The Dateless Drones
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There were some of us in college who didn't do much dating, so we started meeting together for companionship. One thing led to another and we were soon taking matters in hand.

Remember how, in high school and college, you kind of separated out into groups of like-minded individuals? Well, that happened to me in college, I just drifted into a group that seemed to have some free time on their hands and just all began hanging around together.

So, why did they have free time? They weren't dating or involved with anyone, our group just coalesced like they say the Solar System began.

It was a mix of guys and gals and it wasn't long before someone came up with a name for us: The Dateless Drones.

So, it even began to take on a little formality with regular nights to meet and activities like movies to watch, games to play, those kind of things. It was nice and it was companionship and we all seemed to enjoy the fellowship of being together.

There hadn't been any particular pairing-off or hooking-up that I could tell and it was all mostly a friendly get-together than anything else. But, having guys and gals together, I suppose, sex must sooner or later raise its head as it always seems to do.

And it did one Saturday night at Mary's apartment, one she shared off campus with Lois, when we were watching a movie one of the guys, Dan, I think it was, had brought.

"This movie really sucks. The plot is for subhumans who are having a particularly slow day," Brian said. He was a freshman, a really smart guy majoring in math and was greatly appreciated for his sharp, acidic wit.

"Yeah, at least if I was watching it at home, I could be getting myself off," Dan said.

Well, that got a round of laughter but also elicited a comment right back from Anna, a Hispanic coed from California, very pretty, too, who said, "So, what's keeping you? You'd be providing some entertainment, Dan, think of it that way. And lots better than this movie."

"Yeah, I did it once at school, in high school, it was in the chemistry lab on an afternoon when we didn't have lab. There were two of us guys there and these three girls dared us so... ," Dan told us.

"I did it in a movie theater once, there were three of us girls and well, we were in the back and it was a pretty hot movie," I confessed, "there were two boys who watched us, too, and they started doing it, too."

"I did it in the backseat coming home one night with my parents, I was back there with my boyfriend at the time. I really did have a boyfriend once, you know," Lois, a cute brunette who was a junior majoring in Finance, told the group. Then, she added, "I was at a pool party once, there was all kinds of kids there, maybe ten, fifteen of us, and we all got naked and did it as a group."

"Well, are we all just talk about what we did years ago or are we going to make it happen now?" Mary dared.

"Well, I'm for that," Dan said as he began undoing his belt and loosening his pants.

"Okay, I'm in, too," said Mary as she pulled off her top and reached around to undo her bra which she slid off her arms, then twirled it around and let it fly. She had really nice, firm boobs, probably B-cup and small pink nipples.

Brian now stood up and pulled his tee off then started on his pants as Dan pulled his briefs to the floor. He certainly looked like he needed to masturbate. He was a trim, slender guy but his dick was big, I'd guess seven, maybe more, inches and really pretty, light pink with purplish veins ribbed through it and a nice, smooth, rounded head.

I now had my top and bra off and was pulling down my jeans and as I bent down to do it, Brian, right next to me, pulled his boxers off, releasing his cock with within a few inches of my face. I almost bent forward and kissed it but thought I'd be smarter to just see where all this might go.

"Okay, anybody got any lotion, any lube?" Dan asked and Mary hopped up and was soon back with a bottle of clear, thick liquid that got passed around as we all settled.

Dan and Mary and Brian were on the sofa while I and Lois were on chairs sitting opposite them.

"Any one want to help?" Dan asked, "Except for you, Brian?" he snickered.

I kind of liked Dan and, well, he had a beautiful penis so I moved over to sit in front of him between his legs and took him in both hands to begin masturbating him.

I stroked him for a few minutes as everyone slowly did themselves, then I asked, "Lois, Anna, either of you want a turn on Dan?" and Anna traded places with me as she put one hand around his shaft and the other up over his cock, to rub her palm over the crown on circles.

"Oh, Anna's got the technique," Dan said, "where did you learn that, tell us?"

She laughed and said, "Well, oh, geez, do I dare tell you guys? I'll never hear the last if I do."

Well, you know what that did, right, we all hooted and pressed her for more.

"Okay, but you have to promise to keep it here in the group," she said and we all agreed. "Well, my best girlfriend and I wanted to see a boy do it and we asked my brother. He was a year older and, well, we ended up, um, doing it to him and, well, four of his friends."

We all screamed and made a big deal out of it as Brian asked her how long that went on.

"Um, well, it kind of still does. At least when we're together. And I still do two of his friends when I see them."

"You're a nice girl to have around," Dan said and she replied, "Well, we pretty quickly got the boys to start doing us and then went to oral so it was more a two-way street."

