Need - Late Night!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, NonConsensual, Gay, BiSexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Scatology, Size, Violent,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Does watching women suck Big Black Cocks(BBC) cause you to 'need' to experience it yourself? It does for one man! Boredom can lead to real excitement when combined with online personals, iPhone apps, and pets.

One AM?! I am in bed trying to sleep - I don't feel tired and wish that there was a 24 hour fitness club in Nashville. I am bored and thinking and fantasizing. I reach for my phone and bring up craigslist. I have done this before - when I get bored I think what it might like to...

I call up the account and repost one of the personal ads. It all begins with "Need..." and then I contemplate erasing it. I do this from time to time. Mostly the ad generates a bunch of spam and even the real responses seem fake. I have just gotten settled into a comfortable position when the phone chimes. I have this specific account set to push messages. It's only been a few minutes and I wonder what that means, I think for a bit and then roll over and grab the phone to see the message, fully expecting spam.

I am a bit startled when I read the message - it has a phone number to call.

You Need? I can help with your need. I'm waiting for your call, but not more than ten minutes!

bbc2suck - PT in CS

There was a phone number with a picture of his BBC. What the hell? How? Lots of questions but this was the first real response and I had ten minutes to decide. I wanted to be indecisive and just let the time run out. That is a cop out, but, I always wondered why I did this and if I would do anything if the opportunity arose.

I just hit the number - the phone asked if I wanted to dial and I hit yes.

"I got what you need!" was what he said when he answered.

"Ummm, yeah?"

"You Need BBC to Suck! You have until 2"

"To what?"

"To wrap your lips around my BBC."

There was a pause as it sunk in - he wanted it now! Tonight! I ... just said "Where?"

and he told me. It wasn't that far and was in a dangerous looking area of town. I drove past twice and was now sitting in the parking area. It was dark, there wasn't a sign. It looked closed but I finally got up the courage to try the door and it opened. Inside it was all shadows but there was a bar to the left and seating on the right. About eight guys were playing poker at one table and only one other table was occupied. Just as I was about to move my phone buzzed that I had a text.

Come over to my table, kneel down and wrap your lips around your first BBC. Or turn around and leave

I was about to put the phone in my pocket when the bartender said "Give that to me!" and indicated the phone. "Or leave like the man said!" I handed him my phone and started to walk to the table. "Wait! What's your iTunes password?" I looked at him for a second and then told him. Shit! I was about to suck cock in a bar and I was worried they were going to mess with my phone? And I waited until he'd entered it and was downloading an App. I hoped it didn't cost too much but I had other things to worry about.

Just to be thorough I should point out that I was the only non-black person in the place. The man at the table didn't even acknowledge my presence as I knelt near the table - there was a light under there, not bright but at least I could see. I had to unzip his slacks and it was good they were loose because the cock that came out was big and black. It was like a short fat snake. Short only because a snake that big around would have been six to eight feet long, this one was a bit over a foot. I didn't hesitate except to look it over for anything that might indicate disease and finding none I tentatively licked it. I had been trying to accumulate saliva since I had walked in the door because I knew a lubricant would be helpful. My tongue touched and swirled and then I opened as wide as possible and sucked the head into my mouth. My mouth was just barely big enough to get it into my lips and I worked at sucking and licking. When nothing really happened I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants so I could get my hands and mouth on his balls and lick the shaft as I had seen all those blonde bimbo's do in all those video's. My favorite was Annette Schwarz and I had watched her do lots of black cocks. I had thought about doing this alot. There are lots of thoughts that could be going thru my mind, however I was here doing this and spent that time doing the best "job" I could, even blowing on it a few times. I doubt I was doing very well and I don't know how long I was allowed that first time. It all came to an end when I felt someone pull my head up by grasping my hair.

"Enough for the moment!" the man said and I looked towards him. He nodded towards the other side of the table where, when I looked, there was another man standing. He ignored me and asked the gentleman "This him?" a pause "Still need... ?" and this was obviously to me and I nodded "I'll outline my "needs" and you agree or we're done!" I had to think a bit but I then nodded yes

"I was thinking six weeks but I don't believe that is long enough - One Year!" he paused and I waited thinking there was more, when he began to turn away I said "Yes!" and thought I saw a bit of a smile. I was thinking I could stop whenever or at least he had more stipulations.

"I want commitment, I don't like anyone that only does things half way. So, four nights a week and you'll spend most of that time with TWO holes full!" he paused a bit for that to show on my face, I was a bit surprised but not completely. The post had said might bottom and he was saying no might about it. Now that I thought about it I had said if the BJ wasn't up to "your" standard you could fuck my ass. I just nodded thinking I wasn't that busy that four nights a week would be horrible and if the last few minutes were an indicator I kinda liked sucking BBC.

He smiled again "All night - you'll finish in time to get to work! If all this is OK with you then you need to get me hard and then I'll fuck your ass!" I started to move towards him "and I don't see any reason we can't start tonight! Right guys?" and the guys playing poker said "You the boss!"

Shit! Fuck! That was fast - we went from four nights a week to FOUR NIGHTS A WEEK! I know it is the same, but, I was thinking six to ten or something and he is talking SIX to SEVEN, 6PM to 7AM! All night long! But I wasn't ready to relinquish the opportunity to suck on another BBC and I didn't! I just took off his pants and started sucking his cock. This one was thinner but longer, imagine that, it never got real hard and those things together made it easier to swallow more of it. Once I managed to get past the gag reflex again I could take most of it down my throat. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't easy but it was easier than on the dildo that I had been practicing on. I was looking up at him as I eased him into my mouth and almost got it all the way down. My hands were holding his balls, they almost filled my hands like a softball. I could see a challenge in his smug look and I forced myself to go deeper and deeper until I reached the end. The challenge changed then and I felt his cock soften a bit. Somewhere in there it dawned on me that I had agreed to do the other eight guys at the poker table but it didn't really sink in until just after his next statement.

"You swallow? Cuz right now I gotta piss and it's time for you to swallow " and he started to piss, by this time I was short on breath but I knew something bad would happen if I backed out now. I could just tell from the look on his face. This was not going to be the last surprise and it wouldn't be the worst. I could feel the piss flowing into my stomach but didn't taste it because he was far enough in my throat to not even require me to swallow. It seemed to take forever, later while I reviewed the video I timed it at 47 seconds. When he was done he just pulled his cock out. "Clean it off and put it away!" I did that and then he said "Go over to the poker table and make the rounds a few times, then I'll be ready to fuck your ass!" and he walked away.

I don't want to detail the events under the poker table but I will give a short description. After "the boss" had demonstrated what I would do all of them took advantage, most of the time I just had the head in my mouth as they "drained the lizard". That was far worse than the first time. Of course a mobile urinal means you can drink and play all night long. I should note that while the boss was doing me I was aroused, pretty much "Hard as a Rock!" would describe it. The rest of the time it wasn't all that sexually arousing. This all started a little before two and about five I was bent over a post in the middle of the room with only my shirt on. The post had a place to tie my balls and cock that looked newly added and crude, then I was bent over where a pad allowed me to rest my stomach (which was horribly full!) my hands and mouth were full of BBC as "the boss" was the first man to fuck my ass. He was disappointed because I wasn't too tight, since I had tried a few of those dildo's out there too. Not that it was easy either, and it was much different when someone else controls the action. He managed to work it pretty good from side to side so I felt him hard and long! The he pulled out cum in my mouth. That was pretty disgusting but let me know what would be expected in the next year. When he was done most of the rest of the guys playing poker followed suit and then the bartender finished up to make my first time anal a perfect ten! Some were thicker and one was longer, I was tired and had been sucking cock all night but I won't ever forget it. And every single one did what I learned was ATM, Ass to Mouth, just like the boss. Other than being tired I was a bit disappointed when they turned me loose.

