A Model College Student
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - In college, I got a job as a male model for a life drawing class that turned out to be incredible. How? You'll just have to read my story.

It was my first year of college, early November, actually, when I saw a notice posted for two models for an art class. Actually, it was for two nude life models, one male, one female.

Well, I could use the money and I was on an athletic scholarship on the swimming team and my body was in pretty good tone.

So, I went to see the art instructor who asked me several questions like if I'd ever posed before and especially if I'd ever posed unclothed.

I told her that I hadn't but I thought I could do it okay. She was pretty upfront mentioning that it would be helpful if I could exercise some control over possible erections that might occur. I told her I thought I could although I am a young, healthy male and could only try.

She seemed quite down-to-earth about it and asked if I'd like to try modeling for a class for a one-time fee to see if I wanted to continue.

I figured that was a good way to see if I really wanted to do this and she asked if I would strip down to my shorts which I did.

She pronounced me suitable and told me to be at Room 226 in the Art Center at 2 pm the next afternoon. What she didn't see, though it would be on display the next afternoon, was my cock. Yes, it was nice, just over seven inches erect and was just over four soft and flaccid.

I really didn't think much about it until lunchtime the next day when I realized that I was soon to be naked in front of a group of people I'd probably never seen before, dick and all.

Was I nervous? I was but the money was good and, well, I'm certainly not ashamed of my body, I'm actually pretty buff. In high school, the girls on the swim team voted me the guy they'd most like to see naked and I was happy to oblige.

So, I opened the door of Room 226 right at two and went in.

The instructor came right over and showed me a screen to change behind which I thought was a bit odd and I went behind and stripped. I had a moment to look around and see that it was mostly females in the class. Oh, my.

As I stepped out, I now could look around and there were seventeen young women and two guys in the class.

The instructor had me stand on a platform in the middle of the group and showed me the pose she wanted.

I couldn't look around too much but, well, there sure seemed to be some rather pretty young women in the class and I got several smiles from the ones in front of me, one even winked.

But, I was also concentrating on railroad trains, parachuting out of airplanes, time-lapse images of leaves on trees shriveling and falling, dead and brown to the ground, just anything non-sexy. I'm sure you understand.

I was able to control my dick pretty well though I mostly much knew it had lengthened a bit, after all, it does have a mind of its own.

After about ten minutes or so, the instructor told me to take a break and do some stretches if I wanted so I used the opportunity to look around the room taking inventory of the young female art students.

That was when I knew that I wanted to continue modeling for the class, it was packed with very pretty girls and while I'd gotten to know a few girls so far, this was looking interesting. And, well, I was now wondering if, perhaps, I wasn't an exhibitionist. It had never occurred to me before but I did like standing there totally naked in front of all those lovely young women, all clothed as one would expect.

After posing some more, I took another break, it was tiring as you held a particular position, and after a few stretches, I took a long, stretch right in front of one of the girls, the one who'd winked at me earlier, and as I stretched high and wide, I moved my hips toward her so my cock was less than a foot from her face.

I looked down at her and she was grinning at me, knowing I was purposely putting my cock near her. But, then it was time for my final pose of the day.

At the end of the hour, I got down and went behind the screen to get dressed, something I thought was, frankly, kind of weird since I'd been naked for an hour. But they have their ways of doing things.

The class was cleaning up and putting their supplies away when the girl I'd put my cock out for came over and shook my hand thanking me.

"I'm Nicole, I just wanted to thank you for being here today. Are you coming back?"

As she took her hand away, I knew that she's palmed a note into my hand which I slid into my pocket.

"Well, I'm supposed to talk with the instructor now and, yeah, I plan on doing this regularly."

"Good, I hope to see you again ... all of you," and she smiled, turned and walked out.

I talked with the instructor and we arranged for me to model for the class on a regular basis, Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also suggested that I might want to shave my underarm and pubic hair though it was really up to me.

As I walked back to my dorm, I pulled out the piece of paper the girl had given me. It was simple, "Nicole Hopkins" followed by a phone number.

I pulled out my phone and pressed the numbers.

"Hello, this is Nicole."

"Hi, this is Noah."

"Noah, Noah who?"

"You just gave me your phone number in the Life Drawing Class. I was the model."

"Omigod, yes, oh, your name is Noah, okay. Um, well, yeah, thanks for calling me. Um, I ... I kind of wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your modeling for our class. I think you have a great body, really nice."

"Thanks, I do train some so that helps."

"I was wondering if maybe you ever saw any of the girls in the classes you model for. Like, you know, um, maybe like to, um, have some fun together."

Well, that didn't leave too much to guess about, did it?

"I've just started the modeling so I'm really pretty new to it."

"You looked really relaxed and confident up there in front of all the class. Um, could we like get together sometime, maybe some night this week?"

"Sure Nicole, when's good for you?"

"Are you like free right now?"

It was three-thirty and, well, I did have the time.

"Yeah, I'm open."

"I'm in the new dorm, the one with the red roof, Room 340. Could you come over now?"

"I'll be right over," I told her and we ended the call as I turned and began walking to her dorm.

I went up and she opened the door and let me in.

