Unleashing the Other
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, boy, girl, Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, mt/mt, Mult, Consensual, Lolita, NonConsensual, Fiction, School, Workplace, Extra Sensory Perception, Post Apocalypse, Paranormal, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, BDSM, Anal Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Frank Pezzo is a bastard who grew up Italian and Catholic in a WASP city in the South. He has many inner demons, but he is learning that not all demons are bad. Some come in rather handy, especially when returning to Chattanooga and reuniting with the many women in his life. Prepare for many secrets to be unveiled.

The letter was an official one, delivered to me by a process server in my apartment in Bangor, Maine. It had all of the proper markings of a legal document. That it was addressed to me was quite the shock, since I wasn't aware of any reason for lawyers to take any note of me. The real surprise was that it came from my hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was from the law office of one Alice Wilkins, Counselor at Probate Law.

I shook my head at that part. Why would an estate lawyer want to send me anything? I assumed that I was an orphan from my first memory, since I never met my father and my mother died in childbirth. I thought myself alone when it came to family. I naturally found myself curious and opened it with nerve-wracking suspense.

Mr. Francesco Pezzo,

It is my regrettable duty to inform you that your father, Adam Slater, passed away on Tuesday. He had directed me prior to his demise to present you with this summons to appear at a reading of his last will and testament. This will be held a week from his death, the day after his funeral. His other biological children have also been presented with this summons. It is urgent that you return to Chattanooga immediately in order to attend this reading. Any further information will be provided at said reading. I am his executor as well as his attorney. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


Alice Wilkins, Esquire

If it weren't for the Chattanooga connection, I would think this a practical joke. However, since no one in Bangor knew that I was from Tennessee, let alone Chattanooga, it had to be real. So, with no genuine regret, I opted not to renew my six-month lease on my apartment, which was about to expire. It was early summer, so I was between semesters of teaching history to little Yankees (in spite of their flawed textbooks). I took my few possessions and boarded a one-way flight back to my hometown. It wasn't a direct flight, of course, since I had to fly a commuter plane to Logan in Boston first.

An eternity of cramped coach seats and a hangover later, I was busy eating a meatball marinara sub in a local sandwich shoppe when a stunning brunette with a familiar face entered the same establishment. Lisa always knew how to turn heads. Damn her, I thought. The funny thing was that she honed in on me and walked right up to me. I had butterflies in my half-empty stomach, just as I did back at St. Margaret's Catholic High School.

"Hi, Frankie. How are ya doing, sugar?" Lisa drawled her greeting, as charming as ever. The trouble was that behind that enchanting manner was a devilish skill at manipulating others to get her way.

"Call me 'Frank', and I'm actually not doing so well. I just found out that my father, who I'd never met, has died. I didn't even know his name until a few days ago. Now I'll never know him. Still, he wanted me at the reading of his will, so I'm here. How have things been for you?" I decided to experiment with passive-aggression and guilt, which I usually avoided, simply because I was in a nasty mood.

"Well, I'm married and have two kids. Jim, my hubby, wants a third child, and I'm actually interested in it. I wouldn't mind becoming a housewife for a little while. Besides, I actually get laid a lot more when we're trying for a baby. If you want to help us out, I would be very grateful," Lisa actually dared to proposition me, after telling me about her married life!

I would have been stunned, had any traditional Southern belle mentioned such a a thing, especially so soon after reuniting with an old classmate. Lisa wasn't normal, of course. She was an anomaly from day one. The fact that she and I had been sexually intimate in our adolescence didn't help matters. She wasn't my first sexual partner, but I will discuss that sequence later. Suffice it to say that she thought that she was my first. She wasn't my best, either, but she wasn't my worst.

"Frank, honey, cat got your tongue? I'm telling you that I want to sleep with you! Don't act surprised! I've never been the faithful sort. Jim knows what I am. All of the men do. They date or marry me with their eyes wide open. Before you claim to be an exception, let me point out that you had others, too. I might have been your first, but I damn sure wasn't your only one.

"I saw you and your kissing cousins, Sally and Kelly. You weren't just kissing, either. I watched Sally and Kelly take off their tops to flash you while swimming in the river. I got wet seeing you pull down their bikini bottoms and take them from behind. They looked rather happy about it, too. They've moved back home into your aunt's place and something tells me that you'd get some ass there if you paid them a visit.

