The Video

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My husband shot a video of us having sex and our son found it. When I caught him with it, I learned that he wanted to do the same things he saw on the video. And, did he ever. Be sure to read the Author's Note at the end of Chapter Two before you read the story to ensure your maximum enjoyment and pleasure.

Chapter 1


I've been married to Will for seventeen years now, ever since I was twenty and he was twenty-three. It's been a happy marriage and we have one child, a son, Eric, who's now fifteen.

I was a sex-mad young Southern girl when I met Will and I guess, if anything, my desire and hunger for sex has done little but grow each year. There are lots of husbands who complain that they don't get much sex after a few years of marriage but I'm sure Will doesn't complain of that. No, if anything, it's me who does the asking most of the time.

I'm now thirty-seven and my pussy constantly reminds me that it's empty, there's a hunger inside me that is unrelenting, just always giving me the itch for sex.

Since it has to do with this story, I'll tell you about the video Will took of us.

Will is in the Merchant Marine and is often away for sometimes several months. Now, as horny as I am now, you can imagine how it's like when he does get home. I usually have a 'fuck-the-wife' week planned so I can get my pussy back to somewhere near normal. This time, Will had brought home a new video cam he bought in Singapore at a good deal. I knew why he bought it, it was for taking videos of us fucking.That's what he had in mind.

I had set it up for our son to go home after school with his best friend so WIll and I could fuck all around the house, nonstop, if we wanted. Well, it was more, if he could do it, I knew I wanted to.

I was keeping the house pretty clean and picked up, at the time, because we had it on the market as our new house was in the final phase of construction. My best friend has been talking with us about buying it herself, she's always liked our place, so we might be able to save each some money by closing the deal privately.

Will had called me to tell me he was about an hour away but he was really much closer. So, I went to shower so I'd be all fresh for him, scrubbing my pussy really well so I tasted fresh and clean and as I was drying off, I turned and there he was, naked, his cock swollen and eager.

Then, wouldn't you know, my cell phone began ringing in the bedroom so I went to get it and it was my best friend. She began telling me about her boyfriend and all but, you know, I was ready for Will's cock.

So, I sat there in the chair, talking on the phone, a stuffed bear next to me. It's my favorite stuffed bear whose nose has been rubbed shiny polishing my clit. Yes, my bear gets me off when Will's not around or when I'm tired of my toys and I've got a dresser drawer full of them.

As I was talking on my phone, he was walking around me, videoing me naked, then he sat the camera on a tripod and walked over next to me, running his cock up to my hair, then my ear and face while I talked to my friend. He held his cock to the side of my head, wiggling it in my ear as I turned and gave it a quick kiss, then, wanted sex with Will lots more than I wanted to talk with my friend, I told her to come for supper to talk more and clicked off the phone as I tried not to laugh.

When I finished the call, I laid the phone down and jumped onto the bed, put my arms up behind my head and spread my legs open while he videoed me, naked and exposed as we talked about what we were going to do.

I could tell that my pussy was quite wet with anticipation and, no doubt, the little pearl I wore there was glistening with my hot anticipation.

He asked me how I wanted it and I told him from behind and jumped up on the bed crossways with my spread feet dangling off as he stood next to the side of the bed, steering his cock up to me and pushing his way in.

Oh, it was wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful. I put my head down, just overwhelmed by the feelings of a cock in my pussy after almost a month and a half. I yelled and screamed and got off three times before he shot me full.

He'd gotten home about one in the afternoon and we fucked four times and he ate me out three before my best friend came over. Yes, besides videocameras, he buys those 'little blue pills' in Singapore as well.


My dad, as you know, is in the Merchant Marine and is gone a lot. Mom has a design business she runs from home and she stays pretty busy and it seems she makes pretty good money doing it.

I like to use her computer, it's a high-end Mac with this big screen that is just perfect.

I was using it one afternoon she was out, when I saw a disc partly sticking out of the drive. Written on it was the word, "Us."

I pushed it in and up on the screen came my mom, sitting in a chair, it's the one in their bedroom, with her feet up, talking on the phone ... naked.

