Dickgirls of Faeruhn: 04 Lily's Secret
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Slavery, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, Incest, Mother, Sister, DomSub, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Snuff, Interracial, Oral Sex, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Size, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lily had a secret that if known, would make all Faeruhnites shun her as a deviant. She could not even risk her womb-sibling Iris learning of her shame. While most sought to plant their clones into whichever of the other 3 lovely Faeruhn races they preferred, Lily longed to claim a fellow Snowflake! She had no idea where the dark twisted path of her perverted desires would lead her and Iris!

Lily was a snowflake with a secret. It was one she dared not share even with her womb-sibling Iris. Being born of the same Golden's womb on the same day made the two inseparable. Still, Lily couldn't admit her shame. She didn't dare let anyone know of the deviant twist that lurked deep in her mind.

While Iris openly leered at Goldens like the one that had birthed them, Lily craved nothing more then to ram her cock into the body of her own genotype! This dark and forbidden urge grew stronger with each passing season. Lily had to continually resist her ever growing desire to hunt one of her own kind. She blamed that disturbing distraction for the seven clones she had been forced to produce over the years. Following other Snowflakes and dreaming dark dreams of mounting and impregnating one of her own kind, Lily had made herself a prime target and was seeded herself. She could hardly bring herself to admit that each time she had followed a fellow Snowflake during rutting season; she had pretended it was her own sibling!

Trying to ignore the twitching of her as yet flaccid cock, Lily was startled by a sudden tap on her shoulder. "Look Lily, its Healer Dusty!" The busty blonde walking next to her said in an excited voice. "I'd love to be the very first to bag her!"

Lily did appreciate the healer's glorious body, firm D-cup breasts, lovely almond eyes and the way her large but flaccid cock swayed between her thighs as she strode along. The fine silver strands adorning her midnight black hair attested to her maturity. The blonde couldn't help staring at the five foot two well toned but slender healer. That stature also attested to the Golden's willpower and strength of character. Healer Dusty had never fallen victim to being mated in her long and fruitful life, but she refrained from the practice of engorging on her conquest's honeypot. She claimed only to take that which was needed to replenish her energy after a successful mating. Just last week the healer had given a lecture on the subject. The Golden had warned sternly on how gluttony and excessive sprite eating could cause you to become one of the social outcast giant Alphas that wandered the wilderness in solitude outside of the city.

Iris giggled. "I sure would love to knock that Golden down a peg or two by knocking her up! It won't be long before my research reaches fruition! I wish I had a boner right now though. I'd knock her down in the dirt and claim her right in the street! I wouldn't care if an Enforcer saw me. I'd ram a clone into her belly and prove Snowflakes are the most virile race on Faeruhn! If I balance the dosage right, I'd just turn around and mount the Enforcer next!" The blonde's beautiful blue eyes opened wide. "Oh cripes, she heard me!"

The Golden abruptly turned on her heel and headed to the two Snowflakes. "Healer Iris, what is this vile filth you're spouting about me?" she asked in a sharp voice. "How would you like me to inform an Enforcer? Rutting season has not started yet. There is no call for you to insult me with taunts of your intention of inseminating me pre-season, and within city limits yet!"

Lily looked around. Thank goodness there were none of the brush cut busy-bodies in sight. Still, it didn't pay to anger one who was known to be close friends with one of the city's most well known and respected Enforcers! "Please forgive my sibling, Healer Dusty! She meant no disrespect! Iris spends so much time lost in her research that she has forgotten how to interact civilly with others."

Iris blushed. "I, um, I didn't mean for you to hear that, Honored Healer. I do apologize!"

"Of course you didn't mean for me to hear." The Golden grinned wickedly. "Before you think of me as your conquest, why don't you go to the hall of records and ask them to let you review my registry." She glared at the two Snowflakes. "To be honest, I've lost count over the years. It may be very informative for you both to see how many Snowflake bellies I've filled with Golden clones!"

The honored Healer let the tip of her tongue glide lightly over her upper lip. "Iris, you are a fine theoretical Healer, and your grasp of the ancient's language is astounding. I use some of the techniques you have rediscovered in my daily work. Don't make the mistake of thinking that will sway me though! It's been too many seasons since I last enjoyed a Snowflake! I'll keep an eye out for you when the season starts!" She looked the blonde from head to foot. "Little one, it would appear that if anyone tops you this rutting season, you will no longer be a citizen! You will lose your rights, and become available as property. I have need of a servant with knowledge of healer skills, so you just beware! Whatever race slips you their clone, I will petition to purchase you from their crèche once you deliver your burden." With that, the Golden strode off.

