Chapter 1

My Carol has the most Beautiful Blue Eyes.

She’s nineteen, with warm red hair that goes to below her knees and she has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen. I’ve absolutely no idea what her body measurements are or how much she weighs – I don’t really care. She is gorgeous with a capital G.

My name is Randall Knight, known as Rann to my Carol; I call her C a lot of the time, sometimes ‘Blue Eyes.’ There are three problems as I see things,

First, I’m 27 and she’s 19.
Second, I’ve fallen in with her.
Third, We’re brother and sister?

We have two other siblings, Nancy, 21 and John, 23. They are both off at college together, and not really part of this situation between Carol and me.

Back when I was 20 and Blue Eyes was just about to turn 13, I realized that Carol was going to be ... an absolute babe when she got older. At 14, she was already over five feet tall and all legs and hair. She hasn’t cut her hair since she was probably 7, maybe 8 years old.

Now, I was something of a puzzlement growing up. By the time I was a freshman in High School, while all of my friends were jocks and were into girls, I liked to sing and dance.

And I wasn’t gay.

I was always watching movie musicals on TV, the movie theatre, or the local community theatre; I’d even pretend I was starring in them. I was always singing out loud around the house, usually something written by Rodgers and Hammerstein or Stephen Sondheim, maybe Andrew Lloyd Weber.

I was a true tenor as a young teenager, although I’ve developed into what would now be called a ‘bari-tenor’, meaning ‘a baritone singing voice with virtually a tenor range’. I get a special kick singing something from OKLAHOMA, CAROUSEL, or JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

My dream of actually singing, acting and dancing, came true by way of attending Santa Fe University of Art and Design about 20 miles north of where we all lived in La Cienega, New Mexico ... which is only 90 miles south of the New Mexico, Colorado borders.

I was something of a natural I was told, and got double Bachelors of Arts Degrees in Theatre Design as well as Theatre Performance. After getting these degrees, I stayed on and got myself a paid job working in and around the University Theatre System, allowing me to occasionally be in shows as I wished.

I got leads in a number of musicals along the way, including the role of Jesus in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, and I got to play the role of ‘Billy Bigelow’ in CAROUSEL.

My all-time favorite song is ‘The Soliloquy’ from CAROUSEL, a beautiful, but rather lengthy song. In the world of theatre music, love songs tend to be 2_ to 4 minutes long. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein were the kings of Broadway and could write anything they wanted and it was loved immediately by the masses. ‘Soliloquy’ was seven minutes and fifty-one seconds long.

Besides everything else, time seems to pass along faster while I’m singing it.

It’s also my sister’s favorite song ... because I sang it to her.

There’s a section of the song that goes,

“My little girl, pink and white,
as peaches and cream is she
My little girl, is half again as bright,
as girls are meant to be.”

Whenever I got to that part of the song, Carol’s ears would perk up and she would hum along with me, until the end of the song.

As she grew up, besides becoming the strikingly beautiful girl I had expected of her, she also started singing. Sometimes along with me and sometimes she would start singing all by herself. Her favorite song is ‘I Feel Pretty’ from WEST SIDE STORY because she sang it all the time or hums it, when doing things around the house.

Carol ended up finally getting into theatre at her high school as a sophomore. She was quite good, usually playing featured performers; she rarely got any ‘good’ parts because of the ‘class system’ of high school theatre; that is that upper classmen get all of the best roles, simply because they’re the Junior and Seniors, while the Sophomores are left waiting to get to the top of the proverbial ‘food chain’.

As a senior she performed many juicy roles, including Anne Egerman in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC, Louise in GYPSY and Dorothy in THE WIZARD OF OZ. She really was an untapped talent. I was certainly hoping I could talk her into coming to SFU.

Fate takes a hand sometimes.

Santa Fe University Theatre was putting on its production of WEST SIDE STORY and Carol auditioned amongst 40 or so college actresses, and got the plum part of Maria, while I was the Assistant Stage Manager of the show.

A lucky young man, 19-year-old freshman Mark Wilson, got the role of Tony and everything was moving along quite well, until the unexpected happened ... Mark’s parents, while on vacation in Rome, had an accident that put them both into the hospital.

This happened with only seven days before the opening of the show. Director Marcus Diamond was going crazy, due to Mark’s family tragedy. Mark wanted to go to Rome to see his parents, and Marcus insisted he stay, because “The Show Must Go On.”

I came up with what I thought was a ‘creative’ solution. I had suggested to Marcus that I take over the role of Tony for the opening weekend of the show, and Mark would pick it back up, in a week, when he got back. Marcus looked at me kind of funny, and reminded me that Maria and Tony were lovers. How ... would I deal with that?

Marcus told Mark to go and get back when he could.

I told Marcus I would talk to Carol, and see if she’d be OK with me taking over the part, for the first weekend of performances.

Now, I had played many roles during my days in high school and SFU, while getting my degrees. I’d actually played Tony three times before, including both as a freshman, and again as a senior in high school; the same school Carol had just graduated from.

Falling into this part would be a cinch. Carol knew I’d played Tony before, but she was a little taken aback by my coming home and telling her what Marcus and I had discussed.

