Breaking the Miss Teenage USA 2012 Contest Rules
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Holly is willing to do almost anything to get the chance to go to the finals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even a 300 lb judge with questionable ethics and a failed contestant from the previous year fall under her aura of success at any cost. Holly is a most determined and persuasive girl.

Holly Sprightly was subdued.

Her lips were clenched tightly and her brow was scrunched up in an expression of anticipated disappointment. She was waiting for the overweight head judge to announce the First Runner-up in the Miss Georgia Teenage USA contest. If she heard her name she was prepared to smile with a beaming face filled with happiness and sheer delight. Holly knew the verbalization of her name would mean that she had lost her chance to move up to the National spotlight and the glitzy finals to be televised in Las Vegas, Nevada. The finals were scheduled to take place only 3 short weeks in the future.

The obese attorney from Atlanta was sweating profusely and tediously slow in opening the envelope.

Crystal Harris, the winner of the last competition was hovering next to the middle-aged Beauregard Carter, Attorney-at-Law hoping that her mere presence would keep him from fumbling the simple procedure. Everyone remarked that the generally disliked Crystal was a failure as the Georgia representative. Her attempts to "win at any cost" in the previous finals in New Orleans were still a source of derision by knowledgeable beauty contest aficionados in the Peach State.

Holly knew that the jaded Crystal had been "putting out" to the rotund judge every night in his luxury hotel room. She suspected that the still beautiful girl who had not turned twenty as yet was merely serving as a "perk" for the portly Carter to pay for his time and participation in the State finals. Even with the delectable Crystal decorating his king-sized bed, the three hundred pound judge did not hesitate to proposition Holly on the buffet line for a "quickie blow job" in the privacy of the locked judge's rest room.

She agreed only because she knew a refusal would all but insure he would not vote for her to win the final competition. Since she was one of only three remaining contestants, she had a 1 in 3 chance of taking home all the marbles.

Her heart was beating rapidly when she looked back over her shoulder down the hotel hallway.

Holly slipped into the Italian tiled luxury rest room and watched the 50 year old bulky man slide the lock home in a final quick seal on her unethical bargain. She realized her pussy was already getting damp from her anticipation of the oral sex she had already promised to the florid-faced judge.

"Well, honey, you don't have to do anything unless you really want to make me feel good. In all honesty, I have to tell you it is down to you and the pretty little African American girl from Valdosta. She already laid a real buzz on my knob this morning but she wouldn't swallow a single drop. I have to tell you, I was a bit pissed off when she spit my cream out on the floor. I hope you show a little more respect."

Holly came close to giggling but was able to restrain her impulse. She was in the habit of doing the exact same thing but figured it would be wise to make an exception in this case in order to improve her chances of winning.

"No, sir, I am a good girl and I always swallow every last drop. You will be satisfied, I guarantee you!"

Holly dropped to her knees in front of the stout man and released his flaccid cock from inside his size 48 trousers. There was a distinct odor to the long, thin cock but it was not really unpleasant. It was more an exciting scent that made her feel like she was doing something very, very nasty. She took the wobbly shaft in her hands and felt it immediately begin to harden at the touch of her delicate fingers. A little trace of Mr. Carter's pre-cum oozed out onto her fingers and she scooped it up to lubricate the shaft before she started stroking it with a gentle motion. She looked up and saw the man looking down at her with an intent look that startled her and almost made her stop her ministrations.

The man was breathing hard now and he grabbed hold of Holly's hair to gain full control of her movements on his rod. Holly looked up and saw him smile as his cock disappeared into her wide open mouth. The cock was unusually long but it was not thick at all. It slipped down into her throat with only the slightest degree of difficulty. Her saliva was running full throttle and mixed with the creamy slime of the man's pre-cum in a sensuous cocktail of kinky depravity. She followed the manual instructions of his hands at the back of her head with full submission to his pleasure.

The sticky white goo was dripping off her pointed chin and fell to the tiled floor splashing onto her bare knees. She heard the judge call her a litany of dirty names and tell her at the same time that she was a "good girl" and that he was almost ready to deliver a special delivery for her to swallow right down into her slender tummy. She could feel the older man's cock jump inside her mouth with a frenzied dance of desperate desire to release his load and flood her suctioning mouth with his virile juices.

Holly reached around behind the wide man and cupped his heavy ass cheeks with her inquisitive fingers. The simple fondling of his plump bottom caused the heavyset man to shoot his load with much force right down Holly's waiting throat. She swallowed as fast as she could and only a small amount of the creamy cum escaped out of her clenching lips. She continued to lick and suck the cock until it was totally clean and drained of all cum. A gentle kiss on the tip brought a smile to the judge's face as she put him back inside his trousers and rose up from her kneeling position. She did not object to the judge's hands feeling her up with expert skill. He paid particular attention to her bottom and did not hesitate to test the tightness of her brown eye with his middle finger. Impaled on his exploring finger, she bent all the way down and touched the floor with the flat palms of her hands. It was so dirty that Holly squirted her juices onto the Italian tiled floor in a shameful display of her base instincts.

When his cell phone interrupted them a second time, she was able to blow him a kiss and make her exit without any need for further discourse.

