Visage I
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lolita, Harem, Violent, Nudism, Military,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two lost souls find each other, but at a terrible cost. The first few chapters will provide considerable background and introduce several future characters. The family that Paul and Gina find themselves in has to change. Some parts of the story are cruel, others reflect a different culture, one where only the strong survive. Gina has had to change the most but Paul will be tested many times and in many ways. Greed, jealousy and envy cause others to stand in their way. They do have 4 friends.

Monte Carlo

It was going to be a short and quiet night, or so I thought. I had just completed my latest contract and was looking forward to some holiday time. The food, weather and central location here made it my homeport, sort of. I really no longer had a home but the St Martin Hotel here, made me feel that they really cared for me rather than the money that I might spend.

For the last several years, if I could not make a reservation in advance, there was always room for me. My needs were simple and the staff there always treated me as a friend rather than a paying customer. The St Martin was not a new hotel, nor was it so historic that it was the centre of attention, but it was clean, well managed and very accommodating to my needs.

When I checked in, I was greeted by name, at least the name they knew me by, and was shown to my room after turning in my passport. No registration, credit card, first born or tip expected or required. Had I said that I liked this place, I really did, they made it a home, at least to me it was my home.

I showered, dressed and decided to eat out, perhaps see a show or play cards before turning in. I walked to the entrance, found no taxi in front and asked the doorman to please get me one. Several men also exited the hotel, one was an old man, somewhat frail looking but with eyes that seemed to see into your very soul. "Good day" I said to them. "Good Evening" they replied. I told them I had a taxi coming and they were welcome to it as I was in no hurry. "Where were you going" the old man asked? "I was thinking of the Marquis Rouen for dinner and perhaps cards later" I said.

"Come" said the old man, we are going there also, ride with us" as a sleek Rolls Royce now pulled up with another two nearby. One of the men came around, opened a door and pointed me to it; the other two opened a door and helped the old man enter. They then entered the car through doors up ahead as the three cars exited the hotel.

The old man extended his hand saying," my name is Vincenzzi, Dominic Vincenzzi, and you" I took his hand, shaking it firmly and said "Paul Franco" at the same time grasping his hand in a manner signifying membership in a secret society. He smiled then nodded. When we got to the club, we all exited, as I started to leave after giving him thanks for the ride, one of the men from the car came up to me and placed a small diamond pin through my lapel. He said, "Mr. Vincenzzi would ask you to join him at his table in the casino after you have dinner. I nodded and told him I would be honoured. "Just tell your waiter at dinner when you are ready and an escort will show you to us."

I entered the lobby, walked to the dinning area and was about to ask to be put on the waiting list for a table. Instead, a very lovely young lady took me by the arm and said," your booth is ready Mr. Franco, if you allow me, please come this way" and she took my hand and led me into a roped off area and to a large booth. "Thank you, Miss, Mrs. what do I call you? " "My name is Gina, this club is mine and you must enjoy your visit here or we will all be very sad, you would not want that, would you Mr. Pietro?" She continued as I started to become quite warm. "Now what would you care for, food wise that is?" "But I have no menu yet!" "You will never have a menu here my dear" as I now stated to become very warm. Here was a goddess before me, a teen angel who would put Venus De Milo and the Mona Lisa to shame. "Ahh, well, something light perhaps, also some cheese, bread and a glass of wine, would you please just select my meal for me."

"Of course" she said, we would both have something Vito has prepared for the family." She motioned, someone approached as she whispered things to him. Plates, glasses, silverware started to appear. On the borders of our booth, 4 very large men stood by, not the normal view one would expect in a dinning area. Gina returned her gaze to me and said, "I understand we will meeting with Mr. Vincenzzi after we eat." "Yes." I said wondering why she kept saying we. I was alone; I had always been alone since I was 17.

"That area is quite formal, your room here will have some clothes for you to shower and dress. I will take you, I mean escort you there after dinner." I now really started to get warm, as our meal was presented and wine glasses, yes glasses were filled. "Now we must eat, you should keep up your strength, after our meal, shower and I finish dressing you we will go to the gaming room. In the morning I have breakfast coming at 10 ish then plan to take you to visit some scenic places, I am certain you and I will enjoy them. I hope that nothing will come up to force our trip to change, since Papa plans to join us after dinner." Now I was beginning to perspire, no sweat actually, who was this angel and why was all this happening?