I told her, “Marcus said it was your call, C. If you’re OK with me playing Tony until Mark gets back, great; otherwise, we have to move back opening night at least a week, to accommodate Mark’s trip to Rome.”

She thought about it and offered, “Let’s practice a scene or two, and maybe a couple of songs, and see how things go. All right?”

“I’m OK with that,” I said with a rueful smile on my face.

“You are a much better singer than Mark,” she said, flashing her big beautiful Blue Eyes up at me.

“Aw shucks, ma’am,” I countered.

She said, “Let’s do the scene leading up to ‘Tonight?’”

“Tonight’s The Night,” I sing-joked in my best Neil Young impersonation.

“You’re so silly, Rann,” she grinned.

“I’m just trying to break the tension sis, before you and I sing a song together and make-out on stage in front the entire community, including our parents.”

“Oooohhhhhh, I hadn’t thought about that? Isn’t that gonna be a little bit creepy?”

“We’re just acting, Carol. Acting in love is much different than being in love,” I said, chuckling at my own cheesiness.

“Are you sure?” she slightly giggled.

“You are so much prettier than Natalie Wood was in the movie, and besides, you’re doing all of your own singing.”

“You’re quite the smooth talker, aren’t you, Rann?”

“It’s really easy around such a beautiful woman, C,” I said, gulping a little.

“You think I’m beautiful?” Carol replied breathlessly, taking a step towards me.

“To me you are,” I responded as I looked directly in her eyes.

“You’ve never said anything like that to me before, Rann?” she was now running her hand over my chest.

I grabbed it and said, “I’ve just always been intimidated by your beauty.”

“Intimidated?” she blushed.

Taking her hand in mine, I said, “A brother shouldn’t tell his sister that...”

“Shouldn’t tell his sister what, Rann?” There was a twinkle in her eye as she asked this question.

I dropped her hand and took a small step closer to her. “A brother shouldn’t tell his sister how he feels about her, what she means to him. How he feels when she’s near him. How he feels ... right now.”

Taking my hand, she offered, “How do you feel about me, Rann? What do I mean to you? How do you feel when we’re near each other ... like right now?” She took my hand and placed it on her face.

“I feel ... I feel ... No, Carol. This isn’t fair to you. I shouldn’t tell you how you make me feel. You make me weak whenever you stand near me. I feel weak in my knees ... weak in my heart. I have to fight urges every time you come near me. You just get more beautiful every day of every year. What draws me to you the most, are your beautiful Blue Eyes -- the way the sun bounces off of them during the day, and how they light up every room that you walk into. Your hair makes me feel like the prince in Rapunzel.”

“Oh, Rann,” she said. Carol turned her face into my hand, and flashed me that wonderful smile. “Tell me, Rann ... what do you have the urge to do right now?”

She’s gotten quite good at being a tease.

“Carol, oh ... Carol.” I was trembling ... my knees started to feel like they were about to give out on me.

“Tell me, Rann. I can take it. I’m a big girl.” She licked her lips in anticipation of something. Something was in the air.

She was looking straight up at me. I took my other hand and now had her beautiful face cradled by my hands. With all of the courage I could muster I asked, “Can I please kiss you?”

Her eyes were moistening up slowly, as she looked straight at me and said, in almost a whisper, “Please Rann, kiss me?” She closed her eyes in readiness.

Let me thoroughly describe my sister Carol, or as I often like to call her, ‘Blue Eyes.’ Physically, she might be only about 5’ 3”? She might be just over 100 pounds, wet. Yeah ... I’d like to see her wet.

Anyway, she has this absolutely beautiful red hair, which is as almost as long as she is tall. She keeps it in place by folding it up on itself into a ‘triple-thick’ ponytail.

It really is quite beautiful. Hmmm—Have I told you about her Blue Eyes? Yeah, I did. Sorry, she’s on my mind all the time? It’s amazing I can get anything done at my office in the Theatre Arts complex.

Her face is perfect. By that I mean, absolutely no blemishes. She has the cutest nose, too. I would often bump her on the nose with my nose whenever we saw each other. It’s a brother-sister thing, I guess. If I had to guess her breasts were maybe a B-cup, I don’t know about such things, although, I actually saw her naked once, a little over a year ago.

I had gone over to my folk’s house to go swimming, and it was very early in the morning, and I had walked into the house, to fix myself some breakfast before I swam. Mom and Dad didn’t mind ... Dad liked my bacon better.

Anyway, I’d walked into the house, and had the urge to pee. I knew the downstairs bathroom had some kind of plumbing problem, so I quietly walked up to the upstairs bathroom, as quietly as I could, to not wake anyone, and just walked into the bathroom and started taking a whizz.

I finished, and went to the sink and washed my hands, turned off the water, and started drying my hands with a towel for the rack ... and Carol walked in, naked, obviously going to take a shower.

She didn’t notice me at first, grabbing a towel. She turned around to get into the shower, saw me and shrieked, “Oh – Rann. Get Out. I’m naked, don’t look at me?”

Yeah, right?

