into some guy's waiting car.

I watched once through the window as she got into some guys car. She closed the door behind her and then her head disappeared. Guy didn't bother to start the car, but I did see his hand move to about where her head would have been. The way that his head went back, I could figure out what was going on and it seemed that my little sis knew what she was doing.

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I got hard, knowing that my lil sis was out blowing some guy in the driveway. I was about to drop my shorts and jerk one out when I remembered this little white girl that had given me her number at Sonic that afternoon.

She was a tiny white girl, probably 5'1, under a bill with little tits and short blond hair. Her name was Katie and she was staring at me hardcore. Shy girl, I saw her walking back and forth, trying to get up the nerve to come back to my car and slip me her number.

I picked up my phone and shot her a text. "Hey girl, want to hang out."

A minute later. "Sure, what do you want to do?"

"Come over, let's chill."

"Kewls." Was her reply I texted her my address and 15 minutes later there was a soft knock on the door.

Katie must shop at the same store as my sister, since they both had the same skirts that stopped right under their ass and high ass shoes. Unlike my sister though, Katie needed the push up bra. It was cool, I didn't mind little tits.

"What's good girl?" I asked as I opened the door, checking out her tiny body.

"Not a lot, just off work." She replied, fighting hard not to drool all over herself looking at me.

"Come on in babe, want a beer?" I asked

"Uhm, sure." She stammered.

I grabbed two beers from the kitchen and handed one to her. She took a tentative sip and tried to hide the fact that she didn't like the taste. I grinned and grabbed the remote, putting my arm around her as I flipped on the TV.

I was watching some interracial porn earlier and figured it would loosen the girl up. Sure enough, Katie's eyes were glued to the screen. I slugged my beer and moved my hand closer to her little tit as she stared at some brotha shoving his foot long cock up some white girl's ass.

"Are all black guys huge like that?" Katie asked, not moving her eyes from the TV.

"Not all, but most." I grinned, grabbing her hand and putting it on my crotch.

Katie turned to face me finally, her eyes wide as she tried to wrap her fingers around my cock.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed.

"Don't be shy baby. Go for it. We both know why you're here." I stated bluntly.

Katie bit her lip and dropped down onto her knees in front of me, fumbling for my zipper. This girl couldn't have much experience I thought to myself as she finally reached into my jeans and pulled out my cock. My shaft smacked her forehead as it sprang out, and Katie jumped back like it was a cobra.

"Holy Fuck!" Katie gasped, trying to hold my cock but finding that her fingers didn't wrap all the way around it.

"Yeah baby, think you can handle that?" I grinned.

"I don't know." She whispered. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she was scared.

"Better find out huh?" I replied with a grin.

Katie tried her best porn star imitation, slowly licking up and down my 10 inch shaft. It was cute, but her tongue was too small and she didn't have enough experience to make it very good. She finally opened her tiny mouth and tried to suck my cock, but her gag reflex kicked in with barely my cock head in it. I held her there, letting her move her tongue around my cock head for a while, wondering if a trip to the ER was going to happen when I split her tiny body in half in a few minutes.

"You ready for this baby?" I asked, letting the back of her head go. Katie pulled away from my cock and nodded her head, wiping some spit off the corner of her mouth.

"Cool baby, strip and climb on then." I demanded, stroking my cock and holding it upwards.

Katie stood up and nervously took her shirt off. I could see why. There really wasn't much up top on this girl and she was embarrassed. Her push up bra gave her little tits a bit of cleavage and I decided to let her keep it on. Katie reached to her hip and started to pull the zipper down on her skirt when I stopped her.

"Leave the skirt on, and the shoes. You look hot in them. Climb on baby, I'm gonna take you for a ride."

Katie smiled and straddled me. I had to put my hands under her ass and lift her up higher to get over the top of my cock. Katie pulled her thong to the side and pushed my cock head against her bare pussy as I lowered her down on me.

"Fuck girl, are you a virgin? You're fucking tight!" I gasped.

"No, but I've only been with one guy and you're fucking huge!" She exclaimed pain in her voice as she tried to take my cock in her tiny body.

I lowered her more until I hit bottom in her cervix. I looked down to see that she had barely taken half my dick. I could see on her face that she was hurting, but her cunt felt like a pressure cooker around my dick and I was going to enjoy this ride.