"Jim fucked both of them last week. I know because they told me about it. He didn't bother to deny it, because he knows that I'm a slut and always have been. As long as he fucks me, he can even fuck Madonna for all I care. So, enough talk. How about some action, stallion? Your place or mine?" Lisa didn't appear ready to take "no" for an answer.

"Mine," I replied in a voice that didn't belong to me.

It was a very firm and authoritative tone that I used, but it also oozed with lust. There was Something inside me that told me to fuck this girl again. It was the same Something that demanded that I come back to Chattanooga for the reading of the will. It was part of me, but yet not human like the rest of me. It was impossible to adequately describe or properly fathom what this Other part of my nature was. It simply was there. I now had the sense I was not a regular guy, and for some reason, it was imperative that I sleep with Lisa.

I wolfed down the rest of my meatball sub and then took an impatient Lisa by the hand to my rental car. We got to my room before I knew it and she French-kissed me seconds later. I made out with Lisa for a moment, but then I wanted some oral. I unzipped my pants and pushed her head down to my crotch. I wasn't usually a big fellatio guy, except when I wanted to assert my dominance. It was my ex-wife's other complaint about me, aside from my cheating. She knew that I used oral sex as a means to take charge. That was the Other at work in me as well. The Something Else within me was the ultimate control freak.

By now, the Other was in total command of me, directing my every action. I soon found myself inside Lisa from behind. It was the same way that I had taken Sally and Kelly, the first time that the Something Else took over. The funny thing was that it didn't scare me. It never did. I knew that the Other was me and I was it. There was no split personality or other psychotic aspect. I WAS the Other. It and I were one and the same. It just didn't have the weaknesses that my conscious self had, such as anxiety, uncertainty, fear, Catholic guilt, etc. I loved being the Other.

I must have fucked Lisa for a good while by then, because she didn't just cum: she gushed like a geyser. There was something different about how I fucked girls when I was the Other. I always lasted a while and always made them cum. Becky, my ex-wife, loved it when I was the Other with her, but also hated it. She knew that I was weird in some way and it scared her at times. I think that in the end it was why she left me, far more than the cheating or even the aggression. She sensed the Other's presence and feared it. It also excited her and that was probably the worst part of it for her. I could tell what she thought when I screwed her. I could read her mind and everything.

I flooded Lisa with my seed and pulled out, only to discover that I was still hard. The Other wouldn't let me go soft. It was that simple. I thrust my cock back inside Lisa and started fucking her all over again, to her apparent joy. This continued another immeasurable length of time until we both came again. Once more, Lisa squirted her juices on my dick. She had never been a gusher in the old days, but that was before the Other became manifest in me.

I didn't realize that I was in Lisa's ass until she started whimpering with an exhilarating mix of pain and pleasure. She didn't try to resist me as I sodomized her. Instead, she used her hips to get more of my cock inside her bowels. Lisa hungrily squeezed and milked me with her asshole until my balls were empty. At last, I went soft. I stood up and pulled out of Lisa, steadier than usual for a man who had just screwed a woman four times, counting the mouth. That must have been the Other as well.

"Come on, let's shower, slut," I instructed Lisa with the same forceful tone.

She clearly didn't have the same balance as me, since she wobbled more than she walked behind me to the shower. The bow-legged gait she now had reminded me of Aunt Joanna after I had taken over the household. Memories of my naked aunt struggling to stay on her feet after I pounded her into submission with my cock made me smile wickedly.

That was definitely the work of the Other. Before it, Aunt Joanna terrified me, with her beatings and other punishments. She was an angry single mom who took her resentment out on me in the name of religion. Afterward, I was in charge until that stupid drunk driver killed her two months later. That bastard really pissed me off, since he ruined a good thing for me. Not even the small legacy that the girls and I inherited from her made up for that loss. I had just started to like my aunt when she was killed.

The more that I thought about it, the more I recalled the same glassy look in Joanna's eyes that Lisa now had. She was mesmerized and I could tell it. This state didn't last, which I knew from experience with various women, but it easily returned with each round of superhuman sex. I didn't want or need it to last outside of the act, since I didn't wish to converse with zombies. It came in handy during sex, though. Sally and Kelly were like that, too.

