Backseat Beginnings

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, White Couple, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I've done a few things in the backseat of a car before but this time it was with my son…as his father drove upfront with our daughter beside him. I saw him masturbating in the darkened car and decided to help him out. Oh, that changed everything.

Chapter 1

I've never thought that I was much different from most other people and being married and a mother of two, a son, Simon, sixteen, and a daughter, Sarah, fourteen, I've always thought we were a pretty average family as well.

Most of the things about us are pretty normal including the neighborhood we live in, the size of our family, we were just pretty average Americans all round.

SImon had just begun driving, he was a very responsible young man, thank goodness, and got excellent grades, so we let him drive when we took trips here and there.

Of course, he was still new at it and somewhat unsure so we only had him drive for short periods, say, thirty minutes or so.

We were on our way home from our lake cabin and he had done his turn behind the wheel so he was in the backseat with me as we headed home with my husband, Paul, behind the wheel and Sarah riding shotgun.

It was about nine or so, dark and I was nodding in and out of sleep as I dimly saw in the faint moonlight that my son had his hand moving up and down over his middle in an unmistakeable fashion.

I had been curled against the door opposite him but could see well enough as he went along moving his hand up and down.

He was going slowly, obviously not wanting to attract any attention. It made me remember just how horny boys all were at that age when I was a girl.

Was it arousing to watch my son secretly masturbate in the darkness, so close to me?

Oh, I hadn't been that wet and turned-on in, well, years.

Don't ask why I did it but I shifted over some, still pretending to be asleep and remained still for a minute, then reached my hand over and lay it right on his.

His head turned as he tried to see if I was awake and he took his hand away, leaving mine on his cock.

I took my hand back for a second, licked my palm wet and took his cock back and began slowly masturbating him while his father drove us home.

He was looking at me in the faint light while I stroked him, smiling as I went along. With my other hand, I pulled my shirt out at the bottom and reached under to pull my bra up off my boob.

Then, I let go of his cock, took his hand and led it up under my shirt, licked my hand again and resumed jacking him off.

His hand was feeling my breast, his fingers rolling my nipple between them, just enjoying a slow titty-feel as we drove along while I stroked him.

I reached down to unbutton my pants and quietly worked to get them open enough for him to slip his hand down and it took some wriggling but soon he had his hand down in my panties as I maneuvered so I could open to him.

All I could think of were those times when I was a teen, when a boy and I would grope each other trying to get each other off. But this was my own son and I was sitting right behind his father.

His fingertip began working its way inside me as I silently moved my hand up and down on him. I'm not sure if I've ever felt more aroused.

He had soon gotten his finger into me, even though there wasn't much room inside my pants. I tried easing them down some more and that helped, he now had his middle finger nicely inside me.

I licked my palm wet again and went back to getting him off.

You might wonder why I would take such a risk as I was doing?

Well, Paul's sex drive, the last year or two, had lessened and mine, oh, mine had simply gone crazy. I seemed hornier at thirty-eight than I was at fifteen or sixteen. It was almost all I thought about.

If I went shopping at the grocery store, I was ogling the male employees, checking their butts, looking for a bulge from their cocks, it was just incredible. My pussy was on fire twenty-four, seven.

I was masturbating every moment I had alone, constantly rubbing and fingering myself, pinching my nipples, rubbing over my clit. Anything, really to calm my lust.

I surfed the porn sites and erotica story sites as I sat naked at the computer during the day, Paul was at work, the kids were in school, and Mommy was home masturbating all day long, three, four times until my pussy blushed red.

So, when I saw that Simon was masturbating right next to me and made out his long, narrow, hard cock as his hand went up and down, I knew right then that I had to take him in my hand and pleasure him as best I could.

We both sat in the back seat, looking at each other as the miles went by, my hand on my son's cock slowly stroking him, his hand down in my panties, his finger caressing me inside.

I moved a bit to give him more room as I drooled more saliva on my palm and he edged a second finger inside me as the heel of his hand rested on my clit pressing down.