Iris gulped when her fellow Healer was out of sight. "Oh shit! Lily, why didn't you make me keep my mouth shut? Healer Dusty is too good. If she has me in mind, she'll get me! I, I can't let that happen!" The blonde blushed over her entire body. Even her snow white penis grew decidedly pink to nearly match the coral color of its rounded head. She shuddered while choking back a sob. "She's right! I'm balanced just at the threshold now. If anyone claims even just one tiny droplet of my honey, the loss of stature would be my ruination! I will no longer have the rights of a citizen. I'll become a non-entity slave, or be forced to spend my days living like a savage out in the wilderness! I can't let that happen!"

She took a deep breath to try and calm the panic gripping her. Lily had to force herself not to stare at the rise and fall of Iris's huge F cup breasts, once again idly wondering just what this cup was that all Faeruhnites used as a standard of bust measurement. "My research is at a critical stage. I can feel it! I'm only weeks, maybe days away from unlocking the last of the ancient's pharmacological secrets. I'm far too important to all Snowflakes to become just a lowly servant. We don't have many more generations before we're in danger of just disappearing. If I fail, in less then two hundred revolutions around the sun, there will be only three genotypes on Faeruhn. I may be the last hope for our entire race!"

Lily shook her head. Not that moon fantasy again! Iris had discovered many things in her research, but the dream she worked towards as her ultimate life's work had the ring of madness to it! As if the ancients really had a medicine that would let you be mounted, but prevent your belly growing big with child! Everyone knew that nothing would prevent your being inflicted with your attacker's clone once she released her genetic material inside of you!

Iris would talk for hours of a special fluid found in the ovaries removed from the numerous fairies she had vivisected, and how she was very soon going to be able to synthesize these mystical juices in bulk from plant matter. She had even made Lily stare down into a brass tube with tiny glass lenses at either end, as if using the ancient My Crows Cope device she had unearthed would give credence to her wild scheme. The meaningless little squiggles had been interesting, but what did that prove?

Iris insisted that consuming this substance daily would somehow confuse the taker's ovaries into not releasing the blank empty egg that would receive your attacker's genetic material and become a clone. How could you confuse a mindless blob inside your body? It was all Lily could do to keep from laughing when Iris got into one of her lecture moods!

Her sibling even claimed that there were other mythical medicines that could induce an erection within minutes after taking a single pill, even outside of rutting season! Imagine growing erect any day of the year, and being able to impregnate anyone on those months an egg was released while no other race was able to rut? How would the rational mind cope with sexual gratification on a daily basis, and if Iris was to be believed, several times in one day! Surely such over stimulation would lead to insanity and death by brain storm!

Iris's big dream was to use this so called lost pharmacology to redress the balance between the genotypes. Iris insisted that it was within her grasp to make Snowflakes the dominant race on Faeruhn in just one generation. She swore the day would arrive very soon, where Snowflakes would march out in mass, proud and erect, weeks before the actual start of rutting season! The Snowflakes would be free to impregnate every Faeruhnite they encountered. There would be no fear of losing in a rutting battle. The Ebons, Coppers, and Goldens would remain safely limp and impotent as the unexpected Snowflake seeding progressed across the world! Then, during the normal rutting season, Iris claimed Snowflakes would actually enjoy being mounted by the other races, since no clones would be produced in their bellies!

Lily had once peeked in Iris's secret notes. Her sibling even had highly taboo sketches that would earn her at least a dozen lashes if the Enforcers ever found out about them. They depicted a special locking helmet she had designed, which would provide a barrier to prevent a tongue from entering your mouth, or the orifice at the base of the wearer's skull. Lily kind of liked the perversity of the pictures. Everyone knew that the only legal ways to prevent having your honeypot ravaged during rutting season was to either be the victor and claim the honey of your conquest, or hide fearfully within the safety of the city proper where rutting was strictly prohibited!

It was all pure nonsense of course! Everyone knew that Snowflakes were a dying breed. Lily didn't like it much, but nothing could change the facts of life on Faeruhn! Somehow the Ebons, Coppers and Goldens just always seemed to have the reproductive edge. Each rutting season only produced a small number of Snowflake clones, while it almost seemed like nearly every mature Snowflake that went out on the hunt ended up with her own belly swelling instead! It was downright humiliating that the Snowflake crèche was housed in such a small singular structure, while the other races had whole compounds dedicated to delivering and raising their infant clones until they were of school age! How could Iris's cache of dusty centuries old disintegrating books change all that?

Lily shook her sister's shoulder, secretly taking delight from the sway of her massive breasts. "Calm down, Iris. The area is too great in the wilderness. The odds of her finding you among all of the citizens out to rut are astronomical! Besides, everyone knows Healer Dusty will turn to that mind broken Ebon she keeps knocking up! She just sent another Golden clone to their crèche. She's ready for another seeding this season. Even if she was still pregnant, rumor says that Healer Dusty fucks her anyway, so she can consume more of her honey. What a stupid waste of genetic material! I heard she even abuses the poor thing's anus as well!"

