The Ultimate Karramel Berry Chain


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Celebrity, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Five lovely beauties shared a wild Christmas Eve night of love and passion, which ends in a lesbian daisy chain.

It is Christmas Eve night. Inside a luxurious mansion overlooking Beverly Hills, lavish Christmas decorations adorn the house superbly. Walking up the spiral staircase is a nude slim tanned woman with short, curly hair and an hourglass figure. Her name is Halle, and she is 45 but looks 25. Her ageless heart-shaped face is proving that effortlessly. She stands by the master bedroom door and smiles at the action happening in the bed.

Two gorgeous women are making out on the edge of the bed. One is a Caucasian woman with long, wavy platinum-blonde hair and a petite toned body. Her name is Brittany and she is 30 years old. The other woman is a tanned Armenian with an oval face, hourglass figure, and long black wavy hair. Her name is Kim, and she is 31 years old. Both of them are moaning passionately in a lip-locking kiss. Their eyes are closed in intimacy. Brittany lowers her head, nuzzling down Kim's neck. She grabs the huge knockers and takes a mouthful of her left tit. Halle bites her lip as she watches Brittany taking each of Kim's nipples to slurp on them. She looks hungry for them. Kim moans as her nipples stand out erect and she tilts her head back. Brittany holds Kim's tits together and licks her deep cleavage. Then she flicks quick licks on Kim's tummy.

As she kisses her belly button, Halle calls out, "Wow! That's a great show, girls. I know you're not starting this party without me."

Brittany puts her cheek on Kim's stomach and chuckles, "Of course not, babe."

"What are you waiting for? Get over here, sexy." Kim says.

Halle saunters up to them and kisses them on the lips. Brittany and Kim return the favor by sucking on her breasts. The sucking noises are loud and sexy. Halle moans softly. She closes her eyes and licks her lips.

"Let's go for more," Brittany suggests.

"Yeah," Kim replies as she stretches herself.

Halle crawls on Kim's face. She watches Brittany opening Kim's fleshy thighs and moving her head between them. Kim pulls Halle down and helps her to squat above her face. Halle sits on it and starts riding her tongue. It does not take long for Halle to moan passionately as Kim licks every bit of love juices that she drips for her. Kim is slurping, sucking, and nibbling on Halle's pussy, which causes her to scream. Brittany is sticking her tongue deeper in Kim's sweet wet pussy. She laps her front door like an avid cat and captures her engorged clit. She sucks her pink morsel and licks the moisture that seeps out. Kim arches her back, screaming for more. Brittany continues to nibble and lash at her clit, driving her crazy!

"I'M CUMMING!" Kim cries.

Then she releases her love juices all over Brittany's face, which triggers Halle to climax on Kim.

At a Calabasas mansion, inside a luxurious bedroom, with a rose-red king size bed and daylight lamps, a lesbian couple is undressing. Their names are Carmen and Melissa. Carmen is a Cherokee woman with long, wavy honey-blonde hair and a voluptuous figure. She is 39 years old. Melissa is a 29 year-old Canadian with long black wavy hair and blessed with an hourglass figure. Carmen has befriended with her because she is a Kim Kardashian look-alike.

Carmen lay on her back as Melissa rubs her hands all over her body, from her toes to her face. She kisses Carmen softly on the lips and licks her face. Then she nuzzles down her neck and begins to suck her pink erect nipples, one after the other. She reaches down to rub and slip two fingers up her wet pussy. Carmen groans and moans with pleasure as Melissa's fingers move in and out of her.

"You like that, baby?" Melissa asks.

"Yes..." Carmen replies.

"Hum--you're going to love how I take care of your pussy."

Melissa knows her muff diving and fingering skills. She sucks, flicks her tongue, and nibbles on Carmen's clit. Then she inserts three fingers in her pussy. Carmen arches her back as if she is ready to climax intensely.

"Oh, my God, you know how to eat my pussy. Umm..." Carmen murmurs.

Melissa runs her tongue along the insides of Carmen's wet pussy lips, and then pushes it deep into her. Carmen moans and whimpers. This encourages Melissa to suck lightly on Carmen's clit and shoves two fingers into her pussy. All this action makes Carmen hornier. She is shaking all over.

"Cum for me baby," Melissa shouts.

Carmen has a good impact. She screams for the ripples running through her cunt walls. All the juice is flowing through her love passage. She kicks, hisses and moans for a hot bed-trembling orgasm.

"I want to taste you." Carmen says with a smile.

"My pleasure," Melissa said. Her lips curved in a smile. She crawls atop Carmen, and squats on her face.

Carmen pulls Melissa down until she has her mouth glued to her lubed pussy. She sticks out her tongue, probing it inside Melissa's vaginal lips. She began to lap her avidly. Melissa moans passionately as she gyrate her hips. Carmen holds her firmly and captures her cunt lips. Melissa's love juices are pouring into Carmen's mouth but her thirst isn't quenched yet. She continues to lick, suck, and finger-fuck her. As she hears Melissa's moans, her tongue works faster. Melissa's body undergoes convulsions and she screams for the delirious pleasure.

"Don't stop, don't stop, I'm begging you, baby." Melissa shrieks.

Carmen palms Melissa's tits as she continues digging deep in her pussy with her tongue. Melissa is covering her mouth trying not to scream out her excitement. Carmen's tongue action is really driving her crazy! Melissa lets out a loud yelp drenching Carmen's tongue with her pussy juices. She slowly falls on her back and rubs her pussy. Carmen rises to kiss Melissa on her full lips. Melissa closes her eyes for a good lip-lock, as she tastes her own juices on Carmen's lips and tongue.

"Mmmmm, you taste so good." Carmen admits.

"I love how you taste." Melissa replies with a smile.

Carmen stands up and begins to lower herself between Melissa's legs. Melissa smiles because this is one of her favorite positions. Their pussies press firmly together and they begin to hump each other, fast and hard. They are soon grinding their wet pussies together until they climax. The pleasure is intense for them and they embrace each other until their orgasm subsides. Their sexy bodies glisten with sweat as they share kisses that are more passionate.

Back in Brittany's bedroom, she and Halle Berry are cuddling while Kim is basking in the afterglow of her intense climax. She is moving sporadically in the middle of the bed and her deep-set eyes are close. Her excitement is very potent in the air.

"She looks so sexy when she cums!" Brittany expresses. "Oh my God, it drives me wild! I love tasting her!"

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