Sally's Court Appearance
Chapter 1

Fred and Sally moved to a small town in the mid west to get away from the big city two months ago, after their kids were grown and on their own. They lived about 90 miles from the city that Fred's corporation was located, but because of the high price of fuel and through the miracle of science he worked out of his home office. He was hooked up to his corporate office by computer with a large screen TV in his home office for video Conferencing.

Getting the VP position in his corporation at 50 he was now 60 and thinking of retiring soon. His wife Sally a woman about 59 years old did not work, but she volunteered at the local women's center and also had a habit of having a few glasses of wine with her friends before returning home to prepare supper for her husband.

Fred was about 5'9" and about 190 Pounds; he exercised to keep in shape. Sally was 5'4" tall, weighing about 110 pounds, thin with small breasts, which she disguised with padded bras, and light brown hair. Sally wanted to have breast augmentation done but her husband said he liked her small breast with large nipples, so she did not have it done. Her best assets were her legs and bottom. She liked to walk to keep in shape.

Sally was a very pleasant person most of the times, but after a few wine coolers she becomes very loud and rude. Her husband did not like her drinking because she always gets very belligerent and he told her this would cause her problems some day. Not listening to her husband she spent many hours with her friends and would ultimately end up at a lounge and as she said only have a few wine coolers.

This particular day she was running late. Driving back to her house at a high rate of speed Sally was stopped by the local town police for going 35 miles an hour over the speed limit. He was a new officer and the nephew of the police chief. The patrolmen could smell alcohol on Sally's breath and politely asked her get out of the car to see if she was stable on her feet. Sally was very rude to the young officer and refused to exit her vehicle to begin with, but when the officer said he would take her into custody for refusing a lawful order she relented and got out of the car while verbally berating him. He had her walk the white line, then while standing with eyes closed, touch her nose with her right and left index finger, she successfully accomplished both, so he did no pursue the DUI charge. He was going to give Sally a warning, but with her attitude he decided to give her a speeding ticket.

The officer handed her the citation and she looked at the $350 cost of the ticket. Sally began to berate the young officers stating that; he needed to have the radar gun check and no way was she going to paid it she was going to fight the ticket. In reply the officer politely told her that it was her right to fight the ticket if she thought it was unfair, and then he went back to the cruiser and drove off, leaving Sally there fuming.

Sally did not pay the ticket but went to court to tell her side of the story. The Judge was the Father of the Police officer that stopped her. The Judge noted that Sally was very rude during her testimony in the courtroom. The Judge said he was going to continue the case and the Court will get back to her by letter for another court appearance to dispose this case. She left the court not knowing if she had won or lost.

Sally forgot all about the ticket and her court appearance, when about 8 weeks later there was a knock on the door. Sally opened it to find the postman with a registered letter for her to sign for. This did not bother her as many letters come registered because Fred works out of the house. She was just ready to bring it into his office when she noticed it was addressed to her and had the Courthouse address on it.

Sally opened the letter and it read: Mrs. Sally Witherspoon you are summons to appear before Judge Barry Simon on June 23, 2009 at 9:45 for a hearing and disposition in the speeding case against you. You will be required to dress as follows for the court appearance. The proper attire for your appearance in court is a dress that buttons down the front or skirt with a shirt that has buttons down the front no panty hose or slacks will be acceptable. Your husband or another person must accompany you to this hearing.

Looking at this summons the first thing she noticed is there was a different Judge and it was odd that they were requiring a specific dress code for her. She showed her husband the summons and he said he would accompany her to the court proceedings.

Twenty-Three days later a nervous Sally was taking a shower still wondering why the specific dress code was required. She dried off and dressed in a skirt that came to her knee, white Blouse with buttons and Flat shoes. Sally had on a plain white bra and panties.

They arrived at City Hall about 10 Minutes before the appointed time. Bringing the Summons to the Court officer she was told to wait, with her husband on the bench that was outside of the court room, he immediately disappeared through the door to his left. It was odd that there was no one else there waiting. The court officer came out, ushered them through a hall, down some stairs to a little used area in basement of the courthouse into a room at the end of a dimly lit hall. The room was smaller than the courtroom that she was in on her first visit, only having seating for about 50 to 60 people, on the entry door there was a sign that read that you had to be 21 years of age to enter the room or be accompanied by an adult. Sally and Fred thought this was odd. Upon entering the courtroom there was a raised platform for the judge and to the side in a mirrored alcove there was equipment covered in a tarp. To their right was a wall full of old books. The couple was told to sit on the bench right in front of the judge. There were cameras all around the room that were operated from a remote location

The gallery started to fill up with men. Sally noticed the young police officer that stopped her and also the police chief and the first judge she had. The Bailiff announced the Judge's Entrance and in came a Judge that was maybe about 70 years old. He looked over the paper that was on his desk.

