Finishing on Top

by harry lime

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lolita, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Teacher/Student, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Alicia is young, dewy-eyed, and ready to taste every new experience in life. She gets important lessons from her teacher, Mrs. Ames and also from the handsome trainer at the horse stables. She discovers that Prince Charming may have a dark side.

Alicia had her legs wrapped tightly around Sir Godfrey's back. He was plunging so hard that she could feel the shock all the way up her spine. The young 17 year old student gripped the leather straps with her skilled grip. She knew that if she held on it would fill her with the highest degree of satisfaction ever achieved by her inexperienced body. Her soft curved ass cheeks bounced against his back with a meaty slapping sound that made her gasp in anticipation of her crossing the finish line with her dignity intact.

The girl with the flowing brown hair dismounted from the sweating back underneath her and tried to hide the fact that she had loosed her juices yet again on this practice run in the paddock.

The all-knowing eye of the resident trainer, Jack Herndon hid his grin from her glance. He could see the physical stimulation in the eyes of the petite young female student. She was blooming like a cream covered strawberry waiting to be sucked into a very greedy mouth.

The simple truth was that young Alicia Kinkaid was still a technical virgin despite her Hyman having been ripped asunder by her first ride on Sir Godfrey only six short months ago. She discovered the fact when masturbating in private at the back of the deserted science lab after a boring day in classes. She liked to use the sterile lab equipment to exercise her tight little openings on such occasions. The lab items disappeared so quickly inside her dripping slit that she knew immediately there was no longer any barrier to penile intrusions. Alicia wondered when her first introduction to male impalement would take place. She often thought that she was the last girl in her class to lose the chains of virginity.

Alicia liked the solid glass cone that belonged to her instructor, Mr. Collins. She used it only for her anal stretching exercises. It was sterile and easy to clean after use. The feeling that it transmitted to her was really most satisfying. The young girl was ashamed of the way she whimpered when using the piece of equipment to fill her tender bottom. She shut her eyes and imagined it was Mr. Collins shoving himself deep inside her fundament. Her girlfriend Natasha told her that Mr. Collins was quite well endowed because she had seen him in his speedos at the school picnic last month. The description of the curled snake waiting inside his tight bathing suit made Alicia push down even harder onto the glass cone and she came right to the flat bottomed end. She reached back and wiggled the base to tease her quivering rectum.

She heard a sound at the classroom door and quickly pulled down her uniform skirt leaving the anal glass toy inside her bottom.

Alicia pretended to be reading her science workbook as Mrs. Ames walked into the quiet lab.

"A bit late for studying, young lady!"

Alicia smiled with a bright charming smile at the attractive mature woman and tried to take her mind off the exciting sensation of the glass dildo buried deep inside her anus. She was glad Mrs. Ames did not suspect her of such slutty behavior.

"Yes, Miss. I wanted to be ready for the mid-term exam and keep my grade up high."

The suspicious teacher with the long, shapely legs soothed down her pencil tight skirt and told Alicia to stand up in the light. When she did so, Alicia tried not to look into Mrs. Ames's eyes because the shifting of the glass dildo was making her squirm with delight.

"Young lady, bend over that desk right now."

Alicia knew her secret was probably found out but she had no other recourse but to obey her teacher. Mrs. Ames lifted her school uniform and took hold of the glass dildo base with one hand whilst she held Alicia pinned to the desk with the other hand.

Alicia was totally mortified.

"Have you been playing in your tight little brown eye, dearie?"

"I won't do it again, Miss. It was just an experiment. I am ever so sorry!"

Mrs. Ames wiggled the dildo with a wicked glint in her sharp eyes. She looked intently into Alicia's eyes as she stretched Alicia's anus in every different direction. The young girl in the exposed position was brought to tears by her teacher's sordid use of her naked bottom. She allowed Mrs. Ames to subject her to every humiliation because she did not want to be reported as a sexual pervert to her parents and to the school board. The fact that she secretly harbored a schoolgirl crush on Mrs. Ames was a part of that mix as well.

Slowly, the attractive teacher withdrew the long sleek tool from Alicia's now gaping rear door. She explored her nicely rounded ass cheeks and even dove down deepen to test the wetness of her well-trimmed slit.

Alicia was panting now with uncontrollable female desire.

She pushed her bum up high to get Mrs. Ames fingers deeper inside her private parts.

The mature woman was starting to pant from her exertions in exercising the young girl's slit. She moved her inquisitive finger back to the still gaping anal opening and rimmed the girl's brown hole with a well-lubricated finger. The reaction from Alicia was most pleasurable to Mrs. Ames and she slipped her other hand down under her own tight skirt to play her own untrimmed pussy slit with skillful fingers. She knew the girl was ripe for being placed over her knee and made to pay for her undignified behavior in the science lab.

Mrs. Ames whose Christian name was Alice paused only to hike her tight pencil skirt up high and placed the bare legged Alicia across her panty-hose covered legs. She rolled the girl's hips and felt the juices seep onto her legs and crotch. Her first blow to the schoolgirl's bottom was a sharp crack that made the girl voice a startled gasp of indignation at being treated in such a manner. When the succeeding spanks followed quickly behind, Alicia whimpered but could not hide her triumphant smile of release. Her female juices flowed in a betraying stream down Alice's legs.

"You dirty girl. What are you doing? Filthy little beast. Stop squirming or I will give you another 20 for good measure."

Alice could see the schoolgirl's gaped sphincter blinking open and shut in reaction to the stressful spanking. She knew any virile male would love to stick his cock all the way up this beautiful girl's bum until he reached the very bottom. She reached under the delectable little package squirming on her lap and felt the juices oozing out of her flooded vagina.

Alicia opened up her pussy for the woman's curious fingers. Her juices were flowing fast and free now. She felt herself go into the first stages of a full body orgasm and pleaded for Mrs. Ames to finish her off without further delay. The teacher laughed at her impudence and twisted her nipples to teach her a lesson in obedience.

The teacher gave Alice a detention slip and told her to be prompt after school on Friday afternoon.

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