New Years Eve

by PTK

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Public Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: A story of spending a sexual filled evening with a stranger bringing in the new while discarding the old, on a New Years Eve.

I was counting the days until New Years Eve like a small child waits for Santa Claus, my favorite day of the year had finally arrived. Matt and I were supposed to have an unforgettable time at the party then spend the night at the hotel making love. I willed myself to be determined to have a fun evening even though Matt had dumped me the day after Christmas. The dress I had bought to wear with Matt would no longer be sufficient to create the impression I now longed to make. My best friend and I searched the mall looking for the right dress with the perfect combination of slutty sexy. Only to realize the dress to wear was the one I had chickened out of wearing to the Red Dragon Ball in New Orleans, I decided to wear it with my hair up, and white panties.

Strapless, ruched, short this dress is perfect for this evening, slipping into it the polyester fabric soothing my skin the elastic around my chest keeping it from being forbidden to wear in public. Short was not the word for this dress maybe seriously fuck me short would a better descriptive phrase explaining the dress. The dress barely covered anything below my butt cheeks or above my nipples. I have worn blouses unbuttoned to the waist with skirts this short but usually only to a club never out in the real world public, there would be all ages and all types of people at this party. I slipped if off then began to work with my unruly hair. While working on my hair, I realized I had to have something to wear over my dress I would literally freeze my buns off while outside tonight. Grabbing the phone, I called my best friend to ensure she was not wearing her white sweater coat tonight. Luck was on my side they would bring it over on the way to the hotel.

I sprayed just a touch of red body glitter on my body and hair also sprayed a little Coco Mademoiselle on strategic areas of my body. I had no desire to wear any make up just a touch of Berry Cherry lip gloss I wanted the natural sexy Vikki to be noticed. I slipped on a sexy pair of tiny white lace panties, then wiggled the sexy strawberry colored dress onto my body adjusting the top to my breast and the hem to cover my butt. Facing away from the mirror, I checked how far I could bend over before my cheeks peeked out from under the dress. Slutty sexiness oozed from this dress, my body making me smile a smile of not only sexiness, but of confidence, my confidence had taken a blow when Matt dumped me. I slipped on a pair of sexy silver five inch heels that matched my clutch. My bff and her boyfriend had arrived just as I decided I was ready to make the impression I desired, and to bring in the New Year with sexy slutty style.

"Holy Shit Vikki," her boyfriend said.

"Asshole your girlfriend is right beside you," I replied rolling my eyes as I looked at my bff.

"I know she was telling me about that dress she was right," he said in defense of his statement.

My best friend said nothing at all just shook her head then handed me the coat. We decided to have a before the party toast to our friendship, the three of us sharing kisses and one drink each from one glass of Patron'. I had no inkling of whom would be kissing me at midnight I was going to make sure he enjoyed his first kiss of the new year. Our assigned table was toward the back giving me an excellent opportunity to be seen slipping out of my coat. Walking to the bar swinging a bit to the music as I walked I noticed several devilishly hot guys noticed my swing.

"Patron' neat with a salted rim," I said to the bartender.

I smiled at the thought of the bartenders eyes on my ass as I walked away it was the reaction I desired. At the table, the three of us talked about how the year had passed quickly and what we expected the new year to bring. Just before my bff and her boyfriend returned after dancing I saw what had to be the hottest guy in the room he was sizzling. I thought he was going to ask me to dance, but when bff and boyfriend sat down he averted. With him in mind I began to mingle wondering aimlessly through the party hoping to see him again. I did not see him, but had a lot of guys introduce themselves and ask me to dance. I was on the dance floor several times having a fun time dancing while showing my lil butt.

I was leaning against the wall when Mr. Sizzling walked up and said, "Hi I'm Jay."

"Hello, I'm Vikki," I said while trying not to pounce upon him.

Jay asked, "Would you like to dance?"

"Yes," I said as he took my hand leading me to the dance floor.

We danced to several songs watching him as he danced told me all I needed to know about how he could move. I was thinking naughty thoughts about him as we walked off the dance floor to our spot along the wall.

"Thank you," I said still holding his hand hoping he would not leave me alone.

"You're welcome," he said, then asked me "Why is such a beautiful girl alone tonight?"

"It is a long story I will tell you in the morning."

He was chuckling when he asked, "Before or after breakfast?"

"After of course,"

He then asked, "If I would like to join him at his table?" Explaining he knew no one assigned to his table.

"Yes." Then I asked, "How he did not know anyone at his table?"

He was laughing when he said, "It is a long story I will tell you after breakfast."

We both had a chuckle then headed to get my clutch and coat, he had his hand on the small of my back as I led him to the table. Bff and her boyfriend were their making out as usual I broke them up as usual then introduced them to Jay. I asked them how much longer they would be there they both told me not long after midnight. I looked at Jay we were thinking the same thing he pulled a chair out for me to have a seat, he sat close beside me. The hotel staff was passing out lil paper hats, and champagne the midnight hour was upon us. While he was watching the dancers, I was admiring him, thinking he is perfectly devilishly hot, handsome and utterly fuckworthy. He took my hand leading me to the dance floor we danced a couple of songs then the count down began, 60 59 58 57. Looking into each other eyes counting down the year as our lips met. Auld Lang Syne had started and ended before our lips parted. I was thinking that I shouldn't fuck him, but I probably will fuck him tonight. A few kisses later I knew if he wanted me, he could take me.

When we walked off the dance floor, I asked, "If he had to drive tonight or was staying at the hotel?"

"At the hotel,"

I put my arms around his neck kissed him then looking into his eyes I asked, "Is their any way you could make room for me in your bed?"

With a priceless look of amazement at the forwardness of this lil Longhorn girl he stammer, "Yes he would make room".

I slipped on my coat and picked up my clutch as we walked away from the table. When we got into the elevator, he pushed number twelve then turned to me took me into his arms and kissed me. Our lips were clinging together as his hands were searching the back of my thighs moving to my ass. Even when the elevator door opened and closed at a couple floors our embrace never broke we were in the clutches of lust body to body. Leaning against the room door, I grabbed him as he tried to put the card into the door I pulled him to me to kiss him. His hand slipped to the back of my thigh raising my leg he slid his fingers inside my panties dabbling his finger tips on my wet pussy. My moans seeped through our kiss when he slipped a finger into my wetness.

Wanting to cum, that second I demanded, "Taste me right now!"

In a frenzy, of lust, he slipped to his knees lifted my leg over his shoulder moved the crotch of my panties aside and buried his tongue into my wet pussy. Licking, nibbling, biting my pussy was driving my sexual barometer to its limits. His hands, under my dress tweaking my nipples with his thumbs and forefingers, gave my body cause to quiver. My moans of impending orgasmic relief were reverberating throughout the hall. My focal point was his tongue on my pussy bringing me to orgasm, but the surroundings and the fact we could be watched were enhancing the experience. My moans became more defined as my tummy tightened while my orgasm trapped inside my body was trying to escape. When Jays fingers went into my pussy, and his lips went to my clit my orgasm escaped in a violent bucking of my hips against Jays face my voice screaming OH YES. My orgasm along with my sexual squeals echoed throughout the hall as Jays lips found my lips sharing my taste with me in a long, magical kiss. The ding of the elevator alerting us to the impending opening of the elevator doors prompted us to move the sexual adventures into the room.

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