"Who, that broodmare Raven? I've seen the pathetic creature! She's now so small that there's little chance that a full size Golden's cock will fit within her body! You can see the lumps on her back where her wings are ready to erupt through the skin if she loses just one more droplet of honey! Healer Dusty will probably use her lips to relieve the Ebon of her genetic material, and then wedge the mind-broke broodmare's entire face in her mouth. If you do that while plugging a finger over the orifice at the base of the skull on someone of her tiny stature, you just need one good hard suck! She'll be able to drain more then enough honey and reduce Raven to an easy to swallow size in minutes! After her rutting snack, Healer Dusty will come after me to satisfy her craving for a good hunt and fuck!"

"Iris, just do what you did last rutting season." Iris had been afraid to go out and rut the season after they had both just given birth to big healthy Ebon clones. Lily tried to calm her heart as she remembered spying on her sibling. While watching a Snowflake fairy nearly rupture one of her caged Ebon sprites with relentless powerful ramming, Iris had used her own hand to stroke her swollen cock until she wasted her entire season's worth of precious genetic material all over the floor of her workshop! If she hadn't lucked out by finding and sating herself with that injured Copper just hours before, Lily would have betrayed her darkest secret and broken taboo and law by claming her Snowflake sibling right then and there, Enforcers be damned!

That wonderful day was forever burned into the Snowflake's mind. She smiled, once again running the thrilling events through her mind. She had been cornered. A lone Copper was closing in along the ledge Lily had climbed out onto. Lily had shaken off the rest of the Copper pack, but this one sure was persistent! The ledge had narrowed to the point of not letting her advance another foot. She was finished! If she was standing where the Copper was, she might conceivably be able to jump onto the tree below her. The point where she was trapped only had a sheer thirty foot drop to the jagged rock strewn ground below! She only had two choices. It was either jump to nearly certain death into the ravine, or let her enemy drag her back to safety and another Copper clone in her belly!

The Copper grinned at her as she inched closer. The grin turned into a look of shock and dismay as the rocky ledge under her foot gave way with a stony clatter. The beautiful hunter fell! Lily watched as she struck her chest against a heavy tree branch, bounce off and crash through the rest of the foliage. The Snowflake cringed when she saw the Copper land feet first onto a rather large boulder. She actually heard the crack of breaking bones! The unfortunate hunter let out a scream as she toppled over and slid down the side of the boulder only to collapse onto the ground below.

Retracing her steps and carefully crossing the broken gap of the ledge, Lily had risked life and limb to climb down to her. As she grew closer, Lily could see just how bad off the whimpering Copper was. The legs lay at angles nature had never intended. It even looked like the right one had somehow developed an extra knee! To make matters worse, the left leg's fracture was compound. Gleaming white bone protruded from the beautiful tanned coppery skin of the formerly shapely limb.

Turn about was fair play! The hunter was now the prey! "Let me help you." Lily cooed in a sweet condescending voice.

"Get away!" The injured Copper gasped pitifully as Lily dropped down next to her. "I need a Healer! Don't touch me! Oh please, don't move me! I'm hurt! My ribs are broken and may shift! Please, have mercy and fetch Topaz, the Copper Healer that lives near that huge Ebon blacksmith! Tell her Turquoise is hurt! Tell her two broken legs, left one compound, and at least three broken ribs!" The Copper's frantic pleas only increased Lily's arousal!

"Let me make you more comfortable, my lovely Turquoise!" Lily cooed as she knelt down in the dirt next to the feebly struggling Copper. She licked her lips, and then let the swollen head of the obviously unharmed turgid penis pass between them into her warm and welcoming mouth.

"No, you can't!" The Copper moaned, the pleasure of a mouth on her cock momentarily overriding the pain of her injuries. She knew full well what the blasted Snowflake was doing! If she lost this season's supply of genetic material into the pale bitch's mouth, her orifices would flutter open upon her male climax! Her precious honeypot would become vulnerable to being ravaged! If that happened, all would be lost! "Please, you must stop! I, I can't give up any honey! Something is wrong inside, I can feel it! A rib fragment may have lacerated a lung!" she coughed, and spit out a little blood as if to emphasize her self diagnosis. I'll need all of my honey if I am to recover! If you take any, I might die!"

Lily paused and removed her mouth from the throbbing penis for a moment. "We aren't alone in the wilderness." She reminded her whimpering victim. "If I leave to get a Healer now, some other hunter is sure to claim you! I got here first! I won't let anyone else steal my victory!" She kissed the swollen cockhead. "I promise that when I'm finished with you, I'll move as quickly as I can to get you that Healer. Until then, I'm not leaving your side!"