I grabbed her tiny skirt and flipped it up over her ass, grabbing her tiny cheeks and rocking her back and forth. Katie threw her head back and started clawing at my chest, her tiny fingernails digging into my skin as I drilled her pussy.

"Yeah bitch; you like that dick don't you?" I panted; her vice pussy was so tight it was hurting my cock. Katie was unable to reply in the English language so I gave her a lesson in fucking. I held Katie's hips and stood up, turning around and dropping her onto the couch. Katie squealed in surprise as I flipped her over and sunk into her tight pussy doggy style.

"Yeah baby, love hitting it from the back." I panted as I drilled her pussy. Katie thrashed around like I was stabbing her with a knife, so I fucked her harder, and then shoved a finger up her pink butthole.

That's all it took, Katie started to thrash around like she was having a seizure and I held on for the ride. Girl ended up accidentally shoving her ass back against me and my cock sunk almost the entire was up her pussy. She started screaming loud enough that I thought the neighbors would call the cops so I clamped my hand around her mouth and pumped her hard and deep for a minute, then pulled out and rolled her over and pushed her on the floor.

Katie lay on her back looking up at me, her eyes glazed over.

"Open wide girl!" I demanded, kneeling over her body jerking my slick cock. Katie leaned her head up and opened her mouth right as I started to shoot. Guess the girl didn't know what to expect because she flinched pretty hard when my big load of cum hit her in the middle of the forehead.

"Fuck yeah baby, wear my jizz!" I called out as the second shot landed right in between her tiny tits. Katie froze, either shocked or disgusted so I moved up higher on her body and grabbed the back of her head, pushing my cock head into her tiny mouth and stroking it harder.

I unloaded two more big shots right down her throat. Katie tried to pull away but I wasn't about to let the girl puke up on my carpet. I held her tight as her throat tried to reject my load, but finally she surrendered and found a way to swallow it.

Partially satisfied, I finally let the back of her head go and pulled my cock out.

"Nice ride baby, you can come over any time you want." I said to Katie as she grabbed some Kleenex from the table and tried to clean my jizz off her face and tits. Katie didn't say much as she pulled her tank top over her head.

"Bring a friend with you next time!" I called out as she silently walked out of the door.

Two hours and a six pack later I was face down on my bed when I heard the front door open. I stood up slowly and peered through the crack in my bedroom door. Kat had just walked in, with a brotha that looked about 18 with her. They were making out hard, her hands on his ass and his hands all over her tits.

"Let's do this girl; you've been teasing me all night long." I heard him say.

"Hell yeah baby, come with me." Kat replied, her voice sounding not quite sober.

Kat lead him down the hall past my bedroom and in to hers. I waited for a minute then walked out, noticing that the door hadn't closed all the way. Moved a bit down the hallway, peaking in.

Kat was on her hands and knees on her mattress on the floor. Her friend had his pants around his knees and she was sucking his cock like a champ. Her skirt was up around her waist and I finally got a look at her full mixed race booty. It was big and full, but not huge and very tight. Her g string ran straight down her crack, splitting her light skinned ass cheeks down the middle.

"Yeah baby, suck that fucking dick." Her guy demanded, holding her hair back so she could look up at him. Kat responded by grabbing his ass in both hands and pulling herself forward.

"Fuck yeah bitch, do that again. Take it all you fucking slut!" he demanded. Kat pulled herself down again and I could hear some choking noises coming from his crotch.

"Yeah baby that's fucking good. Strip girl, I want to see that body."

Kat slowly pulled herself off his cock and leaned back, pulling her shirt off reaching behind her back to unsnap her bra. She slowly pulled it off her arms and held it out, then dropped it slowly and fell backwards onto her back. I finally got a good look at my little sister's titties and I must admit they were choice! I glanced up to see that her friend was packing. Not as big as me, but plenty big enough to tear my sis up.

"Fuck girl, you be fucking fine. I'm gonna mess that pretty pussy up!" Her friend exclaimed.

"How do you want me baby?" Kat asked him

"Roll ova baby, you know niggas like to hit it from the back." He grinned, his white teeth shining against his black face.