Now, let me stop a second, to tell you my mom has a hot body. She's often in a halter and shorts and she's got great boobs. And, here they were bare. Whoever was taking the video, my dad, I guessed, had zoomed in between her legs as she talked, getting a close-up of her pussy.


Then, my dad, for, indeed, it was him, shows up in the picture and he's naked, poking his dick, his big dick, in her ear of all things. She even kisses it.

Soon, they're fucking like crazy people and I've got my dick out and am jacking-off watching my hot mother getting the fuck of her life.

Well, I'm really getting into it and am adding my own comments as they fucked and fucked onscreen.


I came in the back door and immediately heard, rather loudly, my own voice coming down the hallway shouting about how good my pussy felt and how I wanted more and more of a big cock.

Of course, I knew what that was, right, and silently made my way to my office and there is Eric, his pants and briefs puddled around his ankles and there's little doubt what he's doing.

"Mom, god, Mom, I want to fuck you, fuck you so much. I want my dick in there, me fucking you, every day, every night."

I stood there in the doorway, frozen, watching my son masturbate as he watched his father fucking me, fucking me with all he had.

"Me, Mom, I want you, I want to fuck you like that, my dick in your hot pussy. God, I love your tits, Mom, I want to suck them so bad and I want you to suck my cock, drink my cum, fuck you until my cum runs down your legs."

Right about then, I could see his legs tense as cum began spurting up out of his dick.

"Oh, Mom, so hot, oh, fuck me Mom, I want to eat your pussy," he shouted at the monitor as he collapsed backward in my chair to catch a glimpse of me behind him.

"OH, SHIT!!" he yelled as he tried to pull up his pants but with one leg out of them, didn't quite make it before I just told him to stop.

"Eric, stop. Just stay the way you are, just sit there and don't move."

I walked around the chair and took the mouse and ejected the disc then turned to him.

"Well, I guess it's my fault for leaving it there. But what's all this you were yelling out about your mother. Did you really mean that? I want to know and I want to know right now."


Now I'm really in deep shit. She wants to know if I really meant all I was screaming at the screen about how much I wanted to fuck her and all. And I'm sitting there in her office, naked with my dick drooping down between my legs wondering if I was going to live or die.

"Well, did you mean what I heard you saying? Tell me."

I knew I meant it but did I dare tell her? Maybe I could get away with telling her I just said those thing to get off better, to heighten the mood.

"Well, I..."

"Eric, dammit, was what you were saying, what I heard with my own ears, all about wanting to fuck me, did you mean that? Really mean it? I want the truth."

"I ... I ... yes, I did," I managed to squeak out.

"And did you like what you saw on that video? Did you like what I look like?"

"Mom, all my friend's call you a MILF. Do you know what that means?"

"Of course, Eric, I don't live in a vacuum. So do you think I'm a MILF, too?"

"Yeah, by any definition."

That's when she started unbuttoning her top and taking her bra off.

"God, Mom, are you really ... are you going to let me..."

"Yes, Eric, if it's what you want."

As soon as she was naked, she led me to the stairs and went up with me following right behind.

"You look so hot from back here, what a pussy, Mom, so that's where I came out of, huh?" I said, making her laugh.

"Sure is, I guess part of you'll be going back inside there, huh?" she kidded as we went in her bedroom and pulled down the covers, jumped on, spread her legs wide. I saw a pearl in the folds of her pussy and asked her about it.

"Oh, your dad brought that back to me a couple of years ago and he put it in for me. I made him kiss it a lot when it hurt," she laughed.

"Is it okay like that or do you take it out for sex?"

"Oh, it's okay, Eric, let's just see what you can do," and I pushed right into her. It felt so good, so warm and close and perfect.

Then I began moving back and forth as I suddenly knew why people all over the world did this, people every second, fucking in every country, every city and town, fucking, fucking, fucking. Oh, man, my dick never felt better.

I was rubbing and playing with her boobs as she put one hand behind my head to lead me down.

"Suck my titty, Eric. Bet you don't remember when you sucked my tits but I do. I'd like you doing it again."

Chapter 2


I've told you clearly just how horny I've become. Well, I may have inadvertently found a way to satisfy that horniness and it was right under my eyes the whole time. I had a son who was at his height of sexual hunger, just as I was.

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