The Gold, The Brown & Maré


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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Maré visits his friend, Brett Rossi, at her Manhattan brownstone. As they are talking upstairs, they hear Brett’s girlfriend, Celeste Star coming inside the brownstone. Brett begs Maré to hide in a closet, which he agrees. Then he watches Brett and Celeste have wild lesbian sex.

It was a sunny and beautiful Thursday in New York City. Energy, excitement, and music filled Manhattan. Kendrick Lamar's Section .80 blared from my platinum-colored Ferrari 360 as I cruised down Broadway! I was on my way to see my friend, Brett Rossi who had moved into her new Upper West Side brownstone. I texted Brett and informed her that I should be there in ten minutes.

I found a parking spot right in front of Brett's brownstone, which surprised me. She was standing at the top of the stairs, clad into her dress shirt and jeans. Brett Rossi was a rising Adult model with lovely hazel eyes and a pretty face. Her honey-blonde hair was long, ample, and combed in soft curls. Her body was perfect in proportions!

"What's up, baby girl?" I said. "Look at you!"

"I'm glad you got here!" Brett told me. "You've made it, honey!"

We hugged each other and kissed on the cheeks before going into the townhouse. Brett gave me a tour of her new place, and I must say her townhouse was extraordinary! I liked the well-decorated living room, the wood-paneled formal dining room, and kitchen. We were in the master bedroom, and I was looking out through the window.

"You have a really nice place." I told her.

"Thanks." Brett replied. "It costs enough. Everything in New York City is overpriced! Guess who I'm dating?"

"Is she a porn star too?" I asked.


Scarlett pulled out her BlackBerry and showed me a picture of her girlfriend. I was speechless! It was Celeste Star.

"Wow, Celeste Star!" I responded. "This is a surprise. Y'all have my vote as the hottest lesbian couple in the porn world!"

Brett chuckled, "We are! It is crazy every time we are in the mall, the airports, and the clubs! I know there are pictures of us all over the Internet."

"Well, ya'll hot!" I teased her.

"I'm not complaining because we get invited to all the hot parties in the city and get so many things for free. I got a nice black dildo for free when I was shopping for toys at a sex shop in the village." Brett said.

"That's one thing I never understand about lesbians," I continued. "Why do y'all use dildos when y'all obviously not attracted to men? The dildo is shaped like a penis. Why not just get the real thing."

"Well, being a lesbian is not just about sex. It is dealing with emotional as well as physical attraction! I use the dildo for penetration. I want to feel my lover and be with her. It is not just about the penetration. It is about the penetrator. I love the pleasure!" Brett expressed.

"Oh, really,"

All this talk about pleasure and staring at Brett had me aroused. I playfully unzipped my pants and exposed the head of my dick.

"No, put that away." Brett said with a smile, as she put the head of my dick back in my pants. "You already know I don't like men."

"What a coincidence, I do not like men either. See, we already have something in common." I felt.

"No, Maré, I'm only interested in women." Brett added. "I already have my 'black cock' under my pillow."

That moment, we heard somebody walked in the townhouse and locked the door. We both froze like some piece of art at an exhibition.

"Brett, I'm home!" That person said. It was a woman.

"Who is that?" I whispered to Brett.

"I'm upstairs, come up!" Brett hollered, and then she tuned to me. "It's Celeste Star. Quick, go hide in the closet!"


I tiptoed to the closet, and Brett closed the door behind me. I turned off my cell phone and quietly got comfortable in her huge closet. The closet door was slightly ajar, which surprised me. I could see Celeste, and she was an adorable, dimpled, angelic-looking brown-haired woman with alluring brown eyes and olive skin. She wore a tight blue blouse that exposed her flat toned belly and small tits, and the matching sweatpants she had on made her ass looked great!

"Hey, baby," Brett said.

"What's up, I had a nice workout at the gym." Celeste Star replied, as she put her arms around Brett. "It's nice out, baby."

"We're definitely going to go out and enjoy this weather."

Celeste Star kissed Brett and said, "I couldn't stop thinking about you while I was working out. I just want to get you out of these clothes and enjoy your body!"

"Oh, yeah," Brett smiled.

Celeste Star slowly unbuttoned Brett's dress shirt, and they kissed. Brett had no bra on, and she did not need one. Her firm, full, and round tits stood out from her enticingly curvaceous body. Her erect nipples looked as if a baby sucked on them for twenty-four hours. The sight of this hot lesbian action instantly had me aroused. Celeste Star loved using her hands as she massaged Brett's tits and squeezed her ass. Soft moans and sucking sounds echoed the bedroom like a soundtrack to a romantic movie.

"You know how much I love unwrapping my present." Celeste Star told Brett.

She got on her knees and pulled down Brett's jeans. Brett's pussy looked so scrumptious! She trimmed her blonde pubic hair into a perfect shaped heart, and her labia looked so delicate and juicy.

Brett stepped out of her jeans. Celeste Star grabbed Brett by her hips and maneuvered her on the edge of the dresser. She licked Brett's pussy a few times and sucked hungrily on her tits like a savage in the Amazonian heat. Then she stood up and began to undress. As Brett watched Celeste Star stripping herself, she began licking her lips and fingering her pussy. Celeste had one incredible body! Her brown hair flowed over her shoulders. Her waist was nice and slender, and her ass was incredibly tight!

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