Turquoise coughed again, and a tiny little trickle of blood ran down her chin as she winced from the pain. "You'll weaken me if you claim my honey!" she cried, as those glorious full red lips once more closed over her penis. "I won't cum! I can't! If you take my honey, I won't be strong enough if Healer Topaz needs to open me to try her new technique of using metal pins and rods to repair badly broken bones!!"

It was all Lily could do to keep her hand off of her own straining cock as she sucked the beautiful Copper prod into her mouth. She attempted something she had heard quiet whispers about while back in school. Trying to angle her head just right, she relaxed her throat. With a moan, she pushed herself downward. She felt the massive twenty-four inch long organ pushing into her esophagus, and didn't stop until she nestled her nose in the Copper's pretty black pubic hair.

"Oh no, oh please no! Stop, don't let it happen!" Turquoise cried, but it was too late! She let out a scream of intense pleasure and total defeat as her ejaculation began. Her genetic material was being consumed, but she was powerless to stop her body's reaction! Waves of pleasure crashed over her damaged body as she pumped this season's one and only load uselessly down the gullet of a damn pasty skin undersize Snowflake! The head of her cock was practically in her vanquisher's belly as the precious fluid was expelled where it would do nothing but cause her humiliation!

The Copper whimpered as her fists beat weakly on the ground. A damn Snowflake! Why did it have to be a Snowflake? She was letting the weakest race on Faeruhn eat her singular chance this season to spread her genetic type! Her seed was going to be digested and rendered useless in a Snowflake stomach, ultimately to be passed with her worthless filthy waste! There was nothing she could do to stop her body's reaction to the suckling mouth! Despite the incredible ecstasy she felt as her cock throbbed and spewed, tears of shame filled the Copper's eyes.

Lily gasped when she felt the thick shaft twitch and jerk! The Copper was unleashing her genetic material! She pulled back until just the head was in her mouth. Using both hands, she milked the organ frantically while drinking down every last savory drop! The Copper's husky sighs were music to her ears! Lily kept going until she couldn't coax one more droplet from the now rapidly wilting shrinking organ.

"Oh, that was so good!" Lily gasped thickly, savoring the taste still on her tongue. "That was wonderful, my dear Turquoise, but it was only the beginning!" She playfully flicked a finger against the totally limp and soft member, still slick with her saliva. "You're spent, but I'm ready and raring to go!"

"No, you can't!" The Copper desperately begged in a gasping whisper as her Snowflake attacker ran a finger along the pouting lips of her female sex. Her eyes opened wide as terrible realization set in. "Don't climb onto me! I told you my ribs are broken! I can actually feel them abrading my lungs if I breathe too deeply!" She coughed, and a tiny bit of pink froth formed at her nostrils. She continued with her voice even weaker. "I won't be able to take your weight on me! They could tear into me like knives! Get Healer Topaz, and I will contract myself to you! Bring Snowflake and Copper witnesses! I'll swear to it! Next rutting season you can claim me! I'll freely give myself to you and receive your clone without a fight! You have to agree! Just don't try to mount me now!"

"Don't be such a crèche baby!" Lily laughed. "You seem fine to me!" She spread the limp shattered legs wide. Ignoring the cries of pain and feeble strikes of weak arms, she patted her victim's cheek. "Nobody dies from broken legs any more!"

"Please, listen to me!" Turquoise wheezed. She coughed again, and her lips were made crimson by more blood. "A lung may be pierced already! It, it's getting harder to breathe! If you mount me, it may be ripped completely apart! If that happens and I lose any honey, I won't have a chance! You'll make me too weak to be able to recover! Can't you see I'll die if you fully claim me now? Please, find Healer Topaz!"

"I'll find her after I claim what is mine to take by right of conquest!" The victorious Snowflake shouted gleefully. Lily climbed over the prone Copper and rubbed the head of her swollen cock along the sweet dampness of the lovely vagina. "It's just a few broken bones! You'll be just fine, trust me!"

"Please! The Golden begged. "I, I have an idea! Let me suck you! Then right at the point you are about to release your genetic material, carefully place just the head against my opening and use your hand to stroke your load into me! That, that shouldn't cause any more harm to me, and my bones will be healed long before I deliver your clone into the world! Do that and I'll still contact myself to you for my next fertile rutting season! I can easily afford to produce two Snowflake clones in succession! Think of the prestige that will be yours if you seed the same Copper twice! I'll be shamed and humiliated, but at least I will live! Please, show me this one little mercy!"