I got cleaned up and was about to leave when the boss met me at the door.

He started handing me stuff "Here is your ID, your phone, this is the app you need to use whenever you are training, AND " I was looking at the ID, across the top it said BBC Sucker in Training, below that was my picture sucking a BBC and beside that were several contact ID's, no address or phone but one said, he paused until I looked him in the face. "Anytime a BBC Owner asks, you provide - ANYTHING he wants! Do you understand?"

I shook my head and then understood he wanted a verbal answer "Yes, I understand. Anything a BBC owner asks me to do, I will do." thinking I had lost my mind.

"Good, one of the cool things about the App is that it shows where you are to anyone that has been an authorized trainer. I opened the App and noticed that my picture was prominently displayed with the picture from the ID. Below that was a bunch of listings with time tags and other ID's.

"All of those are the guys you did tonight, everytime you suck or fuck a BBC you need to take a picture and log it. If the BBC is registered then you need to get his registry ID and add it. Any BBC on the registry will be able to locate you if you are within a specific distance so you might be pretty busy on your time off too! Questions?" I just said "No" and he said good. See you tonight after work" and he went back to his office.

I just left and got in my car. Looking at the time I decided I needed to get a move on and I was hoping Jenna's toy house was open because I really needed a butt plug if I was going to manage the day at work.

Work - and more surprises

There wasn't much time before I was to be at my job, I found the Jenna's and bought this three pack of plugs, then went to a drive thru for breakfast and got to work about the normal time. I should explain that I am a salaried professional which means I have flexible hours in general but like to be consistent. I work 8-5 with an hour lunch. My boss is flexible and just wants my job done without his intervention.

In the middle of scarfing down the fast food it became imperative I visit the little boys room and use one of the plugs. I took them all and went to the public rest room which is unisex and one stall. It was good that I got several because the one I thought would work was too small. In fact the largest one was snug but if last night was an indicator I might need a larger one tomorrow.

I spent the next hour making sure I had everything handled at work and fully scheduled. About 9:45 I got a text message which isn't too unusual but this one was, it said:

Special Delivery for Need @10 Sharp. Front entrance. Expect delivery to take 30-60 minutes. ATM - We deliver loads all day long!

I looked out the window and the van was already there. Upon closer inspection it was a new phone number but they had said Need. I was beginning to wonder what the hell ... but it was a little late for that. I just had to look at the App to remind myself that I was in pretty deep. I spent a few minutes looking thru the App which was called ATM-Loads and was a little shocked - All of my encounters last night were on the App and its sister website. There was a picture of every BJ and pictures of me being cornholed. Video's of most of them from the first one under the table to the end. The night was labelled a Perfect Ten - with many more to cum. The app reminded me of the appt with the delivery and I put the phone away and headed out the door.

I was about ten feet away when the back door opened and I stepped inside, "After this undo your pants as you get in and drop them to your ankles. Commando works best!" hands grabbed me as I went for the belt and moved me towards a pole that was familiar. The voice had come from farther away so I knew that there were at least two people here besides me. Something was wrapped around my cock and balls, more intricate than last night, this one had separate loops for each testicle. Then something was pushed into my penis and a something else surrounded the glans, whatever was inside began to expand until it pushed tightly against the shroud around my cock. Tight enough to hurt. All of this was pulled by a cable to the post and stretched my genitals just past the comfortable level. then I was bent over and the reason I was there slipped into my mouth, a few seconds later the buttplug left my ass and was replaced by a BBC.

I knew the van was moving because of the G-forces on my body and my precious parts solidly attached to the post tried to move around.

The cock in my mouth was hard and being shoved even harder into my mouth and then my throat. It would be there for most of this adventure and would pause for a very long time (to me) while buried fully in my mouth, then extracted just long enough for a partial breath before impaling me again. My phone was beeping as I "enjoyed" being fucked. The guys pounding my ass were taking turns and stopped each time they were about to blow. I was pretty sure there were five guys in the van but it was hard to tell being woozy from lack of breath. Later I would find I had cum three times in that hour. Whatever was inside my cock must be hollow or I would have blown out the side when i came. Right now I was pretty out of it and when the van stopped I wasn't sure why. What happened was that another five guys came in and pounded my ass until they were ready to "deliver their load" (I heard this clearly) and the cock in my throat was removed and the one from my ass was driven down my throat so it could finish the delivery. This took a pretty short amount of time and then we were off again. As we returned the other five guys did my ass and then delivered the load down my throat. When those five were done the sixth guy returned his BBC to my throat and someone tried to stuff their fist in my ass. Unfortunately they ran out of time. They all agreed it was unfortunate, I was pretty out of it and don't agree with them. They helped me clean up after the last guy dumped his load, pushed a large buttplug into my ass. Just before opening the door he said "Take lunch at 1, that was only a partial delivery!" and pushed me out. They took off instantly, I paused to wonder a bit but just walked inside. I was at my desk when I realized I had been given a package. I was almost afraid to open it.

Lunch -

I had been gone less than 45 minutes, that seemed unbelievable considering what had happened in that time. It didn't surprise me they could find that many BBC's near my work since I was near downtown. A little too close for much gentrification but close enough for the people living there to feel a bit of anger for getting pushed from their homes.

It was almost noon before I looked in the box. Just before I did that I remembered the "commando" comment and took care of that before opening it.

The box was about the size of those that hold reams of copy paper and just about as heavy. It was full of several more boxes and a note on top.


There are a few things you should bring to lunch. In the shoe box are accessories for the CBT items you are wearing. The two cylindrical objects screw onto their tops and will contain your balls. The bottoms will unscrew to attach other things but that is for later. There is a weight that attaches to the hood on your glans. Please take a few minutes to put these in place, time is of the essence.

All you need

PS In case you don't know ATM is slang for Ass To Mouth.

So I made another trip to the head. The weights on the balls weighed about eight ounces but clanked a bit if you walked incorrectly or rather you could keep them quiet if you walked correctly. It was good I wore loose slacks because the weight on my penis would have been really noticeable and would have been painful if caught just wrong.

I didn't think much about them, just endure for the moment. I haven't commented much about my feelings and I should make things clear. I don't think enjoyment would describe them but all of this was more interesting than my life had been previously. I have said I was bored and this was definitely not boring. I do admit that I don't intend to stop soon, I think letting things play out is a good idea. I do wonder how they would have that ATM van for even a few guys, I am guessing it is for women too. All of this is too much for me to figure out. I had intended to find a guy that would let me suck on his cock for a few months, maybe once or twice a week and find out what it was about. The fact that somehow I stumbled into a much more exotic adventure is disconcerting. I am writing this story so others can learn from what is probably my mistake - although we won't really know until it is farther along.

It was time to head to lunch (1pm) and I figured this would be a continuation of earlier. I might have had a better idea if I had looked at the App, but, that would be later. There was a signup sheet on the website.

This time I dropped my pants on entering and since the CBT was already in place I was secured very quickly. This was to be different, in fact it wasn't even the same van. A collar went around my throat, my arms were bound behind me, my head was tipped back to give a direct line down my throat from my mouth, something was shoved into my mouth to spread my jaw wide and covered my teeth, my cock was stretched inside the pipe by a cable attached to the weight, my testicles were stretched down and hooked to the floor, and my legs were spread rather wide so that it was assured I could not move. Not like I had intended to move but this was serious bondage.