To say I remember what we had to eat would be a lie. I could do nothing but look at the girl seated next to me, her fragrance like some opiate, placing a spell on me. "Would you care for something else? Anything else?" "No I said, I need the check and where I can find Mr. Vincenzzi." " Silly man, there is no check and the wine and cheeses will be brought to our room while I bathe and dress you." Now I was really, really confused, Our Room! Bathe and Dress! Breakfast! I know, it must be some dream. She rose, I followed and the 4 men moved around us. We were led to a private elevator. "I hope you don't mind but I have had clothes for me placed into our room for this evening and our trip tomorrow?"

What had happened, this girl acted like we were married, we just met and I was like a puppy being led on a leash. I was 22 and she looked, at the most 17. She took my hand; it was like my body did flips as she led me out of the elevator, the 4 men stationed themselves around the room. She led me to a door and as we entered, placed her arms around my neck and kissed me like no other women had ever done. "Undo me Love, lets get you into a nice warm bath or something else wet and warm shall we?" as she started to remove my clothing. When we both were naked she took me by a usually hidden and less erect part of my body to a very large tub, helped me into the water and sat down into my lap facing me. "Is my widdle boy certain there is nothing more I can do for him, anything at all?" At this point I had given up and we began to make mad, passionate love. Some 50 minutes later, after a playful swat to her rump we finished off the cheeses and several glasses of wine. "Time to dress before bed Love, you would not want to upset me now would you?"

How she did it I still do not know, perfectly fitted formal wear was waiting for me, 2 young girls, naked except for gold collars around their necks started to dress me. 4 more naked girls dressed, brushed my companion. She slipped a gown over a belt around her waist holding up sheer stocking, she wore no undergarments. When the gown was fastened, her breasts seemed to fall out on top and the gold sparkle seemed to radiate throughout the room. 2 of the girls dressing her placed a necklace of purple stones around her neck. "Daddy gave me these for my 16th birthday, it will be the first time he will see them, as earrings, a ring and bracelets were placed on her. She looked at me, spun around and asked me how did she look. I swallowed, my mouth dryer than a week in the desert as a tried to speak, nothing one could understand came out. "Perhaps, later you might tell me, then without all these distractions." We took another lift into a private part of the casino, before the door opened; Gina took out a golden chain, fastened it around her neck and handed the other end to me. "I am yours Master Paul, do with me what you wish." We exited as the door opened.

Not only was the room huge, but it was fashioned to resemble the Harem of a Middle Eastern Potentate. At a divan sat Mr. Vincenzzi; Gina walked up, pushed me into a chair facing him and knelt by my side. "Mr. Vincenzzi" she said, "may I present myself and Master Paul to you." But of course you already know each other. Mr. V just laughed, shook his hands and said, "So lttle Gina finally has a master?" "Yes, he followed me home, I think I will keep him? I will be very nice to him!" "Well, I might ask Master Paul first, he may have other plans."

So, what have you done to this girl, I have never seen her so happy and to have finally submitted herself to a Master is something I never thought I would see? Also, little one thank you for wearing the gifts I gave you last month." I was now in a daze, too much was happening, too quickly. Mr. V and Gina had called me by my real name, Gina was 16, I was her Master and Mr. Vincenzzi seemed pleased. What was wrong with this scenario?

Ahh ... Ughh ... I tried to speak but could not say any words. Gina spoke up, I think my Master wanted to try his luck in the casino, if you will allow perhaps in 2 hours we could better tell you of our plans, She then took my hand as a door was opened to us into the casino. 4 men walked with us, the same man who took us to the, I mean our room, whispered to tell him when we wished to leave. I asked him what was his name? "Grey sir, the others a White, Black and Red and we will be with you at all times."

"Where would Master like to play?" Gina asked me. "Wherever Darling." Using the endearing terms she was using on me. We walked up to a table in the Centre of the room, it was roped off. A man in the opening stopped us. "I sorry" he began to say, "this is a... " Gina moved aside and the man looked at my lapel, turned red and began to apologize. 4 men ran up 1 spoke to Mr. Grey, 2 others grabbed the rope keeper and lifted him away. The other man opened the rope and seated my at the table, Gina stood in back of me.

A cart arrived and was opened, a stack of markers placed in front of me, I looked at Gina, she merely shrugged than introductions began. One player was a 50-ish countess from Bavaria, another a businessman from Miami, 2, a bother and sister from Paris, although she had an accent more from the Balkans, another from some Arab State and the other merely grunted. I immediately took a dislike to him and told myself to be wary of him. I was asked to deal, before doing so I reviewed the rules of the game. The banker stated we were playing table stakes, opening bid 5,000 Swiss Marks and no limit. No partial pot was permitted, winner take all and only table stakes were allowed once a hand was started.