Kat rolled over, her face now aiming right at the door and arched her back towards her friend.

"Damn baby, you're some prime pussy girl!" He exclaimed again, moving in position behind her.

I could see Kat grin, then look over her shoulder and shake her ass at him.

Her friend pushed forward and Kat turned to look straight ahead, her head going back a bit as he sunk all the way up inside her.

"Fuck baby that pussy is hot!" he exclaimed as he grabbed her hips. Kat gasped and rolled her hips. I could see her biting her bottom lip like Katie had done. I could imagine how that tiny pussy must feel to a big black dick and I was starting to get a little jealous.

"You like that pussy baby? Take it baby, take it it's yours." Kat said in a surprisingly ghetto voice.

"Hell yeah bitch, hold onto something." He replied, pulling out and slamming back in.

Kat grabbed the sheet and gripped it hard as he started slamming her. I could see her firm titties bouncing around as he pumped my little sis, shoving his cock up into her fun box.

Homeboy put on a show that would have given me a run for my money, jackhammering my sister's pussy for 20 minutes straight. I could see Kat's face and it was all I could do but to run into the room and shove my cock down her throat. I could see his face strain a bit with effort, and then his facial expression changed.

"What's up girl? You take it in back?" He asked, never stopping his thrusts.

"Yeah, you want some ass baby?" She asked, her Hispanic accent coming out.

"Yeah girl, you ready to give it up?" He asked, stopping his thrusts and slowly pulling out.

"Take that ass papi, its yours." she replied, her accent in full effect.

"You got it baby."

Homeboy didn't need to be told twice. I saw him grab his dick and move it up, then push forward. I could see Kat's face close up in pain, but the girl didn't say a word.

"Fuck that shit's tight!" He exclaimed.

"You're fucking telling me!" She gasped.

He thrust forward and fell onto his hand, dropping down beside her body. Kat screamed just a bit as he sunk up her ass but didn't say anything. Brotha put his hand on her hip and started to slowly long stroke my sister's backdoor, steadily busting her ass nice and deep.

"You like that ass?" Kat asked

"Fuck yeah baby, how's that big fucking dick feel up your shit hole?" He asked.

"Feels fucking great baby, fucking give it to me!" Kat demanded.

"You got it bitch, I'm gonna fuck your guts out." He replied, dropping his full weight onto his cock. His body was too much for her and Kat fell flat onto the mattress. Homie reached up and grabbed her throat with one hand and her big firm tit with her other as he started to hammer up her ass.

"My sis is a fucking freak!" I thought to myself as he choked her, shoving his cock up her ass harder than I thought a girl that size could take.

"I'm gonna nut bitch, where do you want it?" He panted

"Come on my titties!" She gasped, barely able to speak.

Brotha yanked his cock out of Kat's ass and she frantically rolled over, pushing her big tits together. He kneeled next to her and stroked his slick cock. Kat leaned her head back and stuck her chest out and her unloaded on her, covering her tits in his cum. Kat groaned and dropped a hand down between her legs, rubbing her pussy as he jizzed all over her.

"Yeah bitch, suck it clean." He demanded, moving next to her head. Kat leaned forward and opened her mouth and he pushed right in. My kid sister was doing an ATM and rubbing herself while she did it!

"Yeah that's it. Suck that dick you nasty bitch!" He exclaimed as she bobbed her head up and down on it again.

"Yeah bitch, I'm nutting in your mouth!!! ARRGG!!" He cried out, throwing his head back as he popped his last load right down my sister's throat. Kat pulled away, licking up and down his shaft as he finally got soft, and then dropped down onto the mattress. Her friend pulled up his jeans and glanced down at his watch.

"Oh fuck girl I got to go! Girlfriend is getting off work in 10 minutes!" He exclaimed, shoving his cock into his pants and zipping up.

"Girlfriend?" I thought to myself.

"Cool." Kat replied casually.

"Cool baby. You're a badass fuck. See you around!" He called out as he opened the door to her bedroom. I barely ducked into the bathroom as he ran past me and out the front door. I peeked my head back towards Kat's room to see her rubbing the cum into her big tits, then licking her fingers off.

I ran back into my room and knocked out a huge load into an old T shirt as I heard her shower start up.