We were moving and it seemed everyone was waiting. While they waited several decided to feed me a liquid lunch. Four guys pissed in my mouth and I swallowed in self defense or because I'm a nasty boy. Probably a combination of the two. When they stopped, the door opened and someone stepped inside.

"Well, looks like Need is well prepared." and he took the billy club he had in his hand and slid it into my mouth, throat, stomach, it seemed a long way in. He left it there to check my CBT's and then I felt something larger but just as smooth push into my ass. By this time I was seriously short of air and he teased the club from my throat and I thought I would pass out but just managed to hold on to consciousness. He pushed it back in but removed it immediately. He ordered another guy to run it in and out without pause then turned his attention to the one in my ass. Evidently it was much longer than what he had inserted and he worked that inside a lot more. Every once in a while something stretched my balls down.

This was not any fun and if I could I would have bailed. Which I think was the point.

"Bye Need, see you tonight!" and the boss split, his last words gave me hope "Untie him and fuck the shit out of him before you drop him off."

The two clubs went away and a cock went into both holes while other hands worked to untie my arms and neck. The thing in my mouth was there the whole time and I am pretty sure I got DP'd by two of the smaller BBC's while we went back to my work. They didn't release the CBT until we stopped and the buttplug went back in place. Then I was pushed out the back of the van and almost fell. All things considered it wasn't that bad of a lunch.

The afternoon was normal after all of that, at least until about 4:30 when a young lady came by to ask some questions. She seemed reluctant to leave after she'd gotten her answers, almost like she wanted me to ask her something. She was about twenty something and I was much older so it never crossed my mind she might be interested in that way.

Almost outta here and Punching a Donkey

I was just about to leave when someone I didn't know came by my cubicle.

"Hi, can I help you with something?"

"Yeah! " he didn't say anything else, I had been standing when he arrived and just stood looking. He looked me up and down like I was a piece of meat and I got a little leary and thought - he is black! and with that fucking App who knows and that was confirmed as he said "Yeah! Fucking cocksucker NEEDS my Big Black Cock! Shove it down your throat and then pound the fuck out of your ass! You ever had a foot long, three inch wide cock inside you! " He said it in a normal conversational tone but that made it more shocking. I must have reacted "Let's go to my office cuz starting tomorrow you'll spend a lot of time under the desk." and he started to walk away. I was thinking and not moving "Now Asshole!" the threat was pretty obvious in the comment but not the words. I followed him to the other side of the building.

He stood near his desk "Give me your phone!" and I fished it out. He started doing something then looked at me "Well, what you waiting for? You NEED an engraved invite?!" and I knelt down to remove his pants. I started with his belt but he lifted his foot and I took that to mean "off the shoe", then the other one, then his slacks and underwear. "Don't just throw those pants anywhere! Make sure they don't get wrinkled!" He definitely had a BBC, a really Big BC! I didn't pause to think or anything, just started licking and sucking and playing with his balls, huge balls. He scowled a bit and before it was even slightly hard.

"Tighten your mouth around there I don't want no fuckin mess in my office. You swallow every drop!" and he started pissing! He had done this shit before because he just barely kept the flow below overfill. A few times it went up my nose and that stung like hell! It seemed to take forever. God! What is with these shit heads? They seem to assume anyone that wants a cock in their mouth wants to swallow their piss. The fact that I let them and had no problem coming back for more was lost on me. When he was mostly just finishing I heard

"Yeah, fucker drinks piss like a pro! See boys, white cocksucker likes his nourishment!" that was when I noticed he had the video going on my own phone. "Don't fucking stop now asshole!" and then he grabbed my hair "Tell me the truth! This is the best second of your life! That huge black cock in your mouth, just finished pissing in your throat! Tell ... the ... truth!" and then he pulled my head back off his cock.

"Yes! I love sucking this cock and I like it when you piss in my mouth! But I really want you to fuck my ass!" I said it pretty quietly but very clearly and when he let go of my hair I went back to trying to fit that cock in my mouth. I did everything I could but it wouldn't fit and to make it worse it just kept expanding. It got longer and thicker and I spent a lot of time licking the side and his balls. I should point out that when I made that statement I believed it. That didn't come out quite right, because I still agree with that statement. I made quite an effort to get my lips around this big fucker but in the end I spent most of the time licking the shaft, head, and balls. Those were just as abnormally large as the cock.

"Enough, pull down your pants and bend over the desk!"

I didn't need to be asked twice and did as he said, I wasn't kidding when I said I want him to pound my ass. This was great! And he didn't make me wait, and it took some major effort to get into me. It hurt and it took a long time to just penetrate my sphincter and that was just the beginning of a long hard insertion. He had put my phone so it could video the act. When it was finally all the way in he pulled out really fast, the suction was awesome! Harder and harder he pounded into me. This was when I found out that was what I liked, hard hard hard. His last fucking stroke was deep and quick, then he hit me hard with fist just at the base of the skull, I was stunned and must have really squeezed on that big cock because it felt like half my insides came out with his cock. He had grabbed my phone just prior to this act and while I recovered I heard

"Too fucking cool! That is the FIRST fucking time a Donkey Punch worked! Look at this ass guys! There must be eight inches of his shit chute hanging out! Well, time to finish the ATM!" And came around to shove that cock at my mouth again. It still didn't fit but I tried and then he started cumming, and just kept cumming. Spraying cum all over my face in my hair on my shirt every place. I was still dazed from the Donkey Punch ... Cum in my face, my ass hurt like hell. Shit this was insane.

"Shit this is pretty fucking amazing! Look at his shit chute pulling itself back into his ass. Would not have believed it had I not seen it, even with this video! Well, now you guys can try it!" then he was back in front of me.

"Cmon slut, clean up this mess." There was cum all over the desk and I started to wiped it up with my shirt tails "No!" horrendously loud "Lick it UP! Use that whore mouth for what it really is - cum bank - that any BBC can make deposits!" and I didn't really mind it had seemed a waste when he spurted it all over the place. I don't know where he was while I was cleaning up but he appeared just as I was pulling up my pants after inserting the buttplug. That was different, I tried to figure out what was going on, of course the plug was loose once it got in, but before that it felt like it was really tight. I had never heard of a Donkey Punch - tell you all about it later.

"Lots of hardware there." he said while I worked at cleaning up his cum.

I just nodded "Looks like a good way to walk a dog..." I looked up but didn't say anything "You got dogs?" I nodded no "Get some - three to start, one for each part. No little fucking dogs either - 60-70 lbs each" I was looking at him and when he paused for an answer I knew he was serious "The pound opens at 8 take them home and walk them - I want to see the video when you get here. I'll cut you some slack and you can blow me at 10 by this time I was all done and dressed.

I didn't leave right away

"You stupid? Was something I said unclear?"

"No, but I don't work for you! I don't even work for your agency, I work for ALC."

"What difference does that make! Be here at 10 and suck my cock. Maybe suck a few of my directors cocks, maybe all fucking day! Just fucking be here at 10 or don't be here ... EVER! And I was serious about the dogs."


"OK, what " and there was anger and hate.

"OK, sir!"

"What?" more anger with rage, what the hell?

"Yes, Master, I will be here at your desk at 10 sharp! Please forgive my impertinence!" and I almost knelt but thought that could ignite him if he thought it sarcastic.

"Go!" and I went. If anything this guy was a bigger asshole than I had thought before, wanting me to call him Master! But to each their own fantasies. Then I saw his name plate, or at least his secretaries.

Oh fuck! I am seriously screwed now. that I knew who he was. Great, I was now the fuck toy of the head of the agency! And he didn't like me much and wanted to ... well I had no idea but I didn't think he wanted to be friends. And to top it off I was close to being late for my night ... job? Hobby? Whatever, it was Wednesday and I assumed it wouldn't be that busy.

