The Forge
Chapter 1

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Captain Richard Hullman, a Federation trooper fighting against the Imperium in a war which seems pointless to him. However as it seems like the Federation will claim victory his whole universe is turned upside down. A new enemy appears which threatens to rip both the Federation and Imperium apart (same universe as the Crucible)

Captain Richard Hullman looked out across the vast smouldering ruins of the city of Valandra, capital city of the planet Stix. It was a wasteland now, the bright sun shone down but could not fully pierce the thick black and grey smoke that rose from it's many craters. For at least a month the Federation had been fighting the Imperium for control of this strategically useless planet. The whole campaign for both sides had been an utter waste of time. Nothing would be gained or lost other than men and equipment no matter the outcome. Despite this fact, Valandra was almost in the grip of the Federation now after a battle that had lasted for a day and a night. A battle that had claimed the lives of over 10,000 soldiers both sides and 40,000 civilians. The outcome was that Imperial soldiers had fallen back to the centre of the now broken city and Federation troops being sent in, Captain Hullman and his 100 strong, company were among these. Now all they had to do was to annihilate the Imperial positions in the city centre, which had been turned into a killing field of broken buildings and wrecked tanks.

The 30 year old Captain was a man of average height, cleanly shaven and with numerous little scars dotted round his face. Black hair just longer than the standard military hair cut was covered by his dark blue helmet. He was well built like all the others in the military but his experience of fighting in every form gave him the upper hand in nearly every fight. He wore the uniform of a standard Federation trooper which was very dark blue coloured combat clothing underneath, flak jacket, kneepads, helmet and belt with various things attached the most notable was a non-standard canteen filled with alcohol. At that moment Hullman was sitting on top of an upturned, burnt out lorry looking over the surrounding area. Smoke rose from several spots and the distant murmur of gunfire could be heard. He checked his weapon, the x18 pulse rifle, which fired old fashioned, large bullets at accelerated speeds. This was unlike the Imperial railgun which fired a laser out and at the target, both types of weapons were similar in attributes other than the railgun could be fired in space. He pulled out the 45 round magazine and checked it before slotting it back into place. In the distance an explosion sent a car hurtling up into the air which then came crashing back down, the Captain just watched and sighed heavily, he was tired

A young trooper came running up the base of the lorry and shouted up in a high, un-experienced voice

"Sir, command is on the line for you"

He didn't respond but instead reached his open hand out down towards the boy who through a small radio up at him. Without looking he caught it and brought it up to his ear. He spoke into it in a deep, grumbled voice

"Captain Hullman" His words were slow and thoughtless. The radio sparked and then replied

"Captain, move your men up, into the city centre, your company will be the one pushing down the centre, Hannson will take the left and Rellabard takes the right. Clear?" The Captain instantly sprung to life and spoke back

"Moving now"

He leaped down from the lorry and shouted to the men to get ready. They all moved in a hurry around, grabbing their things and checking their weapons. A convoy of light tanks and APC's rumbled through the ruins close by which sounded the advancement of troop formations. The company hitched a ride on top of the vehicles in the column up to the edge of the city centre when their objective lay.

They passed slowly by deserted shops residential buildings on the vehicles. They rarely came across a building that was intact and a group of people who still had homes. Packs of now feral dogs ran through the city searching for food, dead or alive, they did not care. Some companies made a habit of claiming these feral dogs and other animals and turning them into attack beasts or other useful things. Most though just tried to ignore the sights and sounds of this place, the conflict here was ending and they would soon move on to a place full of life. Hullman looked up from his position on the lead tank and saw a large collapsed skyscraper type building in the distance, around it were several other smaller buildings which had been all but destroyed. They stood but only by their framework and parts had fallen down below or collapsed inwards on themselves. He thought deeply, the sounds of the multiple wheels of the tanks, gunfire in the distance and soldiers talking all faded into the nothing. He had dreamed of going into outer-space and doing exciting things as many had. Now though this damn war had erupted and the two great powers had collided over something no one even cared about anymore. He did not want to fight but had to, he loved the Federation. Freedom and a good life was what it stood for, the thing that enraged him and countless others was that was what the Imperium stood for as well. The prisoners he had seen all had good lives back home and gladly fought for their freedom, to do what they wished. It did not matter, there was fighting to do.

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