She turned around to keep me from seeing her breasts and pussy, but her butt was nice and her back was just so nice and pretty. I realized that I had stood there a little too long ... so, I said I was sorry, probably about a dozen times, as I hurried myself out of the bathroom.

We’d made enough noise to cause Mom to poke her head out of her bedroom, to ask what was going on. She said ‘Hi Randall’, and I told her that Carol and I had run into each other. I felt the fewer details the better. I remember telling myself at the time how pretty my little sister had gotten ... and Hot.

That moment went a long way towards solidifying how I’d been feeling about my sister. My erection from seeing her naked for a moment was just starting to recede.

Besides being physically beautiful, Carol was also very intelligent. From her high school graduation class of over 900 students, she was third in her class. Smart, talented and pretty; what a deadly combination! A High School triple threat, so to speak.

While school smart and talented as an actress, she also found the time to be an All-Area Swimmer, winning enough awards along the way, that our folks got one of those glass display cases.

It was full.

She’d started swimming at the age of ten; and kept going at it either for fun or for the school she was attending. Due to this, she had a very slender, fit body.

Not terribly curvaceous, but sexy as hell, if you ask me. She also tends to speak her mind, and that worries me because I hope that she can’t see in my eyes, the embroiling lust I’m feeling towards her.

I felt a knock on my forehead, “Rann? Hello. Are you listening?”


“You can kiss me now, if you’d like.”

Letting out a deep breath, “I’m just a little nervous about this, Carol.”

“Why -- haven’t you never kissed a girl before? Before you answer that, I saw you tongue-kissing Jennifer Combs just last month.”

“You did not!” I answered defensively.

Quick to respond, Carol said, “Yes, I did. And it looked like you knew what you were doing. And you had your hands all over her...”

“Carol, you’re my sister ... I just can’t.” I was really fighting my own base instincts. She’s only 19, and she’s my sister.

“Just kiss me, you idiot? I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time.”

That did it. What the hell? She wants me to kiss her, I should ... it’s the brotherly thing to do. What the hell does that even mean? So, I touched her lips with mine.

We melted into each other’s arms. This kiss felt different from any kiss I have previously given any girl ... including Jennifer Combs. It felt like a lightning bolt went through me, lasting forever. I know that makes no sense, but it felt so wonderful, and it seemed so wrong. I started to push her away ... she resisted, more than I had expected.

“What’s wrong? That was very nice, Rann. Did you feel that? That ... electricity that just happened between us? Could I have another one of those, please?” She smiled so demurely.

“Carol – I’m sorry, that was so inappropriate. I tell you ... I-I feel weak in the knees when I’m around you. I just ... lose control of my emotions and you are so gorgeous and your ... your eyes just, just...”

“Just what, Rann?”

“Ever since you became a teenager, your eyes have drawn me to you. Sometimes I think of you, as much, much more than my little sister.”

“Hmmmm? Exactly, how much more?”

She was playing this for all it was worth.

“You’ve become such a beautiful woman, C, and you seem to get prettier every time I look at you.”

“Oh, Rann ... I’ve noticed how you look at me; sometimes I get ideas in my head, thinking about my big brother.”

“Really,” I said, astonished at this development.

“Now, give me one more of those, then, we need to get started rehearsing. We have only six days before opening night and I want to be the very best Maria you’ve ever had, uhm ... acted with. We can talk about our feelings, later?”

“Feelings, Nothing more than Feelings.”

“Shut up, you big dork.”

I replied, “We have plenty of time to explore our feelings, but first we rehearse.”

I just realized that I haven’t given you much of a description of myself. While Carol got the red hair and blue eyes from her mother, I got dark black hair, brown eyes and a marginally darker complexion.

My Mom’s heritage came from Scotland and Ireland; my Dad’s was a mix of Italian and Scottish, thus generating a ravishing redhead daughter and a brunet son. Yay for genetics! My weight fluctuates between 170 and 180 lbs. and I topped out at 6ft 4inches tall, 13 inches taller than Blue Eyes.

Carol quipped, “OK, then. Let’s work on our scenes together and then we can help each other on any other scenes you want to work. You’ve played Tony three times before, so you probably don’t need as much work on the music as I do.”

“OK, then let’s do the scene where Tony and Maria first meet.”

“At the Dance?” Carol said.

“Yeah, C, at the dance.”

“Rann, do you want to look at the script?”

“No, I think I remember it, Carol. It’s pretty much locked in my head.” I started the scene.

You’re not thinking I’m someone else?

I know you are not.

Or that we have met before?

I know we have not.

I felt, I knew something-never-before was going to happen, had to happen. But this is...

My hands are cold.
Yours too

(I take her hands in mine)
So warm

(She moves her hands to my face)

Your’s too?

But of Course, they are the same.

It’s so much to believe -- you’re not joking me?

I have not yet learned how to joke that way. I think now I never will. (Impulsively, I stops to kiss her hands; then tenderly, innocently, her lips.

Carol broke character to say, “Damn—Rann, You are awfully good as this.”

“I have you as my inspiration, Carol.”

“Awww. I bet you’ve said that to all of your Marias?”

“I never felt for them how I feel for you, C.”

“Then kiss me again, Dammit.”

“That’s not what Maria says.”

