An Elizabethen Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including boy, gi, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Time Travel, Historical, Cheating, Incest, Sister, Interracial, Black Female, Size,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is rewrite of a story called Flight to the Past I wrote some years ago. I have enlarged and expanded the story and renamed it. In the story, Tony is taken back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first to take revenge an an old acquaitance who wronged him in a prvious life.

It was a miserable morning in December 2005, my marriage was in tatters and I was stony broke, hungry and with only a few miserable personal possessions to my name. Those, I had left in a small suit case, which I had left at the local Salvation Army where I had spent the previous night.

Someone had told my wife that I was having an affair with my bosses daughter. She also told my boss, with the result that I was homeless, penniless and out of work. My ex mistress had also disowned me as well...

It was in this state of misery, that I entered the local art gallery, at first just walking round to kill time and get out of the miserable morning drizzle which matched my depressed mood. Suddenly, my eye was caught by a coaching scene on the far wall. I felt myself inexorably being drawn towards it, as though an unseen force was compelling me. I don't think that I could have done anything else at the time, so fierce was the compulsion, that had taken hold of me. The scene showed a coach outside a country inn called the Winslow Arms and it showed a beautiful young black girl in a straw hat and with a thin shawl round her shoulders, carrying a small bag, leaving the coach and rushing towards a young aristocrat, both of them with their arms outstretched in greeting. On a small brass plaque on the picture frame It said 'circa 1598 and the artists name was Andrew Brough.

I must have been there for at least five minutes staring at the picture, entranced and absorbing every minute detail, when I became conscious of a young very pretty black lady standing by my side. I looked down at her, and immediately I looked back again at the girl in the picture

"You are so like that girl." I said impetuously.

She gave a tinkling laugh "And don't you recognise that you are the young man rushing to greet me"

I looked again and I admit I could see a faint resemblance to myself if we allowed for the change in the style of clothes and hair style.

"Yes Tony dear, it is you and me and this scene goes back over 400 years to when you and I were lovers. In a previous life. My name is Jammarree."

Then suddenly as though a switch had been turned on, the name seemed to mean something to me, but what, I was not immediately sure. Suddenly she said." Yes darling, we were lovers in that life and now I want you to come home with me my darling Anthony, so that we can talk. It is not far and we have things of importance to discuss."

We took a cab and within a few minutes we pulled up outside a very unpretentious terraced house. She opened the door with a key that she took from her handbag. Once inside she turned and looked at me.

"Anthony dear, I was both your slave and your lover in a previous life, and I have brought you here today, because I need you to go back in time to exact vengeance on the man who did us both terrible wrongs. In that life you were very rich and very successful, you were a rake and you inherited the title of Lord Amesworth, you were arguably the richest man in the country at the time and you were well known as a serial womaniser. I was a slave of yours and you raised me to be your mistress. Ignoring the hostility of large sections of society. It was impossible at that time for you to marry a blackamoor like me, but I loved you, because you treated me with kindness, and respect and under your patronage I wanted for nothing. There was however, a man, another aristocrat like yourself, who treated us both badly, he murdered my family and beat me badly to the point of death. I want you, my darling, to go back in time to exact revenge for us both."

All the time she was talking I had been carefully watching the expressions on her face. Gradually, I realised that what she was saying made sense, as my memory gradually moved back in time. The memory was vague, but gradually, I remembered, just how much I had loved this beautiful black lady. It was then that I broke into her dialogue.

"The name the Hon Richard Winslow springs to mind"

Her face broke into a huge smile and she leapt on to my lap and started kissing me.

"You are beginning to remember everything my darling."

To say I remembered everything. was not true, but the more we talked, the more little flashes came to the forefront of my mind. Jammarree had been kissing me furiously and now she stood up, and dragged me to the adjoining bedroom.

After a while she said "Darling Anthony, I want us to make love again before you go back in time, to avenge our common enemy."

As she was speaking she was shedding her clothes, it was then that I saw the terrible scars on her back. My memory came flooding back fast.

"Yes I remember now it was Winslow who did that to you."

"Yes darling and he also raped me and raped and killed my mother and two sisters and I would probably have gone the same way if you had not come to my aid."

I knew then, that I wanted this beautiful lady so badly, I sensed also the feeling was mutual, as I looked at her beautiful black smiling face " Then I reached across and gently stroked her cheek.

