The Wife's Dare
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Zoophilia, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife, Unexpected 1st Time, Discovery, Friends, Beast

I was just about to cum as I watched my beautiful wife's face twist with wanton lust under the large Mastiff as he hammered into her pussy with primal abandon. The huge dog had her from behind and his massive weight pinned her body down to the bed in front of me. Her knees were widely spread to better handle the onslaught as well as accept the huge thick cock being pounded deep into her and the swelling knot that would soon tie her. It rammed her so hard that her large very firm breasts were actually jerking to and fro in response; she was screaming and squealing continuously. She came within a minute. Hard and fast. Whilst the Mastiff still pounded her body, it made her peak again and again. The Mastiff made her cum three times before the knotting started...

I am living a fairy tale, actually two fairy tales. How had this all come to happen you asked? How had my wife turned into such a willing participant? How could any man be turned on by such an act? Well, let me explain how it started and maybe you will understand how it came to be. It started out as a sequence of unrelated events that had combined and then had spiraled out of control, along with a hard headed royal personality.

Let me start from the beginning. My wife, Alexis, also wrote this so in some sections you will see narrative in her own words.

Alexis and I had been married for 2 years. We had met after a month into the Fall semester while beginning our last two years of the university where I was studying to be a veterinarian and she was working on her master's degree.

Alexis had come from Europe on a student visa. She went to undergraduate school in Europe and for two years she had been on her country's Winter Olympic Biathlon team. After graduation she decided to do her post-graduate work in the states.

Alexis chose to attend a university in the Rocky Mountain States to experience Western culture (as in cowboy!) She as well as her family are enamored of Western Americana. Later, she explained to me that there were many European and Asian social groups in several nations that are solely formed for the interest in the American West, Cowboys & Indians, Western Swing music, films and television shows. Even putting on reenactments in period clothing!

Like others, I was attracted to her the first time I saw her, which was in the library where I went to do some studying. She instantly struck me with her beauty – she must have been one of the world's most beautiful women!

It was one of the classic double takes. She was sitting on a couch with her legs curled under her when I walked in that first time. Just sitting there she exhibited poise, grace and beauty. She was the most incredibly beautiful and alluring woman I had ever seen! She glanced up to see who had come into the secluded section of the library. She briefly looked at me and then back down at her book, then her head almost comically snapped back up to take a longer harder look at me, which is not an uncommon reaction as I am six foot seven with rugged looks and rangy features. With boots and hat on I appeared much taller. Several friends have stated I would have made a good model for the "Marlboro Man" cigarette advertisements (although I do not smoke or dip!).

Realizing what she had done she started blushing. I gave her a shy smile (I am rather reserved and shy around women) and sat down in an easy chair not too far away. We caught each other several times looking at each other that first time. Small talk initially began the second time we saw each other. When she spoke to me the first time her rich European accent hooked me hard.

Over the course of the week and following week I would see her in the same section of the library where I studied where she was doing the same. Whenever I walked in she would give me a beaming smile.

At the end of the second week encountering her repeatedly in the library in the same reading area, she asked me if I would like to accompany her to the coffee shop at the student union. We must have sat there for two hours talking non-stop while our coffees grew cold and barely touched. I finally got up the nerve to ask her for a date.

With a twinkle in her eye and a coy mischievous grin she replied

"I thought I had already asked you!"

Alexis is a tall beauty with long dark auburn hair, and bright flashing emerald green eyes. With a lean, lithe muscular physique with great muscle definition as a result of being a longtime dedicated hard core fitness buff. She lifted weights and would jog for miles. Yet she was blessed with fantastic womanly curves with perfect specimens of beautiful and large but very firm European upswept perky breasts with small areoles and small nipples. All her pubic hair had been removed by laser treatments except for a small decorative landing patch on her pubic mound. She maintains a rich dark tan highlighted by the tan lines of the skimpy string bikinis she favors.

When we went swimming she definitely turned the heads of men as well as women like I have never seen or heard about (except on television commercials!)

Dawning realization with both of us that this relationship was going to get very serious, very quickly, came during the first date. The second date it was an uncontrollable rampaging stampede! I have never felt this way about a woman up. Before this I have had many extensive dates and girlfriends and never wanted for female companionship. During our first date I knew I never wanted to date anyone else again. In our case it seemed to be true that there are indeed such things as soul mates.