“No – you idiot. I want you to kiss me right now.”

“Right now?”

“Yes, pretty please?”

This kiss was even better, longer and more emotional than our first one. I felt my hands acting independent of my brain.

I moved my left hand to her ass and it felt so wonderful. I started kissing her down her neck, eliciting a sigh. She wasn’t pushing me away. She seemed anxious for me to do more. And she was responding in a way, that I thought could only lead to ecstasy for both of us.

But I wanted this to be her idea, her passion, her request. I took my right hand and placed it directly over her breast. This caused her to actually moan in my ear, “Uuuggghhh, Rann.” My lower regions were doing what you would expect in this situation, filling my slacks and rubbing up against my sister.

Our lips broke apart, again ... we both gasped for breath.

Carol, in a whisper, leaned over and said in my ear, “Oh Rann, I want you to fuck me, right now.”

“Are you absolutely sure, Carol?”

“Yes – Rann. Take me upstairs, and make me a woman.”

That surprised me more than a little. “Do you mean that you’re still a virgin?”

“Yes, because I’ve been waiting for you, Rann. For my wonderful, strong, sexy brother.”

I picked her up; her legs now wrapped around me, and headed upstairs.

I started to sing,

“Maria. I’ve just met a girl named Maria, and suddenly that name will never be the same, to me.”

While carrying her up the stairs to her bedroom, Carol asked me, “Rann? What time is it?”

I couldn’t reach the watch on my arm, so I had to turn my whole body, including her, since I was holding her, towards the clock on the wall and said, “10:45am.”

“Mom and Dad are going to be home for lunch in less than fifteen minutes, Rann,” Carol said.

“Oh. Dammit. You’re right, Carol.”

“Let’s go over to your apartment, Rann. We can rehearse there and ... uhm ... have some brother/sister quality time.” Even though she was the one who said it, she still blushed a little.

“Good idea, C,” I thought.

“Let’s leave them a note, telling them what’s going on, Rann?”

“Excuse me, Carol?”

“I mean silly ... telling them that you’ve taken me over to your apartment, so we can rehearse without bothering anybody ... and have sex ... lots and lots of sex.” She blushed even deeper.

“Yeah. We sure don’t want to bother anybody, except maybe my neighbors ... with your squealing.”

That earned me a slap and a kiss, and Carol said, “How do you know I squeal -- maybe I’ll have you squealing?” She giggled.

That just turned me on, and I turned around and started back down the stairs, with Carol still in my arms.

“You can put me down now, Rann,” she said with a giggle.

“I don’t want to.” I sounded like a little kid who was told to put away his toys and go to bed. “I like holding you like this. I think I’ll carry you like this all the way to my apartment, then take you up the stairs, throw you down on the bed, and then fuck you, over and over and over.” I had enough endorphins running through my body just then to do it, too.

“Kiss me again first, please, Rann?”

“If you insist. I knew there was something I loved about you, Blue Eyes.”

She’d started kissing me all over my face ... and suddenly she stopped in mid-kiss. “What did you say, Rann? Did you just tell me that you ... love ... me? Say it again -- I want to hear it again. Again. Again.”

“I cannot tell a lie, Yes Carol, I love you. And I have for a very long time. It’s taken me this long to admit it to myself and now I can say, unequivocally, YES ... Carol Knight; I, Randall Knight, love you with all of my heart and soul.” I couldn’t help sobbing saying this.

“Oohh. Let’s get to your apartment; quick.”

I put her down, reluctantly. She straightened out her clothes and we picked up our scripts and minus tracks and jumped into my ragtop classic VW bug.

After we were in the car, and putting on our seat belts, I leaned over to her, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Not in the car, Rann. Wait, until we get to your apartment.”

As I drove along in the car, I ‘Seussed’, “I cannot kiss you in the car – I cannot kiss you near or far – I cannot kiss you on the lips – I cannot kiss you on the nips.”

“You’re so silly, Rann,” she giggled.

“Silly in love,” I replied.

I had commuted from living at my folks house to Santa Fe University my first year there. It really got boring and costly, sometimes going back and forth three times in a day. So, between my freshman and sophomore years, Dad helped me get into a nice two-bedroom apartment.

From that point on, school, and my life, slowed down to a less frenetic pace. I carried a good full load of classes, and a total of five years later at SFU, ended up with my Double BA’s in Theatre Performance and Theatre Design.

My apartment was about a mile south of the University and was about 20 miles north of our folk’s home in La Cienega. I now work for the University in the Performance Arts Department, basically, whatever they need.

I was making good enough money to pay all of my own bills, including my rent ... that made Dad happy and proud. The few times he gave me money, he didn’t want me to worry about paying him back, ever. He and my Mom both insisted.

I had the task of doing ‘something’ for every production put on in the Greer Garson Theatre. I would, and did, design and build sets, stage-manage, be musical director, or whatever else was needed, although I hadn’t directed a show yet. I was still allowed to act in plays from time to time; it was up to me.

Because of this ongoing connection to the University, I had kept the subject of SFU in my sister’s ear, so she might just decide to go there for college. Now, with our relationship ‘taking off’, I really wanted her to go after the same degree program I did, Theatre Performance, although a new degree program had been instituted since I started there, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Musical Theatre.

