The Village Arts Center
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lolita, BiSexual, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tricia, her best friend Trudy and Tricia's twin brother David all decide to take classes at the Village Arts Center for the summer. It is a summer of awakening sexual awareness and they each have their own individual proclivities and dissimilar agendas. Tricia discovers she is more attracted to her twin brother than she would ever dare to admit. It promises to be a very exciting summer for all three teenagers.

Nestled away in an unheralded corner of the Village neighborhood there existed a building dedicated to the artistic development of young people interested in expanding their talents.

The center drew its lifeblood from the donated time and skills of the many performers and artists that populated the neighborhood with a zest for living life to the edge of the envelope. These young people might never be in the limelight but they approached the opportunity to learn with the curiosity of evolving butterflies leaving the confines of their cocoon far behind them.

On a bright sunny early summer day, Tricia, Trudy and David waited on the steps outside the main entrance in hopes of being selected for one of the many summer programs designed to prepare young budding artists for a career in art, dance, song or the theater.

Tricia was a striking teen of 16 with long black hair pulled back in a simple pony tail that made her look several years older than her true age. It was just the effect that she wanted to achieve. She was wearing the thinnest of black leotards with no undies to hide the prominence of her virginal camel-toe. The short mini-skirt hid the luscious curves of her almost fully-developed body. The sound of her lilting laughter made one smile even without understanding the meaning of the joke.

Trudy was slightly older than her best friend Tricia. She had already had a boyfriend who had introduced her to those things that still eluded the uninterested Tricia. His military assignment was heaven-sent because it nipped her likely pregnancy in the bud. She had the entire summer to look forward to without the diversion of her Billy's lips to keep her happily entertained. Trudy hoped the classes would make the summer go quickly and make her forget about the absence of her well-hung soul-mate. She still retained much of her "baby fat" that precluded her from wearing skin-tight leotards. However, her full bosom and perky posterior made her look older in a different way than Tricia. One look at Trudy and guys figured she already knew the score and had gone into overtime on more than one occasion.

David was Tricia's fraternal twin and he had a certain feminine look to him that made girls think he was identical to the beautiful Tricia. She had already caught him wearing her panties and the fact that her skirts fit him better than her made her just plain angry sometimes. David was straight despite his fetish of wanting to be just like his sister. He knew he was straight because when he "took care" of his unruly cock at night, it was to a picture of Trudy wearing only panties and a bra. Whenever the three of them fooled around in the bed or on the floor, he always made sure his hands "accidently" managed to come in contact with Trudy's breasts, her bottom or even her plump little mound.

Even now, David was stealing little peeks up Trudy's skirt to ogle her sheer white panties. The black strands of her pubic hair were quite visible from his vantage point on the bottom step.

Tricia was well aware of her brother's perverted ways. She was sorely tempted to inform Trudy about his crush on her but she feared the interest might spark some reciprocal action on her best friend's part to test the extent of her brother's schoolboy crush.

She hoped that Trudy could not see the outline of a huge erection lurking inside her brother's shorts. Tricia had seen her brother "jerking" it just this morning before they left to meet Trudy. As much as she hated to admit it, David had the loveliest long and thick cock she had ever seen.

The doors opened and the three of them went inside to the registration tables. There were at least another two dozen teenagers signing up as well. The sounds of music drifted out from one of the classrooms. Trudy could see several boys and girls clustered around a single piano singing practice exercises to warm up their vocal cords. At the other end of the wooden floor, several girls and only one boy giggled and laughed while they exercised on the bar in front of a floor to ceiling mirror.

Tricia signed up for the Singing classes, Trudy signed up for the dancing classes and also for the actor's workshop. David signed up just for the actor's workshop because he knew his singing was always a bit off-key and his dancing was lacking in the emotion needed to be a success.

Both Tricia and David followed Trudy to the dance room to watch her audition for the dancing class. When Trudy removed her mini-skirt and adjusted her dancing slippers, most of the males glued their eyes to her lush curves that ended in the promise of paradise between her slender long dancer's legs. Her perky ass cheeks stood out like gourmet treats waiting to be gobbled up by a hungry customer.

The instructor, a middle-aged female from France with the unlikely name of Gloria was "hands-on" with Trudy right from the get-go. Trudy didn't seem to mind at all and she was slightly flushed from the exertions and the exciting attentions paid to her womanly features. Tricia half expected her brother to whip out his cock and get busy just watching the nubile Trudy bend and lift her legs way up over her pony-tailed head.

Tricia saw a young girl of about 18 sit next to her brother and start chatting about the fact that the Art's Center would be having a "get to know you" dance the very next Saturday. It sounded almost like the little hussy was inviting herself to be David's partner and her silly brother was too stupid to see what she was doing. The girl whose name was Kimberly had her hand on David's leg much to Tricia's displeasure and the visible erection still in hiding was scant inches from her fingertips. In dismay, she heard David offer to accompany the young girl and promise to pick her up at her house which was a short distance from the Art's Center. She could tell that Trudy was none too happy at the way David got manipulated by the aggressive young teenager. It was the first time either of them could remember David being more interested in a female ass other than the one belonging to the beautiful Trudy.