One full night - swallow and a 7th inning stretch

I grabbed a burger and ate it while driving. For a minute in the drive thru I thought the guy taking the money was going to ask for a blowjob. When I got to the delivery window my phone chimed and when I looked it had added a new trainer to my list. Sooner or later he'd get his blowjob. On the way I spotted a store and figured what the hell and made a slight detour to buy stuff.

The place looked different in the twilight and there were several cars and a bus parked outside. There was at least one pretty white girl having a bit of dark in the parking lot. As I was walking up two more guys joined them and very quickly she was completely full. All three of those guys were burying their BBC in the girl.

The bar wasn't as dark tonight but it was early. I could see another few rooms and lots of stand up bars. I did see one table where there were several girls on their knees sucking on cocks. All the girls were white, all the guys were black. At one of the standup tables there were two guys that looked like they were fucking but were just driving their BBC thru a hole in the cabinet below the table. One of them was sliding his beer bottle in and out of the bottle holder on the top. It seemed to go quite a ways into the table. My phone was chiming off the wall after I came thru the door and while I let my eyes take in things the door opened and a girl entered with her phone chiming too.

"Give me a hand need" the boss said as he pulled the girl towards one of the stand up tables. When we got there he told the girl "Strip cunt" and she just started shucking her clothes, it was just skirt, blouse, and shoes. Then she bent over at the waist and slid into the cabinet with her butt pointed up. The boss pointed at the her ankles and I used some velcro ties to hook them to the sides of the cabinet - really heavy duty velcro ties - then he indicated similar ties and pointed to her wrists. Her butt was pointing straight up towards the table top, her upper torso was bent thru 90 degrees after her lower back, crap I don't know how to describe it. The beer bottle I saw the guy playing with was being shoved in and out of some girls asshole that was hidden inside the cabinet, the reason it looked like they were fucking is because they were! This girls cunt was right there behind the cabinet door. Her arms were tied to the bottom of the table top. And her mouth was pointed straight out the other side of the cabinet so it could be throat fucked. It looked like it was not very comfortable. The boss was putting some jewelry on her nipples and then hooking cables to them and to a tube lower in the cabinet.

"Come here" I did "Stand on this tube" I did and my cock was right in front of her mouth although it was still in my pants. He did something and the tube I was standing on started lowering down. The girl groaned and the boss said "Ok, get off! Let me show you around a bit."

I looked down at the girl in the cabinet just as he shut the door. Whatever was on her nipples was taking a lot of pressure. The cables had been attached to the tube I stood on and the nipples were stretched very tightly. "They all like that?" I asked

"Pretty much - shit!" he opened the door "How long you here cunt?"

"I got a class at 1 Friday" and he punched a time into a keypad and closed the door.

The boss was just looking at me and the longer he did it the more worried I became. He seemed to have barely contained anger that seemed pointed at me. It made little sense like the encounter with Mr. Talbot. Oh, I might not have told you, Mr Talbot was the man at work just as I was leaving. He is the head of the State agency that my employer, ALC, is contracted to support. Anyway, I really don't want to get into why, how, etc. I just want to continue on my way and the why's and how's are starting to make it hard.

Suddenly he smiled and said a silent Yes -"OK, need lets get you started tonight. We'll start you off in a special place. I followed him to rest room where several black males were awaiting their turn. The boss moved the line and I could see that the urinals were just a couple of white women with their heads sticking out of the wall. The boss left and I followed him to what must have been the other side of the wall. There one of the girls was getting fucked and the other had cum dripping down her thighs. Evidently we were on a lower level because the girls were standing up and their heads had been below the waist in the rest room. The amount of cum dripping out of that one chick seemed rather extreme

"She's been here since noon - you think she needs a break?" I figured I was screwed at this point. I like having a BBC in my mouth but am not really a fan of drinking piss. He didn't show me this because he thought to entertain.

"I'd rather do a pole or blow a few tables, but you're the boss!"

"Yeah, take off your pants. You get a BBC in both ends quit bitching" then he pointed to a waiter 'Get this slut out of here! We're going to let Need take her place." and he left. I was done taking of my clothes and the girl was out of the way. The waiter helped me get into place and when my head came out the wall it was greeted by a BBC and I started swallowing quickly. Someone was pounding a cock into my ass and all was okay with my world. Sort of!

You know what happens when you drink effluent from a bunch of people drinking alcohol? The body is designed to dispose of poisons quickly, alcohol is a poison. Didn't you ever wonder why you had to piss so quickly after you drink a beer? Well, it's because the body is disposing of the alcohol in the quickest way possible. I would guess there is lots of alcohol in the piss of a bunch of guys drinking all night. I was getting drunk! So I don't know exactly how long I was in the urinal and I know it won't matter but I certainly don't want to do this again.

I woke on a couch in an office. I had to pee like a racehorse and was glad the employee head was just outside the door. When I was done the boss was standing there.

"Ready for the post!" you would think a question was asked by the sentence structure but it wasn't a question of a request, it was where we were going.

This was much better. This time my ankles were placed in collars about two feet apart, my cock hood had a cable attached and pulled into the pipe that held the pad for my stomach, the weights on my testicles went down the back of the post and had cables to add stretching. I was bent over and a continuous line of BBC came and came in my mouth and ass. I was still there at about three AM when a group of young males entered. The last BBC was pulled out of my ass and pushed into my mouth where I swallowed the cum and licked the shit off the shaft. I had been hoping he was the last one until these guys showed up. I had been thinking about the dog walking thing. Any fool knew that he wanted me to get three dogs because there were attachments for weights on the hood and ball canisters. Walk three dogs with their leashes attached to my cock and balls? I originally figured I'd get arrested, then wondered if I could just do it inside or the back yard which might be a little secluded. Probably wanted a video of me at the doggy park! I finally came to the conclusion that a pair of running shorts, the leashes to my balls down each leg and the one on my cock out the fly. And I could take a towel to cover up if someone happened along I could cover myself with my hands and pretend I was holding the leashes.

"Sheeiit! Would you look at that! White boy is doing ATM!" he picked up his beer and walked closer. Too bad we're so late, I'd hit that!"

"He'll be here often, why don't you kill the beer and fuck him with that?" that was the bartender

He looked for a second drained the beer and walked behind me. It was quickly obvious that the bottle was a tight fit but not that tight. "This fucker is too short - ain't there a bat in the car?" and one of the other guys went out the door. He was back soon with said bat! This didn't sound good but I wasn't able to do anything other than fall prey to others.

He walked over and took the bat, looked at the Bartender who just shrugged and then came back to me. "What you think dick? You had all that cock, this is bigger and longer and hell - it's even black!" he chuckled but got mad when I didn't "Tell you what Mother Fucker, I'll let you get this fucker wet with your tongue and then its fuck yo ass time." One of the others came over and the kid gave the bat to him to hold while I put as much saliva as possible on the bat. The fucker was a softball bat and as big around as that fuckin Talbots cock. The first kid was looking around and noticed the cables and figured out they were attached to my cock and balls. "Hey! How do you adjust the cables, they look awfully tight" the bartender wasn't listening and didn't really care and told the dude how to adjust them. Next thing I know my balls are going down down down.

"Ooooff!" was all I got out before my cock started stretching. And it wasn't just once he did this, after the third time he got bored I suppose and...