"Turquoise, how can you expect me to be this close, yet not claim my prize? Have you ever stopped once the head of your cock has felt the warmth of a waiting fertile conquest? It's just not fair to ask me!"

Lily bore down and slowly pushed the entire length of her eighteen inch penis into delightful snug wetness. It felt glorious! Lily was thrilled to be claiming a victim after being forced to carry two clones in a row! The Copper's battered and bloodied body seemed to be welcoming her with its warmth. Thankfully despite the agony of having her damaged body so roughly treated, penetration still caused the pain wracked Copper to be locked in the grip of her endless penetration induced orgasm. Eyes bright with fear, the Copper's mouth grew slack and opened wide to form an "O". Her face took on the typical surprised expression worn by those locked by continuous paralyzing orgasm into complete and total submission!

Keeping her hands braced on the rocky ground to keep most of her weight off of the roughly breathing Copper, Lily moved very slowly and gently to avoid jarring her victim too much. In and out her cock slid in that wondrous snug warm sheath. That lovely open mouth seemed to beckon her though! Lily needed to taste that honey! Lowing herself, Lily pressed her huge breasts against the slightly more modest orbs of her playmate. She felt rather then heard a sort of jagged grating within the Copper as she slipped her arms under her back to tightly embrace her.

Turquoise's eyes opened wide and the pupils dilated in fear as her rough ragged breathing turned into a weak hissing wheeze! Lily knew just enough about the healing arts to understand what had happened. The Copper's lungs must have collapsed from having sharp jagged rib ends forced into them like the tip of a spear. Struggling with all her might, Turquoise could hardly draw enough air to sustain her life! She wouldn't be able to keep the fantastic effort up for long! Lily increased the thrusts of her hips. It was almost over now. Her lover didn't have much longer in this world, and Lily wanted the Copper to feel the ejaculation within her before she slipped away!

Lily pressed her lips to those of the Copper. Her tongue engorged and lengthened. She would never forget how the taste of the blood her victim had coughed up had mingled so enticingly with the Copper's precious honey when her tongue snaked into the quivering wide open orifice! She pushed on, probing her tongue directly into her victim's brain and the treasured accumulation of life giving energy. The tiny hole in the tip dilated, and Lily began to drink!

Rutting wildly, Lily pumped in and out of her trembling conquest as she stole the Copper's much needed honey. She stared into those lovely eyes as the Copper began to slowly reduce in size. Seeing that drove Lily into a rutting frenzy! She hugged Turquoise tighter still, ignore the grate of bone against bone within her as she feasted on the heavenly life sustaining fluid.

Lily would never forget that thrilling moment when the vanquished Copper had finally died. She suspected that a piece of rib actually penetrated the heart while Lily had been enjoying the feel of mashing their breasts even tighter together. Turquoise made a sort of gasping hiccup, and her wheezing had stopped. Eyes filled with mortal terror, she began to quiver and shake beneath Lily as her face took on an ashy paleness beneath the lovely copper hue. The shaking grew more pronounced and threatened to buck Lily off as the Snowflake reached her goal. The Copper's damaged body gave one final powerful convulsive spasm. It was strong enough to tip Lily past the point of no return!

Ramming deep into the now still body, Lily ejaculated within her victim at the exact point of the Copper's death! It was the most intense feeling she had ever experienced! Pulse after pulse of genetic material blasted into the Copper as her consciousness ebbed slowly into the great beyond. Staring deep into her victim's eyes, the Snowflake saw them lose their luster and grow dim. Heart pounding, Lily claimed as much honey as her body could accept. Turquoise sure wouldn't need it now! Wishing she was larger so she could have the capacity to drain even more, Lily finally withdrew her sated tongue from the slack lifeless mouth.

Her climb out of the ravine seemed so much easier now! Lily was thrilled at her new stamina. The Copper seemed to have lost almost three inches in height already. It was too bad that there would be no forthcoming clone to reduce her even more. Big deal! Lily was sure she had gained nearly four inches, and that was what counted! One more rut like this, and she would become the full height she had enjoyed the day she awoke with her first erection!

Milky white skin glistening with sweat from her climb, she sat on a rock and looked down at her unmoving conquest far below. As the sun slowly set, Lily watched enthralled as a large pack of Canid scavengers encircled the lifeless Copper and began to feed. Before long, there was nothing much left of Turquoise except for bones and Lily's happy memories.

"Lily, are you even listening to me?" Iris shouted, shattering her sibling's wonderful daydream. "What will I do if Healer Dusty catches me?"

Lily shook her head, brining herself back the present. "I already told you! Just stay home and cause your own release like you did last season. That way you can return to your smelly old books that much faster!"

