A Little Control
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Workplace,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when a little control and a little doggy love get out of hand

I had long been interested in BDSM and dogs (in a sexual way) but had never really done anything beyond some internet searches and reading erotica and of course some very hot fantasies. Every time I even thought about dogs and BDSM in the same thought my pussy would heat up and my panties would be dripping! I loved the idea of having my most secret fantasies fulfilled and having my darkest wishes granted. I wanted to be forced to fulfill my deepest desires, it make me so hot thinking about being controlled and fucked by a horny man and his faithful companion.

I liked to keep my pussy shaved bare and easy access for my fingers but I knew it would also make it nice and easy for a dog or a man to find my horny clit. I was using this to my advantage as I lay in bed that morning rubbing my fingers over my soft mound and thinking about my favorite fantasies. I began to pant as I tugged on one nipple and rubbed my clit wishing I had some male company to fill my juicy pussy. My alarm began to go off and I quickly brought my self off not really satisfied by the quick orgasm but not having any more time before work to play with my horny cunt.

I got dressed for work quickly and decided to wear a shear blouse and a fun and flippy little skirt. It had gotten to the point where my puffy cunt could barely stand the brush of fabric on it. To save my poor pussy and also because I was feeling naughty I decided to go pantiless under my skirt, after all it wasn't that short and it wasn't like it was see through or anything!

Finally arriving at work I sat down and prepared for a long dull day of answering phones and typing, really I wish I could have stayed home in bed pleasing myself as I dreamed about being fucked. Oh well maybe some day for today I had to pay the bills. As that boring day rolled on and no one came into my office I began to play with my lonely pussy. After all it was dead at work and my boss had not stirred from his inner office in hours. I was horny and I was alone who would begrudge me a little fun. Since it was so quiet I even pulled up a site that feature some of my favorite dog on woman pictures. I particularly liked the ones where women were being serviced by dogs as a man directed the action. I loved the look of helpless pleasures on the women's faces as they seemed to be cumming almost against their own desires so caught up in being fucked and forced. It made my pussy burn and my nipples ache. I rubbed my own clit and wished I could be in one of these hot scenes.

All of a sudden my phone jumped to life and I heard my boss's voice. "Sadie can you come in here please" he asked forcefully. I gulped and pulled my wet fingers out of my cunt quickly rearranging my skirt and jumping to my feet. 'Yes sir right away' I said. My boss's same was Sam Harrison but he liked me to call him sir. It actually gave ma bit of a thrill to call him that imaging he was my master my sir in sexual sense and not just at work.

Sir sat behind his desk his hands clasped in front of him and stared at me as I entered. I gulped and hurried to stand in front of him not sitting just waiting for his command. "Sadie you do know that everything you do on your computer can be accesses by me?" he asked. I gasped but tried to stay calm, I had forgotten that. "Um yes Sir" I stammered. "Sadie you know you are supposed to be doing company work while you are here if you don't have enough to keep you busy why should I keep you employed?" he asked sternly. "Oh but please Sir I need this job" I begged. "Well I guess if you need it so bad and you don't have enough company work to keep you busy I might have to find some outside things for you to with your tine." I shivered as he spoke he looked hard and serious and I wondered what he had planned for me.

I asked tremulously "What do you mean Sir? What do you want me to do?". He drew a deep breath and said "Well Sadie after seeing what you have just been looking at I am thinking maybe you might be best used and most useful in servicing me and my pet." I didn't know what to say I wasn't sure whether to be excited or scared at the prospect of having my dreams come real. Sir seemed so large and stern and I knew his pet was a large German shepherd trained to protect and it had always sort of scared me. The dogs name was Kaiser and he was kingly large, stately and in command. If ever a dog seemed to demand respect he was it.

