The River

by rodeotexas

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Desc: Sex Story: A Woman Unexpectedly Encounters A Dog

Rhonda age 31 came from a strong German heritage. Both sets of great grandparents have had immigrated from Germany at the turn of the century and settled near Red River, New Mexico and succeeding generations only married within the German community.

A lithe, five foot Nine Inches

Her German heritage had imparted Rhonda with firm beautiful high set voluptuous European up tilted, size 36 DD breasts.

Rhonda's strenuous exercise combined a weightlifting and distance-jogging regime that she had kept up ever since entering junior high school, resulting in a very toned body with a flat muscular ripped stomach. Rhonda was also highly intelligent and extremely successful in her education, graduating with a MBA with honors. Her profession was selling exclusive premier real estate in Northern New Mexico but unfortunately not as successful in finding a partner for life that met her own intelligence.

She had listed this particular piece of property for almost a year before she sold it. Over time, she became quite familiar with this beautiful secluded property in this part of the sparsely populated part of New Mexico and often sat on the river banks or brought a lounge chair down to sit in the river and enjoy the peace and beautiful serenity of this property, by far the most beautiful and scenic of any she had seen or sold to date.

The property consisted of about 1000 acres, live springs throughout property and of course the river that ran thru it. The property had a large modern wooden post and beam horse stable with additional guest quarters built in. The one story native rock rambling house sat up a slope overlooking the river that gave good views for several hundred yards up and down the river. The house had a large wide flagstone back porch for entertaining, the master bedroom, master bath and guest bedrooms all shared the river view at the rear of the house as all rooms had floor to ceiling, wall to wall one-way glass. The rear of the property sloped down to the river with several terraces intersecting the slope along the way, which were beautifully landscaped while a wide flagstone walkway was stair steeped down the slope. A lawn had also been installed with lush St. Augustine grass, which reached to the rivers edge.

The Red River is known as the one of the gems of New Mexico rivers, spring and snow fed from Wheeler Peak which flows clear and shallow. Towering mountain valleys, many free-flowing springs, lined with trees.

Though well off by society's standards, it was nowhere near the extent needed to buy the ranch as Rhonda herself often wished she could.

After what seemed to her a only a very short time she so enjoyed the property and solitude, after eight months of listing, Rhonda sold it to a single, distinguished older gentleman.

Alex was 6'2, 47, a very attractive life long bachelor; he made a very comfortable living as a specialty Importer/Exporter which entailed extensive world-wide travel, not to mention he came from old money and did not have to work for a living. While originally from Texas, he and his family had moved to Europe when he was very young and had developed a very cultured accent as well as acquiring an advanced European education.

However, every summer he had came back to either New Mexico or Wyoming to work on the family's large ranches. Lately, he had been thinking it was time for finding someone on a permanent basis, hard to do traveling all the time, but lean and muscular he looked 10 years younger, with a carefree attitude and very funny. Women of all ages found him extremely attractive even to the point he almost disliked going to social functions or clubs due to what was sure more than one woman insistent on introducing herself.

Wanting to continue to visit the river and setting, as a courtesy Rhonda asked and got permission from Alex to be in the river in front of the residence. There was a public access low water river crossing two hundred yards from the house and the relatively few people who knew of its location and beauty often took advantage of it. Rhonda frequently saw women tanning there.

Knowing of her strong interest in the property as well as enjoying the working relationship which had slightly grown beyond the professional side of it, Alex also granted the unasked privilege of accessing the actual property when she came to the river, telling her to come on up to the house to see if he was in though he traveled frequently. In fact he would appreciate her checking on the property since he was gone so much and told her the key codes to unlock the ranch gate, doors and to disable the alarm systems. Alex was also interested in Rhonda, however, kept reserved about it due to the age difference.

One of the things he imported for resale was highly trained guard dogs.

Old English Mastiffs whose average weights ranged from 170 to 230 pounds and 30 to 36 inches in height at the shoulder.

Due to our current litigious society, these were specially trained to use their size and weight to herd and hold intruders and by using their bodies to knock intruders down and would continue to keep leaping upon them until the intruder got the message to stay down. Alex would have them flown in to Santa Fe Airport and then drive to pick the dog(s) up. He would keep the dog(s) at the ranch for a few weeks to make sure they were well adjusted and make sure there were no deficiencies in their training, and then make arrangement for the new owners to take possession.

Alex himself took security seriously due to his wealth and the things that he knew that occurred around the world to wealthy/influential people.

Eventually Alex decided that despite the elaborate security and surveillance systems he had installed, nothing beat a good guard dog, plus he was tired of being lonely and a dog would make a good companion, one for now, maybe a second one later that could keep each other company when he was away.

It had been a few months since Rhonda had sold the ranch to Alex and now it was early summer. One hot lazy summer afternoon when Rhonda did not have any appointments she decided to go to the river to get some tanning and solitude in and drove her Mercedes SUV to low water river crossing, not wanting to mess with disarming all the complex security systems that Alex had installed knowing he was out of town again.

Carrying her lounge chair and a small tote bag that contained a bottle of water plus two tall boys, she waded up the river to her favorite spot near Alex's house where there was a good riffle zone.

Rhonda had worn a black Brazilian low-rise tie side tricot bikini with small micro triangle sliding tops as she definitely had the body and assets to wear this skimpy bikini, the backside had just a bit more coverage than an average thong. She usually wore a more conservative bikini when she was going to a more public area.

Reaching her favorite spot, she set up her chair. Standing, she liberally applied Hawaiian Tropic coconut oil and then loosened and retied her Brazilian bikini bottoms with her usual shoestring ties. The entire tanned hip area on each side was totally exposed except for where the slender strings tied the two skimpy bottom pieces together.

Laying down on her lounge chair she undid neck strings to her tops and tucked the strings into the cups of the two tiny micro triangle tops and started to drink the first of her two tall boys.

Rhonda looked like a goddess with a darkly tanned muscular body lounging back in a micro bikini, legs splayed wide apart dozing in sun, legs and feet dangling on either side of the lounge chair, feeling the cool contrast of the shallow rippling water on her legs and feet and the hot sun beating down, sweat rolling off filling navel.

Rhonda's flat muscular ripped stomach and lower abdomen showed gaps where the top of the bikini bottom met her stomach.

Eventually, the sun made her slightly horny along with the two tall boys she had brought and already drank, dozing off and on, her arousal caused flitting erotic scenes and stories to dreamily flash thru her mind. Her increasing arousal would wake her then she would slip back under until another stimulating event flashed thru her mind.

Due to the noise of the shallow rushing river, Rhonda did not hear the huge 210 pound Old English Mastiff slowly wading the river to her...

Slowly, Rhonda became aware of a slow licking sensation on her leg, suddenly, realizing this was not a dream and opening her eyes, Rhonda started pulling her legs up and in but stopped when she saw a massive beast at her leg towering over her, a low but loud rumbling growl began emanating from deep within his massive chest.

Too scared to move, Rhonda thought her best course of action was to do nothing and just lie as she was until the huge dog got bored and wandered away. Slowly, she put her legs back down on either side of the lounge chair that she had been holding partially up in a frozen position ever since she was startled. Alex must have finally decided to get a guard dog for himself she realized, he did mentioned more than once he got lonely at times and was thinking about keeping one of the dogs he imported. Several times Rhonda wondered why this wealthy distinguished and very entertaining man had not been married yet, she certainly felt a strong pull to him despite their age difference, but he always held this slight reserve the few times they had gone to dinner, always the perfect Old World gentleman combined with the courtesy and charms of a cowboy.

Damn! I wished he had told me about the dog before hand!

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