"That's easy for you to say, Lily!" Iris said sadly to her taller sibling. "At lease you had a victory last season, even if she did do you a disservice by dying instead of producing your clone! At your current stature, you aren't in much danger of becoming a non-citizen even if you're inseminated again this season! After producing eight Ebon clones and only managing to plant three of my own. I've lost too much stature. I'll be ruined if I'm inseminated just one more time, and all our hopes will be ruined with me!"

"I've planted four clones myself!" Libby proclaimed proudly.

"That last one didn't count! Your victim died before it could even start to grow!"

It was Lily's turn to blush. She didn't like to be reminded of her own failings. She had to face reality. Last season had been a lucky break for her. That ledge had given way after who knows how many thousands of years. Lily knew she should have been the victim last rutting season! She would have added another Copper clone to the tally of two copper, three Ebon, two Golden clones she had already been forced to produce if the Copper hadn't fallen!

Lily would never forget the humiliation she had suffered while spending the final trimester of seven pregnancies in the respective race's crèche's while waiting to give birth to the clones she had been forced to carry! Even after that, tradition and law compelled her to return to the crèches three or four times a day for milking until the damned clones were weaned and her lactation had finally dried up!

She shook her head and handed her sibling one of the fine nets she held. "Forget about it for now. Daylight is wasting! I want to catch a few more. Judging by the way my cock keeps twitching, we'll need all we can eat tomorrow!"

Iris looked at the net in her hands. "Remember, we are catching them for my research! My test subjects are not for eating!" She said stiffly, but sighed and continued in a more normal voice. "I'll let you consume a couple small ones, since you're going out to rut."

Lily laughed as the siblings walked out into the meadow. "You'll just let me eat a couple? You have at least two hundred. The little beasts are starting to stink!"

"I told you! When I'm ready to try replicating the prophylaxis techniques used by the ancients, I'll need all my test subjects to experiment with. You know as well as I do that medical experimentation on citizens is prohibited!"

"Hush!" Lily cautioned as she crept through the tall grass. "Let's split up, and remember to be quiet!" She dropped to her hands and knees. The tall grass tickled her bare breasts and tummy as she silently and slowly moved. Ahead was a small pond. At this time of day, there should be a few sprites and fairies bathing and sating their thirst. What luck!

Lily froze as she watched a lovely pale white Snowflake sprite splash happily in the water. Her own milk white cock gave an even stronger twitch as she watched they tiny beauty bathe. She gripped the handle of her net tighter, and her arm lashed out. The Snowflake squealed and then sputtered as the net covered and then forced her under the water!

"I got you!" Lily said softly as she thrust her hand into the damp net and seized the struggling sprite by the wings. "Look at how pretty you are!"

The sprite balled up a fist and feebly tried to strike at Lily's hand. It was no use. "Release me this instant!" she screamed in a high yet quiet voice. "You are a Snowflake! Release me and go gather some Goldens! There's a whole colony on the other side of the pond!"

"I know you're a Snowflake!" Lily said softly, not daring to let her sibling hear. "That's exactly what I have a taste for!"

"What? You, you can't mean that!" The tiny one inch long creature cried. "You are of my genotype! Why would you say something so disgusting?"

"Keep still!" Lily warned as she raised the struggling sprite to her face. "It isn't disgusting! Snowflakes are gorgeous!"

"Let me go!" The sprite cried. Her struggle grew more frantic. "Wait! I, I know you! Lily, it's me, Lilac! Remember? I used to care for you in the Crèche when you were growing up before I became too small to retain my citizenship! Please, let me go for old time's sake!"

Lily sniffed the panic stricken Snowflake. "Why so it is! I remember how you used to feed me. Now you get to do it one last time!"

"What? No! I'm not even erect! What are you doing?"

"I can't wait until tomorrow, little one!" Lily said with a smile. "You may not have an erection so I can release your genetic material, but digesting your perfect little body will still give me all the benefits!"

"No, oh please no!" Lilac screamed as Lily popped her right into her mouth! Darkness blacker then the deepest night enveloped her as the giant mouth closed. She struggled against the damp soft surface of her captor's tongue. "Let me go! Oh please have mercy and let me live just one more day!" she cried, convinced that she would be able to somehow escape if Lily saved her for a rutting morning energy boost.

Lilac made the mistake of grabbing the top surface of a gigantic molar. The opposing upper tooth came down with unbearable pressure and crushed that hand to a ruined pulp! She screamed as the white hot pain lanced through her arm and into her soul! "No, oh no, no, no!" she wailed as the moving tongue forced her towards the back of the cavernous mouth. Sheer terror made her bladder release as she slid closer and closer towards the opening of the throat. "Chew me!" Lilac screamed. "Lily, have mercy and end me quickly!"