"Gimmee the bat fucker!" and the next I knew the bat was being forced into my butt. It took some effort and all six of the group came over to support or help. Each one worked on it for a few minutes then another took over. All the time one of them was "adjusting" either my cock or balls and I couldn't tell you which was worse. Possibly because it all ran together. The bartender came over with my phone to take a video and it started chiming with the additional trainers noted. It hurt alot when it first burst into my ass but they just kept going and for almost an hour I was impaled on a moving post. They got tired of the same old shit and went back to drinking but left the bat fully inserted. Every once in awhile they would come over and tighten the cables. On one particular adjustment I passed out from the pain. I was out for a time and nobody was there when I woke. My cock and balls were still stretched tight and the bat was still there. Every once in awhile I felt the bat move but wasn't sure what was up.

Then the bat slid in and out slowly over and over. "Like that baby?" came a quiet lilting voice that obviously was a woman's

"Uhh, yeah, maybe"

"I kinda like doing it - I feel guilty using you but i still like it."

I had no idea what to do and then it stopped and she was in my face.

"Do you want me to stop? Do you want me to turn you loose? Dan said I could..."


"You know he's kinda the boss..."

"Oh, never heard his name." wondering how come it felt like I had known him forever and should've known his name and then remembered it was just yesterday I met him.

"You look familiar... " wondering why

"Of course silly - we both work at ALC! I came by your cube today! Want me to turn you loose? It's kinda hard to talk like this!"

"Sure..." still a bit dazed that this girl was here.

After being released I needed a little help to get seated and then we talked a while. The boss came in and told us to split. Tara reminded him that she needed a ride.

"You're both going to the same place - carpool!" and disappeared into the back. It took a while to find my clothes, Tara was all dressed and we went out to find breakfast. I was walking like I had a bat in my ass and had been kicked in the balls a few thousand times. But Tara made it much better than being alone would have been. We talked quite a bit and since It was only six and we had a couple hours. I really needed a shower and she said she'd love to see my house.

After my shower we went to work and tentatively agreed to meet for lunch. After we split up I remembered about the dogs! Crap! So I hauled ass to the Dog Pound that I had found yesterday after Talbot gave me the orders. Normally adopting three dogs would not be allowed. This wasn't exactly normal because there were several dogs on their last day and letting them get adopted was better than euthanizing them. Better meaning even these guys don't want to put a dog to sleep and budget wise it cost less to let me adopt them. I told them I was looking for dogs about 60 lbs. Before we got to the cages another man called to the first.

"Just a moment, this sounds important please excuse me." and he went to talk with the other man. It wasn't a long conversation and a few times he looked over and held up one finger that I took to mean just a moment longer. He returned and we continued towards the cages. "Mike reminded me that some of the mid-sized dogs had been claimed last night but not picked up. Do you want to look at some smaller dogs?"

"No, I don't think I want anything smaller. Bigger would be better..." letting him think whatever he wanted. When we got over to the cages they were all separated and he took me to a row that were all pretty big. I had been thinking a bit and wondered if I would be better with something like a St Bernard since they seemed big and gentle. Then I remembered a movie that had one in it and decided against that thought.

All the time we were walking he was asking about age, sex, disposition, etc. I was listening and answering his questions. He went down the row and pointed out several dogs. He pointed out that non-neutered dogs were cheaper and he wasn't supposed to let them leave without it but several had yet to be cut because they didn't figure to get adopted. I really had no idea how to decide and just let him tell me which ones to choose. They all seemed too big, they were all near a hundred pounds, but all were 2-3 years old. Good health, little bit of training. My only issue was they all seemed too excited and active considering I was going to have them tied to my genitals by a leash.

I ended up with a German Shepard, a Rottweiler, and a mix that the guy said was Mastiff and Rottweiler, it was even larger. I let my conscience guide me a bit because the guy pointed out the ones most likely to be euthanized today. Most dogs that are adopted are to families with small children and the ones I chose weren't too good around small kids. All of them topped a 100 pounds and I was glad I had my 4dr Rubicon. One because of the space and two because the interior was easy to clean and tough. Even though I had been tight on time the night before I had stopped at a PetSmart on the way from work to work(?) and gotten three cages for the dogs to sleep in, pads, dishes, and food. They were still in the back of the Jeep. Last night I had been annoyed they didn't have medium size cages and I got large ones, now it seemed karmic. I had even gotten special leashes that had those clips on each end and some choke collars. Each dog already had one which turned out good because the ones I had bought were too small. The guys helped me get them into the car and semi secured for the short trip to my house. Thanked me for saving them from the shelter and waved as I drove away. They looked really happy.

I unloaded the cages and put them in the house. The dogs were getting antsy so I got them all out and put them in the back yard. I tied them so they were separated around the back fence. I went in and setup the kennels, threw in the beds, food, water, and chew toys. By now they were getting rowdy and I went and got them one at a time. I walked them around the yard and then let them get used to the kennel. When I finally had them all in their kennel it was past nine.

I called Mr. Talbot and his secretary put me through.

"Umm, I just got the dogs settled into their homes but I haven't walked them yet."

he said "And you want to know if you should walk them and be late for your treat or come blow me."

"Yes - it just took longer. No delay or problem but I wanted the dogs to be fed and watered while I was at work."

"Send me pictures of the hounds! I'll text you!" and he hung up.

I dutifully took the pics and sent them. A minute or so later "Take the Rottie out for a walk on a six foot leash. Hook it to all three and no hands. Half a mile - want video"

I had been petting the dogs, they were all pretty cool but I had no idea about this.

I went and found some sweats that had a fly and found a cable. Then the phone chimed a text "Changed mind - hook to one, do a third, etc"

I guess he was in a hurry but I got the hint. I took the Rottie out and put on his leash - thinking I needed names but was in too much of a hurry at the moment. I attached the leash to the hood first because it was easiest.

At the click of the leash the dog headed for the door. I assumed he was trained to know leash meant out. When he came to the end it hurt hurt hurt and I almost collapsed. I did my best to not allow slack in the leash after that but that was impossible and it hurt almost as much with constant strain. I walked him around the back yard and when it seemed he was doing okay staying close I let him lead me out the gate and down the driveway. I had my phone out and made sure to get pictures of my end of the leash. To say it was an adventure doesn't give credit to adventure. Almost continuously the leash pulled on the hood and if you have ever walked male dogs you know they go to every tree or post or? I managed about a third of a mile without seeing anyone. Changing the attachment to one of the weights on a testicle was hard without a dog tied to the other end, with it was a mess, add to that being nervous someone might see me with my hands there was crazy. It got a little crazier when the fucking dog decided to lick my cock and scared the crap out of me. Finally it was attached and I learned about a completely different kind of pain. Try imagining someone pulling your nuts through a tube. Everytime the dog reached the end of the leash it felt like that. Not to mention it was like someone hit the ball with a hammer. Over and over - once was really bad and I ended up sitting on the ground for a while. Finally we got some semblance of balance and managed the rest of the third mile. Switching was a bit easier this time and since we had gotten more experienced and the dog wasn't as excited being free to roam it hurt a lot less. I was pretty happy to see my house. I was almost home when Linda, my neighbor next door, backed out of her driveway.

"Hi, I don't remember you having a dog! What's his name?"

"Oh, no he's new just adopted him and am still thinking of a name. How have you and Tina been?" I was holding my left hand near my crotch, not touching the leash but it looked like I was. I was glad it was attached to my balls and not the hood.

"He sure looks healthy! I'm doing good, Tina is on a raft trip this week, she'll be back Sunday!"

"That sounds fun - but wet!" thinking of Tina in a wet t-shirt while she had washed his car a few weeks back.

"Yeah, it's nice to have her away. It means I get to play a bit. Speaking of playing, I saw a lady over there earlier." nodding towards my house "New girlfriend?" and she winked at me.