"You are still very beautiful Jammarree."

A single tear floated down over her cheek and she smiled up at me ... She reached out and stroked my face with her nails, then pulled me close to her. Suddenly we were kissing. Jammarree kissed me lightly at first, her lips barely touching mine. She pushed me back on the bed and she straddled me and the kisses stayed soft but became less tentative. I loved how soft her hands were on my bare skin, how light her touch was. Her brown hands made a sexy contrast with my white skin.

Suddenly she stopped and looked down at me, now her face had become deadly serious.

"Anthony dear you know what you have to do - you have to destroy Winslow and if you can make him suffer, you will have my eternal gratitude. I want him to go to hell, to pay for all the people he destroyed. I will try to get you out if things go wrong, but darling I will also be there in that time with you, now and for always. If you do not want to help me get revenge, you can get up and go, but now if we go ahead and renew our union, you will be committed and in a few minutes you will wake up in the past. But then you will be endowed with the extra equipment and stamina that I can give you, as in your new past life to succeed you need to be a huge success with the ladies."

I did not care and I did not really fully take in at the time what she was saying to me. I desperately wanted to make love to my Jammarree and I put my arms up and round to her back, softly massaging lightly, and caressing those horrible scars and when my hand brushed her buttocks, she looked up at me intently for a second and resumed her kisses. Jammarree closed her eyes when our lips touched. But she opened them widely again when she felt my hands cup her breasts. She looked down as my hands tenderly fondled her breasts, cupping and squeezing and stroking gently.

"Au Revoir baby" " Jammarree whispered.

I stared at her breasts as I caressed them. They were the colour of light chocolate, the nipples like buds of hot cocoa. I gently licked at her nipples. Jammarree moaned and arched her back, allowing me easier access, slipping her hand around the back of my head. She took some hand lotion from a side table, rubbed it on her hands, then began to lightly stroke my cock. It became much harder right away, quickly extending past her thumb. My cock was so erect, it felt as though it was ready to burst. Slowly, Jammarree put her lips around the tip of my cock and sucked. Each time she went down, she went down a little more, until almost my entire cock was inside her mouth, then back up slowly and back down. At first she moved slowly, but speeded up as her confidence increased and my quiet moans and groans became louder, to let her know she was still good at this. Then suddenly she stopped

"My darling Anthony it is nearly time for you to go"

Her vagina muscles were like a pair of lips pressed together, but she was so wet My cock slipped up inside her like a whisper. She wiggled a little bit, but soon I was deep inside her up to the full length of my cock, then she held on to me tight as she began moving up and down on me. Jammarree started with her hands on my shoulders, but soon I was holding on tight, My face in between her breasts.

"Au revoir my darling..." She said once again.

She cried out, as I started to come in a long pumping action, as I gradually came back to my senses ... I realised that it was not Jammarree riding me, but a very buxom young serving wench. I was shooting inside her in long spurts.

"Oh that be wonderful my Lord." she cried. "Thankee my lord"

I was instantly aware of the foulness of her breath and body odour, and I knew that I was in another bed, and in another time. As she rolled off the bed, I looked down at myself, and I realised that my cock had grown to an impressive size. It was bigger than what I remembered in my previous life. Now I realised what Jmmarree had meant when she had made that cryptic remark.

"Thank you Dolly" I murmured and I reached out for my purse and gave the girl half a guinea.

"Oh thankee my Lord, it were a real good fuck, anytime thee wants me, I be ready for ee My Lord."

She scurried from the bedroom carrying her empty coal bucket. I sat up, and found I was encased in a long cotton night shirt, and that there was a roaring log fire in the grate. The room was so different from anything in my recent memory and I could hear muffled noises in the yard outside the window. All this seemed so familiar, and yet I remembered as if in a dream, my recent encounter with Jammarree, and what my mission in this new life was.

It Came to me then that this had been my fathers bedroom, with the two massive wardrobes, and very thick carpets. I imagined even now that I could smell his very masculine odour. I jumped out of bed, making my way to the window looking out on to an early morning scene in a frosty farm yard. The scene seemed all too familiar, horses being led from the stables to the fields, and the milkmaids scurrying around with milking pails on yokes across their shoulders, and others carrying farm implements making their way to start their days work, wherever that may be on the home farm.