"Brian, you want some help?" Lois asked and his hand immediately fell away as she wrapped her fingers around him and began stroking him.

Mary got up, saying, "Oh, I've got just the thing, be right back," and ran out of the room, soon back waving a big pink dildo, the kind that has a suction cup on the base. In her other hand, she had a vibrator, one of the dual-headed kind with the clit tip which she tossed to me.

"Here we go," she said as she pressed hers down on the coffee table. "Won't be the first time I've used it right here," as she swung a leg up over it and brought herself down on it, then pushed down driving it up into herself while I clicked on the vibrator and began moving the main head over my labia.

"Mmm, oh, yeah," she groaned as she scissored up and down on the big pink plastic cock.

"Shit, that's hot," Dan said as he watched her while Anna masturbated him. It must have turned him on because he started shooting his cum up in the air as Anna screeched, "Look, look, I've got him cumming, wow, so cool," and she let go and dropped her head over the end of his dick and sucked the rest out.

We were all kind of amazed that she took him in her mouth, that seemed to be beyond the loose, unspoken rules that we had set but, well, we were all pretty sexed-up and it seemed hard to keep things totally in line. And, well, we're old enough to make our own decisions after all.

Once everyone had gotten off, we didn't bother getting dressed, now comfortable in our communal nudity.

Brian started off a discussion with, "Have any of you guys ever done it like this with other people before? For me, there was four of us guys in high school, we were freshmen and sophomores, and we all did it with our girlfriends as a group. None of them were on the pill and I don't think any of us had started having intercourse yet. So we all masturbated together, often ourselves but also guys doing their girlfriends and vice versa."

"I did it with three other girls, we were all friends but never with any boys, except for the pool party I told you about," Lois said and Mary came out with, "Well, I had a sister and two brothers and, well, we all did it together for about a year, then most of us had boyfriends or girlfriends and it just fell off."

"Your brothers' fell off?" I asked her tittering, "Oh, poor guys."

"No, silly, the practice fell off, you know what I meant."

"I was at a pool party once where we all did it. The guys, there were five of us, we all shot into the pool. The girls, there were six, I think, laughed and laughed and laughed," Dan told us. "Then, they all got themselves off while we watched. Most of us did it a second time while we watched."

Mary's vibrator was one of the kind with a dual head and you could put the long part up into you, then press the clit head down and buzz your little clittie until you screamed. That's just exactly what I did as I had a marvelous orgasm, one of the real earth-shaking kinds.

Then, Brian asked for it and asked who wanted him to use it on them.

Anna jumped up and went to sit in his lap as she opened for him, resting one leg over the arm of the sofa as he put it in his mouth, then, wet with his saliva, slid it inside Anna and clicked it on, moving it in and out.

"Mmm, feels good," she purred. Then he tilted the clit head down and she groaned, "Oh, oh, so good, mmm, press a little harder, move it around a little. Oh, like that, omigod, oh, that's so hot. Mmm, make me cum, Brian, make me cum."

Anna was slowly stroking Dan when she asked if any of the other girls wanted to try doing him. Lois scooted in front of him on the floor and took the lube and put some on her hands and began doing him two-handedly. She looked like she'd done this many times before.

"How's that, big boy?" she asked him. She had one hand behind his cock holding it vertical while she slid her fingers and palm up and down along the underneath of the shaft and when she got to the top, she circled her fist around the crown and twisted, then slid back down. Even to me, that looked good.

"Oh, wow, Lois, that's just the best. Oh, you can do that to me any old time you want to," he moaned.

"Always gets a good cum when I do it this way. Like it, huh?"

He was panting and it was obvious that he was just loving it.

Most of us were now mainly watching Lois masturbate Dan as we kept ourselves warmed rubbing a bit on our own.

Lois was using a bunch of different hand motions, some I'd never seen, and it was obvious that Dan was in heaven.

"Am I good, Danny-boy?" she asked.

"Oh, Lois, you should get the Nobel Prize for masturbation, you're that good," he said as we all laughed. But soon after, his head reared back and fountains of cum began spurting up as he groaned in deep pleasure and we all laughed and hooted.

After we'd all gotten off, we remained naked, now pretty comfortable with each other, even to the extent that we girls remained playing with Brian and Dan's cocks, much to our delight and, especially, theirs.

As you might imagine, there was a strong current of sex remaining in the room as we talked about classes and campus happenings. And about twelve-thirty, we all began making motions like we were ready to call it a night, all agreeing that it had been great fun and that we would be doing this again. We also had the two guys promise to recruit another guy for our "Dateless Drones" group to come closer to evening it out between guys and gals.

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