"My kid sister is a fucking sex freak." I thought to myself as I finally passed out.

Turns out my kid sister also digs pussy

It was my turn to come home late, but having already popped my nut in the girl's mouth in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, I came home alone. Our house was already dark; me or dad both always forgot to buy light bulbs. I was high from the J that I had smoked while I was getting my nut off, so I stumbled a bit into the house. I was barely able to find the key hole in the door knob. As I made my way into the house, I tripped on something and fell forward, barely catching myself from busting my face on the floor.

"Mother fucker!" I called out, looking down to try to figure out what I had tripped on.

Leaning down closer, I realized that it was a shirt. It was a girl's shirt, but not one that I had seen Kat wear. Funny thing was, there was another shirt next to it that I had seen Kat in earlier that day. I shrugged and started walking towards my bedroom and noticed a skirt that I didn't recognize in the hallway.

Then I heard the sounds.

Moaning that didn't sound like Kat.

And lapping noises.

I slowly walked down the dark hallway when I noticed Kat's door was wide open. I moved closer and my eyes shot open wide.

There was a white girl sitting on Kat's chair. She had long blond hair and some tits bigger than Kats. She was totally naked except for her black lace up shoes, which were high in the air as she held her thighs up.

On her knees in front of her was Kat, wearing only skirt and her shoes. Kat was face deep in the blond's pussy, licking her out like a porn star. Kat's ass was facing me so I could only see the back of her head, but from the noises her friend was making, she must have been doing a hell of a job. I also noticed that I didn't see any panties under Kat's skirt

"Fuck Kat! Eat me! You're fucking amazing, lick that pussy!" The blond moaned.

Kat didn't seem to have any problems with her demands, rug munching her like a champ. The blonde's chest was heaving hard and she finally dropped her legs down onto Kat's shoulders and grabbed the back of her head with one hand, pulling my sister deeper into her pussy.

"Fuck that's so good girl!" The blond gasped.

Kat pulled her head backwards a little bit.

"Roll over." Kat demanded.

The blond smiled and lifted her legs over Kat's head. Kat sat back on her legs while her friend flipped over in the chair, her shoes hanging over the edge of the seat and her ass sticking out. Kat dove back in, licking her friend out from behind.

The blond started rocking backwards against Kat's face, rubbing her own tit as Kat ate her kitty. Kat then turned her face upwards and lifted up a little, pushing her face between her friend's ass cheeks.

Her friend gasped and sat up, her firm tits lifting up proudly as she reached behind and pushed Kat's head towards her ass cheeks.

"Fuck! You dirty bitch, lick my ass!" She moaned.

Kat reached up and grabbed her friend's tight ass cheeks and pulled them open, pushing her face deeper into her friends crack.

"My sister is a certified freak!" I thought to myself as Kat tonged her friend's ass.

"Like that?" I heard Kat ask.

"Hell yes you dirty slut! Turn over; I want to taste you now!" The blond demanded.

Kat stood up and pushed her skirt down, standing in the middle of the room in only her heels. I could see that her pussy was totally bare. Her friend stood up and turned around and I saw Kat kiss another girl for the first time. It was hot, hotter than any porn I had ever seen. Both these girls were experienced dykes, doing each other for fun, not for bunches of guys that were egging them on. The blond was rubbing all over Kat's tits while Kat dug her nails into Blondie's ass cheeks. Finally Kat shoved the blond onto the ground and turned around, dropping on top of her in a 69 with her ass sticking right at the doorway. The blonde's head lifted up into Kat's pussy as Kat's head dropped down and the girls went to Dyke Town.

Kat's asshole was winking at me and I wanted to shove my cock into it so bad. The blond beat me to it. I saw the blond suck on her finger for a second, then reach up and shove it right up Kat's ass. I saw Kat's head shoot up and her ass wiggle around like she had done the other night with Homeboy.

"Like that sweetie?" The blond girl asked.

"Love it, Do my ass!" Kat demanded.

The blond put a second finger in her ass and pushed it deep. Kat groaned and started purring as she rocked her ass back against her friend's fingers.

"Fuck that's good, give it to me you dirty bitch!" Kat demanded.