I was a little confused then remembered Tara was there this morning. "Oh, that's Tara! I met her at work. " I had no idea what to say after that

"So you spent all night out!" she was all smiles and I realized I could just let it slide. "Well, I better let you go. Got an appt" just then the dog yanked pretty hard on the leash. And I was really glad she just waved and drove away. I wanted to just fall down and die!

After a pause and a few more yanks we continued to my house. I unhooked the leash before I opened the door and was real glad when the Rottie ran to his kennel and started lapping up water.

I had recorded lots of video and noted that my conversation with the neighbor was part of it. That was when I learned there was no editing of them before they got uploaded and they all got uploaded automatically. Since I was home it went pretty fast on my wifi connection.

I closed the kennel door and gave a little attention to the other two dogs and went to crash in a chair. I had barely touched it when my phone chimed.

"stick cock in cage - dog lick - facetime me"

Oh fuck ... but I got up took off the sweats and knelt by the kennel. My cock hadn't gone soft in hours so it stuck thru the wire. The dog was all over it right away.

"too hard to see - need it attached"

Fuck! he wants my dick tied to something. I looked around and tried to avoid the inevitable. Then decided to just do it. There was one of those rubber bungie cords on the table. I went and got it. Hooked it to one side of the cage then towards the front then pulled it so I could get my cock back into the other side. I had left the phone sitting on the top of the kennel and it chimed again. "Good idea " then again when I hesitated because it was too short "DO IT!" and I pulled much harder than I ever wanted to and slid the hook onto the hood loop. I let it go slowly as my phone chimed a few times. Oh fuck it was way way too tight - I would have grabbed it except the dog got in the way and began licking. I could actually hear laughter from the phone. I just did my best to shove my body thru the mesh to ease the pain! A couple of times the dog hit my cock from the side hard enough to scare me it would pull apart but it was mostly pain. The dog got tired of this game and tried to lick my hands and face. Causing the phone to chime again Once I reached it "Take shower get here now"

I said OK and turned off the phone. Spent a bit of time getting the bungie loose, my cock was no longer hard because it was in pain and that made it difficult to unhook the bungie. I stumbled into the shower, cleaned up and then had the bright idea that I could have used any fucking wire to tie my cock to the cage! I didn't need to use the bungie cord! The I got tired of lamenting something that couldn't be changed and got dressed. I was about to leave when my phone chimed again. I was afraid to look but did anyway. "Blow the dog" was all it said which was too much.

I contemplated homocide... "Now! Video! Or..."

The Or could mean alot - Fuck!

And I let the dog out, knelt down and got him to lay on his back for tummy rubs. I was very surprised when his cock started hardening from the rubs. I had put the phone on the App and video and set it pointed at the dog. Here goes - it wasn't like I hadn't sucked a lot of nasty cocks, dogs lick their own clean, it's probably cleaner than all that ATM shit. I almost laughed when I thought that! I got down and dirty and they dog loved the hell out of his blow job, tried to fuck my mouth a bit. Then the knot started to form and I made sure it wasn't in my mouth. Then he started cumming. A bunch! When it was all done and I had licked him dry the phone chimed "Reward him and get to work"

I knew what he meant and told the dog he was such a good boy and gave him some treats. Petted the other two and split.

Slave to BBC - ATM and the

The drive into work was a nightmare - I should have used mouthwash, not because it tasted terrible just because I had just blown a dog! All kinds of shit went thru my head, what the hell was I doing? How do I get out of it? What should I name the dogs? Huh? That one broke the spell. Who the fuck cares what I name the dogs! Two days! In two days I had gone from mostly normal to having my cock and balls in bondage. Three fucking dogs (oh god I hope not) How much cock had I sucked? How many had fucked me? And, I took a bat in the ass last night! Doggie blowjobs. All on video.

I was getting close to work - and was looking forward to Talbots big cock. I guess that was when I realized that all that poor me and why me shit wasn't real. I liked most of this crap. It disgusted me that I did, but that didn't change anything.

I was just getting out of the car when the phone chimed. It was from Talbot "ATM delivery is here - do that now"

OK, that sucks. I had no idea how much.

I was walking very carefully, just a little tug on my balls and I was ready to die. As I got to the van the door opened like always and I dropped my pants as I climbed in. This van was bigger and there were more BBC's here than yesterday. I was propelled towards the post and my ankles were put in steel brackets, then I was bent over and things changed a bit. My cock was stretched tightly down the pipe and then another pipe went across my lower back. I knew it was like the girl in the cabinet they were going to turn my torso back vertical. I felt some more weight on my balls and assumed incorrectly that they were cables. They added three pound weights to the ones already there. Then they tied them together and left them hanging as the van began to move. My arms were enclosed in a sleeve that went almost to my shoulders and my shoulders were pulled tightly behind my back. My head was placed in a hood that left my mouth and nose free and pulled back until my mouth pointed straight up.

"Ready for the SPC - pump him full. We can fuck him for about 20 minutes then we plug his ass and watch him expand!" no chuckles with this group. They were serious bastards.

Whatever SPC was it tasted terrible! And it came very fast, pretty soon I wasn't swallowing it was just flowing down my throat. The tube it was coming out of slid slowly down my throat. I enjoyed the butt fucking until it stopped. Then something large was inserted in my ass and it started to expand. I was pretty sure it was bigger inside than out and felt like an awfully thick balloon was expanded inside me. That was a pretty accurate description since it was one of those rubber drain cleaners that you hooked to a hose to expand in the pipe and then push out the clog with water pressure. The only difference was this didn't have a hole to let the water out, just in.

The SPC was filling my stomach and I was hurting from the pressure but it didn't stop and I figured something would break. It didn't so much break as release. Whatever is inside you to keep stuff in your stomach finally gave up and let it flow into the next cavity which I think is my intestines. I don't know how I could breath but I could. I vaguely remember the tube going in my mouth. Maybe it went down my throat past the air passages. The pressure didn't stop and the SPC continued filling me up. Every once in a while we must have hit a bump because the weights hanging from my balls would hammer them and I would try to scream but nothing happened.

I remember waking a few times so I am guessing they used smelling salts or amyl nitrate if I passed out. Over and over I endured a pressure build up in some part of my body. Moving passing like indigestion and gas but this wasn't that simple over and over my body parts stretched and released until I guess there was no where for the SPC to go - it had reached the plug in my ass. But they didn't stop pumping it into me and it just kept getting worse! Imagine feeling like you were going to explode. It seemed to go on forever...

And then poof - release - they disconnected the hose from my ass and let the plug deflate and when it shrank enough it flew out. I could feel wind on my legs and had no idea what was going on. But that was nothing that mattered because the pressure was off and whatever SPC was it was spewing out my ass. I have had enemas and serious diarrhea and nothing compared to the relief as my bowels released all that built up pressure. It went on forever and ever and then it stopped. I was elated and euphoric right up until someone shoved the fucking plug back into my ass. And it started expanding again and despair started to settle in as the pressure began to build up again and my body began the process once again. I haven't any idea how long this continued, how many times they filled and emptied my body with SPC. Again I was in and out of conscious thought and any memories cannot be trusted. It could have been days or just a few hours.

My next trusted memory came sometime later when I realized there wasn't any pressure, just a feeling of flow. I couldn't feel anything but a semi hard very slick tube in my mouth but my ass was feeling a flow. Not like the enema with a quick release and being empty. This was like I was full like a garden hose, goes into and comes out! One continuous flow.

"Unbelievable! What's the flow meter say?" the voice was analytical and without emotion.

