Holiday on Foy

by Sirdar

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Desc: Sex Story: Tony goes on a camping holiday on the desolate Isle of Foy inhabited by a lady and her two sex starved daughters

Tony Nash, was now seventeen years of age,. He was a fit active teenager and enjoyed the outdoor life. He stood on the cliff right at the edge looking eagerly at the vague shadowy outline of the island of Foy in the far distance, between bursts of spray thrown up by the howling wind. Unfortunately, it was blowing half a gale, and no boatman, would risk the hour long passage until the weather moderated. In his pocket was a letter written to Mrs. Kate Deehan on the Isle of Foy from his father. He had no idea what it said.

It had been many years since he had last visited his fathers friends family on Foy. He remembered the lovely Auntie Kate well From memory he was about seven years old. He had fond memories of the Isle, and Kate's twin daughters. This visit was a dream coming true for him, as he had planned this unannounced visit for the past year with the help of his father. His father had at times talked about retiring to Foy but now he was a widower, and if his friend Ron had still been alive he probably would have done.

Aunt Kate had been his fathers friends wife, who he had first met at University. She had also been a close friend of his now deceased mother.

He stood there using his new binoculars looking out to see if he could get some idea of what had changed on the distant isle of Foy, since his last visit so many years ago ... He had to lean forward slightly against the wind, to be able to stay upright. The clouds rushed across the sky, with the wind carrying little flecks of rain or maybe sea water spray into his face. The light was fading, and so he reluctantly made his way back to the dingy boarding house in which he was lodging,

His father talked incessantly about his holidays on the Isle, he had first visited Foy in his teens with his friend Ron Deehan, until his marriage and a growing family put a stop to his expeditions. But his friend Ron had carried on visiting the Island and eventually married a girl called Kate. and after the twins were born, and they had finished their education gone to live on the island. They had never lost touch, and he knew that Ron and his wife had raised their twin daughters Zoe and Tammy on the island, the girls must be well into their teens by now. he reflected...

However, he was looking forward to visiting the distant island of Foy, and to explore the island all on his own for a few days. His father had told him that Mrs. Kate Deehan his friend Rons wife still lived on Foy. Together with a widower who lived next door. The rest of the population had over the years defected to the mainland. and the comforts of modern living

Between them, the two families, his fathers friend who had passed away a year previously, and his neighbour, now a widower a Mr. Bill Patterson had continued to live on the Island. They made a living from breeding Sheep Chicken and Goats and growing their own vegetables. His father had never gone back although they had kept in touch by post, and was eager to hear from Tony about Kate and the girls and what the island was like now

The island also had a reputation as a bird sanctuary, and was very occasionally visited by ornithologists carrying out research, and once quite recently by a television crew making a documentary film.

Tony had finished school with five A levels. He was well ahead of his year, and his father had agreed to let him have a year off, and then apply to go to University. The year perhaps two, if he insisted, was to be spent doing his own thing, going and doing what he felt like doing. The only restriction, was that he was to keep in contact with his father, and tell them where he was and what he was doing. Money was no problem, and he had a bank account with ample funds for some months to come.

His older brother was married with a family. and had no interest in returning to "That bloody desolate rock" as he termed it...

The next day the weather had moderated sufficiently for a brave, but very well rewarded boatman to attempt the crossing ... The boatman knew the island well, and he warned Tony not to stay too long, when the weather changes, we can't get across for nearly three months at a time sometimes."

The island had a rough but very solid serviceable jetty, and the boatman helped him ashore with his gear. Tony found a place to camp, sheltered from the wind, and not too far from the beach, and in sight of the village street, which was lined on both sides with stone built crofts to camp. It was late by the time he had settled in and darkness was falling ... That night he slept soundly, awaking early in bright sunlight, to the sound of screaming gulls, and to the sight of two young blonde teenage girls, who had lit a fire in front of his tent, with a pile of driftwood, and had boiled a fanny of water, and who had obviously raided his food box, and were cooking some of his stock of bacon. They had brought some eggs with them, and some home baked bread.

Tony stuck his head out of the flap and said "Good Morning Zoe and Good Morning Tammy." Which took the girls by surprise, as they said almost in unison "How did you know our names?."

Tony looked very wise and said "I am right aren't I?"


"Your mothers name is Kate is it not?"

By now the girls were looking rather bewildered, until Tony burst into laughter.

"My father is a friend of your mothers, and he asked me to come and see you, and I knew that their could not be any other beautiful girls on Foy so I knew who you two were."

The next thing he knew he had the two girls jumping all over him and kissing him. Then Zoe said "Of course I recognise you now Tony from the photograph your daddy sent last Christmas." Over a shared breakfast the girls told him quite a bit about the island and themselves. They were four years old the last time Tony had come to Foy with his parents, and the girls and Tony had spent a lot of time playing together...

They told him that their mother was managing with their help, since their father had died a year before, the only man on the island was Bill Patterson who was an aged widower and lived all alone, next door to them...

The girls seemed highly delighted with Tony's arrival, as they told him that they had not been off the island for a few years, and Tony guessed they had no previous meaningful contact with boys of their own age. They were young slim sexy and vivacious, dressed in white shirts and blue jeans, which showed off their young figures to perfection. They were both wearing red.anoraks over their shirts, with knee high boots.

They all crushed into his tent for breakfast while they told him that they had been educated by their mother, who taught them to read and write and do sums, and their father had taught them how to survive on the island. They knew all about sheep, goats and chicken, and how to fish, and he soon gathered that they knew all about the facts of life. In fact Zoe asked him straight out that morning, whether he had ever fucked a girl. Tony blushed, and said that he had previously had a number of girlfriends, gallantly adding but none so charming as you two.

"What's it like?" Zoe persisted in asking.

"It's probably the best feeling in the world, especially with someone you are fond of." Tony answered.

Tammy then said "If we become fond of you, can you do it with us?".

Tony blushed, but Zoe broke in and said "Never mind Tammy she is always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. But would you?"

Tony shyly said "I might"

After breakfast they had taken him home to meet their mother who Tony remembered, and who was still a lovely looking woman. She was still as charming as he remembered her. "Call me Kate." he found it odd that she lived all alone on the island ... after her husband had died, somehow he sensed that like her daughters she seemed to be showing a more than usual interest in him...

Tony with the girls later investigated the main street which consisted of a about twenty stone crofts adjacent to one another. They lived in one of the stone crofts on what used to be the main street of the village and near the only well which supplied fresh water ... Bill Patterson the only other islander lived next door and Tony was briefly introduced to him. He seemed a nice friendly man, and welcomed Tony. The crofts had been built to last, and most were still in reasonable condition, but some few were the worse for wear, and in poor repair. Some of the roofs were showing signs of wear, but were repairable...

The girls offered to take him with them, when they went to inspect the live stock, and as they trekked over the hills did not hesitate to ask a lot of personal questions, to get to know him better, and they soon found excuses to hold his hand, as they explored the island, and then getting bolder, each of them demanded to be kissed, as they told him they had never been kissed by a boy, in which case he had to kiss each girl in turn. several times. An experience which they were eager to repeat on any excuse, creating, a problem for Tony as his erection became very noticeable...

Then on their third morning the girls took him to the far side of the island to repair some sheep shelters, and they had taken their lunch with them. Once they had finished eating, they relaxed in the brief morning sunshine ... When Zoe looked meaningfully at Tammy, and then turning to Tony asked "Tony we have been talking, and I hope we don't offend you, but can we see your cock please. We have never seen a proper mans cock only in pictures?".

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