Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sandy, motivated by her attraction to a 17 year-old neighbor boy and spurred on by her aunt, explores her rapidly growing sexuality. (This story is mostly sexual teasing. It does contain a small amount of sexual contact, but has no graphic sex.)

Sandy peered cautiously through the peep-hole of the front-door to see who had rung the bell. She was relieved to discover that her seventeen year-old cousin was among the three teenage males at the door. Opening it she exclaimed, "Bob! What are you doing here?"

Bob had not seen Sandy in several months and was surprised by her appearance. His sixteen year-old cousin was no longer the gangling tom-boy he had reluctantly played with during family visits. "Uh ... hi ... uh, me and my friends came by to see if we could use your pool."

Sandy was flattered to find herself being 'checked out', not just by Bob, but his friends too. "I don't see why not," she said as she continued a visual survey of her visitors. She guessed that they were all at least a year older than her sixteen years. "But, I thought you usually went to the city pool ... where the older girls are."

Paul, one of Bob's friends, remembered Sandy as skinny and too tall for her age. He had thought of her more like a little sister. Now however, his 'elevator look' saw womanly curves in all the right places. She had definitely graduated from the 'little sister' class.

"Right, but they were closed today," Paul offered, forcing himself to look at Sandy's face. "Had to do a chemical treatment or something like that," he added.

Sandy remembered Paul, but did not recognize the last member of the trio. He was undoubtedly the best looking of the three and certainly of interest to Sandy. "Well," she said to no-one in particular, "You're certainly welcome to use my pool then. It's not everyday that three cute guys show up on my doorstep."

The word 'cute' led to an embarrassing silence with all of the guys looking at Sandy. She was wearing sandals and bleached out denim cutoffs, rolled up high to show off her long legs. Her hands rested on her hips, near the bottom of her frilly print blouse. Sandy's eyes locked onto the eyes of the new-comer, but his eyes were focused on the movement of Sandy's hands as they mindlessly slid her blouse upward, exposing a small patch of bare skin.

Charlie, the new-comer, felt a stirring in his pants as Sandy's fingers toyed with her bare midsection. Without raising his eyes he said, "It looks as if you might have just been leaving."

"I was, I was going to the mall," Sandy replied. She quickly figured out what had captured the new-comer's attention, but also noted the reaction being elicited. Continuing to lightly stroke her bare stomach while looking at Charlie she added, "But I'd much rather go swimming with you three if you don't mind."

"Oh no," replied Bob, "We were hoping you would, weren't we." Paul and Charlie nodded vigorously in unison. They definitely wanted to see Sandy in a swim-suit.

"Go on through then," Sandy said, opening the door and pointing toward the back of the house, "I'll be out in a minute."

As Sandy headed down the hall toward her room, the guys watched, mesmerized by the sight of Sandy's retreating form. Her legs were deliciously bare and unlike older women, particularly those who had already given birth, Sandy's hips were still narrow, accentuating the roundness of her butt.

Sandy was very aware of the view she was presenting and planted her feet firmly, one in front of the other, giving her backside a little jiggle and slight movement from side-to-side. Sandy was definitely interested in her cousin's new friend and from the way he had been looking at her at the door, she was pretty sure he was interested in her too. She expected that he was watching now.

Entering her bedroom, Sandy went straight to her chest-of-drawers and opened the drawer holding her swim-suits. Without hesitation she took out a two-piece black nylon suit and closed the drawer.

Stepping into the adjoining bathroom, Sandy stripped out of her street clothes, including the panties and bra she had been wearing. She slid the bottom of the suit up her sleek legs and pulled it over her hips and butt.

Sandy looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. The bottom was rather small for a girl who had not yet entered her Junior year in High School. Although it didn't have string ties at the sides, it was cut so high in the legs and so low on the waist that even if it had had strings, it couldn't have been much more revealing.

As Sandy looked into the mirror she cupped her breasts with her hands. They were more than her small hands could hold. She clasped her hands behind her head and admired the appearance of her breasts – perfect symmetry, no sag and punctuated by pencil erasure sized nipples which were hardening as she anticipated the reaction of her cousin and his two friends, especially the new one.

She put on the top, which was just a couple of triangular pieces held together with strings. She had been wearing the suit for sunning and had it adjusted to cover very little. The unstructured top was spread apart and the string around her neck was tied up short, exposing a generous amount of the insides and undersides of her breasts.

Sandy's aunt had bought the suit for her from an Internet catalog. It wasn't really meant for swimming, just tanning, and Aunt Anita had warned her to think carefully before wearing it in public. So far she had only worn it in the back-yard and even then, only when she was alone or with her aunt.

Looking in the mirror, Sandy's first reaction was that she ought to retie her top so as to show a little less. She knew however, that her aunt, if she were here, would say, 'Leave it alone'. After looking in the mirror for a few seconds, Sandy agreed and left it the way it was.

