The Mistaken One

by David Oberman

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Teacher/Student, School, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Twins, one very promiscuous, the other still a virgin. Discover what happens when the virgin is mistaken for her loose sister

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The Mistaken One

Miranda and Melissa Katdare are identical twins of Hindu descent, at least physically they are. The 16-year-olds both had the same dark skin pigmentation that their heritage gave them, both were petite at 5'2", and both have long raven hair which they both styled in the same way, letting it cascade over their shoulder. And though their tits were only 34s, their petite bodies made them look humongous.

Many a times one would be confused for the other, even by their closest friends, and sometimes, even their own parents. However, this is where their similarities ended. Miranda was very studious, getting 'A's in nearly all of her classes, while Melissa was more athletic in her activities, including the cheerleading squad.

Their divergent personalities also made it practical for both girls to take each other's place whenever the need arose. Miranda would play her sister whenever academic knowledge was required, and Melissa would become Miranda whenever any of the more physical requirements needed to be fulfilled by her sister, such as gym class.

But of the two, Melissa was most definitely the most dominant of the two, while Miranda was subservient to her sister's wishes. Many times she would give in to Melissa, even if she knew that she was in the right, and so she would always acquiesce.

Melissa was also an easy score for any of the players on the football team, even participating in a number of gangbang sessions whenever they won their games. In fact, she had lost her virginity at the tender age of 14 to Mr. Groper, a 43-year-old man who owned the store down the street. He had caught Melissa shoplifting and had her as his own to pay off when she had stolen.

And as with most girls in their first sexual experience, Melissa was scared to try anything of the kind. Mr. Groper had her start by stroking his cock, and then pushed her face down to his dick-head where he forced his cock past her lips and into her teenaged mouth.

The then 14-year-old Melissa tried to fight back as best as she could, but lost that battle and sucked in her very first cock. And once she had gotten a taste of a cock, she quickly fell in love with sucking something so velvety and warm.

Mr. Groper didn't have to do much from that day on to get his way with Melissa Katdare. She would drop by on her way from school and willingly pull him to the backroom where she would suck him off until he filled her tiny mouth with hot cum. A few weeks later, he managed to get her alone on a Saturday and had her strip naked for him. Whereupon he laid her down on the dusty floor and buried his thick cock deep into her virgin pussy, ripping her hymen in one savage fuck.

Melissa cried for an hour after that fuck, but then she realized how good it actually felt. And so it became a regular thing between them. She would go to his store just about every day and either suck him, or allow him to fuck her until they were both satisfied.

Melissa soon came to realize that what Mr. Groper was giving her just wasn't enough to satisfy her lustful needs. That's when she thought of targeting the studly players on the football team. And what better way to get close to those hunks than to become part of the cheerleading squad. And that's how she got to become one of the girls.

She loved how it toned her petite body, and how sexy she looked in that tight-fitting cheerleading uniform, which she got to wear every day in school, teasing the boys, and even some of her teachers.

But Miranda was still a virgin and preferred spending her free time in the school laboratory, taking care of the animals in their cages. She hoped to continue her studies in veterinary sciences after highschool, and her teacher helped her to achieve this goal by getting her a job at the local veterinary office.

She wore rather quiet clothing, not showing herself off the way her sister did. She was shy compared to Melissa's bold antics. She didn't even allow herself any time to date any of the boys in school. In fact, as soon as school was done for the day she would head right for home to do her homework. She always had to wonder why her sister would always show up at home an hour, sometimes two hours later. But she simply assumed that her tardiness was because of her after school activities.

Their parents were proud of their two girls, oblivious to the girls' subterfuge. Regardless, they still loved both of them as any good parent would.

"C'mon, Mira!" Melissa called out to her sister. "I'm gonna be late for the game!"

She was pacing impatiently in her tight cheerleading outfit near the door waiting for her sister to show up. Knowing her sister as she did she know that she would likely be late again and get an earful from her squad captain.

A few seconds later her twin came bounding down with her backpack full of books.

"Why are you always so slow, Mira?" The cheerleader said.

"I don't know, I just am," Miranda pouted in response.