“So, Carol ... have you thought any more on where you want to go to college?”

“Actually Rann, my choices have come down to Southern Utah University or Santa Fe University. I know where you want me to go.”

“Don’t you have to decide rather soon?”

“Yeah – I know you went to SFU, but SUU has that big Shakespeare Festival every year and you know how much I love Shakespeare. Although, SFU does a good amount of it in their other theatre.”

“Well – Carol, if you asked me, and you haven’t, I’d love for you to go to SFU, but, for rather selfish reasons.”

She blushed, “There you go again—you said that word again, Rann ... love?”

I pulled over and stopped the car. It’s time to make my final pitch. “OK, hear me out, C ... I have multiple reasons for this opinion. First, I went there, and now I get paid to help put on shows there; Second, Mom and Dad would love it if you stayed closer to home than Utah; Third, and so would I; Fourth, you could stay with me to cut down on your commute and keep from putting all those miles on your car.”

A smile had slowly come upon her face and she asked, “Did you just ask me to live with you, Rann?”

“Just a minute ... and Fifth, you could come live with me.”

“Just a minute, Rann.” There was suddenly a bit of tension in the car. I could feel it as well as hear, my heart beating. She got this wonderfully wicked smile on her face. “I’ve made up my mind, Rann—- it’s Santa Fe University.”

We hugged and kissed, and kissed and hugged like nobody’s business. I started back up the car, along with my heart. That was the most thrilling sixty seconds of my life, but now I couldn’t keep from smiling. We were now, only about two miles from the apartment.

Suddenly, my phone rang. I looked at it and saw it was Mom calling. “I got to take this, Carol. It’s Mom.”

“Hey Mom, how are you? What? Where’s Carol? Didn’t you see the message we left for you? Oh. Well, Carol and I are headed up to my apartment to rehearse our scenes and songs for WEST SIDE STORY. Oh ... Sorry. I guess nobody ever told you. The young man playing Tony; his parents were in a serious car accident while vacationing in Rome ... He decided to leave the show and be with them.”

“Yeah, that is sad, but the show must go on. If we waited for him, they would have to push the opening weekend back a week or more ... So, I volunteered to take over the role, until he gets back. So, now, I am playing Tony, and Carol is playing Maria and we need to rehearse together, and we didn’t want to bother you and Dad.”

“Yeah – That is exciting, isn’t. Ha-ha. You said it Mom, ‘both of your beautiful children’ are in WEST SIDE STORY together. I’ll feed her and bring her home later. Is that all right with you? Sure, here’s Carol.”

I gave Carol the phone, and she had put her other hand on my thigh. That distracted me while Carol started talking to Mom, “Hey Mommacita. Yeah, I’m fine. Rann is being a super duper big brother and is helping me with the show. And I’m helping him relearn his scenes. He did play the part before, three times ... She wants to know, how we’re supposed to be playing lovers when we are brother and sister?”

I took the phone from C and said to Mom, “It’s called acting Mom, no big deal. But I do plan to practice the kissing scenes a lot with Carol, so we get them ... just right.” I gave the phone back to C and mouthed, “Tell her what you’ve decided.”

Carol looked at me, open-mouthed -- not believing what I just said to our mother.

“What? Oh—Oh ... Mom – Guess what? I have decided I’m going to Santa Fe University. Rann gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. What? Oh, I’ll tell you guys later. We’re going to go and rehearse at his place and then go to dinner and then go to the theatre and rehearse some more. There’s only six days before the play opens. Yeah, he is a big beautiful sweetheart – isn’t he? OK, I’ll kiss him for you, while we’re rehearsing. Love you, and see you later ... it might be pretty late. Bye – love you.”

Carol slapped me on the shoulder.

“What’s that for?” I said to her.

“We need to practice the kissing scenes?” Carol duplicated.

“Did she tell you to kiss me, Blue Eyes?” I said, changing the subject.

“Yup, Rann ... It’s like we’re destined for one another,” she said, giggling again.

With that, we pulled up to the apartment. I turned to her with a quizzical look on my face. “Did you say destined?” as I pulled her to me and I gave her the biggest kiss I could, and still have my seatbelt on.

“Hurry up, Rann.” We picked up all our stuff from the car, and went inside as quickly as we could.

Carol started to sing,

“Tonight, tonight, it all began tonight,
I saw you and the world went away.
Tonight, tonight, There’s only you tonight,
What you are, what you do, what you say.”

I turned to C and asked, “What do you want for dinner?”

“My Big Brother.”

We’d put all of our other stuff down; Once again, I picked up Carol, and this time carried her into My bedroom. She looked up at me, and once again ... my heart melted, as I looked into those big, beautiful, amazing Blue Eyes.

I tried to kiss her at the same time I was carrying her. That’s not exactly as easy as it looks. Her eyes were brimming with emotion, waiting to be released, as I set her down on the bed.

“I’d better remind you -- I’m still a virgin, Rann.”