Another voice said "About 42 GPM - that's like a 1-2 inch pipe at low pressure, I bet we could double that in a few hours..." there was no doubt that was what he wanted.

"Well, all the SPC has been used, now we're pumping straight sewage. What is the pressure right now?"

"Just 16 PSI, when we started it went to over 30 a few times"

"Raise it gradually to over twenty"

I could feel a build up and the noise level went up. There was no doubt what pressure they were talking about. The effluent from my ass increased a lot but only the pressure in my stomach seemed to increase. Were they really pumping sewage into ... err ... thru me?? This was ... I had no idea what it was. Did it really matter if they were pumping shit and piss into my mouth? I had drank piss and with the ATM I licked alot of my own shit off a bunch of those cocks. And then it dawned on me - SPC - Shit Piss Cum! Fuck what a bunch of sick fuckers. Of course I was cursed with intelligence and knew that as sick as they were, I was as bad or worse since I had been ingesting those three things pretty voluntarily for the last few days.

The second voice was counting "18, 19, 20, 22, 24,... , 29, 29, 29, 28, 29 yeah stabilized at 29" and you could almost hear him thinking "Yep - over twenty"

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew...

I was sitting in my car - something HUGE was in my ass. Every little move sent sharp pains thru my cock and balls. Some loud noise was near my ear and I finally looked to the left to see this really gorgeous woman beating on my window and yelling for me to wake up! Yep - Tara!


I managed to push the unlock button on the door and she opened it and held me tight.

"Don't move me too much - it hurts too much" It took a long time but she finally moved me to the back seat, I couldn't walk around the car. She drove to my house and then tried to help me move again. Finally I communicated that something hurt really badly in my crotch and she found the weights and removed all but the top from my balls and figured out how to take the hood off my cock. I couldn't walk very well, but I was able to move into the house. The dogs were going a bit nuts but Tara managed to quiet them down while I was sitting on the couch.

What the fuck did they do to me? I felt like someone had rolled me down a mile long hill, bouncing all the way but with no scrapes or bruises. All the pain was inside me. What was the purpose for doing it? Basically they forced me to be a pipe to pump fluids through ... Tara brought some water and some pills - it was hard to take the water but I knew it must be painkillers or similar. There were three little reddish pills and two white ones. If I was right it was ibuprofen and tylenol and I really needed it. It was touch and go swallowing the pills and I hoped they got ingested properly since I don't know if my body is working normally right now.

With Tara's help I got undressed and into bed. I was so tired that it overrode the pain and I slept for a few hours. It was just after eight when I woke up to an excruciating need to use the bathroom. Tara was next to me and woke to help me. Which was a good thing because I could never have extracted the plug in my ass by myself. It wasn't pretty but most of it went into the stool - and after I was done I sat in the shower and ran hot water over me. Given the time to think I asked Tara to bring me a glass and I sat in the shower and drank lots of fresh water for a long time. As I had guessed it made a rather quick trip thru me and when the expelled water looked a little cleaner I stopped drinking and we reinserted the plug.

Then I got dried off and dressed in some sweats and moved into the living room.

I asked her what I could take to clean out my system - and replenish things.

I took some acidophilus and ate some bread but that was all I could take. Little things like swallowing were a problem.

I was appalled that they had pumped PSC thru me at 29psi - I didn't know what it really meant, I know that atmospheric pressure is 14-15 psi but I have never heard of anyone testing how much pressure you could put inside a stomach or something. Who the hell would do that? Why would they do it? Just because they could? They must have some reason. And judging from that van I wasn't the only test subject. Although it did seem like it was someone testing a new car to see how fast it would go.

Tara took the dogs out for a walk and I watched an old comedy - LA Story with Steve Martin - it was pretty good and required little thought and if I missed some of it I could fill in from memory.

When I awoke I was being held or holding Tara! She was a god sent angel thru the night. I was emotionally a bigger mess than physically. And physically I was barely able to move. Various times in the night I awoke to needs and each time Tara assisted me to the toilet and to eat a little bit. But my biggest problem was feeling abandoned and alone and ... oh who knows, all I can say is that just holding her let me keep it together and not lose it. Companionship or camaraderie or just having someone to hold that cares can make up for lots of other things. I was pretty sure that there must have been something broken inside her too, because by the morning neither of us would let go of the other. We talked about lots of things in the little time we were awake. By the time daylight appeared I knew a lot more about her life and she about mine. In fact I knew more about her than I knew about anyone else I had ever known. And it had only been a few days. I was falling in love with her and didn't quite know how that might affect my life. I knew that should she leave, a huge hole would appear in my heart. I hoped I need never find out, but that had a lot to do with Tara.

Finally it had to happen for all the reasons you might suppose but the main one turned out to be the dogs needing out to do their duty. And I managed to help a bit - if the dog had tugged on the leash I would have fallen over but they seemed to be protecting us and were very careful.

"We should probably name them Tara"

"Wouldn't that be confusing?" I was about to reply and then I looked at her smiling at me and got the joke, chuckled a bit but not too much - it hurt.

"I was thinking Hard for the Rottie, Often for the Shepard, and Here for the mix..."

"Oh, that's good, come hard come often come here"

"We could use something else - like fuck hard..." it hurt too much as I started to laugh.

"No I think it should be Larry Curly and Moe"

"Hmm - that would be OK"

I just left it at that - it was silly. But it had been a way to forget for a while.

Later I called my boss and told him ... Not that boss - the one where I work. Hank said to take it easy and get better. He had seen Tara helping me at the car as he left and hoped I was in good hands. I told him the best and then went back to bed.

The next time I awoke Tara was cuddled close but was just looking at me.

"What a lovely sight to wake to..."

"Yeah? I was thinking you were pretty fun to watch while you sleep?' her smile lit my world.

"Thank you..." I said

"You're very welcome - I enjoy being close to you. I..."

" ... love you!" I finished what she started, at least I hope that was it.

"Yeah ... I don't understand but this feeling cannot be anything else. I feel ... perfect when I am with you. That isn't quite right - comfortable or just where I belong when you hold me. More so when I hold you too! Does that..."

"Yeah, it is almost what I feel too - there is something that isn't quite right, but its pretty close."

"Are you feeling better? You know pain wise!"

I thought about it "Yeah, I feel pretty good. Holding you is great too, but I seem to have recovered quite a bit."

She just rested her head on my shoulder and sighed. I don't know how long we lay there but it wasn't long enough. The dogs began barking and then my phone chimed. Instead of pitching it in the trash I took a look.

"ATM delivery Saturday morning at 9am - otherwise spend the week with Tara"

Then Tara's phone chimed - "Look!" and hers said the same thing except it added to take good care of me.

She was all smiles and that made me smile too! What a way to get to know someone! Then my phone chimed again

"ATM delivery is for News5 demo - details in email"

I showed it to Tara and she took away my phone ;-( Then looked thru my emails until she found it.

She didn't look too happy - and I emulated the mood without any knowledge of the email.

Turned out that my experience wasn't unique except that the team doing the experiment had now been vanquished to some form of punishment. There was even a little blurb about the usefulness of the experiments in filtering grey water.

I would have just ignored the announcement as complete BS if I hadn't just been the filter!

Filtara presents a new natural filtration that uses a renewable resource and provides significant reductions in transport infrastructure by reducing quantities at its source.

The system has extensive test installations in desert countries where costs of procuring water is significantly higher and makes recycling more cost effective.

I had a really sinister thought and then discounted it. Is that really possible? Someone using live persons to filter wastewater? No, ... but the idiot said something about testing maximum flow even if it wasn't useful in real use. Oh my ... and they have been testing this prior to my experiment? I took Tara's hand and we cuddled a while longer on the bed and then we finally had to take care of the dogs. We both took them for a walk, all of them at once and I held the leash in my hand. It was a pretty short walk because I wasn't really well.