"Sadie why don't we start off by getting you in the right outfit." sir said. "Remove your blouse and bra" I did as he commanded unable to resist rubbing over my stiff nipples as I did... "Well, well I don't know whether to be upset that you are touching yourself without permission or glad that you seem so willing to play along" he mused. I just moaned and spread my legs a little further apart as me pussy jerked and juice ran down my legs. "Mmm Sadie why don't you remove your skirt too but leave on your heels and sit in that chair behind you." I obyed and he hummed his approval as my bare body sat before him. "What a hot little body you have so ready and eager to be fucked,. I think it is time you showed me what you were doing today when you were supposed to be working." I had lost any inhibitions I might have had and quickly moved to obey.

I lay back my legs lewdly spread one hand frantically rubbing my stiff little clit. As I worked myself into frenzy sir reached over and handed me a huge dildo. "Try this he said I want to make sure your little pussy is opened wide and ready for me to fuck it." I grabbed it and began to force its length into my well lubed cunt moaned as I stretched over it and loving the feeling of being filled. This simple act of penetration made my clit burn and my cunt spasm in anticipation and lust. One hand began to play with my tits and the other working the dildo deep within my hungry cunt. My bare pussy lips were drenched in my juices as my fingers worked over my swollen pussy and my breasts bounced as I panted and moaned the tips hard and pointing with arousal. Sir spoke 'spread those legs wider I want to see both of your holes.' I moaned my assent, widening my legs even further and pushing my cunt up at my fingers as they flew over my sopping mound. My juices ran down from my burning cunt and coated my ass as moaned in approval. I moaned and gasped as I approached my orgasm before I could cum Sir said "Stop that is enough give me back the dildo and put your hands on the chair arms." I whined eager to cum I didn't want to be denied my pleasure. My pussy clamped down so horny and hungry and loathe to let that hard length leave it.

As I sat there spread open and gasping my body shaking with the orgasm that had been denied me eager and on the edge. Sir spoke again "Come over here Sadie and kneel in front of my." Quickly I did as he commanded and knelt before him his thick almost obscenely large cock was standing up before me loosened from his trouser the tip glistening with pre cum. Like the good little subs I had seen in pictures and vides I knelt beside him and at his command I moved between his legs and touched his huge cock ... I worked my hand over his length and then licked down him like he was the tastiest ice cream ever invented. I ran my tong along the thick vein on the underside and teased around the base of the flaring head he groaned and using his hands lined his cock up with my open mouth. I loved the taste of him I sucked on his plump head and the dove down his length forcing it deep into my mouth and throat so eager to see if I could fit all of his magnificent cock in my mouth. He chuckled "Don't hurt yourself Sadie there is plenty of time to work up to that". I moaned lost in lust and determined take all of him. I fought back my gagging reflex as my saliva coated him and made him slick running down his length and over his balls. I wanted to make Sir feel good. I thought if I was good enough he might let me come too. It amazed me how quickly and easily I let him command me. I loved doing as he bid it made me feel complete and hornier than ever before. Once again before either of us could cum he pulled my mouth off his cock it came free with a pop I had been holding him so tightly.

"Go to the couch and lie down make sure to spread those thighs as wide as they go." Shaking with lust I did just that hoping that an orgasm was in my future. As I reclined on the couch he knelt between my thighs and putting my legs over his shoulders he drove mouth first into my pussy. I screamed out as he licked me from top to bottom and back again sucking on my puffy lips and nipping my clit. I was awash in a sea of lust my head rolling from side to side and my hands grasping at the air as I began to shake in one rolling orgasm after another.

I hadn't even realized that Sir had brought Kaiser in the room. I had been so lost in the pleasure wracking my body that I hadn't seen or heard them enter. I lay open and spent ... or so I thought. At the sight of those two viral males my body began to stir again, my senses heightening as their gazed raked over me. They both seemed to like what they saw and they both had the same expression of hot ownership in their eyes. I began to shake in anticipation and in fear at what they would make me do at what I would do willingly and wantonly if a bit guiltily.

