Better Left Alone

Things just never seemed to go my way. I felt that my life had been a failure, hopefully I could improve. As he walked to the coffee shop, a bit more attention should have been given when crossing the way, a truck came racing by and Ryan's body was plastered about the road.

All was dark; Ryan was sitting on a stone bench, a grey mist seemed to fill the area around him. He was not alone, in time the slab seemed to get shorter and shorter yet he never moved. He found himself in a room, it seemed silver, golden and white at the same time, ahead was a rock like table and on it a frame empty about the size of one of those new computer monitors, it began to fill and he saw images racing across the screen. He could hear a voice and now images were flowing through his brain, he need not look anywhere he began to see his life as though a set of home movies, finally ending with the scene of his death, the voice asked, "what should be done?" There was no hesitation, Ryan knew where he was and that only hell awaited him. "I am sorry to have failed you and I await my punishment."

Time seemed to stand still; another mist began to appear in the stone frame, it was blank, nothing was there. "It would seem Ryan that there are things that must be done and you may have more chances to do good instead of evil, will you accept these tasks of end your time here?" It was no hard choice to make, "I will do whatever you ask!"

I seemed to wake up on top of a mountain, in front of me Was something, made from different elements and bearing faces or writing that I could not understand. A voice in my head said the disks represented time and places that I may go to, some I may know others unknown until certain changes were done. I was not to give up or die, doing so would return me for judgment.

I took a step forward and began the journey back, but where.

The time I guess does not matter really. Pick any and it will be the same story, the travelers (getting more in the group every jump) were always able to summon more powerful and more advanced armies to conquer any enemy from the past.

Upon closer inspection of the disk there was another area inside. There appeared to be dials to select both location/planets and dimensions as well as a time.(Hundreds of planets and 9 dimensions) Thus far they had only used the face part to go back in time not forward or the present and only on earth.

Things looked like they would be getting interesting.

What would you do if you had a device that would transport you and your group? (Read beautiful, young girls) to any place or time and allow you to summon anything there to aid you, knowing nothing could go wrong.

Go wrong.

Go wrong...

Some future chapters:


I should have just stayed home. I knew that disc wasn't worth that much.


I never knew a girl could even do that or that being grateful was so enjoyable.


When in Rome. Servant girls must really like to serve.


They had a lot of stones but we had a Bradley.


Those 300 guys were really good. Would a few Cobra and Apache copters really Would make a difference, I wonder.


That Light Brigade should really like those new M II B tanks, I wonder if that might make a difference.


Oh ugh! I knew we should have gone to the 3rd planet not the second one.


3rd planet but 1987 not 9817, dummy.


Boss, I may have hit the wrong button again, boss, boss, where are you?


Back home! Aaaahhh, wait a sec, this doesn't look right!

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