“I know ... I wish I was, right now myself, I would have given anything for my first time to be with my gorgeous, scintillating little sister.” I was crying pretty hard. “The one who makes my heart flutter when she looks at me ... the one who looks at me, as though I’m the only person on the planet with her, the one who cares about how I feel and what I feel... ‘my little girl’.”

This outpouring of love made her smile even brighter. She responded, “Do you want to undress me first?”

“Well,” I said. “I have to undress you; to make love to you, Carol. Although, I am so turned on right now, I may just rip your clothes off and ravish you.”

“Whatever makes you happy, Rann. That’s what’s most important to me.” She’s the most adorable girl I’ve ever laid eyes on, really.

“Making you happy is at the top of my list – I’ve been thinking, worrying about this moment for a very long time. Now I plan to be as gentle, tender, and loving as a first love should be. I want to love you, and I hope you want to love me.”

Carol started to unbutton my shirt, going very slowly, one button at a time, and started kissing her way down my chest. Despite having only a few buttons left, she just tore the shirt right off of me.

“Oh, Rann – you are so good looking. I just want to eat you up.”

“Oh, C ... we’ll get to that soon enough. Take off your blouse please? I want to see your beautiful breasts. I have lusted for you for so long. I’ve never been so ready to make love to a woman in my life.”

She coyly started to unbutton her shirt very, very slowly. The anticipation is driving me out of my mind.

“Carol, I’ve got to say it again, and again, and again ... I love you. Not only as a brother loves his sister; but, also the way a man loves a woman, a husband loves his wife.”

“Rann, did you say wife?” She replied with tears started to stream down her face.

“Yes, I did, Carol,” I sputtered. “I want to live with you ... as man and wife.”

“Oh, Rann. I would love that,” she said as she finished the unbuttoning of her shirt and took it off. She reached behind her back, and started to remove her brassiere.

“Stop,” I requested, “Let me do that, please. I’ve dreamed about this very moment for such a very long time.” I’ve always been the expert of the one-hand bra flick, a time-tested technique I had perfected by the time I was out of high school ... but this time it was different, this time it’s my sister.

“Rann? What’s the matter? Your hands are trembling. Are you nervous for some reason? Don’t be ... I’m not? I know what we’re about to do, even though I’ve never done anything more than kiss a boy, because I’ve been waiting for you to come to your senses, after all of those silicon-filled bimbos you’ve been fucking. Be patient Rann. I’m not going anywhere? Everything is going to be OK. I won’t bite, you’ll have to pay for that,” she said that last part with the look of a feral cat.

She looked at me and I was reaching for the clasp of her bra. With one flick of my finger it opened and I could finally see those beautiful breasts. I haven’t lost my touch completely.

“I’m a 32B, in case you’re wondering,” she said as she moved the bra away from her breasts and exposed them fully for the first time ... the phone rang.

“Don’t answer it, Rann?” She said to me as I was looking directly at her breasts and licking my proverbial chops. “Let it go to your answering machine.”

“OK, Carol,” I said, as my eyes traveled to her beautiful pink tipped nipples. I had to touch them. It was time to touch her wonderful tittie’s ... they looked so soft, tender, perfect and round.

I was so worried that I might inadvertently hurt her. I barely touched the surface of her bosoms. I moved my face down towards them and breathed on them waiting for her to say it was all right to proceed.

“Rann, it’s not like they’re made of glass – it’s OK if you want to hold, twist or suck on them.”

“Oh, C ... they’re just so soft and wonderful. I’ve waited so long to see them, and I want to revel in this moment.”

While I was handling and licking and looking and loving her breasts, Carol went to remove the belt from my pants. She was feverishly trying to unbuckle me.

“Take your time, Carol. Calm down. We’re not in any kind of hurry.”

While all of this was happening, the person who was calling had started to leave their message:

“Hey Randall. This is Marcus. Rehearsal tonight has been cancelled. There’s been some kind of an electrical issue at the theatre, and they have to look at it.”

“They say it should be taken care of in time for rehearsal tomorrow—Call time tomorrow has been moved to six-thirty sharp. Be on time, and be prepared to work hard and late. A full dress rehearsal with the works -- Oh ... and Randall, get this message to Carol as well, please. Bye.”

This meant that we ‘really’ didn’t have to rush. We could have fun all night. Yahoo. I’m certain Carol recognized the big sigh I gave off, as one of relief. Carol had completely removed my pants by the time the message had finished playing.

She was now pulling down my boxers and she exclaimed, “Oh Rann ... you are definitely my Big Brother.” She grabbed for me, but I kept her at bay for a moment longer.

Since I was now naked, I proclaimed, “Hey, it’s my turn Carol. Now, I’m taking off your pants.” I had to slap her hand away from me. She really wanted to get her hand around my dick.

As I removed her pants and panties, I found myself humming that portion of ‘Soliloquy’ again:

“My little girl, pink and white,
as peaches and cream is she.”

Blue Eyes started humming with me ... as we hummed together, we were now both naked, I took her by her hand and led her to my bed. The nerves came back to me, I was literally shaking; I could only hope she couldn’t tell.

She was counting on me to lead her through this. I sat down on the bed, and pulled her onto my lap the way Santa puts kids on his lap.