Alexis had come to the states not only for her graduate work but also to experience Western Americana. I learned on our first date she really had yet to experience any having been here barely two months. So, what better way to introduce her but to take her to a rodeo! This was how our second date was spent...

I decided to surprise her by not telling her I was entered into two events – bull riding and roping. When the bull riding was near to coming up, I excused myself telling her one of my friends was riding and wanted me to help him rig up, unfortunately women were not allowed in the dressing room or down by the chutes. Alexis was clearly miffed I was leaving her...

I had a friend who was to film her reaction when she learned I was riding. My other friends in the rodeo knew I was on a special date and let the rodeo announcer know as well who was a friend of theirs.

I became consternated when I looked up and saw my good friends in the announcer booth. The announcer started off telling about the next bull coming out. His name was "Ball Twister" and had a success rate of throwing off 90% of the riders before the time was up and had a mean and tricky disposition who had injured many riders. I was sure everyone in the stands could see my face become beet red as the announcer continued with

"The cowboy riding him tonight is a former top ranked collegiate rodeo star in two categories who decided to continue with his veterinary studies instead of going on the pro rodeo circuit when he graduated. Give a big hand to Trevor!"

And with that the gate swung open and with one huge leap and twist in mid-air, Ball Twister launched us into the arena.

Luckily I had a great ride with the top score of the evening and did not become one of those 90% riders who did not complete the ride before being thrown and the audience gave me a standing ovation.

Before going back into the stands to rejoin Alexis, I viewed the video of her. The video clearly showed her shocked and stunned reaction when she realized the announcer was talking about me, then as the gate swung open and Ball Twister leapt out, her hand shot to her mouth and stayed there. At the end of the ride she was jumping up and down screaming! She definitely attracted the attention of the surrounding audience seeing an incredibly beautiful woman jumping up and down, yelling in a highly cultured European accent, I was just as enthusiastically greeted when I rejoined her! I told her I had a roping event coming up later and I must have really impressed her the way she continued to look at me...

After the roping event which I did well again (I had lots of practice growing up on a very large ranch) I took her down to meet my friends and to see the animals, then walked her next door to the dance the rodeo was sponsoring.

As we walked to the dance I told her of the history of dances being associated with rodeos after the event. She told me she had never tried country and western dancing. When we entered the band was still setting up. I was surprised to see that I knew two of the band members, more so they also recognized me and waved.

Back when I was in undergraduate school, I had to take an elective. I had learned to play a guitar at an early age and by the time I had entered high school I had mastered the twelve string guitar. I was also luck to be blessed with quite a good voice. When I was pursuing the course catalog I saw they offered an advanced guitar class which I signed up for and where I met the two band members. The class was taught by a graduate student and he was slightly miffed I was a much better guitar player than he, as well as better than anyone in the class. After about a week, the instructor told me I was wasting my time attending class. I wound up playing with the two band members in some small clubs to help them earn enough money to by some band equipment and find more members. I had to turn them down when they asked me because my studies and I really disappointed them as they thought they had a lead guitar player as well as lead singer.

I was very surprised at how very quickly Alexis picked up each new dance step I showed her or that my friends showed her, they were practically cutting in on me each time a new dance started up and she definitely caused quite a stir with her natural dancing ability and her beauty. There were very few dances she sat out but every slow dance she reserved for me...

My god, it seemed so natural to be dancing with her and to be with her. It seemed like we have always been together...

At one point in-between sets, the two guys in the band spoke that there was someone out in the audience that was the best natural guitar player they personally knew plus he good carry a tune! "Let's see if we can entice Trevor to come up and play us at least one song!"

With awe Alexis looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders at her and asked if she would mind. She replied she would love to see and hear me play. The dance crowd started clapping and shouting my name so I got up to play.

Now I can do a pretty good rendition of Pat Green, he is one of my favorite musicians and the dance crowd was already pretty revved up so I launched into "Down by the River" that had everyone up and dancing with the exception of Alexis who sat and stared at me. After it was over, the crowd started shouting 'One More' over and over until I relented, then I played another Pat Green song "Take Me Out To The Dancehall". After the song was over I quickly scrambled off the stage to rejoin Alexis before they started shouting at me to play more but I did not escape totally unscathed as they yelled at me to go back to the stage. I walked back to our table and Alexis aimed a beaming smile at me with bright green eyes flashing. She told me I sang and played wonderfully and I was certainly an accomplished man.

The following summer I took Alexis to the Calgary Stampede and Rodeo which was a huge thrill for her.

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