Heidimarie's New Attitude
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lolita, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Heidimarie is searching for new experiences in life and love and just plain sex. She has decided her friends have special meaning for her and she wants to learn everything she can from them. Her girlfriend Laura has even given her a desire to explore the things pretty Victoria can show her. Her training will be quite complete.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, Heidimarie Redecke grew tired of saving her cherry for no particular purpose other than to be patted on her head by her doting grandparents in front of a bunch of "old farts" from the church social club. She had been a very good girl all throughout her school years despite the pressure from her friends and several horny young lads with evil intent.

Heidimarie had been introduced to masturbation by her best friend Laura the night of her birthday party as they played quietly under the covers at her sleepover. That very first orgasm was enough to make her a firm believer in the need for further exploration into the mysteries of her awakening body.

Laura confided in her that she did not have any "boyfriend" to take care of her needs but that her older brother's friend Steve didn't object to being her tutor in such matters. That revelation made Heidimarie think a little differently about her older brother Peter's friend Werner who pretty much ignored her as being beneath his concern and not of any interest to him at all. She saw him in a different light now that Laura explained how convenient it was to have a handy cock ready at all times.

She contrived to sneak glimpses of Peter's friend as he showered or lay next to the pool in only his speedo tights. Soon she had a pretty good sense of the size and girth of his oversized cock and realized he had a pretty cute ass for a boy. Just thinking about him pounding her into the mattress was enough to make her have a very satisfactory orgasm standing in the shower with her fingers buried in her tight little pussy.

When they all piled in the car for the mall on a rainy Saturday morning, she did not hesitate to sit on his lap just to see if he stiffened up with the feel of her smooth ass cheeks. He tried to hide it but she found that he seemed to enjoy her bouncing up and down on his rampant cock at each and bump. Of course, she never let on that she was aware of his stiff tool enjoying the delicious curves of her lush eighteen year old body. She was certain a couple of times he actually shot his load inside his pants onto her pretty ass crack. She felt so very wanted and desirable sitting innocently right in the car with her other two sisters and her brother and mom and dad, none of whom suspected a single thing.

As a reward for earning a perfect 4.0 GPA, both she and her brother and his friend Werner were allowed to visit her Uncle Tony and his new wife Victoria at his lovely mountain villa. Her two sisters had to both go to summer school because they were seriously deficient in both math and science. Heidimarie had invited her friend Laura but she had to cancel out at the last minute because of a late summer cold.

Heidimarie loved Tony because he always picked her up and let her ride his shoulders when she was very small. She found it so exciting to have her legs wrapped around his neck and to be treated like a queen by her mother's best friend's husband. She had gotten into the habit of calling him "Uncle" because her mother encouraged her to do so. Of course, they hadn't done much wrapping her legs around his head lately because she had developed a bit too much for such activities. Also, she was not allowed to sit on Tony's lap after she graduated to the role of nubile female. Heidimarie was disappointed but she could see the reason for it and was happy just to watch him and listen to his beautiful voice.

She had not met Tony's new wife Victoria as yet but her brother Peter had informed her that she was a real "dish".

Heidimarie noticed that Peter's friend Werner didn't mind when she fell asleep on his chest on the ride up to the mountain villa. She pretended she was asleep when he "accidently" let his hand rest softly on her pubic mound. It was so exciting that she was certain he would know how much she was panting for his touch on any part of her body. Her heart was fluttering and pounding so loud she felt he must know her physical need for sex. Hidden inside her dampening panties, her virgin pussy was throbbing big time and she fought to keep from humping up to meet Werner's passive hand.

In order to cover up the reality of her trembling knees, she "woke up" and asked her brother,

"How much longer, Peter? When will we get there?"

Peter laughed and reflected that despite her lovely new curvy breasts and her ripening female valley and firmly packed ass cheeks, his sister was still just a girl starting a journey. He had to admit she had a body that made his previous girlfriend look like a sack of potatoes but he had been brought up to think it strictly Taboo to touch any of his sisters. It was a real shame because he sensed Heidimarie would not be reluctant to give up some of her charms to his best friend Werner.

They saw Tony and Victoria waiting for them at the front door of the impressive mountain chalet. There was so much glass and well-designed innovations that they were both a little swept off their feet.

Victoria hugged Peter and then Werner and Heidimarie was a little jealous when she saw the older woman's lush body pressed against Werner's long lean body. Without her parents around, Tony hugged Heidimarie and lifted her off the ground in a swinging embrace. She was certain she could feel the distinct outline of his male package rubbing nicely between her imprisoned legs.

The four of them moved into the conversation pit in front of the log fire and Heidimarie sat close to Tony. In fact, so close that when she lowered her hand to the sofa, she could feel the hard muscles of his muscular thigh. She acted like nothing was amiss, but her heightened rosy glow and the heaving of her developing breasts caught Victoria's attention and made her smile in recognition of female sexual arousal.