Lily sighed happily as she tasted a sudden bitter zest in her mouth. It wasn't as yummy as genetic material or honey, but she did kind of like the sudden taste of urine as it spread onto her tongue! Tossing her head back, Lily's blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight as she gave a mighty gulp. She was thrilled to feel the live sprite squirm and twist frantically as she slid down her constricting esophagus.

Lilac forgot the agony of her ruined hand as she fell into the foul stench of Lily's stomach. Gasping in the lightless hell, she remained alive just long enough to discover that what she had felt when her hand was crushed was not pain. There was no way to compare it to the sensations flowing through the sprite as her flawless white body reddened and blistered in the caustic fluid she desperately tried to keep her head above.

Thankfully life had finally left her as the once lovely skin softened and began sloughing off in long ragged strips. The final death spasm had caused the orifices leading to her honeypot to flutter and grow slack. The precious honey seeped slowly out into the caustic fluid as flesh was corrupted. There was nowhere near enough to force Lily to the limit of her ability to consume the invigorating fluid as the tiny reserve of honey dissipated into her digestive system. Lilac's lifeless and dissolving corpse diminished until bones and all, there was hardly enough left for even the keenest eye to see.

Lily burped delicately and sighed. "That was so good!" She felt so full of life and vitality as the incorruptible honey infused her! Lilac was too small to have made much of a difference, but Lily was thrilled just knowing she was now infinitesimally larger the she had been mere moments before! Looking around, she set her sights on yet another Snowflake sprite. The tiny one had watched in frozen terror as her former companion had met her destiny. She leapt to the air in a mad attempt to escape her own fate, but it was too late!

"What a fool!" Lily giggled as her net snared another wholesome treat. "Why didn't you go while you had the chance?"

The tiny beauty cried out as she struggled within the netting. "Rutting season hasn't even started! You can't be hunting sprites today! It's unnatural! Please, just let me go!"

"I'll let you go. I'll let you go right into my stomach to keep your friend company!" Lily grabbed the terrified Snowflake and extracted her from the net.

The sprite shrieked wordless horror as she was thrust into the wide open mouth. Lily spotted her sister approaching. "Shit" she muttered around the frantically wriggling sprite. She couldn't let Iris hear the muffled screams from within her mouth! Iris would be scandalized to learn of this little preseason snack! If she discovered it was a Snowflake in her mouth, her sibling would be outright sickened! Lily preferred swallowing her prey whole, but fear of her secret being discovered made her panic. She had to shut the sprite up fast! She worked her jaws and chewed. The screams were silenced and the struggling within her mouth abruptly ended. The sprite's bones crunched and her body burst open under the intense pressure the teeth exerted. Lily's tongue was bathed with the metallic and foul tang of blood and mingled bodily fluids from ruptured internal organs.

Frantically swallowing, Lily knelt and began scooping up water from the pond and drank deeply to rinse her mouth of the taste and smell of her most recent conquest. She looked up as her sibling drew near. "I haven't had any luck yet." She said softly as Iris knelt and drank some water. "How about you, did you score any sprites?"

Iris patted the rough leather satchel she carried slung over one milky white shoulder. "I got one." She whispered. "A copper was stuck in a spinner's webbing. I managed to pull her free without damaging her too much. One wing tore off, but that won't have any effect on my experiments. I saw something though and I may need your help. Follow me!"

The siblings crept slowly on hands and knees through the tall grass right up to the edge of the forest. Iris stopped, and patted Lily's hand. Ahead of them was a lovely Golden. With the keen eye for proportion that all Faeruhns had, lily could see in an instant that she fell just under the threshold and was a non-entity, no longer a member of society. The former citizen was staring intently at a hole in a fallen tree.

As they watched, the Golden picked up a rock and wedged it tightly into the hole. "Enjoy your last day on Faeruhn, you useless Snowflakes! Dawn tomorrow I will break my fast on your pretty little bodies. With the energy you three kindly donate to me, I'll be sure to do well! I can feel it. Fate is on my side! If I can manage to make a conquest and ravage a honeypot after consuming you worthless Snowflakes, I will regain more then enough stature to once again become a citizen!"

Lily had heard enough. She sprang to her feet and lightly sprinted the final distance to the gloating Golden. She grabbed a fist full of the long shimmering black hair, and gave it a mighty tug. The Golden's head snapped back, and she let out a squeal as she toppled over backward to land on her sexy little bottom. "What an idiot. Imagine being an unclaimed non-entity, and straying this close to the city!" Judging the blow perfectly, Lily struck the side of the Golden's neck with the edge of her hand. With a gasp, the lovely creature collapsed prone on the ground.

Iris ran up and joined her sibling. "Oh goodie, Lily, she's perfect! We can use her as a servant until I'm ready to start my experiments! If she doesn't die from the medicine, we can keep her until my first experiment is concluded."