The game went fairly well; by the end of the first hour I was only down about 13,000 Marks, the bother and sister were ahead and out rat-faced grunter the big loser. I signaled for the banker to cash my markers and to make up the loss. The rat-face now turned red and started to insult me. "If you were a real man, you would play me. I have about 5 millions Marks I bet it all, and if you can't come up with that much I'll take your whore bitch instead." I rose up, "you sir are a cad. To insult me and my lady in such a manner has no excuse,"

Gina looked at me, her eyes moist as she touched my hand. The 4 men were around the table, weapons clearly at the ready. Mr. Grey spoke. "Excuse me sir, but those bottom markers are worth 5 millions of Marks each, and as your honoured opponent has bet all he has and the game is table stakes, it seems you have won."

Rat face was livid. "I demand to see the manager, no the owner, I have been cheated and want this man banned, my money returned and the bitch brought to me." Mr. Grey looked at me and told the shaking little man to follow him, that he was sure a resolution to this would be found. We left, I asked the banker to replace whatever was missing from my bank and to place the remainder into an account for Gina and I to use.

We entered a side room, rat face saw Gina and I enter, said, "here bitch you are mine now, where is my money and where is the owner?" He started to raise up an arm to grab Gina. Before he was out of the chair, four hands slammed him down and held him. Gina stepped towards him saying, "I own the club, the casino is mine, now what were so rudely saying?" He sputtered.

Mr. Grey asked how the small man was to be disposed of" to Gina. She looked up to me and said, "you must ask my Master, for me his death might be not enough." Mr. Grey looked at me. "Are there any rats in the sewers which need to eat Mr. Grey" Rat-face was led away and Gina wrapped her arms around me. "I'm ready darling, let's make our plans for tomorrow and go to bed. We can sleep tomorrow evening if you get tired out." I looked at her; she wickedly smiled.

As we entered back to the casino, the banker from our table brought me a small book. In it was stamped an account number and a figure, 16 millions of Swiss Marks. "This is not correct " I said, it is too high." Madam had provided you funds for casino games, these were your winnings." Gina put her hand to her mouth saying, "Opps I forgot to tell you. You may have to spank me later, Master."

How Jean Paul Pietro came to meet his, mmm whatever she would be.

Gina, a legend in her own time.

Mama had left when she was only 3, or so Papa had told her. She had been educated in England, France and Germany, trained in several languages but most importantly was her father's daughter. There was nothing she could or would not do to get whatever she wanted. If her father would not buy it for her, she would and did make several older men give here gifts. One time Papa found out about one of her lovers and such behavior was terminated, She was 14 years old and the man in her life had willed her money, lands and stock worth 500 millions of Marks. He had passed very suddenly. Papa had her become a lady, but he also saw the spark, the joy of life, vanish from her eyes. On her 16th birthday he had given here jewelry. Not just any jewels but a collection of quite rare purple diamonds. These had once belonged to Cleopatra and had been the colour of Gina's eyes. It was not until he had heard of Paul Franco that he had arranged for several contracts for him, to test him and to allow time to research and study the man.

At 22 he was perhaps a bit old for Gina, but then again Gina needed a strong hand, not only to protect her, but a man she would love and respect, never a boy. Her lover, Master, mate must have scars and be willing to do whatever was needed to protect the family. Gina was his only child, she was spoiled, selfish, indulged and prone to hurt or destroy those who loved her. When she had been told to escort Paul to a table for dinner, something happened to her, she started to shake, quiver and became wet at the sight of him and when she took his hand she knew he was the man for her. From that instant her new plans were made, everything in her power to seduce him was put into place. During their meal she no longer wished to seduce him, she wanted to have him love her; own her even make her his wife. Strangely, her Papa seemed to not only allow her this but suggested things on his own.

When Mr. Grey had told him about the casino incident, how Gina had let Paul decide the man's fate and the lack of hesitation that Paul had shown, his plans were pushed ahead.

Paul, Gina and the 4 ever-present shadows were walking along the bank of a nearby lake. Suddenly a dozen large, burly men surrounded then, 3 grabbed Gina pulling her away ripping her clothes. Several of the men fired at the 4 bodyguards, they then the shooters were all lying on the grass, clothes bloodstained and motionless.