Trudy was invited by a very handsome Hispanic boy by the name of Hernando. He was slender but muscular and in great demand because of his ability to lift the girls up high overhead for their elevated dance moves.

Tricia was asked in her singing class by a girl called Rebecca. She thought it was odd to be asked by a girl but the 19 year old Rebecca told her it was done all the time because there were a lot more girls than boys in the Art's Center. The bubbly redhead with oversized glasses told her it was her third year at the Center and she knew every little secret about how the Center worked. Tricia was a little concerned about the way "Becky" kept holding her hand in a somewhat possessive manner but she noticed other girls doing the same thing and it seemed sort of innocuous in the artistic atmosphere.

Trudy went back to Tricia and David's house after the workshop because her parents were both still working and she didn't have a key to get back in. They all planned to go to the public pool because they didn't have any money for a movie. Trudy wore one of Tricia's suits and it looked a lot better on her and not too tight like on Tricia. She paraded her bikini back and forth in front of David until Tricia thought his cock was going to bust right through his swim trunks. Trudy sat on Tricia's lap pretending to be her new "girlfriend" Rebecca much to Tricia's unrestrained giggles. Then she sat on David's lap and bounced around like she was riding on a bus. The look on David's face was priceless. He must have been real close to shooting a load because his face had the look of a sense of relief when she got off.

Tricia could not resist doing the exact same thing herself because she wanted to get hunk on David for being such "easy pickings" for the cock hungry Rebecca. She realized she had made a mistake as soon as she perched on his huge erection. It was pushing right up into the gap between her ass cheeks and she could feel the hardness rub sensuously against her tiny pucker hole. Trudy was really laughing hard at Tricia's inability to get off the hard shaft. David wrapped his muscular arms around her waist and slid her up and down his rampant cock. She felt her bikini get a little wet back there and knew her perverted brother had shot his load right between her ass cheeks. For some strange reason, it made her feel a bit proud to have been the cause of his release.

They had a fun time at the public pool. A silly prank by a group of Hispanic youths made them leave earlier than expected. They were pretending to be "sharks" and would pull down the girl's bottoms under the water or just as they were leaving the water. It was really funny but the park supervisors were not amused.

When they returned to the apartment, they all decided to get into the shower together in their swim suits. Tricia was the first to take hers off and then Trudy soon after. David removed his just because he didn't want to be different than them. The two girls giggled and laughed at the sight of David's cock and they took turns "washing" it with lots of soap suds and hand action.

Tricia was surprised when her brother very gently started to wash her ass crack with his fingers and lots of soap. She was really turned on and held onto Trudy as she panted her orgasm out loudly right into Trudy's astonished ears. When her brother turned his attention to Trudy's beautifully curved ass, she helped by soaping up Trudy's well-trimmed pussy and cleaning her with very gentle and caring fingers. Trudy was like a double-teamed player with nowhere to turn to escape the loss of the ball.

Tricia reached out of the shower curtain and retrieved a foil covered condom from the tray. She expertly placed it over her brother's rock-hard cock and guided him straight into Trudy's vaginal cave from behind. The sound of her brother's muscular legs slapping into Trudy's delicious ass drowned out the cascading sounds of the shower. She held Trudy's hands and kissed her right on her lips as the girl whimpered from the stretching action of full impalement.

When her brother approached his explosion of creamy cum, Tricia fingered his anus with a soapy finger and pushed inside with nasty deviousness. The touch of her frenzied finger made his shooting of male juice a very forceful flood that filled the condom deep inside Trudy's quivering vagina. Trudy's pussy slit clenched David's cock with a desperate grip not wanting him to pull out for a very long time. They all laughed at the way Trudy was unable to restrain some gas from escaping in a very loud and embarrassing manner.

Tricia removed the condom from her brother's cock and showed Trudy the amazing volume of creamy cum filling the slimy latex tube. If it had been loosed inside the young girl's vagina, some of those little swimmers would have certainly made it up the long canal and into one of her waiting eggs.

Trudy fell to her knees in the shower and wrapped her lips around David's cock. He immediately got hard again and he guided her face into position for some serious face pounding. Tricia moved behind David and allowed her tongue to flick across his puckered hole with a devilish flutter that quickened his release of copious creamy cum inside the beautiful brunette's puffy lips.

The sound of the phone brought them all back to reality and the three teenagers ran naked from the shower to get dressed before Trudy's mom arrived at the front door to pick her up.

They all had to get up early for their classes at the Art's Center the next morning.

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