"Damn, that was great! The anal caught me off guard, but I loved it anyway. It wasn't necessary for making a baby, but that motive was only half of it for me. It was true that I wanted to carry your child, but I also wanted to get it on with you. I suspected that you'd gotten a lot better with the years, and I was right. Jim was the first one to fuck my ass, and it hurt like hell, but I still enjoyed it.

"I have to warn you that Michelle is still holding a torch for you. My little sister longs for the 'one who got away'. She's living with her girlfriend Missy, and by that, I mean lesbian lover. Yeah, she's very bi, but it doesn't stop her from talking constantly about how envious she is that I got to sleep with you and she didn't. She's obsessed with you. I think that only Missy kept her from tracking you down and stalking you.

"I'm not saying that you shouldn't sleep with her, now that she's a grown woman. In fact, I think that you should. Jim screws her all of the time and I pretend that I don't know about it. I keep getting wet at the idea of catching them in bed, possibly with Missy there, too. If you were with me, we could have ourselves a nice little orgy. Think about that idea. It would be great to eat my sister out or have her eat me, while you guys have your way with us. I've had that fantasy for a while now. She's yummy and I envy Missy her daily access to Michelle's pussy and tongue. Yeah, I'm cool with incest.

"So, penny for your thoughts. Want to go home with me and catch Jim boning my sister? Saturday mornings are a regular thing for them. I know because Missy tells me about it. We have a good laugh, since Missy knows her lover and I know my hubby. She's had threesomes with them more than once. It's about time that I join them. If I know Michelle, she'll jump your bones the moment she sees you. If Jim's inside her, that's tough shit for him. He'll just have to make do with Missy or me," Lisa rambled, much to my amusement and even arousal, now that she had recovered from her trance.

"I'm game for that. Michelle's not twelve with braces anymore. She's bound to be a fox by now. I'd screw her. You're a strange big sister, you know. Most would get jealous of their husbands fucking their little sisters, but it turns you on. The incestuous fantasies are something else, too. Not that I'm judging. I find both of you ladies to be sizzling hot. The sight of you girls eating each other out is likely to make me as hard as flint. Hell, even the thought of it excites me," I grinned before Lisa silenced me with a kiss as steamy as the shower.

"So, what are we waiting for, hon? I want to see 'em doing it, not arrive afterward," Lisa urged me as we dried off and got dressed again.

The Other was in charge of me again, so Lisa and I were in the rental again and she guided me to her place. Sure enough, the sounds from her bedroom was obviously those of wild and raunchy sex. Jim was on his back, with Michelle riding him cowgirl-style and Missy sitting on his face. Michelle's black, curly hair and Missy's dirty blonde waves were both very familiar to me.

I didn't give Michelle a warning or any chance to prevent me. I just took some cold lube and quietly applied it to the crack of her ass. Minutes later, I buried my cock in her ass while she continued to use Jim for her pleasure and Missy's. She didn't look behind her to see who it was. Instead, she worked as vigorously as she could to get both Jim and me in her at once. Lisa sprang the next surprise when she started kissing and licking Michelle's neck and shoulders, working her way to her sister's breasts.

Michelle's reaction to Lisa's mouth on her body was to tense up and cum as messily as her sister. It must have been a family trait, one which I loved. I was already on the edge with the heat and tightness of Michelle's ass, but her orgasm sent me over the brink. I gave Michelle more cum than I thought that I could have possibly replenished in that short time-frame, another indication that the Other was hard at work. Jim must have shot his load, too, since he was limp when Michelle climbed off him. Missy slid off his face with a satisfied smile that indicated she had cum as well.

"Lisa, baby, when did you get home? Who's this guy?" Jim asked with shock, now that he was able to think.

"This is Frank Pezzo. You may not remember him, since he was much younger than you. He lived with his aunt, Joanna Pezzo, a long time ago. I fucked him back then and I also fucked him in his room before I came home to this delightful scene. Jim, I've known about you and Michelle for a while now. The same goes with Missy, of course. Don't worry. I've never gotten jealous about your other women. You know that. I'm not gonna start now. You've put up with my affairs in the past, so don't be surprised about me and Frank, either.