The blond girl pulled her fingers out of Kat's ass and shoved her off. I saw her roll to the side of the bed and grab a bag I didn't recognize. Kat rolled over onto her ass and started to rub her pussy while the blond opened the bag.

"Playtime!" She called out as she pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Kat's eyes got big as her friend slapped the cuffs on her.

"You're my bitch now, turn over!" She demanded.

Kat rolled over and put her cuffed hands in front of her and stuck her ass up in the air. Her friend pulled something else out of her bag and stood up. I saw her step into what I thought were some panties, until I saw the dark purple dick sticking out from between her legs. Kat turned and looked over her shoulder as her friend moved towards her face. She smiled and opened her mouth and her friend pushed her rubber cock into my sister's mouth Kat easily took the rubber dick down her throat and her blond friend skull fucked her as good as I'd seen any guy do it. The blond pulled out and moved behind my sister, leaning down and shoving her tongue up Kat's ass. Kat moaned loudly and shoved her ass back against the blonde's face. Blondie spread Kat's ass cheeks open and ate her ass like it was her last meal on Earth, then sat up and aimed her purple dick right at Kat's asshole. Kat arched her back and Blondie sunk in to the root in Kat's colon, splitting her tight asscheeks apart.

Kat dropped her head down onto her hands and took it like a champ, but only for a second. The blond girl grabbed Kat's hair and yanked her head back, riding her asshole like a pony. Kat went crazy, slamming her ass backwards against her friend's purple cock. Her friend didn't disappoint, shoving forward up my kid sister's tight behind. Kat reached back over her head and grabbed a handful of Blondie's hair. Blondie responded by reaching around and grabbing a big handful of my sister's titties, pinching on her dark brown nipples as she pumped her ass. I was going out of my mind watching Kat take it up the ass like a champ and I thought that my cock my explode up inside my jeans.

Blondie rode my sister's ass hard and when Kat finally came, it was pretty epic. It was harder than when she was with the Homeboy before, she was shaking and thrashing around hard enough I thought that the rubber dick would break off in her ass. Her friend never kept pumping her though, that probably was what made the difference. Kat finally collapsed onto her bed and her friend gently pulled her fake dick out of my sister's abused asshole. The blond dropped the harness and lay down next to Kat, who was covered in sweat and still gasping for breath. She kissed my sister slowly at first, but it wasn't long before the girls were making out hot and heavy again. Five minutes later Kat was on top of her, her ass pointing towards me again. I could see how stretched out her asshole was from her friend's fucking, but her pussy was dripping wet. Her blond friend rode her face until she came all over it, and I slipped back into my room as they ran into the bathroom giggling.

I heard the shower come on and I'm pretty sure I heard some more moaning coming from the bathroom a little while later.

I figured it was a matter of time before I got a piece of Kat's ass; I just wasn't sure how it was going to go down. Turned out the answer was pretty funny I was chilling at home with a couple of homies drinking and smoking. My man Jack had some riotous weed and Deke had scored some Vodka and beer from store where he worked. We were kicking it pretty good, having a good time. Kat had left earlier for some party with some of her fine ass girlfriends. I saw her leave in one of her tiny ass skirts and tops with those high ass hooker heels. I didn't get a chance to check out her friends but I had no doubt that she was gonna kick it with some hotties.

So anyway, me and my buddies were all rolling pretty good. I was digging around in the drawer under the TV when I found a DVD that wasn't marked.

I didn't have a clue what this was so I popped it in the DVD player and dropped back on the couch. I hit the remote and the screen came on. It took about a half a second to see that it was a home movie. I knew it was older, since the quality wasn't very good.

I looked at my buddies and they looked at me confused. I shrugged my shoulders and turned back to the TV.

"You ready to party girls?" The voice behind the camera said. The camera was facing the floor and I thought I recognized some cheap ass carpet from a fleabag hotel on the other side of town.

We heard some giggles coming from the TV The camera moved up and we saw two cute Hispanic girls in the middle of a hotel bed, both in Wendy's uniforms.

My mouth dropped open as I realized what it was.

"No fucking way man!" I called out before I had realized I had said anything.

"What? What is it?" Deke asked.

"Chill man, hang on."

"You girls have hooked up with each other before huh?" The guy behind the camera asked.