I put my arms around her, pulling those lips towards me, and I just kissed her, like I’ve never kissed a girl in my entire life before. I’d never invested my heart into any girl, the way I’m feeling about my sister Carol.

“I’ll be as fast or as slow as you want, Carol. I want your first time ... our first time, to be one of those moments we’ll both remember, forever.”

“Just tell me what you want me to do, Rann. This moment is so full of sexually charged energy I want you to be satisfied, and I know you want me to be,” Blue Eyes responded.

“Carol, honey, I am so hard for you, I’m certain you must feel it underneath your butt right now ... I feel like I may explode ... can we make love without much foreplay this time, and expand our horizons at our next time?”

“The next time? You mean we’re gonna do it more than once, Rann?” She’d smiled deliciously.

“Oh Yeah, Carol – we’re are going to do it as much as you want, and as many times as you want ... until one or both of us is completely worn out. Question? Do I need to use a condom or ... uhm... ?”

“Mom put me on the pill when I was fourteen. She told me it shortens and helps regulate my periods.”

“Well, Carol, the pill is, supposedly, only about 95-99% effective, so using a condom may help, but knowing when you are ovulating would be even a greater help.” Shit, I sound like one of those moronic health teachers in school who are trying to tell you why you shouldn’t have sex with your girl ... they didn’t specifically exclude your sister?

“Rann, my period is due in the next four to five days. I’m safe. Fuck me.”

Carol scooted herself up on my lap and I had her turn her body towards me and she straddled me. Oh. I moved my head down and started to kiss her breasts and began touching her all over with my lips, tongue and hands.

“Oh, Rann – that feels so good. Keep kissing my tits. Oh. Oh. Oh. Squeeze ‘em with your hands. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Oh. Pinch my nipples. More. More. Yeah. Yeah. Oh.”

“C. You taste so good. Your tits feel so smooth and your nipples are so damn hard. Can I touch your pussy?”

“Whatever you want, Rann. I trust you.”

I took my hand and then slowly started moving down her beautiful marvelously supple skin, towards her thin patch of red pubic hair. I touched the top of the outcropping and played with it while still sucking on her left breast with my now saliva-drenched tongue.

At the exact moment I touched her, Carol moaned a loud gasp, which obviously meant she liked what I was doing.

“Carol, your red hair and blue eyes have swept me away. It’s nice to find you are a natural redhead.”

Slapping at me, Carol said “Make love to me, Rann.”

“Carol – I think you should get on top. It would be easier for you to control the action.”

“OK, bro.”

We exchanged places on the bed. I get on my back and Carol then crawled on top of me and, with a big smile on her face, picks up my lengthening penis, and says, snickering, “Now what am I going to do with this?”

“Why don’t you take Little Rann...”

“Little Rann? This puppy’s not little.”

“Then why don’t you take Big Rann, and play with him until he gets all the way hard?”

“He can get harder?”

“Yep, C – and bigger.”

“Yummy ... harder and bigger!”

I was getting very close to cumming and all she was doing was holding my penis.

“I’m kind of close to cumming, Carol. You have some choices. He can go off in your hand, body or tits, he can go off in your mouth or he can go off in your pussy.”

“Hmmmm? Hand, body, tits, mouth or pussy -- I think I want to try, ‘All of the Above.’”

Carol took my penis and put it up to her nose and took a real long sniff. Then she put it up next to her mouth, and stuck out her tongue and licked the very end of it. I groaned, and she hopefully realized I must be only moments away from cumming.

She quietly said to herself “mouth” and, just in the nick of time, opened her mouth and covered the end of my penis as I started to shoot the first of I don’t know how many spurts of semen into her mouth. Now I was going to find out if my sister was a spitter or a swallower.

She kept her mouth over the end of my dick and I saw a smile come over her lips and I heard her say, “Mouth was good choice,” although you could barely understand it.

There was more semen than she could have swallowed easily, so it spilled out of the sides of her mouth. After I heard a very satisfying swallow, she looked up to me and said, “Rann. That was fun. Thanks for introducing me to Big Rann.”

I looked over at my alarm clock and saw that it was one pm. I looked up at Carol, who still had my dick in her hand and asked her, “Are you hungry?”

She chuckled and said, “Oh yeah.”

“I meant for food; I’m really starving. I could make something in the kitchen or we could go out somewhere.”

“Rann, why don’t I take a shower while you make us some food.”

“Well C, I could join you in the shower and then we can make something together in the kitchen.”

She turned and smiled at me and said, “Well, we don’t want to waste any water do we? Is it big enough?”


“Is your shower big enough, silly ... for both of us at the same time?”

“My last girlfriend though so.”

“Do you have a girlfriend I have to worry about?”

“No, no, no, no, no, Carol. Amanda and I broke up over three weeks ago.”

“I don’t remember meeting anyone named Amanda, Rann?”

“It never got real serious, I actually started thinking about you during the last week, every time we were together.”

“Nice save, Rann. Are you coming or not ... in the shower I mean?”

Carol got in the shower first, and turned on the hot water. As she was checking with her palm when it was just right, I walked up to her, leaned over to her, and kissed her with every bit of emotion I could muster.