Just as they about to leave the phone rang and Miranda picked it up to answer.

"Hello?" Mira said.

"Is this Melissa Katdare?" The caller said.

"No, I'm her sister, Miranda," Mira replied.

"Could I speak with Melissa please?"

"Mel, it's for you," Mira said, handing the phone to her sister.

Melissa grabbed the phone gruffly from her mousy sister.

"Hello!" Mel said.

"Ah, Melissa," the caller said. "This is Mrs. Hemsworth ... your principal."

"Err, yes, Mrs. Hemsworth," Mel gulped.

"I was just informed of the fracas you caused in the locker room this morning," the principal said. "so I've decided to give you detention this Saturday. That would be tomorrow, dear."

"You ... you can't be serious?" Mel yelped.

"I'm afraid I am, my dear," the principal told her. "So I suggest you cancel any plans you have made for yourself this weekend otherwise I will have to have your parents involved."

"Oh, okay," Mel conceded.

"Excellent," Mrs. Hemsworth said. "I expect to see you in detention at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Coach McGrudder will be supervising."

And with that the phone went dead and Melissa settled it back into its cradle.

"Damn it to hell!" Mel cursed as she turned to her sister.

"What's the matter?" Mira asked.

"Never mind, c'mon," Melissa said as she stormed out of the house.

Melissa drove Miranda to the veterinary where Miranda would be spending the whole night watching over the sickly dogs in the kennel. On the way over an idea came to Mel's mind.

'M-m-m-m-h! After the pep rally I'll just go home and change, ' she plotted her scheme. 'Then I'll go over to the vet's office and have Mira take my place in detention in my cheerleader's outfit. Then I'll be able to go to the beach with the gang.'

A few minutes later she dropped off her sister and drove off to the school stadium for the pep rally.

Miranda walked into the veterinary clinic and was greeted by its owner, Dr. Jennifer Lopez, who gave her instructions on what to do about the dogs she was to look after overnight.

"I really hate leaving a 16-year-old here alone all night," Jennifer said. "But I have a family obligation to take care of tonight."

"Don't worry, Ms. Lopez," Miranda assured her boss. "I know what to do, and it's only for a few hours anyway."

"Well, all right," Jennifer smiled at the enthusiastic teen. "I'm sure everything will be just fine. I'll be in at 6:30. Don't let anyone inside while you're here alone, okay."

"Okay, Ms. Lopez, okay," Miranda smiled.

A few minutes later Ms. Lopez left, locking the doors behind her, leaving Miranda in the store overnight to watch over the animals in the kennel. Miranda simply grabbed her backpack of books and settled herself at the table in the kennel to study, as she always did.

For the next few hours the twins went about their business as expected. Melissa cheered her heart out at the pep rally, while Miranda had her nose buried in her books studying.

Once the pep rally over, Melissa set her plan into motion. She grabbed her gym bag and headed out the stadium to her car. Just as she was about to drive off some of the players leaned over for a chat.

"Hey, Mel," Chris, the quarterback said. "Where you off to? Ain't you coming to Angie's? We're having a party there."

"Can't right now," Melissa told him. "Gotta take care of something first. But I'll be there soon. Promise."

"Cool," Bruno a halfback chipped in. "I'll save myself for ya, baby."

"Just make sure you save some of that for me," Melissa grinned as she grabbed his bulging groin and gave a tight squeeze.

She then drove off and headed home to change.

Once home she rushed inside and headed straight to her bedroom and stripped off her cheerleading uniform and stuffed it into Miranda's gym bag. As she rarely bothered with a bra, all she had left were her panties as she admired herself in the mirror.

"Nice," she grinned at herself. "Now what to wear to the party?"

She did a quick check in the closet and picked out a black dress mini. She then slipped her feet in three-inch heels as she applied lipstick and fixed her makeup. Satisfied at how she looked she headed back down the stairs to go to the party.

"Ciao, mom," she chirped as she headed for the door. "I'm off to a party with the girls. Oh, Mira told me that she'd be in school tomorrow to do some schoolwork."

"That's nice, dear," her mother said.

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