"Oh yeah, for sure!" One of the girls replied.

"Cool girl, I'm gonna see some good ass dyke action then huh?"

"Totally!" the girls giggled, rubbing their hands all over each other's bodies.

"Who's the bigger freak?" he asked.

One girl quickly pointed at the other.

"So you're a freak huh Miranda?" He asked

"Hell yeah Papi!" She replied.

"Cool baby, so why don't you girls get naked and let's see how you eat pussy then" He demanded.

The girls nodded and raced to pull off their uniforms. They both looked young, maybe 14 or 15, with light brown skin and small tits. Miranda's pussy was shaved bare; her friend had a landing strip above it.

Her friend lay back on the bed and Miranda eagerly dropped between her legs, licking her muff like an ice cream cone. The cameraman moved alongside the bed, zooming on close so you could see Miranda's pink tongue dragging all over her friend's brown pussy lips.

"Good shit man, but what is it!? Jack asked.

"It's my Dad and Kat's mom!" I replied

"No fucking way!" Deke yelled drunkenly

"Yeah man, he told me that he picked up these two girls at Wendy's and made them dyke out. Told me he filmed it but I didn't believe him. Said Kat's mom's name is Miranda so what else could it be?" I asked.

"Fuck man, your pops is the man!" Deke replied, watching Miranda chow down on her friend's pussy You know how sometimes life just smiles at you? Some days everything goes right? Today was my day. The three of us were staring at Miranda eating her friend like it was going out of style when the front door opened.

Kat stumbled through the front door, her blond friend from the other night right behind her and a girl I didn't recognize behind her. All the girls looked like they were drunk, coming home from a party. Kat was in a black tank and skirt, Blondie was in a white button up and jean skirt and their new friend was in a fucking skin tight black spandex dress that stopped right below her ass. Their new friend was thin as hell, with dark hair right past her shoulders and pale skin. I thought maybe she was Italian but I wasn't sure and didn't care much.

The girls all trained into the entryway, giggling like a bunch of elementary school kids when they realized that we were sitting here. A half second later Kat looked up and saw the video on the TV. She looked over at me and grinned.

"What up guys? You having some fun?" She slurred

"You know, just kicking it. Want to hang?" I asked.

"Hell yeah! Whatcha guys got?" The blond girl exclaimed, walking over to us and dropping on the couch next to Deke.

"Some chronic and some Vodka, you girls want to hit it?" Deke asked as Kat and the brunette walked over to me and Jack. Kat sat down on Jack's lap and the brunette squeezed her tiny ass next to me.

"Fuck yes!" She exclaimed, grabbing a J that Deke held out and taking a big hit. "Nice stuff!

"What are you boys watching anyway?" She asked as she blew the smoke out.

Deke looked at me and I made the throat cutting motion.

"You know just some home movies." He said without a lot of emotion.

The blond stared at the screen. By this time the girls were 69ing in the middle of the bed.

"Looks like they are having fun." She said drunkenly, passing the J over to Kat.

Kat stared at the screen with a strange look on her face but took the J and sucked down a big hit, then passed it to the brunette and reached over for the bottle of Vodka. Kat took a couple big drinks straight out of the bottle and put it back on the table as the brunette took a big hit off the J and passed it to me. I hit it hard and looked up to see Deke and the blond already making out hard, his hands all over her tits and her hands rubbing his junk through his jeans.

Kat was already straddling Jack, grinding her ass in his lap like a girl from a 50 cent video. I looked over at the brunette and smiled. She grinned back at me.

"You down girl?" I asked. She grinned and nodded. "What's your name girl?" I asked.

"Joan." She replied in a small voice.

"You ever suck a black cock before Joan?" I asked. She shook her head no.

"No time like right now is there? Get to work girl." I said, grabbing the bottle of Vodka and drank it right out of the bottle. Joan nodded and slid onto the ground right in front of me.

I got a look down her dress and saw that the girl had a bit of tittie on her as she unzipped me and pulled my fuck stick out.

"Damn." Was all she could say as she started to jerk my fat cock. I sighed and sunk into the couch, looking over to the side. Deke had the blond girl's shirt off and she was straddling him. Her skirt was up around her hips and a bright red g string split her white ass cheeks. Deke had pulled her tits out of bra and was eating them good as she was grinding on his lap as good as any black girl.

