My Valentine

by Sly Dog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Pedophilia, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Enema, Caution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Another story from my 'Uncle Walter' story collection.

My name is Walter and I'm 39 years old. My niece D.J. turned 14 a year ago and she is very special to me. Every year I give her something special for Valentines, and every year I get a kiss on the cheek from her. I had been lusting after D.J. ever since she was 12, just waiting for her to be grown up enough for me to be her lover. Last year just after she turned 14 (the age of consent in our state) I decided to take her out on her first date. I knew my brother wouldn't let her date until she was twenty-one. He was a little old fashioned in his beliefs about dating.

So it was Valentines Day 2011 and I was getting everything ready for our date. I had the reservations at the best Italian restaurant in our town. (her favorite) I also booked the best room in the country club that I'm a member of so I could dance with her all night. I even booked a live band to play a mix of old and new music. Afterwards I had the Newlywed Suite of the local Clarion Hotel reserved for her very special first time being made love to. In the room I had a bottle of champaign on ice. There was also a heart shaped hot tub that I had ready with a bottle of bubble bath next to it. I didn't want her drunk but I did want her to drink enough to relax her.

I knew she might be resistant to my plans for the end of the night so the wine at dinner and the champaign at the hotel hopefully would put her in the mood. At the very least it would lower her inhibitions to a point that I would be able to talk her into anything. The other reason I had been planning all this was that every time I've been around her for the past couple of years she's been very flirty with me and even let me get glimpses of her little breasts whenever she bent over to pick up something she "accidentally" dropped in front of me. So this night was going to be the night I would find out if she was just teasing or if she really wanted something to happen.

I picked her up at my brother's house at 5 p.m. D.J.'s mother had died in childbirth and so it was left to my brother to raise his baby girl. He thought it was fine that I was being so nice to his daughter. If he only knew what I had planned for later that night he might have cut my balls off and stuffed them down my throat. Anyway I had a corsage, a bouquet of flowers, and a heart shaped box of mixed cream center chocolates. D.J. really lit up when she saw everything I had brought, or maybe it was just because I was there. Either way I was happy at her reaction.

She took the bouquet of flowers and the chocolates. Looking straight at her dad she said, "You better not touch my chocolates while I'm gone, or else mister."

He licked his lips and I gave him an icy stare. He gulped knowing that I was serious about this. I dominated him when we were kids and he was still a little afraid of me. He knew I would give him a beat down if he touched anything of hers. She put the flowers in a vase with water and the packet of preservative that came with the flowers. The corsage was in a small vial of the same preservative.

When she came back into the room after putting her chocolates and flowers in her bedroom she came over to me and kissed me right on the lips. It was only a quick peck because her dad was standing there but I felt her lips part slightly and her tongue licked across my lips. I opened the box the corsage was in and slipped the fingers of my left hand into her blouse so I didn't pin it to her breast. At least that was my justification. The real reason was so I could get a little feel of her soft breast.

She was wearing a nice silk blouse that I had bought her the previous Christmas, and the jean skirt I had given her for her birthday. As I was pinning her corsage on I could feel she wasn't wearing a bra and that caused a little stirring in my pants. Luckily I took the precaution of wearing briefs and had my cock pointed up so it wouldn't be noticed by anyone who wasn't pressed against me. So as we left I opened the door to the car so she could get in. Then I closed the door and went around to get in the driver's seat. I drove us to the restaurant and she lit up even more, seeing the sign of the restaurant as we pulled in. Like I had said earlier she loved this restaurant, only she didn't get to come here very often because her dad wasn't as well off as I was.

I parked, got out and went around opening the door so she could get out. As she stood up, before I could even close the car door, she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss that was nowhere near the kind of kiss a niece should give her uncle. She had pushed her tongue into my mouth as soon as our lips came together. I wrapped my arms around her and held her as we got lost in that kiss. All of a sudden I heard a noise and realized I was still standing in the parking lot kissing my 14 year old niece. Even though it was legal in our state for a 14 year old to be with an adult, if anyone who knew us saw me kissing her like that not only would I most likely be in jail for incest, but my brother would kill me thinking I took advantage of his little girl.

As we were eating D.J. asked, "Uncle Walter? What all do you have planned for tonight?"

"I wanted to keep that all a surprise. Why do you ask?"

"Well, most of the dates my friends at school talk about end with sex. I was wondering if you were going to have sex with me?"

"Only if you want to, Sweetheart."

"I do. It's just..." she looked down at her plate and was pushing a clam around (from her fettuccine with clam sauce) her plate nervously. She took a deep breath when I had prompted her to continue and said, "It's just that one of my friends is a senior and she is kind of shy around boys. She is a small girl and looks younger than me, but she isn't." I nodded and she continued, "So we made a pledge that we would lose our virginity to the same person on the same night. Kind of a double header so to speak."

"Let me guess. You want to go pick up this friend before we go and make love so she can have a turn also?"

D.J. couldn't look me in the eyes as she whispered, "If it's okay with you, that is?"

I turned in the horse shoe shaped bench we were sitting on so I could look at her. I lifted her head up so our eyes met and said, "If she means that much to you that you would want to share me with her on your special night, then I would be honored to bring you both into womanhood."

I know it was kind of cheesy but it was all I could think of at the moment. She kissed me with tears in her eyes and then said, "Thank you, Uncle. This will be the best day of our lives." As I thought about fucking two cute teen girls I was having trouble keeping my cock from getting erect in my pants.

D.J. took out her cell phone and was about to dial her friend's number when I said, "Maybe we shouldn't tell her that I'm your uncle. It might not look too good if she were to know that. Also from now on just call me Walter. You can drop the uncle part, okay?"

She agreed and as she was going to dial again she asked, "Are we going to do it right after dinner or did you have other things planned?"

"I was going to take you dancing, just you and me at the country club, but I could cancel that so we have plenty of time for the both of you."

"Although I like to dance I think that spending time with my friend and getting to know each other might be better for the evening's plans."

I agreed and she finally made her phone call. She told me that we would need to go into the girl's dwelling to talk to her mom before she could go with us. I thought for a moment and was just about to call it off when D.J. said, "Don't worry, Walter. Her mom knows all about what we are going to do tonight. She thinks it's nice that I have such a caring boyfriend to help her daughter to become a woman on the same night as her best friend."

Under my breath I said, "Yeh, but does she know that your boyfriend is almost three times as old as you?" She giggled at that even though I was trying hard for her not to hear what I had just said. We finished our dinner and D.J. ordered a special meal for her friend to eat while we all got to know each other.

I drove by the country club where the band had just finished getting their gear set up. I apologized saying, "I hate to do this but my lady friend isn't feeling well. I think it was a bad clam or something. Here is the balance of what I owe you and here is a Ben Franklin for each of you for all your trouble."

They thanked me and gave me their sympathies on my date's condition. I stopped at the country club's office and dropped off the envelope with the fee for booking the room and a note telling them thanks. As I got into the car my GPS started talking as soon as we were at the exit to the parking lot. Apparently D.J. had put in the address to her friend's place. I followed the directions from the talking built-in GPS in the dash of my SUV. I pulled up to a run-down looking apartment building. D.J. pointed me in the direction of her friend's guest parking space. I started to worry that when we got back to my Ford Expedition that there wouldn't be anything left but the shell. That's how bad the neighborhood looked.

As we got out and walked up to the building I could see gang style graffiti all over the walls. When we get to the front door D.J. pushed a button and a woman's voice asked, "Who is it?"

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