“Well Big Rann sure looks happy to see me?”

“You have no idea how much he would like to see you, C.” The water apparently became the proper temperature and I gallantly said to Carol, “Ladies first.”

“Get in here with me now.”

“I’ve heard about shower sex, Rann, but I don’t really know what to do.”

“How about we feel our way through this?”

“I like the sound of that, Rann.”

I let the water beat in to my back as I got down on my knees and started playing with her pussy. I rubbed back and forth, and on my way down I took my index finger and just barely entered her pussy.

“Uh. Oh. Oh. God, Rann. That feels so good. Do that as much as you want. Don’t ever stop. Oh. Oh. Oh. Go deeper ... deeper. Put in another finger if you want. Oh. Oh. I’m going to cum on your fingers.”

“Well, C ... you certainly have a way with words.”

“I know how to use the Internet, Rann, Oh Oh. I see and read porn. Oh. Oh. Deeper. I just hadn’t had it done to me before. Oh God, Rann ... I’m cumming ... cumming ... cumming ... Ohhhhhhhhhh.”

“Wow Carol. That was hot. You had yours – now how about I have mine?”

“Sure thing, bro. What do you want me to do for you?”

“I’ll stand up and you can get on your knees?”

“I know exactly where you are going with this. Oh, it looks like Big Rann is ready for me.”

“Yes he is. Take it and see how much of him you can get in your mouth? Oh. Oh. That’s good C. You got most of it. Now use your tongue and suck on it like it’s a Popsicle. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Careful. That – feels – good, but I don’t want to explain to an ER doc what happened to my penis. Oh. Oh. Use your hand to help if you want. That’s what the pros you’ve seen on the internet do.”

“Ootay – Wann,” she said, with her mouth full of me.

“I’m starting to feel the beginnings of cumming again, Carol. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Take all the time you need. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. I’m getting real close, C. A little bit more. Take all you can. Oh. Oh. Oh God ... I’m cummminnng ... more ... more ... one more spurt ... That was amazing C. I give you an A+ for your first blow job.”

“What’s my motivation to do better in the future?”

“Don’t worry. I grade on the curve.”

As I looked down on her beautiful face I saw her break into the most wonderful smile I have ever seen in my life.

“Should we actually wash each other, or is this going to continue on your bed, Rann?”

“As much as Big Rann would like to do more, I think we had better wash up. Let me wash your hair?”

“No, I have special shampoo at home for my hair. Otherwise it just frizzes and I want to look my best for you. Let’s just soap up and wash each other all over.”


So we soaped up and washed each other from the waist down, although I tried to scrub her tits, but she slapped my hands away saying “Later.”

After drying each other off, Carol realized she didn’t have clothes to change into. Without saying anything she just started to put her clothes back on. I stopped her, and told her to look on the far left side of my closet for some women’s clothes.

“Why do you have women’s clothes, Rann? Have you become a cross-dresser or something?”

“No, Carol. Some of my ex-girlfriends left some clothes here, and something might fit you.”

She actually found a nice sun yellow dress that fit her rather nicely.

“Who’s dress was this?” she asked both suspiciously, and with a bit of jealousness in her voice.

“I think it belonged to Sarah ... no, Melinda ... no, maybe Rosie, it might have been Kaolin ... I’m not really sure.”

“You don’t plan on giving me a straight answer, do you, Rann?”

“Uh uh uh, I know when to tap dance through an answer. Anyhow, I was going to throw them all out unless there is anything you might want. They all are rather new.”

“OK – I’m all dressed. Say, this dress could work in Act 1, Scene 3, you know, the Bridal Shop scene. It’s much nicer than what I’ve been wearing for that scene.”

“Wow, C ... you are right. That would make a wonderful dress for you to start the scene in.”

“You have the script. You can read Anita to my Maria.”

I remembered the entire script...

Por favor, Anita. ¡Bájale el cuello!
... Please make the neck lower?


One inch. How much can one little inch do?

Too Much

MARIA (Exasperated)
Anita, it is now to be a dress for dancing, no longer for kneeling in front of an altar.

With those boys you can start in dancing and end up kneeling.

Querida, one little inch; un poquito...

Stop it, Maria. Bernardo made me promise...

¡Ai! ¡Bernardo! One month have I been in this country -- do I ever even touch excitement? I sew all day ... I sit all night. For what did my fine brother bring me here?

She is so fricking beautiful, and so far, she’s been word and accent perfect ... that’s my Blue Eyes!

I broke out of character and replied, “To make out with you and to take you to dinner. Let’s go out to dinner. Your accent is perfect, your lines are spot on and you are too beautiful to waste on just me. I know a place near campus I want to take you to eat. They know me there but not you. We can hold hands and everything.”

“Everything, Rann?”

I glared at her, “Its just five minutes from here. Then, when we get back we can work a different scene, maybe the first fire escape scene.”

“That turns into ‘Tonight?’ Act 1, Scene 5? OK.”

“Take me to dinner, Rann and we will sing all of the way there.”

I started to sing,

“Today, all day I had the feeling ... A miracle would happen—I know now I was right. For here you are ... and what was just a world is a star, Tonight.”

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