"Mrs. Sally Witherspoon you have been charged with speeding well over the limit. The Radar gun was checked and it was correct. Then the Judge asked for her husband to come to the bench and handed the certification of the radar gun's accuracy. The Judge continued: "The officer that stopped you stated to me that you were very rude to him. He was going to give you a warning, but due to your attitude you received a speeding ticket. There are many children in the area that you were speeding in and we do not take this lightly. You also have shown your contempt for the Judge at the first hearing. How do you plead?"

"Not Guilty your honor" Stated Sally with the familiar contempt.

"So noted" Said the Judge.

"From this point on we will be in Private session. This preceding will be videotaped for the record. Everyone here will sign this notice that is passed around including the defendant. The notice states that no one will talk about this case after its disposition and the judge's word is final on the case." Said the Judge

All signed the paper including Sally and her husband, but Sally and her husband were mystified why this was done. The doors were locked after everyone signed the paper.

The Judge called the officer to the stand that issued the citation to her. He told his story including that she had been drinking, but was just below the limit of intoxication, so he gave her a break on the DUI citation and was only going to give her a warning until he became aware of the contempt she had for him when he told her she had been drinking and speeding. After the officer was done with his testimony the judge called the first judge to the stand he also gave the judge a similar story of contempt she had for the court. The judge asked Sally what she had to say for herself. She pleaded not guilty to all charges and rudely stated that police should be going after criminals and leave law abiding citizens like her alone.

The judge took her comments into consideration and said he will be back in a while to give his verdict. Ten minutes later the judge called the bailiff into his chambers and a few minutes later the bailiff came out of the judge's chambers. He went to the book shelf and took out a book to bring into the judges chambers. This went on for over an hour with the bailiff being called in and bringing the judge more books. It was over an hour and a half that the Judge took to come back out. Sally was becoming confident that she was going to be acquitted because the Judge spent so long in his chambers. She figured he could not find anything that she could be charged with.

The Bailiff said "All Rise" and the Judge came back out.

"Looking at this case we have a woman that does not have any means of income and was drinking to the point of near intoxication and speeding excessively in a area of many small kids. Further more the women has contempt for the police department and the court system. She feels she is above all the rules that there are for other people and their safety. I would place a monetary penalty in most cases even though this means that her husband has to pay for her actions, but in this case Mrs. Witherspoon you have been so rude to our officer and showing contempt for this court that I am going to impose punishment on you using a law that was instituted in 1849. I am sentencing Mrs. Witherspoon to corporal punishment for her misdemeanor. The amount of punishment will be determined by her acceptance of her punishment. I will turn the proceedings over to the bailiff to carry out the sentence." Stated the Judge.

The Bailiff taking a book from the counter started reading "In accordance to the law dated May Fourteenth eighteen hundred and forty-nine. Mrs. Sally Witherspoon will be chastised for her offence of speeding and contempt for the court. The culprit will be stripped naked and administered 10 strokes by cane on the bottom and 5 by instrument of administrators choosing on the vaginal area. If any reluctance is shown by the culprit to do as she is told the amount of punishment will be added to. Is this all clear? Are there any questions?"

The Bailiff went to the covered objects and started to uncover them. There was some kind of padded piece of furniture that looked very old that appeared when the tarp was removed with a table next to it that looked like an exam table. Sally could not believe that she was going to be whipped for speeding.

Sally was shocked, nearly hysterical and she started to cry as the bailiff came and grabbed her by the arm gently helping her to her feet, with her husband in shock also, they both helped her to her feet and up onto the platform, as her knees where too weak to hold her up at this point. Her husband kept a hold of her to stop her from falling waiting for what was to come next.

"Why can't I just pay a fine like most people do?" Whined Sally.

"You could have paid the fine but you wanted a court date and the contempt you have shown to the court and it's officials has earned you this punishment" stated the Judge.

Sally was facing the front of the courtroom all this time and did not know how many people will be witnessing her coming humiliation. The bailiff continued with the reading. "Please turn and face your witnesses Mrs. Witherspoon." She was in shock the small room was filled with over 50 men from 21 to 80 it looked like. Sally started to cry again and her husband had to hold her up.

Continuing the bailiff said "Mrs. Witherspoon we want your husband to help you remove your panties and Bra. Your skirt and blouse can remain on for the time being, but the blouse is to remain completely unbuttoned. Dr. Wiseman will be your attending physician to make sure you are physically fit to withstand your punishment and to check you during your punishment."

