The Centaur Expedition

by rodeotexas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Fiction, Historical, Light Bond, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Female Research Expedition Encounters Real Centaurs

November 2011

While handsome in every respect of physique and striking in appearance - they were not very bright, although in contradiction, they were skilled artisans in stone working and also in creating exceptionally detailed glazed story tiles and murals. Not having much intelligence beyond a nine-year old human child gave them signal minded focus upon the immediate task on hand, allowing creation of incredible works of art in stone, tiles and murals.

Centaurs also were very aggressive and early cultures used them extensively in wars not only due to their ferocity and size but also because they had the curious ability to exude chemical pheromones when they were excited, afraid or sexually aroused, one of which incited insensible and uncontrollable rage in humans.

Fastidiously clean and vain in their appearance, their skills in body art tattooing excelled and all centaurs had extensive body art with violent themes of pillage and rapine.

Centaurs also were very lustful creatures with a proclivity for chasing and raping human females. Their extensive body art was almost entirely the theme of this. In pursuit, some biological and chemical mechanism was triggered inside their minds and they became single minded in the pursuit, capture and sexual pleasure.

More than one centaur in pursuit and the woman or women caught would be unmerciful raped repeatedly while she went into a physical and emotional rage as they violently fought against the rapine beast(s) until she/they collapsed in exhaustion from her furious physical actions or fucked to insensible exhaustion.

The mindless rage was not the only effect upon humans but another exuded air borne pheromones and liquid secretions had a simultaneous effect upon females – it was an addictive pheromone and secretions that flooded the blood stream of their victims, saturating the brain with chemicals that overwhelmed the system, causing a woman's sexual hormonal production to go instantly into overdrive, producing uncontrolled desire and pleasure - in effect causing a woman to continuously viciously fight against her rapist during forced coitus while experiencing overwhelming and uncontrollable lustful carnal frenzied desires to fuck that drove every other thought from her mind except mindless rage and the overwhelming unending desire to be fucked like they never have been and may never will again experience...

Indeed this was the way Centaurs procreated, however their sperm motility was low despite the massive amount of seminal fluid that would be ejaculated into their victim – a full quart. Perhaps it was mistaken evolution that made up in quantity what they did not have in sperm motility. Even so, a woman would have to experience centaur fucking several times before a small chance of impregnation would occur.

During centuries of warfare they were turned loose upon captured villages and towns to temporarily satiate their lust for human females so they would leave the women of their allies alone.

Even so, the allies had to take precautions to safeguard their own women from the centaurs as the centaurs had no moral qualms snatching women of their allies for their pleasure when the opportunity arose. Being in proximity to a sexually aroused Centaur was enough to affect women by the air borne pheromones. Skin contact with the secretions almost instantaneously provoked uncontrollable desires. Their allies dared not stop them, fearful of the uncontrollable rage they themselves could succumb to ... even despite the permanent psychological changes the recovered women captives exhibited for the remainder of their lives...

In one of the Scandinavian countries in a very remote mountainous and volcanic area of the country, the villagers in the area, despite having one of the mostly modern highly educated rates in the world, ancient held superstitions and beliefs still endured, fueled by long winter nights, isolation and centuries old tales told from generation to generation - the sacrifice of the few for the greater of the good.

As was told, these remote heavily forested forbidding mountains contained a well-hidden cavern where the last remaining centaurs were trapped, but the long lived centaurs and their race lived on due to the superstitious villagers that offered living sacrifices to the demons in cavern. Then, as the modern era took hold, the tales were told and passed around by the younger generations, embellishing the tales with lurid sexual details that did more to arouse than to instill caution and respect.

Several villages ringed this remote mountainous area, with village populations of a thousand to three thousand. Besides the common shared tales, they all had another thing in common - each had an ancient trail leading from each village with a common termination point at the base of a mist shrouded hanging valley, where a small waterfall poured from. Here one single rugged trail disappeared up into misty upper elevations.

Despite the remoteness and ruggedness of the area it drew the hardy tourists attracted by the incredible beauty of the mountains and the volcanic hot springs that abounded in the numerous deep valleys that created very small temperate zones in the immediate vicinity of the larger hot springs, even in the depths of winter.

The village elders kept close hold of the number of tourists that passed through their villages, closing shielding the actually identity and number that went up into the mountains and forests and the lesser numbers that returned, rationalizing that the occasional fate of strangers was better than the fate that for untold centuries awaited a select few of their most comely village women...

The small exploration research group came to this remote Scandinavian mountain region from the Central European University, an international university that was also part of a consortium of eight other universities for the Department of Gender Studies that focused on gender theories and practices. In other terms, it was women's studies also known as feminist studies, an interdisciplinary academic field which explores politics, society, class, sexuality and history from a multicultural, intersectional women's perspective.

The research group consisted of three professors and nine graduate and doctoral students whose ages ranged from mid 20's to early 30's for the professors. They were also all female. headed the group.

The research group was formed after the discovery of an incredibly illustrated ancient manuscript discovered in a castle library where it had been for centuries, incredible not only in its illustrations but what it explicitly detailed in stunningly pornographic detail. Only a very few similar manuscripts have been discovered across Europe. Of particular importance this one manuscript also seemed to link all the variations of one common mythological creature that was prevalent in one form or another in most of the ancient societies around the world - the Centaur, and this was the first one found to actually contain a map.

The map was examined by the Geographic Information Systems department and surprisingly came up with a crude match of an area. The Department of Gender Studies thought it would be worthwhile to mount a research expedition to see if this would lead to the source of the Centaur myth or discover additional information to help researchers divine the myth.

The research group visited several of the villages where they were practically stonewalled by the village elders in each village and had to listen to repeated dire warnings of unescorted adventurous tourists going up into rugged and wild mountains, being injured and some never heard from again. But at night, in the drinking taverns, they were regaled with fantastic and lurid Centaur stories by the younger generation.

The youth of the villages found all the members of the research group exceeding attractive, as more drinks were poured the more they strove to embellish the tales as all got pleasantly intoxicated, a welcoming contrast mixing with village people of their own ages in comparison with the dour village elders they had talked to during the day. The female researchers used their gender to its fullest advantage as they attempted to gleam every bit of information they could. As the night wore on the more lurid the sexual aspects of the tales grew. Oddly enough, it was the younger women villagers that enhanced the details the most...

Comparing notes they found all the stories and tales were similar to each other and one important common distinction was found - each village had an ancient, unused trail that led deep into the mountains where it terminated at the same common spot as the other trails from the villages. From this point a single trail lead onward.

After the last village, they closely examined their maps and discerned a way to intersect where they thought one of the trails may be. They drove several miles from the nearest village so as not to arise the ire of the village elders who had warned them not to waste their time on a silly myth, nor to let curious villagers learn they were still pursing leads. The village elders also warned them that even though it was late summer, it often got very cool to cold in the mountains with occasional snow flurries this high up in the latitudes. They drove as far as they could up an old logging trail. From here they had to hike for two days in the rugged beautiful terrain, camping out near hot springs both nights where they could relax in the heated pools.

They found an ancient unused trail and followed it further up in the mountains, they came upon two more trails and after triangulating on the maps, determined these three trails must have originated from different villages, further adding credence to the tales they had been told.

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