"Are you sure you don't want her to take your ease with tomorrow?" Lily joked as she took a good stout coil of cord from her own satchel and swiftly bound the Golden's arms behind her back. "She's not a citizen, so nobody will care if you put a clone in her belly within city boundaries."

"Oh no, she's much too valuable for my research to waste like that! I need a specimen that is nearly full grown!" Iris blushed. "I should have the first formulation of my prophylaxis medicine ready soon. After she takes it daily for a couple of months, I'll mount her next rutting season. Then a few weeks later vivisection will tell me if I managed to impregnate her, or if she remains free of my clone. With a little skill and a lot of luck, I'll probably be able to suture her back together once I remove the womb for study. The chances are fairly good that she'll survive."

"Why not wait to see if her belly grows?" Lily asked as she rolled the stunned Golden once more onto her back. "Why kill a perfectly good servant? She'll still be useful until the final month of pregnancy when you turn her over to the crèche."

"I'm so close!" Iris exclaimed. "I don't want to wait. Three weeks after insemination is long enough for me to observe any changes in her womb."

The Golden opened her eyes. "What, you're, you're a research Healer?" She struggled into a sitting position. "No, let me go! I'm a, I used to be a Healer before I was ruined! I can't be a lowly test subject, destined for the vivisection table!"

Lily casually slapped the Golden's face, but then ignored her. "Well, I guess you know best, Iris. It'll be nice to have a servant for however long she lasts though." She used another length of cord to bind the Golden's ankles together, making it just long enough for her to walk in short hobbled steps, but prevent any chance of her running away.

Iris looked over at the fallen tree. "Oh, I better let those Snowflakes out. A nearly citizen Golden is far more valuable to my research then three sprites! Who knows? If I succeed, they may have a much easier time regaining their citizenship!"

Lily grabbed the Golden's hair once again and tugged until she scrambled to her feet. She took a lighter length of cord out and tied it tightly to the Golden's penis and handed the other end to her sister. "I'll tend to them. You take our new servant home. Hurry up; she'll end up losing her penis if the knot isn't untied soon."

"Hurry, oh please hurry!" The Golden cried as tears of pain ran down her cheeks. "Hurry so you can untie me!"

Iris gave the cord a light tug. "Quiet up, Goldie! I'm a Healer! I know how long I have before your penis becomes damaged from loss of circulation! Get moving!"

"My name isn't Goldie, you Snowflake cunt!" The Golden sniffed back her tears. "I'm Healer Jasmine!"

Iris gave the cord attached to the penis a harder tug. "You're not a citizen any more, Goldie! Now hurry up before your cock needs to be removed!"

Lily watched as her sibling led the slowly hobbling Golden away. Iris wasn't really very much taller then their new servant. One was infinitesimally over the threshold, while the other was just under it. If Goldie even managed to get one tiny sip of her sibling's honey, the two would trade places. Iris would become the servant while Goldie would regain her citizenship! Realizing that made her cock twitch and throb more then it had the entire day! She was sure tomorrow would bring on rutting season and a wonderful erection! She pulled the rock from the hole. Thrusting in her hand, she pulled out one of the sprites and jammed the rock back in place.

"We're saved! Oh thank you Sister!" The Snowflake cried in nearly delirious relief. "She was going to eat us tomorrow!" She gasped in pain as the fingers folding her pinched a little tighter. "Wait, stop! What are you doing? You're hurting me! Let me go!" The sprite began to struggle as she was slowly lifted toward Lily's face. Beautiful blue eyes opened wide in terror as she watched the tip of a giant tongue glide over pouty red lips in eager anticipation. "No, you're a Snowflake too!" where her last words before being thrust into Lily's mouth and swallowed whole.

"Who's next on the menu?" Lily cried playfully as she pulled the rock free again. The remaining two sprites tried to fly to their freedom, but Lily's net neatly snatched them out of the air. "Who wants to see me eat the other one first?"

"Let us go!" The sprites screamed together, clinging to each other in fear. "We're all Snowflakes!" One cried. "You can't eat your own kind!"

"You're a sick monster!" the other added. "Release us!"

"Oh well, you losers are both small enough!" Lily grasped the two tightly embracing half inch Snowflake sprites between thumb and index finger and plucked them from the net. They cried out as their delicate wing joints painfully snapped and broke under the unyielding pressure that was mashing them together breast to breast. "Down you go!" Lily said cheerfully as she placed the screaming pair on her tongue. When they started to frantically struggle and strike uselessly at the surface of her tongue, she pressed it tightly against the roof of her mouth to still their fighting. The terrified squirming was such a delight, that she let them writhe in her mouth for several minutes before finally gulping them down and heading for home.

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