The 59 year old women started shaking her head no and holding her dress down until the Bailiff said that she had one more chance to do as told her she would receive 10 more strokes with the cane. Resigning herself to her fate Sally reached under her skirt, steadied by her husband and the bailiff hooked her thumbs into each side of her panties. She pushed them down below her knees then let them fall to the ground. Her husband reached down to pick them up when the Bailiff told him that he needed to take them. The bailiff looked at the crotch of the panties and told the judge that they had a wet spot on them. This humiliated Sally further.

"Now remove your bra please Mrs. Witherspoon." Said the Bailiff. Sally turned her back to the assembled group when the bailiff told her that she is to face the gallery to remove her bra as she will not have any secrets from the assembled group by the time her chastisement is complete. Crying she faced the assembled group and unbuttoned her blouse taking care to keep her modesty as long as she can. She asked her husband to unhook her bra for her and she slipped the garment past her shoulders under her blouse, then pulled it through the open front of her blouse. The bailiff told her to leave her hands at her side and go to the examination table and sit on it. The doctor was right behind her and when she got up on the table her blouse slipped open enough for everyone to get a glimpse of her small breast and large nipples. She wished she had a longer skirt on also because when she sat on the table everyone could look up her skirt to her uncovered vaginal area.

The doctor took her blood pressure and then check her heart he had her open her blouse in front of everyone so he could check her heart. This humiliated Sally. Next he did a breast exam which she did not know why she needed as this was not something that was necessary for the type of ordeal she was going to be going through. Then she was told to put her feet in the stirrups and was given a vaginal and rectal exam in front of all the observers. She was totally exposed to all in the room. The doctor stepped away and then the bailiff asked if anyone would want a closer look of this exam and most of the men raised their hands so each one came down and stood in between Sally's legs as the doctor opened her up with a speculum and also did a pap smear on her. She was so humiliated and embarrassed specially went the doctor pointed out that Sally was getting sexually excited by the exam showing the audience her rigid nipples and wet vaginal area.

After 45 minutes in the GYN exam position everyone was through examining Sally so the Doctor gave her a clean bill of health to proceed with the sentence. The bailiff wheeled out a medical rack that holds bags with 2 enema bags full on it. The Bailiff told the Doctor much to Sally's dismay that in order that there would be no accidents while the punishment is given the culprit needs to be cleaned out. Sally was beyond humiliation as the enema was administered to her in front of all the gathered witnesses. To her further distress the bailiff brought out a portable potty and made her go in front of everyone, but she had to relieve herself so bad that it did not bother her that she had to do this in front of all the witnesses. She had the second bag emptied into her bowels and did not protest as she had to relieve herself in front of the group.

After she was cleaned out the bailiff helped Sally off the exam table and brought her to stand in front of the horse. He had her turn to face the witnesses and told her to remove her dress. She started crying again and fumbled with the button getting it undone then zipped the dress down letting if fall to her feet. She stepped out of it. Nude from the waist down a humiliated Sally was told to turn and face the horse and spread her legs the width of the horse legs. Then the bailiff attached each of her legs to the corresponding leg of the punishment horse. The bailiff put his hand on her back and pushed her forward so her head was resting in the round face ring and her breast where on each side of the post she was laying on. The bailiff took off her blouse and gave it to her husband that was standing close by in shock to what they were doing to his wife. The Bailiff but a strap around Sally's middle so she could not get up, then told her she was to count out the strokes of the belt.

The belt came down on her naked rear end with splat she hollered 1 and started crying the pain was so bad. Then the Bailiff stuck his finger in her vagina that surprised her. 2 more strokes were given her in quick succession that she counted out crying then the bailiff check her vagina again. He smiled and said she was getting wet. The Next stroke hit and she called it out and to her humiliation peed on the floor in front of all those gathered. The rest were given and rapid secession much to Sally's relief. The only thing left was the vaginal slaps and as the Bailiff gave her the first slap to her vaginal area Sally had the most violent orgasm of her life. She has never felt one like this and it kept rolling on as the Bailiff slapped her vaginal area. Her vagina was so wet that she thought she peed herself again. The whole room smelled the fragrance of her climax.

Sally was crying hysterically and the Bailiff took off the straps holding her, but Sally did not move she laid totally exposed for the next half hour as all the witnessed came by her to take a last look before they left. Sally's husband helped her up and she put her blouse on and skirt told her husband to put her bra and panties in her pocketbook. She walked out of the courtroom with her blouse unbuttoned to the delight of all the men that saw her.

Her husband Fred could see that Sally was a changed person after the ordeal at the courthouse. Sally herself relived that ordeal in her mind constantly and became very excited. She did not tell her husband that she got sexually excited by the thought of being spanked again.

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