Roger, Mary and Jill

by RonBo

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Brother and sister Roger and Mary show Mary's best friend Jill what they do when they are alone.

Walking home from school one afternoon fifteen year old Jill said to her best friend Mary. "My brother keeps trying to see me undressing." The two fifteen year olds frequently discussed boys but this was the first time Jill had brought up her brother. "I have to keep my bedroom door locked. He burst in last week while I was changing with some lame excuse about looking for his missing CD. He caught me with my shirt off. You know I am so small on top that I don't wear a bra yet. My brother just stood there with his mouth open looking at the small swells on my chest. I had to push him to get him out of my room. I was mad but for some reason my nipples were hard and aching."

"Jill, that is so hot. Have you ever seen your brothers penis?"

"No, but I could see that he was hard because his pants were sticking out in front. I would like to see it. How about you Mary have you seen your brother's pecker?"

Mary hesitated for several seconds. She and her brother Roger had been having after school naked playtime for three weeks now. They masturbated each other and sometimes they would use their mouths on each other. She hadn't told anyone yet, but Jill was her very best friend.

"Can you keep a big secret Jill?"

"Sure I can you know that. I never told anyone about you masturbating when you stayed over my house that time."

"O. K. I have done more than see my brother's penis. I have jerked him off." Jill's eyes popped wide open in surprise. "I've even sucked him off a bunch of times."

Jill was red in the face but had to ask. "Did he do it in your mouth? You know, spurt his stuff?"

Mary nodded in the affirmative. "Ya, and I liked it. I even swallowed all that goo."

Jill asked a lot of questions wanting Mary to tell her every detail of the sibling encounters. Finally she asked. "Mary, do you think Roger would let me watch you do each other?"

"Well he is a horny sixteen year old so he probably wouldn't mind an audience, but he may ask you to touch him as payment. I can ask him."

The idea of young Jill watching while he and Mary played in the nude excited Roger immensely. "Tell her she can watch but she has to be naked also, and I expect her to at least rub my pecker a little."

It didn't take too much to convince Jill that she had to disrobe also. Jill had also suspected that Roger would want her hand on his penis. He might even want her to kiss it. Jill was excited at the thought of letting Roger see her naked but she was afraid he wouldn't like what he saw. Jill had two bumps in her chest where her tits would finally mature into what she hoped would be ample sized breasts. Her mound had sparse growth around her prominent pussy lips. She looked like an eleven year old instead of fifteen.

It took a couple of weeks to set something up. It was decided that the short time between getting out of school and their mother getting home from work wouldn't work well for the three of them. Their mom and dad were scheduled to attend an afternoon wedding that month. The plans were made and the three teens waited impatiently for that Saturday to arrive.

Roger kept asking Mary questions about Jill and what she expected her friend to do on that Saturday. "She knows she has to stroke my dick, right?"

"For the one hundredth time Roger, Yes she knows you want her to touch you there. Don't worry about it. Maybe she'll do this for you too. "Mary leaned over to take her brother's hard five inches into her mouth."

"Oh ya, I want her to do that too." He unloaded his sperm into Mary's mouth the thought of Jill sucking him making the orgasm that much sweeter.

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