Their was a timid knock on the door and my valet Hudson slipped into the room with some hot water which he placed carefully on the shave and wash me.

"Her Ladyship is in the large dining room having breakfast my Lord. She has expressed her wish to speak with you as soon as possible."

My ship had docked at Bristol the morning before so it was not far to my ancestral home in Wessex. I had been eager to get home despite the hazards of travelling in the dark and had dragged the faithful Hudson along with me.

I recalled that I had to wake the house when I arrived. I recalled the frosty welcome from my mother the night before. In truth, I had little affection for my mother, no, it would be truer to say I had no affection for my mother at all, as I remembered my childhood. As children, my sister Ethel and myself were left to the mercy of a string of Governesses. My mother engaged a wet nurse for us as soon as we were born, and we would be lucky if we saw her at any other time when we were growing up other than the compulsory church attendance on a Sunday when she made one of her rare appearances at this our country home.

It was a requirement that all the family, tenants and estate workers should attend the local church every Sunday morning ... As the squire, my father and our family sat at the front of the church where old Rev Richmond gave his lengthy and very boring sermons. After my valet Hudson had shaved and dressed me, I made my way to the dining room. My mother was sat at the head of the table, in the place where I should now be sitting as head of the household.

"I perceive mother in your usual arrogance, you are sat in the wrong place now that I am at home. Protocol now demands that I sit at the head of the table as well you know." For the first time that I could ever remember she looked ill at ease.

"My Lord I shall be moving shortly to the Dower House as is the custom."

I replied " I presume that shortly means in the next few hours my Lady. The sooner I see the back of you the better. I shall as custom decrees make you an annual allowance, but there is no need whatsoever for us to have any other contact."

Her face paled as she sensed my hostility.

"But why such hostility my Lord. I am your mother?"

"Nay woman, you did nothing more than bring Ethel and I into the world, you could not be bothered with us then. I can not be bothered with thee now. So be gone from this house as soon as possible."

I sat at the bottom of the table in the place which my mother should have been sat. The fare presented before me to eat was not of the best, but I ate without comment to keep my hunger under control.

"I hear that you are a very rich man by all accounts." My mother said quietly/.

"No doubt it is the proceeds of slavery like that Winslow boy."

"No doubt mother, if that is what you have heard, and care to believe." I responded.

I realised that morning, as I sat looking at her, just how much that I really hated this woman. She had produced two children to please my father and having produced a daughter in my sister Ethel, she was then obliged to produce a boy as an heir, that my father needed to secure the inheritance. I am sure that from that time on my father was encouraged to take his sexual needs elsewhere, both from whores, local willing ladies, or from the female staff in the house. This of course, was not at all unusual. In these times.

"Of course mother, if as you suspect the proceeds are from slavery, I should suppose that my wealth is anathema to you, and you would not wish to be tarnished by my supporting you with the proceeds." I could see that my comments had hit home and she was fearful that I would carry out my threat.

"Not at all my Lord. I was just making conversation."

I recalled that the stream of governesses that we experienced as children, saw to our education. Most of them were quite good, and did their best, but inevitably they could not, or would not, accept the lack of interest from my mother, and they came and went in a steady stream. My sister Ethel and I, were very much left to our own devices, for much of our young lives, and as we matured, we became quite sexually active as lovers with each other.

Being a very old house it was riddled with secret passages and it was quite easy for Ethel and me to explore and thus lead us to secret corridors which allowed us to peep into rooms where perhaps the butler, or our father, were having their way with the female members of staff. Soon Ethel and I were fucking regularly, and most nights would see Ethel and myself tucked up in bed together. At one stage we were aided by a willing governess, who much to Ethel's dismay decided to take her place in my bed one night and give me the benefit of her experience. Gradually I started taking advantage of one or two of the household maids as well, who were not only very willing, but obliged to accede to my request for fear of losing their jobs without a character...

One day of course I was discovered in bed with my sister Ethel ... My father gave me a terrible thrashing and when I recovered from my injuries. I was sent away to the colonies in disgrace, with a small pittance of an allowance to cover my expenses. On arriving in the colony of Zanzibar, I once again fell in with Winslow. I knew him as a neighbour, and at that time we were tolerably friendly. He introduced me into the slavery trade, however, I was soon sickened by the unnecessary cruelty and brutality, and my heart was not in it ... I had however, made a lot of money in a short time almost by accident...