Sandy walked nervously through the house to the den. Except with her aunt, she had never been so exposed since becoming a teen. At the sliding glass door that opened to the back-yard, she hesitated long enough to take a few deep breaths to regain her composure. Then feeling calmer, she slowly slid the door open.

Her cousin's long-time friend Paul was looking toward the house. "Oh my God!" he said as Sandy stepped through the door.

"What?" Bob and Charlie said in unison as they turned to look in Sandy's direction.

"Jesus Christ, you weren't kidding," Charlie remarked. "She isn't just cute, though, she's hot!"

"Hot is right," Paul shot back. "I mean, like I've known her for several years, but I've never even imagined her looking like this. She is so sexy!"

"Easy guys, this is her pool" Bob chided. Then, choking on his words, he added almost inaudibly, "And ... she is my cousin."

The three of them watched as Sandy walked toward the pool in her black bikini. The low cut of the bottom and her hip bones created a tantalizing gap between the suit and her flat stomach. Her breasts jutted out proudly and although not large, were made even more enticing by the tiny string top that left their sides and undersides bare.

Sandy stopped at the edge of the pool, near the stairs leading into the water, and with a finger pressed against her lower lip, asked, "You're sure you don't mind if I join you."

Six pairs of eyes took in the expanse of young flesh and drooled over Sandy's teenage body. Her cousin spoke for all of them, "We would be disappointed if you didn't." Charlie and Paul nodded as they continued to stare.

Sandy took a couple of steps into the pool and then dove head-long into the waist deep water. As she surfaced and stood up, raising her hands to straighten her long brown hair, another feature of the suit became apparent to Bob and his friends. There was no lining, at least not in the top. If the suit had been white, Sandy would have looked naked. Being black though, it wasn't quite that risqué. Nevertheless, the outline of her nipples was quite obvious.

Sandy waded over to where the guys were congregated, stopping a comfortable distance from them. Paul and the new guy were clearly focused on her protruding nipples, while her cousin Bob at least tried to look at her face.

To her cousin, Sandy said, "I've known Paul for several years, but I don't know your other friend."

"Oh yeah, sorry," replied Bob. "This is Charlie. He just moved in behind you." He pointed toward the back of Sandy's yard, at the house facing the street behind.

"Uh yeah," Charlie said as he finally forced his eyes to look at Sandy's. "My dad and I moved in a couple of weeks ago."

As Paul continued ogling Sandy's near naked body, Sandy and Charlie exchanged casual conversation. Bob remained politely quiet, but noticed that the conversation between his friend and his cousin was becoming, at least mildly, flirtatious.

After Sandy and Charlie had gotten acquainted, the four splashed around the pool for a while, the guys hoping that Sandy's bikini would somehow come off, but it stayed in place.

Eventually they agreed to play a game of water volleyball. Much to the chagrin of Paul, Charlie quickly paired up with Sandy. Although Sandy wasn't as good as the others, Charlie was better and managed to keep the game very close.

Bob and Paul were one point ahead and just one point short of winning the game. Charlie called time in order to have a consultation with Sandy. He stepped closer to her until they were about a foot apart. He spoke in a low voice about handling the serve they were about to receive from Paul. As they talked, Charlie's hand, hidden by the waist deep water, slipped between Sandy's bare thighs.

Sandy made a little gasp and took a half step back. She bit her lip and looked into Charlie's eyes, but otherwise made no sound or other indication of what he was doing. With Charlie's hand still between her legs she inched back to her original position.

Charlie's hand crept upward and his fingers stroked the front of Sandy's bikini, pressing it against her puffy pussy lips. She took a sharp intake of breath and grabbed his hand by the wrist.

"You know," Sandy said, looking into Charlie's eyes, "my cousin would kill you if he knew where your hand is."

"I guess we better not tell him then," Charlie replied evenly.

"No I guess not," Sandy said as she removed Charlie's hand from between her legs and prepared to receive Paul's serve. Charlie maintained eye contact with her as he backed away.

Sandy returned the serve okay but Bob slapped it back down in front of her where she couldn't reach. She and Charlie had lost. It was questionable though, as to whether they really cared.

"We need to get out of here," Paul said. "I need to get to work."

"I need to get to work too," echoed Bob.

As Bob and his friends turned toward the gate in the fence, Sandy yelled, "Wait. I'll get some towels so you can dry off before you leave." She scurried through the back door into the kitchen, hastily found a pencil and scribbled her cell number on a scrap of paper. She grabbed some towels from the laundry room and ran out the back door.

As Sandy handed out the towels she slipped the piece of paper with her number to Charlie. He looked at it, then her, and mouthed, "I'll call you."

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