One of the men holding Gina told him to tell Don Vincenzzi that if he wanted to see his little girl again it would cost him 1 billion Swiss Marks, if the money was not delivered in 5 days Gina would need much surgery and would be carrying a new family member. Paul saw red, he knew the odds were too high and he would be killed. His only thought was for Gina, he raced over to her, snapped the heads of two of the men holding Gina then shouted for her to run, as he grappled with the 3rd man. The rest ran away. It had all been an act to test both Paul and Gina.

"Stop" came a voice, Mr., Vincenzzi, no Don Vincenzzi appeared in the clearing. The man Paul was fighting fell to the ground, Mr. Grey, White, Black and Red, walked to Paul, kissed him on both cheeks saying a few words in Italian. Gina ran up to him, launched herself and kept hugging and kissing him, tears running from her eyes as he stood there gasping for breath.

The three men who held Gina were all dead, their necks snapped and Gina told to run. As Don Vincenzzi held out his arms, Paul glared at him, death in his eyes, nostrils flared so much so that even the 4 bodyguards could not bring themselves to approach Gina and Paul as they walked away.

It had taken nearly 3 weeks for Don Vincenzzi to track them down, they were living above an old warehouse near Nice, It was three weeks since the staged attack but to Paul and Gina it may one day be forgiven but never forgotten.

Gina never left Paul's side, Paul would always protect her with every fiber of his being, he had lost one love, there was no doubt that he loved her and she loved him, he would not loose another. That would never change till the day they both died.

There was a knock on the door of their room. It was Mr. Grey, he handed a bag and basket to Paul. "Don Vincenzzi asks for forgiveness from you both, the goodies are from us. We will not bother you again, no one but us know where you are at, the 4 people sent to follow us met with an accident. We hope you can forgive us and we hope you will return to the family. On that night, as bad and as cruel it was you were MADE a MAN."

Don Vincezzi's Quandary

Yes it was necessary, even to have Gina be a part. No one ever thought Paul would react the way he had, any sane man would have gone back for help, or at least attacked the men with guns. Paul however had not acted as a sane man, his instinct told him to set Gina free, for her to escape and for his dying to buy her the time to do so. It had cost the life of three good men and had turned 4 of the family against him. Paul and Gina had not returned as he had hoped, even when he had asked for their forgiveness.

That could only mean one thing; Paul was going to kill him. He had planned it all out; money, power and prestige would be lavished on Paul, Gina too. With the killings he had decided that Paul was now a part of the family, Corsica, Italy, Sicily, it was all the same. He knew Paul was hard, harder than most, what he had never considered how Gina would be hurt, how she might react and that her revenge could be so strong that even his death would not quench the fire he had started in her.

She was the she-wolf; the lioness protecting her family and Paul was her mate. He knew that together they would now give up everything to destroy him, destroy everything he had worked so many years to create. He had made a grave mistake, an error, which could, would cost him everything. He knew where they were at; he had sent many men to follow the 4 bodyguards, 2 returned. He would go to them alone, tell Gina what he had done to her mother so many years ago and to beg for her forgiveness. If she refused then he would end their lives, snipers would end it silently, he had no other choice.

The Warehouse

There was a knock on the door to their small room, Paul imagined seeing Mr. Grey again, bag and basket in hand, as he opened the door, he froze, rage crossed of his face and he reached for Don Vincezzi's throat, crushing it with one hand. Gina ran up to him, seeing Papa on the floor she spit on him, placing her arms around Paul. Mr. Grey arrived, holding a silenced pistol, two wounds in his arm. "Don V had some friends outside, don't worry, they are sleeping with fishes now. Damn this hurts." Gina laughed and hugged Mr. Grey. "Will you both come back now? It's cold out there and we miss you both. C'mon, please?"

Gina held out her hand to Paul," Love I need a bath and I never have shown you those scenic sites. My Grey, do you think we could stop for food on the way, I am very hungry, maybe even pickles and ice crème for desert". She skipped along, Mr. Grey and I looking at each other, shrugged and followed to a car.

Both Paul and Gina knew that change must happen, they also knew that the 4 men had stayed more than 6 weeks, guarding and protecting them. They had done it without being asked. Paul remembered what Mr. Grey had whispered to him, that the 4 would never desert them, nor would Paul ever forget their help.

The family now had a casino, but at a very great price.

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