Joan had started licking up and down my shaft and I turned to watch her work for a minute. The girl knew how to suck a dick, she just didn't know how to suck one as big as mine. Got to give a girl credit for trying though!

I felt the couch move and I looked over to see that Jack had bent Kat over the couch next to me and was getting behind her. Kat pulled off her shirt and threw it across the room as Jack pulled up her skirt.

"Where's your panties girl?" Jack asked, spanking Kat's ass.

"Didn't wear any." Kat replied, moaning and pushing her ass back against Jack.

I heard a loud moan and looked up to see that the blond girl was slowly riding Deke's big cock. She wasn't moving fast but the girl knew how to get a cock deep up in her. I put my hand on the back of Joan's head and pushed her down on my dick while I watched my man plow some fine white pussy. I took another big hit off the J when I felt the couch start to rock back and forth.

"Yeah girl, that's some prime pussy." I heard Jack say. I looked over and saw that Jack had his pants on the floor and was pumping Kat right next to me. Her eyes were closed and she was shoving her ass back against him as she drilled her.

Joan was still working my cock with her mouth. I looked past Kat back at my man Deke and saw that the blond girl was working him reverse style. His big black hands were all over her pale white tits, squeezing them hard as she rolled her hips on his dick. She had her hands on his thighs and was rolling on his lap like a stripper when I felt something else on my cock.

I looked down and my eyes opened wide. Kat was dragging her tongue up and down the side of my shaft as Joan was working the other side. Kat looked up at me and winked and I groaned, sinking back into the couch.

"Fuck yeah, this is off the chain!" I exclaimed as Kat sunk her mouth down on my brother cock.

Jack looked down and his eyes opened wider than mine.

"Damn man, that's some hot shit!" He yelled, shoving his cock up my sister's pussy as she slurped on my meat. I pushed Kat down on my cock as we book ended her. Joan stood up and pulled down the zipper of her dress and pulled it off. She was a tiny thing, pale with a with a tight body and cute little tits. She started to take off her shoes when I told her to leave them on. She got on her hands and knees and started to lick the side of my cock right next to Kat. Jack was eying her tight ass as he fucked Kat, not that I could blame him.

The girls switched off, trying to have their own deep throat contest on my dick. Kat was kicking Joan's ass, but I think we knew that was going to happen. I didn't mind though, it was kind of fun to see this skinny white bitch try to take my foot of black cock down her throat. My man Jack was still slamming Kat's pussy from the back. Every time he would slam forward her body would rock towards me and I'd go a little further down her throat.

Joan had given up trying to suck my cock and instead had slid underneath Kat, apparently working some clit action with her tongue.

"Yeah bitch, lick my balls too!" Jack demanded as he slammed into Kat.

I figured that she did as she was told; because Jack started moaning and groaning even louder about how freaky the bitches were.

He didn't know that the fun had barely just started.

"Hey guys, anyone down for an Oreo Sandwich?" Deke called out. I looked up and saw that the blond girl was totally naked now, facing Deke and riding him hard.

"I'm down" Jack replied, pulling his cock out of my sister's pussy and kicking off his pants.

Kat pulled off my cock and turned over to watch. Joan crawled out from underneath Kat's body and moved behind her, kissing on her neck as Jack walked up behind the blond and push his cock up her ass. The girl started making noises that I've never heard come out of a human before, and they got louder as Deke and Jack started rocking back and forth in her holes.

"Fuck that's hot!" Kat exclaimed.

"Hell yeah it is!" Joan replied, reaching around my sister's body and rubbing on her clit. Kat leaned her head back against Joan's chest I looked up at the TV and saw my pops fucking one of the girls in the ass while she was 69'ing and I figured that was a plenty good idea.

"69 time girls, Kat's on top." I demanded, standing up from the couch.

The girls quickly scrambled into place, with Kat's phat ass sticking right up at me. Joan seemed to be a pretty decent pussy licker because Kat was grinding on her face pretty hard. I jerked my slick cock and moved up behind my lil sis, spreading her big asscheeks open and sliding right up her chute.

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