Just the wild naughtiness of the whole thing, along with the unexpectedness of it, had me in a state so I wasn't surprised when I began to uncontrollably shudder and shake every once in a while as he fingered me.

My breathing was heavy, of course, though I was trying to keep it under control as we masturbated one another.

I felt a strong throb in his cock, then, in the darkness, the warm wetness of his semen dripping down my hand as I knew I had just given sexual pleasure to my son for the first time.

Yes, that's how I thought of it ... as the first time. I already knew that I wanted what I held in my hand to enter my body the next time I held it.

I kept slowly stroking him, now all slippery with cum, as he finger-fucked me closer and closer to an orgasm, one that I knew would be strong and good.

His fingers never stopped as he pressed his hand down and soon I felt the release was right on the edge of happening. Simon and I were getting each other off in the backseat of the car as my husband and daughter sat just inches away.

My teeth were clenched as my body was engulfed with rapturous waves of forbidden pleasure from my son masturbating me in the darkness.

I gripped his cock tightly as I orgasmed silently there in the backseat. It was a wonderful climax, one of the best in a long time; we had crossed a boundary and I'm sure we both knew that this was just the beginning.

I kept his cock in my hand until we were just blocks from home. But I knew I had to get my pants closed and my boob tucked back in my bra before we pulled into the driveway.

We slowly began straightening ourselves for our arrival home and both just sat there quietly holding hands in the darkness.

We got home and we really didn't particularly acknowledge what had happened with one another in the backseat. He did give me the usual peck on the cheek before he went up to bed but that was all. Frankly, I was hoping that he might take a quick feel somewhere but he didn't.

Perhaps he was regretting what had happened; I knew I wasn't. Not at all, it was the sexiest thing in my life for a while, that was sure. It's gritty naughtiness was keeping my pussy hotter than ever.

I lay awake for several hours, my hand between my legs, Paul softly snoring as I pretended my fingers were my son's. I managed to bring myself off, I've gotten quite good at silently bringing myself to orgasm these days. Even though I masturbate a number of times each weekday, I'm horny again by bedtime. My pussy now rules my life, it seems.

The next day, as soon as Paul was out the door and the kids on the school bus, I was back out of my clothes, dildo in hand, searching the porn sites for mother-son sex videos, the first time I'd ever looked for that particular topic.

Some were really fake and staged, some were old and grainy, hard to see what was going on at all, others seemed middle European where I guess that kind of thing is more out in the open.

I got off twice in the morning, did laundry, got off again, then began doing some things in the kitchen as I dreamed back to the night before jacking off my son.

Just off the bus, Sarah came in and told me she was changing and then going to her best friend's house for the afternoon and that she would do her homework there at Katie's house and be home around six or so.

About forty minutes later, I heard the front door slam and in came Simon.

"Hi, Mom, what's for supper," his usual question.

"Pizza, I just made the dough."

"Great, you make the best there is, I'm hungry already. Gonna go change. Where's Sarah?" he said over his shoulder as he ran upstairs.

"Off to Katie's, be back around six." I shouted at him.

Well, the ordinariness of his coming home left me wondering if our sweet, sexy interlude was destined to be a one-time thing.

I got the needed pizza-making accessories ready, the peel, the small rolling pin, the pizza cutter and baking stone, all ready and heard him come back into the kitchen.

Turning around, I saw he was naked.

Chapter 2

"Well, it appears you rather liked our ride home last night?"

"Oh, Mom, see this? That's how much I liked our ride home," as he thrust out his hips raising his cock high.

"Well, bring it over here, then, will you? I didn't really get to see it much, it was too dark."

He stepped to me and I reached down to take his beautiful cock in my hand. Yes, beautiful. Hard and erect, lightly pinkish with purple swollen veins running its length to a bulbous, plump crown.

"I thought you felt pretty big, Simon, but seeing you, well, I have to say, um, don't ever tell anyone I ever said this, especially your dad, but your cock is bigger than your father's. I think maybe you inherited this from my side of the family," I told him squeezing it.

"Now, Mom, how would you know that about your side of the family?" he asked grinning widely.

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