The second runner-up was announced right after dinner and just like the judge told her, it left only her and the African-American girl from Valdosta called Dusty Rhodes.

Holly waited for the announcement of the first runner up with her fingers crossed. She knew the other four judges were split 50-50 so the vote from Mr. Carter would make the difference. It was strange that the decision would come down to which of them gave the better oral sex to the judge. She could not stop from looking at Dusty's puffed up lips and picturing them wrapped around Mr. Carter's pounding cock. She had to admit the girl's pretty face was perfect for oral sex and the only thing that might save her was the fact the other girl did not like swallowing her reward.

"And the first runner-up is Miss Dusty Rhodes the winner of the Valdosta Miss Teenage USA contest. Come on up, Miss Rhodes and receive your $5,000 college tuition grant."

Holly was elated and she was so excited that she almost wet her panties standing on the stage. She watched the beautiful African American girl receive her prize and knew the girl was probably seething inside at not being selected for the final contest in Las Vegas, Nevada. When they called her name for the Grand Prize, she was in a state of shock and was almost unable to articulate her appreciation for the honor she had received.

At the celebration dinner later that night, she bumped into Crystal in the ladies room. The attractive older girl whispered in her ear that Mr. Carter wanted her to join them in his room after the dinner to "have a night-cap". Holly figured right away that she already knew about her oral campaigning behind closed doors. She knew she did not have to comply with the request, but she felt a sense of gratitude to the fat man and was curious to know how Crystal was able to handle his 300 pound bulk slamming her into the mattress.

Holly knocked softly on the door to the luxury suite and entered quickly before anyone came down the hallway.

Mr. Carter was sitting on the loveseat with a whiskey glass in his hand. She noticed that he had already removed his trousers and his fat belly was hanging out hiding his business from the casual observer. Crystal was obviously already halfway down the highway with the bottle of Champagne already partially consumed.

She accepted a glass and sipped the bubbly liquid with her sensitive tongue. The taste and the bubbles went straight to her head and she wondered if she would be asked to join with the pair in "fun and games". Her question was answered when Crystal sat right on her lap and started to play with her tender nipples with Mr. Carter watching every move with great interest. She could feel Crystal's bare pussy rubbing on her panty covered mound.

When Crystal started to pull down her panties and jeans, Holly looked over and saw Mr. Carter stroking his meat up into an impressive erection. The last year's winner of the Georgia competition was grinding her protruding clitoris deep into her soaking wet slit. She saw Mr. Carter walk around behind Crystal holding his huge erection in his hand. She looked over Crystal's thrusting body and saw the long cock start to disappear into the Crystal's ass crack. Holly was not certain if Mr. Carter had penetrated into the girl's brown eye or the back end of her vagina. The expression on Crystal's face confirmed that the crafty man had impaled her tight little rear door. The weight of the huge man was pushing the girl's dripping pussy hard into Holly's mound. Soon she started to feel the familiar waves of sensual release begin to sweep over her like a relentless driving storm.

Crystal was grunting with each stroke of Mr. Carter's cock into her tiny anus. Her pussy juice was mixing with Holly's pussy juice and Holly could feel it running back into her own tight little anus. She wondered how it would feel to have Mr. Carter's cock buried in her virgin back door and if she would be whimpering as naughtily as Crystal.

Holly heard Mr. Carter groan loudly and felt Crystal go rigid as a stick when he released a flood of creamy cum into the poor girl's quivering rectum. Holly looked up into Mr. Carter's face that was only inches from her own. She could almost see the waves of pleasure saturate his brain nodes as each spurt of sticky goo shot up into Crystal's heart-shaped ass. The girl was in the throes of an anal orgasm that forced her body to bounce back and forth between Mr. Carter's cock and Holly's pussy.

Holly thought it was all over but it was just beginning. Crystal scooted up until her drenched pussy and creamy anus were directly over Holly's struggling face. She had to either lick the girl's slippery pussy or taste the creamy goo leaking from her anus. Indecision made her sample each one in turn and Crystal moaned her delight at the oral attentions.

Mr. Carter took hold of Holly's ankles and placed them around his twenty inch neck. He cupped her ass cheeks and spread her open for his demanding cock. At first, she thought he was going to take her cherry but then the probing of her tight little brown eye alerted her to the fact that this huge man was going to take her ass cherry instead. She wiggled and squirmed but to no avail. Her head was immobile between Crystal's strong legs and Mr. Carter's cock persisted in knocking on her rear door until she had to open it up for him. He slid all the way up her rectal hallway and slammed his bulk into her sweet rounded ass. She was a prisoner at both ends and loving it more than anything she had ever experienced in her whole life.

They used Holly for a very long time and finally, they both started to fall into deeply satisfying orgasms emptying their liquid deposits into her clutching anus and her pulsating mouth.

Holly was walking a little bit funny when she made her way back to her room.

She hoped her room-mate did not notice her discomfort or the fact that she radiated the stench of kinky sex. The morning was time enough to take a much needed shower.

She dreamed that she was a candle and was burning at both ends. It was so disturbing that it might have really been a nightmare.

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