One night whilst walking on the waterfront I saw a young Arab being assaulted by footpads and drawing my sword I waded in and sent his assailants all packing. I gave him first aid, but he was not badly injured. I helped him to his home and family, and after a time we became good friends. Mohammad advised me, to venture my ill gained wealth with him and his father in the spices and silks business, and general international trading. Their advice was good, and I became extremely rich quite quickly. In time we became business partners and from then on we really prospered. Over time we built up a fleet of twenty trading ships as well as a large number of dhows working for us.

That morning as I sat facing my mother, I realised that my mother had delighted in believing the bad stories about me and who was I to disabuse her. She was of course absolutely right in part. I was by custom obliged to do my duty and support her, but I did not have to like her, or do anything else for her.

After breakfast we were interrupted as the cart carrying all my possessions which had arrived from the docks, together with the four armed guards that I had hired to protect the gold bullion and jewels that I had brought from Zanzibar on my ship. I instructed Ramsden to look after the men and pay them. I gave them a generous bonus for such a speedy journey, I supervised the storage of my valuables into safe storage, within the house as I then instructed Ramsden the Butler to send the housekeeper, and the estate manager to me, and to instruct them to bring the books of account with them. The butler advised me that Mrs. Roper was in effect the estate manager, and she also supervised the accounts of both the estate, and the house, and that the house staff also worked under her guidance.

He said " His Lordship made the changes, some three years ago and it has worked well." This was indeed an unusual arrangement at the time, in fact at that time it was virtually unknown for a women to take any responsible managerial position. It was just not done. I said after a little thought "Very Good but I will still see Mrs. Roper and later whoever has day to day running of the estate later. Tell him to be readily available."

After breakfast, I made my way to my study, or rather what used to be my fathers study. I was surprised to find that it was occupied by a very trim attractive lady in her early thirties. She turned and smiled at me, and curtsied and said. "Good Morning your Lordship. I am Emily Roper, and I have all the books of accounts ready here for your inspection."

She immediately aroused my interest in every way, she sounded competent, she looked competent and she also looked very sexy. A brief scan showed the books were kept in a neat and tidy manner. It was very unusual for ladies to be able to read or write, to do sums or take part in business in this age. Such a practice was almost totally unheard of except in bordello's or other houses of ill repute...

"Sit down Mistress Roper."

I said standing politely until she was comfortably seated. She spoke rather hesitantly.

"I have been acting as estate manager for your father and also in the ten months since his death I have been managing the estate affairs ... Your father made some very good investments, but you do need to act quickly My Lord, especially regarding the Winslow estate, and some other overdue accounts.

"Why"? I asked.

"Well my Lord your father lent money to Lord Winslow against almost every asset the Winslows estate owns over the years, to cover his gambling debts, he has since died and the loans and interest are now all well overdue."

"That is an easy decision, so foreclose, and take possession immediately " I said. She looked slightly shocked at my decision. "We are also owed much money on Lord Archers estate., and others also My Lord...

"How much?" I asked.

"Nearly fifty thousand guineas. My Lord, almost more than some of the estates are worth."

Thinking quickly, I remembered that his daughter the very attractive Hon Anne- Marie Archer, was betrothed to Roger Winslow and immediately the outline of a very devious plan began to form in my mind.

"Ah well send and tell Lord Archer him that I shall wait on him shortly with a view to discussing his indebtedness and I look forward with interest to his proposals to repay me plus the significant amount of interest that is daily accruing."

For some of the others give them warnings and we will review them in depth later. She looked relieved, but rather puzzled at my leniency to Lord Archer. At her insistence we then went through a number of other outstanding smaller debts, and I decided to leave the decisions to Emily Roper and where possible give others a short time to repay with threats of foreclosure. I decided to be tough and get myself well known.

"How is it my father made so much money.?" I asked her.

