Maré Wins His Prize


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Maré proves he is a winner. He beats his friend, Sid, in a blackjack game and then he gets luck with Heather Vandeven, Sid’s hot roommate. Before the day ends, the three of them engages in group sex!

Early afternoon, I am playing blackjack with my friend, Sid in his Manhattan loft condominium. I am winning his money! Sid is a 28-year-old tall, light-skinned model with a short tapered hairstyle and boyish looks. We have known each other for ten years and would go to clubs to pick up women. We often tell people that we are cousins because of how close we are. Rap music is playing on a medium volume as we are battling like professional athletes. I am not trying to lose any money to him.

After winning another hand, I said, "That's right, give up playboy! Maré has things to do! You know I'm a busy man."

Sid laughs and said, "Lucky bastard! Here, take that!"

His roommate, Heather Vandeven, is in the living room chillin' and laughing. She is a 30-year-old Dutch beauty woman with long blonde hair and an incredible toned body. Heather looks sexy in her yellow skimpy halter-top and micro skirt. I remember her having a daredevil nature because we rode dirt bikes a few times in the city.

"You better quit before Maré have you walking around broke." Heather suggests jokingly. "You know how you are when you don't have any money."

"Yeah, this is the last hand." Sid continues. "I already lost $450. He's hot now!"

Sid loses another hand and finally quits. I won $500 from him and I am feeling good. Heather is smiling and winking at me. I love the attention she is giving me.

"Don't worry, Sid, if we hit the clubs tonight, the drinks are on me!" I promise.

"Fuck you!" Sid says. "I'll be right back; I'm going to get some Chinese food. I do not have anything good to eat here. Do y'all want anything?"

Heather and I both tell Sid that we are good, and then he leaves. Now we are alone, and I already have naughty thoughts in my head. The Notorious B.I.G. is now playing on the radio. It just dawns to me that it is the 15th anniversary of his death and his music instantly has me thinking about my teenage years during the mid-1990s. Heather gets up and turns the volume up. I feel like I am in the club as I watch her dance to "Get Money". Heather smiles as she sees me walking in the living room shirtless, showing off my impressive physique. I begin dancing to the rhythm of the music. Heather's Galaxy Nexus smartphone starts ringing, and judging by the expression on her face, I can tell she do not want to answer her phone.

"I wish these white guys knew I want a hot black man!" Heather flirts.

"Heather loves chocolate I see." I smile.

"You know you can get it, Maré." Heather says with a smile.

"And you know I want it, baby girl." I respond.

"You know a pretty white woman with a nice ass is the black man's Kryptonite."

"And you know Mandingo is the destroyer of the white woman's pussy."

"Do you think you can handle this white girl?" She asks.

"All you have to do is bring your body right here, babe." I tell her.

With a smile on her face, Heather saunters up to me and kisses me. Her tongue slips in my mouth and we are French kissing. I love the feeling of her lips and wet tongue. Heather is so into the kiss that it is as if we are lovers.

"You are a smooth kisser!" She tells me. "Now, let me show you what I know what to do."

Heather pushes me down on the black leather couch and slowly pulls down my baggy jeans. She removes her halter-top and sensually licks her lower lip. I take a quick peek at Heather's nipples, which are standing out like a pair of pink hills. Each moment flies by and I feel a tickling feeling of arousal. Heather proceeds to lick my thighs and goes up to my shaved balls. The feeling is so exquisite. An electric sensation is souring up my spine. Heather has me squirming like an earthworm. I feel like I am going to ejaculate now, but Heather is doing a great job prolonging my cumming.

"Damn, girl, shit." I moan.

"You like that, huh?" She says, with a giggle.

As Heather continues to give me fellatio, I am playing with her tits. I love the way they feel. Heather sighs as I squeeze her tits. She sounds so sexy making those soft sounds.

"Let me give you some dick." I said softly.

I lay Heather on the couch and remove her micro skirt deliberately. She closes her eyes and sighs as I suck her tits and lick her erect nipples in preoccupation. After sucking her tits, I proceed to lick my way down her well-defined abs. Her pierced belly button is as inviting as her areola. I go on to admire her nicely trimmed pussy. I massage her clit with my thumb and so, lower my head. My tongue lashes out, swirling into her right away. The aroma of Heather's quivering pussy is driving me crazy and I sink my tongue deep within her.

Heather jumps and said, "Oh, shit! Fuck! Yes!"

I keep up the good work, driving her crazy. The pleasure is so intense that Heather moves around wildly and pinches her nipples. She arches her back and screams aloud, which turns me on; I love hearing women scream for the pleasure they go through.

"Yes, eat me Maré! Lick me all day. Fuck me with that big black cock of yours." She demands.

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