Victoria had been only 18 when Tony stole her cherry right on top of his desk at work. That memory would stay with her forever. He had even continued and deprived her of her anal cherry as well the very same afternoon. Her sharp-eyed grandmother had inquired the reason for her strange gait the next 48 hours but Victoria assured her it was only "a slight knee injury". The wise old lady surmised her granddaughter had been ridden hard by a man with a rather large cock for a very long time. Two short weeks later they announced their engagement and were married in a quiet little ceremony in the country.

The previous summer, Peter had spent several weeks with them and Victoria had initiated him in the art of love-making after receiving Tony's permission. In fact, Tony had enjoyed watching young Peter drive his impressive cock deep into his wife's ass with youthful determination. He really loved to look into Victoria's eyes when Peter was shooting his load buried deep inside her delicious ass. She tried to tell him how wonderful it felt but her mouth was slack with emotion and her words were all jumbled together.

Victoria announced that she was "going to show Peter the new collection of butterflies" and they both left the room leaving Heidimarie alone with Tony.

Tony told Heidimarie to stretch out on the sofa and relax.

She removed her shoes and allowed her head to rest on his lap. The feel of his rampant cock on the back of her head was too much for her and she almost swooned in sexual frustration at being so near and yet so far.

Tony stroked her hair and she furtively pushed her fingers into her oozing slit with sense of physical need that knew no bounds. Somehow, Tony managed to open her blouse and he kneaded her aroused nipples with experienced fingers. She turned her head and kissed the outline of his rock-hard cock inside his trousers. He opened himself up and his lovely cock sprung out to bounce with playful freedom right on her waiting mouth. She did not hesitate to suck its length into her mouth and started to bob her head up and down like she knew what she was doing. It was all a sham because she had never had a cock in her mouth before. She had practiced on Laura's finger and followed the same directions to lick with circular sweeps of her tongue and keep her teeth well away from the shaft.

Her Tony did not seem to mind her obvious lack of experience and he encouraged her to keep taking it in deeper into her throat. She was almost on the verge of gagging when the first spurt of creamy cum shot forcefully into her throat. Heidimarie swallowed as fast as she could to get it all down into her tummy.

She thought that would be the end of it for a while and was pleasantly surprised when he said,

"You are an accomplished little cocksucker, little Heidimarie. Now let's see how you take it up the ass."

The older man positioned her on the sofa with her ass up very high in the air. She was very nervous and wanted to be accommodating to the handsome mature man. He had the most beautiful cock and she hoped her tight little brown eye would be ready for his pounding. The touch of his meat on her tender little opening was so exciting that she started to ooze her female juices down the inside of her silky smooth legs. Her pulsating sphincter clutched his cock and fluttered in a very immature manner around his shaft. Heidimarie felt him enter her and drive deeper inch after satisfying inch. When he was fully seated on her posterior saddle she was totally stretched and filled with throbbing man-meat.

Tony rested momentarily on his friend's daughter's pretty rump.

Then with a deep and shuddering sigh, he grabbed hold of her slender hips and began to pound her delectable bottom with sure strokes in a frenzy of lust both uncontrollable and passionate.

Soon, Heidimarie was shaking with her first anal orgasm. She tried to scream but no sound came through her pretty lips. Tony swept her long flowing hair up in his fist and pulled her head back so he could see the look in her eyes as he plumbed the depths of her most private hole.

He leaned forward and pushed his probing tongue into her submissive mouth with as much force as his cock explored her dark passageway stretched wide open for his pleasure.

She heard confident Tony voice his approaching orgasm.

"Don't move, little one. Whatever you do, don't move. Take it all inside, my little dove. My cream is all for you."

The splashing flood into her previously virgin rectum was enough to trigger her own sweet release. She felt herself gushing again and she hoped that he would not think her a dirty girl to be enjoying his anal penetration of her pucker hole so very much.

Heidimarie relaxed, panting in exhaustion on the sofa, waiting for Tony to pull out of her sensitive rear door. When he finally did, she realized he was still rampant and ready to relieve her of her unwanted cherry. Her de-flowering was so swift that she only had time to lock her heels around Tony's neck as he pounded her dripping pussy into the sofa. Her juices and his pre-cum oozed back into her ass crack and soothed her reddened brown hole still quivering from her anal impalement.

Tony was saying very dirty things to her and she loved every word.

"Take it good, you little bitch. Open up that tight little pussy for Tony. I am going to stick you good and deep, you little tease. Tell me you loved it in the ass, little bitch."

Heidimarie was convulsing in a series of multiple orgasms. Tony's words were the icing on the cake for her. Slyly, she slid her hand around and pushed her finger into his hairy pucker hole. His ass was so cute; she just had to feel his tight little hole when he was buried deep inside her pussy.

The sheer sensuality of her probing finger made Tony shoot his load deep inside her vagina with the force of an unfettered fire-hose.

Heidimarie voiced her appreciation with animalistic grunts of depraved pleasure.

They cuddled together and fell asleep.

Neither of them was concerned at all with what Victoria and Heidimarie's brother were up to in the upstairs bedroom.

That's another story entirely.

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