"Well My Lord your father bought two houses of um ill repute in Curzon St in London some years past, and seeing the possibilities, he added gambling rooms to the best one. He encouraged all his cronies to visit, and he became very rich through the profits of the er brothels and the winnings from the gambling rooms. Despite his warnings, many stupid people started to lose quite heavily and gave notes on their properties to cover their losses, hence he was able to take their land, houses and other assets as security. Many have been sold and others rented back to the original tenants at a profitable rental"

Mistress Roper was obviously very efficient, and seemed to me to be very trustworthy. My background in trade in Zanzibar allowed me to get a quick understanding of the estate accounts, and I sensed that all was not well with some of the tenant farmers. This was shown clearly by the vast amount of arrears in rent payments and the lack of money spent on tenant repairs.

"I understand that your husband is the estate supervisor, but he does not seem as efficient, as you are yourself Mistress Roper and I note that the tenant farms show a clear lack of prosperity."

I looked closely at her and she was obviously embarrassed.

"Nay don't worry Mistress Roper, I shall see for myself before the day is out."

I sat back and looked at her. "I have no doubt Mistress Roper that you were the brains behind the whole of my fathers business operations. Much as I loved and respected him, I doubt my father had the ability to do this on his own."

She blushed and said coyly. "My father was in business My Lord,. and I learned the lessons well from him".

I suddenly had a thought and I looked carefully at her.

"I dare say Mistress Roper that you were also my fathers mistress. Am I not right?"

She blushed, and looked away. "My Lord I am a married woman."

"That is no answer." I replied cynically.

It was then that a knock on the door brought in her husband. My first thoughts were right, he was a shifty looking man dressed in a dark green coat with his tricorn hat tucked under his arm, and he had great trouble with making eye contact ... After he had come forth with some groveling comments and small talk, which did not impress me I said.

"Roper saddle up my stallion Devil, and we will tour as much of the estate as we can before mid day."

We left the Manor with Roper following in my wake. The more I saw of the man, the more I disliked him. Within the hour I knew that I had cause for concern. It was obvious the tenant farmers had little liking or respect for him and it was clear that the tenants had been given little support following two bad harvests. It was a mystery to me why my father had not intervened and then I realised that probably some form of blackmail had probably been employed. In other words, Roper allowed my father to sleep with his wife and in exchange he was allowed excess freedom to milk the estate funds. I guessed somehow, that he also imposed his presence, on some of the tenants farmers wives and daughters, a point which was confirmed on my final farm visit.

I had at some point during that mornings inspection, decided to dismiss the man and on arriving at the last farm on our route. I sent him on back to the home farm and rode down to an extremely dilapidated farm, a farm that I had remembered as being extremely prosperous in my youth.

As I dismounted the door opened and I was confronted by a young lady with lovely golden hair who I remembered well that she had been called Joan, a housemaid who worked at the Manor house. I also remembered that I had before my departure enjoyed her favours from time to time. She curtsied and said

"Welcome My Lord dost thou remember me?"

I replied "Aye Joan that I do and you are even more beautiful than I remembered." I turned my attention to a young child of about four or five years of age hanging on to her skirts.

"And this be Agnes your Lordship the offspring of one our nights of passion together."

For a moment I was stunned, and embarrassed somehow, I knew that she was right. She opened the door wider and invited me inside the farmhouse...

"Things do not go well for you Mistress Joan?"

"Nay My Lord I am being evicted next quarter day, your steward will not give me time to pay my dues. Unless I am prepared to lie with him, a thing that I will not do My Lord. He assumes that because I am a widow woman, that I will give myself to any man."

Fear not Mistress Joan, you will not be evicted without my say so." I told her, as I gave her five guinea pieces which was all the money I had with me.

"This mistress is only part of what I owe thee, for the support of our child and more will follow. l do however, believe that it is not possible for you to stay on in this farm and manage it properly, so I will ensure that you have adequate suitable employment at the manor and suitable accommodation, but leave it with me and I will inform you of my decision in the matter."

I was boiling with rage as I returned to the manor. I dismissed Roper on the spot and gave him four hours to vacate his home. He was not a happy man and swore vengeance on me, at which I had two laborers throw him in the duck pond and gave him only an hour to be gone. They did this with great gusto, obviously enjoying their task.

On entering the house I sent for Mistress Roper and told her what had transpired.

"You are not dismissed Mistress Roper, you still have employment, but I will understand if you wish to follow your man. Just let me know what your intentions are as soon as possible."

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