Water Demo...

After a few days of rest I was feeling much better - I was a bit nervous on Saturday because of what had happened. I was assured repeatedly it wouldn't be anything like that last time. In fact I wasn't supposed to do it the last time. Someone had made a big mistake and I had been informed that they wouldn't be doing that again. In fact the way it was said it sounded like they may never do anything again.

When the truck arrived the door was opened and two young women dressed in lab coats stepped out to greet us. They were about as different from each other as you could imagine. They introduced themselves to myself and Tara, Ms. Black and Ms Blue. Very distinct on the Ms portion, Ms Black was the darkest skinned black female I had ever seen and she was close to 6 feet tall. Very athletic build and she reminded me of the henchman in of a 007 movie except she was gorgeous! Elegant facial features and very precise in her body movements. Ms Blue was petite and slender, she moved a lot like Ms Black and her features weren't elegant. She fit the definition of "cute as a button" to a T.

They were both very professional and explained what was going to happen to me. I was going to demo the filtration capabilities of the human body. They explained that this demo came about on short order and their normal subjects were unavailable. They were very apologetic for what others had done before and tried to assure me this experience would be different.

Then they described what the demo entailed, including the final portion which I would not be involved with as the TV station had wanted their reporter to experience this first hand.

The reporter and cameraman arrived and Ms Blue walked them thru the initial previews as Ms Black took me to a dressing room. I was given a pair of workout pants that had a velcro area that could be opened to allow insertion of the "effluent" system. Then I was led to a seat that would have fit well in a dungeon. I was seated and then restrained for the duration of the "experience" (they actually called it that) and then they inserted the effluent system which consisted of a pipe with an inflatable bladder to secure it. Then they inserted the "life giver" into my mouth. Some PSC was oozing out to lubricate my throat as it was inserted. There was a short moment of panic while it interfered with my breathing and then it passed.

I couldn't move my head or any other part of my torso, my legs and arms were secured and then I could hear Allison (the reporter) doing an overview and then the demo began.

There were several parts: cleansing - where clean water was pushed thru the filter until the effluent was clean, initializing - where my body was filled with clean water and pressurized - meaning they closed a valve in the effluent tube until the pressure was equalized throughout my body, operating - where the incoming fluid was changed to waste water for filtering and would be captured for testing, cleanup - where clean water was again pushed thru the filter until all waste was gone.

This sounds very clinical and easy - the entire process took about an hour. You would have to ask Tara about what happened. The cleaning push was OK until I got to filling up and then had to equalize the pressure throughout my body. Then when they opened it back up there was a few minutes until the flow smoothed out - that hurt like hell - then the operational phase was pretty OK. I should point out that all this was rather arousing for some reason. I must have cum five times in the hour. Which was noted by the reporter and Ms Black n Ms Blue. Hmmm - Black n Blue! I really doubted that was unintentional.

In the end Allison interviewed me after I was all cleaned up and dressed. The only significant thing she asked was if I had suggestions for her in this endeavor.

"Try to relax and enjoy it, there will be some pain and discomfort until your body adjusts. Only then will you understand what it means."


"Keep in mind that I had this done once before, your body will take longer to adjust."

and Tara and I left.

Allison was one of the prettiest "talking faces" in Nashville but was junior to many others. She had long blonde hair and was petite but well proportioned. Ms Black wanted to expand her orifices but was overruled for her initial demo, she relented only because of knowledge that there would be more later. The "life giver" (LG) was the same size as I had used but the effluent system was smaller to fit in a used but tight deuce. Allison took the anal insertion prior to the LG and could report on its progress and then its expansion.

Ms Black said "Our first demo required more stages, but for Allison we will start with the waste water immediately. The LG requires some effort to get inserted so you will note the fluid is already started and Allison is swallowing..."

There was more commentary but the main attraction was slipping the LG down Allison's throat which took some time. Allison had on a T-shirt (Filtara) and running shorts to show off her legs. It is all about audience attraction.

Allison grew comfortable as soon as she could breathe, she was amazed at this concept. She had liked to deep throat but didn't like suffocating, here she got a long cock shaped thing in her throat and could breathe too! The LG vibrated with flow and so did her body. Each time pressure would build something would finally release and her whole body vibrated with the changes. The first thing she noticed was how aroused she was getting, her nipples were rather large for her petite size and stuck out almost an inch. Her labia and clitoris were going crazy and Ms Black n Blue gave them attention and camera time for the outtakes reel. Then when she was fully pressurized they inserted a dildo to "stabilize" and protect them from damage.

Allison had long since forgotten everything but how horny she was and needing release. When the switch was thrown to release the pressure and all that shit started flowing out she came hard, very hard and several times.

Even with the start and stop of flow she stayed horny and it was all caught on camera. The girls let her ride the flow for an hour, then switched off the effluent until she was fully pressurized then let it flow. Every fifteen minutes for the next two hours they repeated this process and every time they started the pressure release Allison had multiple orgasms.

The cameraman packed up his stuff and took off in the van. As he drove away he never thought what happened to Allison, Ms Blue had helped him pack his stuff away and flirted all the time. He was thinking it was just a tease until she slipped to her knees and proceeded to give him her best oral stimulation - he was just what she needed as his BBC slipped between her lips and down her throat until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He had this happen once before but Ms Blue took it to another level as she repeatedly took him all the way down, stopping for a breath briefly on each penetration. He was in heaven for the few minutes it took to bring him to completion. The look she gave him promised much more in the future, but he would never see her again.

By virtue of this short distraction Allison was left in the van, fully loaded since they had turned off the effluent but left the pump engaged. Ms Black n Blue would entertain the reporter in a manner that would give her a better perspective of the study participants that had already been deployed overseas. The van had tanks for waste water and was designed so that the outgoing flow can be redirected into the source tank so in the short term it could flow thru the filter forever. They stood together as they flipped a few switches to redirect the flow and then opened the effluent valve to start Allison on her next orgasm. They added a few things to the fluid and then a larger dildo to her cunt and then drove back to the factory where the dildo would be replaced by similar appendages attached to various males. These would include coworkers, bosses, fans, and a few Filtara investors.

But most of this has nothing to do with Need and we have digressed.

The Return...

I had recovered quickly and Tara and I enjoyed the time together. It was a little strange because there was less sex than other relationships I had in the past. And it was far more personal and intimate in spite of or because of that.

It took a while to discuss the Gorilla in the room, that being our fascination with BBC and the sex that came with that. The Gorilla turned out to be a fairly docile and small little guy when we got around to discussing him. Tara was really in need of the BBC and was looking for someone that could deal with that. I was still Needy and didn't really want to give up those BBC's either. I did want to give up the fucking filter thing! And when I thought it through I didn't want to give up the ATM van or Talbot or...

Through out this discussion I found that Tara wanted to have children, wanted a normal relationship with a white male so she could have little girls that looked just like her. Her BBC dreams stopped at having sex other than oral or anal. That was pretty much anything goes until it came close to her vagina and that was off limits. Which sounded about like my needs. And I just had to adjust to both of us wanting the same thing and if I wanted children with this young lady that was magnificent and desirable and fun. As usual I had issues with the age difference not because I'm not interested in twenty something babes, but because I don't see why she would want me.

We worked that all out after a while because she explained that we could indulge in our needs and have sex with each other at the same time. Imagine having sex with your lover while two or maybe four BBC were sliding in and out of both of you? This sounds bent and it probably is but I told you already that we both liked doing bent!

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