"It's nice that you came right over. I was kind of, well, turned-on by seeing you this afternoon. You have a beautiful penis, do you know that?"

"I ... well, I guess it's okay, I've never really thought much about it."

"I was hoping I could see it again. Maybe see it erect, like hard."

"I was afraid of that happening in the class, glad it didn't," I managed to get out.

"I'll help it if you want? Could I see you that way?"

I pulled off my teeshirt and undid my belt and slid my pants to the floor, slipping my shoes off to stand there in my briefs, now rather bulged out. I pulled them down as my cock flopped out straight.

"Oh, I knew it would be bigger. This is nice, Noah, is this as big as you get?"

I looked down and told her, "No, it gets bigger when, well, then someone excites it."

She looked me right in the eyes and asked, "Does it get excited when it gets sucked?"

"Yeah, real excited."

She knelt down and wet her lips and slid them over the head of my dick and down the shaft to begin sucking, all the while, smiling up at me.

She had one hand on my cock holding it but she let go and began unbuttoning her blouse. Then her hands went back to undo her bra without ever missing a suck on my cock.

Nicole was about five-four, nice and trim, a brunette with a ponytail, and her skin was tan all over, maybe Italian or Greek or something.

Her breasts were full and round and upright, each one tipped with a small dark nipple. Her head moved back, then she stood up to take my cock in her hand holding it from beneath as she said, "This was what I wanted to see when we were in the art room, Noah, your beautiful, hard cock. God, it's beautiful. Would you fuck me with it?" she asked as she pulled off her shorts and panties.

She went to the bed as I, rather astonished at what was happening, told her I'd love to fuck her with it and she pulled the covers off and got down on the bed, spreading her legs wide and I got up to kneel between them.

I figured I was going to lick and tongue that nice, pink, bare pussy first as I got down and began lapping at her wet slit.

"Oh, Noah, I'm already so hot from watching you naked, just come here and fuck me, fuck me hard," she said as she pulled me up over her and widened herself open and I pushed into her.

"This is what I've wanted ever since you came out from behind the screen all nice and naked with that beautiful cock. Now it's fucking me, just what I wanted all that time. Did you see me rubbing my pussy while you stood naked in front of us?"

"I guess I didn't."

"You had me so hot, then when you stretched and almost poked me in the face with it, I just wanted to open my mouth and suck it right in."

"I think that might not go over with the instructor, Nicole," I told her kiddingly.

"Oh, don't I know it. But I sure wanted to suck it hard right then. But, I decided to give you my number so we could fuck. Was it a good idea?"

"The best, this is wonderful, you are such a sexy girl."

"I love being sexy with you, Noah, especially after I sat there looking at your nice, soft cock, all the time wanting it in my mouth to make it so hard. I love sucking a soft one, feeling it grow in my mouth, there's nothing hotter. Mmm, fuck me good, Noah, god, I never knew an art class could make me so horny."

"I'm not sure how I'll be able to keep it soft when I come to model on Thursday when you're there. Not after this, it's going to be hard ... I mean difficult," I laughed.

"Well, I promise not to make it hard," she snickered as she gripped my shoulders and rolled me over on my back and began squat-fucking me straight up and down.

"Mmm, I just wanted to be on top, I just want to be in control this first time," she told me as her tight pussy rose and fell on my happy cock.

She began pushing down hard on me every time she lowered herself and was twisting and pressing, rotating her hips, as I felt the tip end of my cock rubbing way up inside her. Then she would rise up again, take a few short up and down strokes, then back down hard again. Oh, she could fuck.

Then she rose up over me, holding steady with my cock almost falling out of her, asking me to just fuck her fast as she squatted there over me.

I began taking short thrusts up into her pussy, actually coming out of her each time I went back down, then re-entering her, parting her labia each time. There was no way I could hold back from how good that felt and I began cumming and she pushed down over me, taking me deep as she swiveled back and forth until she got off as well.

She lay over me, panting out of breath, saying, "That was ... just what ... I wanted ... Noah ... your nice, hard ... cock."

She didn't move off me, she just lay there for a minute, then started fucking me again until we both had second orgasms.

We lay there together, happy and content as she asked me, "So, I'll see you naked again on Thursday?"

"Yeah, I guess you'll see me a little different, though. I'm thinking of shaving under my arms and around my cock. The instructor mentioned it, so I thought I'd do it."

"Want me to do it? I can shave you right now, I used to shave my boyfriend all the time, it's fun."

I told her that would be great and we went in her bathroom and she shaved me under my arms and then knelt down in front of me with her shave gel and razor.

"Mmm, first, it's so pretty I just have to suck it for a minute, it's a little soft, I told you how I love sucking cocks when they're soft," she said as she slid her mouth over me.

I leaned back on the edge of the sink as she gave me head. Then, when she got my cock good and hard, she lifted off and put some shaving gel on her hand and spread it around in my pubic hair and began razoring off my pubes nice and clean.

She wiped me off with a towel and went back to sucking me again as I stood there being so wonderfully pleasured.

I left fully drained of my semen and went home happily to study and sleep peacefully until morning.

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