"Right now, if it's okay with you guys, I want a lesbian threesome. I want to taste Michelle at last. I've had Missy at times, as you might have guessed by now. She's delicious. We just need to complete the love triangle. Come on, girls. Let's eat some pussy. Care to watch, boys?" Lisa invited the two women, much to Jim's and my voyeuristic pleasure.

Lisa pushed Michelle down and spread her legs, while Missy parted Lisa's butt-cheeks for some excellent rimming. After a couple of minutes, the trio found their pace, with Lisa sandwiched between her sister and Missy. Michelle didn't take long to gush again, nor did Lisa. They kept at it, naturally, wishing to cream themselves into exhaustion. When Lisa and Michelle recovered, they tackled Missy and held her down. Lisa licked her pussy and Michelle her ass, though they tangled tongues and swapped holes now and then. This time, Missy's climax was much louder and could be heard over a freight train.

Jim and I were glued to this wonderful sight of a Sapphic, incestuous threesome. We were both horny bastards anyway, but now the Other ran the show where I was concerned. I was rock-hard by then and I could see that the girls had completed their little show that they put on for us. I mounted Michelle again and this time entered her pussy in the missionary position. She didn't hesitate to wrap her legs around my waist and match me on each stroke. She kissed me fiercely as well, making it obvious that Lisa told the truth about her sister. Every thrust I gave Michelle brought her orgasm and mine closer, as she showed me by shivering as I screwed her.

Since Jim was ready for more, Missy bent over the nightstand and let him take her right there. Lisa winked at me and started rimming Missy while Jim fucked her. That was too much excitement for him to resist and he spilled another load, going soft almost immediately. He seemed above average for a guy in terms of being able to get hard again, but nowhere close to being my equal when the Other was in control. Not one to get upset over trifles, Lisa knelt and sucked her husband's cock to see if she could revive him one more time.

Missy then joined her before getting bored with that and putting herself between my face and Michelle's while I fucked her. We took the hint and licked Missy, my tongue exploring her ass while Michelle devoured her cunt. As soon as Michelle came, Missy did, too. Their timing suggested that Michelle had restrained herself on purpose. That required a great deal of self-discipline, which I admired as I shot more cum into Michelle.

Missy didn't wait for me to catch my breath. Instead, she switched places with Michelle and returned the favor. By all rights, my cock should have been so sore and used that it would have simply refused to wake up. I hadn't become limp from cumming in Michelle's pussy. The Other had evidently decided that I couldn't be allowed too many breaks. I had work to do, as much fun as this labor of love was for me. If I had taken the blue pills, someone would have suspected priapism. As a matter of fact, those pills wouldn't have given me as much stamina as the Other did. At my age, to be hard as much as I was thrilled me. It made me feel like my younger self, only hornier.

That was when a knock at the door announced that we weren't alone. I came quickly in Missy's cunt and silently promised her a longer encore in the future. She licked her lips when she read mine. Only then did I remember consciously that Missy was deaf. Lisa and Michelle must have mastered sign language and lip reading to communicate so well with her. Father Lynch and the nuns were as brutal to her as to me in their usual way. She had also been bullied and hazed a lot by classmates, though Michelle protected her fiercely even back then. It was probably because she found Missy attractive even in those days. The signs of bisexuality were there all along.

The five of us dressed in a hurry, while the knocking grew more persistent. I rushed to the door and saw Sally and Kelly standing there. They looked as pale as ghosts when they realized it was me. Then Sally walked over to me and gave me a kiss that warmed me to my bones. The Other, never too far below the surface, came roaring back and caused me to return the kiss with more than a little tongue. Kelly coughed and I turned to face her. She made a point of kissing me just as hard as her sister. They hadn't changed at all, except maybe to become even sexier.

"Hey, girls, I think that we need to eat something first. I don't know about you, but I've burned a lot of calories. I'm pretty sure that Lisa, Michelle, Missy, and Jim have, too. Who wants to order a pizza?" I asked my cousins. I naturally didn't tell them about the Other. No one knew about that yet, and I wasn't ready to disclose such a strange phenomenon to anyone.

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