Our Family Comes Together
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A simple trip to go visit my mother, taking her grandson with me, turned into an event that changed things for Kevin and me and our two children, Jay and Tracy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex  

It was our son, Jay, who first suggested that I write up how all this came to be, how it all happened. He said I should get it down on one of these websites so that not only would the four of us have a record of what happened and be able to read it to remember it all, but that other people might enjoy knowing how we all became a more loving family; a family of lovers.

So, here goes.

I'm Cheryl M. and, when this started, I was thirty-six years old, married to Kevin, forty, and we had two children, Jay, sixteen at the time, and Tracy, fourteen. Kev has a really good job and we had decided that we would live on his salary so our kids could have a full-time mom.

There aren't many of those in our area, so many moms today work full-time, it seems, in our small community on the outskirts of Chicago that, really, is pretty sparsely populated.

Kevin and I were initially attracted to one another sexually. I suppose that's not especially unusual, it seems that nature particularly equips the female with all those smooth, round curves to accomplish something and it seems mainly to attract the male to insert his penis where it feels best and continue the species. It was no different for us, we were fucking on the third date.

We both loved and still love sex and we are also not particularly inhibited. We did a bit of swinging before and after we were married until the fear of AIDS and all the other STDs became too great a concern.

But our lack of inhibitions didn't necessarily end. Kev and I dressed scantily, if at all, around the house and after the children began to get older and in school, we usually, especially on weekends, just wore our underwear around the house.

We did put in a pool and a tall privacy fence, though we were really out of sight of direct neighbors, and often swam and sunned naked.

If you haven't been nude as a family around the house, well, it's really kind of fun.

I'll always remember my son's first public erection, it was so cute. Only now, I wish I had taken a picture of it. Or, even better, a video.

And, my daughter's development was a wonder to watch even though, of course, I had travelled the same path from little girl to nymphet to budding beauty, to, now, stunning beauty. At fourteen, Tracy was a perfect specimen of female beauty.

She was five-four, one hundred-twelve pounds, blond shoulder-length hair which she inherited from my hairdresser, Jacquie. Her eyes were gray-green and her skin was flawless, one of those teens who are so blessed.

Her breasts, now full and plump and filling her B-cups to overflowing, are tipped, like mine, with small, light pink nipples that look aroused every time I see them bare. And, I can tell that she's just as proud of her body as I was and, really, still am. At thirty-six I still look damned good. But, Tracy is perfection.

It was the beginning of summer, the kid's school was out and I was going to visit my mom taking Jay and Tracy with me as Kevin had a three-day business trip making it an opportune time to visit her at her home for a few days about ten or so miles from us.

Well, it turned out that Tracy didn't want to go, her best friend was having a birthday and she didn't want to miss the party with all her friends planning to be there.

I can remember my own days that age and so Kevin and I talked with her about staying home by herself. She was a responsible kid, like her brother, and I would be available by cell phone and could come home quickly if need be.

So, Jay and I left and went to my mom's and that night I called her to make sure everything was fine which it was she assured me. She was talking with her friends and watching TV, the birthday party was the next afternoon, so I waited until that evening to call her.

She told me all about the fun they'd had and I let her know we were staying two more days before coming home. She as fine with that, I'd made sure that the freezer had plenty of homemade meals, I knew she wouldn't starve.

But, after the next day, I just thought I'd run home to check on things and left Jay to stay with his grandmother and drove to our house, telling him I'd be back by lunchtime.

As I came down our road and turned into our long driveway, I spotted Kevin's car in the drive.

I figured he might have gotten back late the night before and was sleeping in late which everyone in our family does whenever they can.

So, I let myself in and walked back to the kitchen.

No coffee made, so I was sure he must be asleep and so was Tracy.

I went to the stairs and heard some sounds, sounds that I knew very well.

I knew Kevin's moans and groans as well as anything and he sounded like he was enjoying whatever he was doing upstairs. He probably woke up with a hard cock and was busy taking care of business.

As I went up the stairs, I was getting turned on more and more by his groans, now I hoped that I'd arrived in time to give him a proper finish. Then as I turned to go down the hall to our room, I heard Tracy.

"Mmm, Daddy, is it good?"

Then I heard some more moaning.

I stopped in my tracks and listened as he said, "Oh, baby, you suck my cock so good, you're an angel."

Okay, so I walked in on my husband and my daughter having sex. Pissed-off, right? Mad as shit. Ready to kill them both?

Odd as it sounds, no, I wasn't angry, I wasn't especially upset, no, I was more turned-on than anything.

Remember, Kevin and I have done some swinging in the past, I'd fully accepted that he has had sex with other women since he first met me. Just like I've had sex with a number of men, myself, and some women, as well. So, I'd hardly be jealous of him having a little fun.

Then, there's my daughter.

If I'm being honest, I'd already come to the conclusion that Tracy was ideally built for sex. She's just about the hottest girl you've ever seen, remember, I've seen her naked around the pool, she's stunning. I couldn't blame any man alive for wanting her.

So, I stood there, unseen, as my daughter sucked my husband's cock while I rubbed myself between my legs.

Well, I thought, I suppose I could just sneak back out and let them have their fun or ... well, I could join the party. It would not be the first time I'd shared my hubby with another woman, not at all. And, well, I was horny and up for some fun.

So, I stepped around the corner and into our bedroom.

Tracy saw me first and jerked her head off Kevin's cock, yelling, "OMIGOD, IT'S MOM," and pulling the covers over her nakedness.

Tracy quickly said it was her fault, that she'd come on to dad, that she was completely to blame, not him.

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