"Sadie come over here" Sir commanded. Clumsily I scrambled to my feet still shaky from the orgasms that had consumed me. "Why don't you get to know Kaiser better" he said. "Here kneel beside him it isn't nice to stand so far away and above him, after all he soon will be your master too." I shivered and my nipples stiffened further at the thought of this strong dog mastering my body like his stern owner had. Even as I thought this I fell to my knee's beside the two males. Kaiser sat at attention well trained even as he sniffed my scent and his cock began to peak from its furry sheath. I didn't even realize that I was staring until Sir chuckled and said 'Like what you see? Why don't you show Kaiser what you can do with a males cock." I whined but my mouth salivated at the thought also loving the naughty idea as much as I was also somewhat scared and repulsed by the actuality of it.

My shaking hand reached out and rubbed Kaiser along his muscular side and around his neck all the while my eyes were locked on his furry cock and balls. "That's a good stat but I think Kaiser might like it if you got to know him a bit more intimately" Sir said wickedly. With a gulp I nodded my head and ran my hand around to his front and brushed it over his cock. Kaiser shook and growled low as I barely grazed his firm length. "Sadie you can do better than that" Sir chided. I nodded again and encouraged Kaiser to look at me. Slowly I pushed the dog to his side to gain better access to his cock. I ran my tongue over his pointy cock head and down the hot shaft while my fingers fondled his furry balls. He yipped his approval as I began to take him into my mouth sucking along is length down to his huge knot. I was lost in a haze of lust so caught up in giving this horny beast pleasure that I didn't even have any idea of what Sir was up to. All I could concentrate on was the burning cock in my mouth and my own hot pussy that leaked juice down over my puffy lips. I moaned my approval as Kaiser's cock jumped in my mouth and my hands fondled his sheath and tight balls.

"Very nice Sadie" my master's approving voice broke over me as I continued to work my mouth along Kaiser. "Why don't you come over here for a second and let Kaiser rest." I could barely understand him, rest Kaiser and I were just getting started! I went to Sir though as he had bid me and he patted my cheek. "Why don't we play over here I think we will all be more comfortable here." I noticed that this corner of the room had a padded mat on it almost like a huge dog bed. At my master's command I moved to my knees my ass high in the air and my face down. My master patted my shaking ass in encouragement and the dog approached. He sniffed my soaking pussy and licked me from front to back. "ohhhhh' I exclaimed as he pushed me to new heights of lust with his wet rough tongue. I bounced on my knees and thrust back at him loving the feeling of his tongue on me but eager for more, eager to filled and fucked by this horny beast. He finally climbed atop me and my master helped him line his cock up with my pussy. He thrust in quickly and began to hammer at me cunt his balls slapping my ass as he frantically humped me. I humped back at him loving the feeling of his cock in me and even loving the feeling of his claws raking my body. I was so lost in lust that pain became pleasure and pleasure became pain and I couldn't separate the two. I screamed as sir reached under me and began to pull on my stiff red clit. His fingers were rough and strong and they made me cum harder. I was lost in a wave of pleasure pain as I came over and over again begging him to stop and begging him never to stop.

At first I had thought that huge cock was too big for me and now I loved the feeling of it in me. I was so hot and turned on spread wide open and filled to overflowing. Oh god I loved being fucked I loved having my pussy stretched open by a man or a dog's hot cock! My pussy burned as he stretched me wide. "Oh master" I moaned I loved the feeling of his thick cock stretching my bare pussy. His rough fingers worked over my engorged clit pulling on it in time to his thrusts. I moaned helplessly as he fucked me. The dog in front of me whimpered with me as my mouth sucked on his cock his pre cum dribbling down my chin as I gasped at the feelings master pulled from me. I felt so wicked and horny I wished I could see myself lewdly on my knees as master fucked me and I hungrily sucked on the doggy cock in front of me. I became frantic as the dog humped faster his cock pulling from my mouth and lashing my face with his cum as he frantically yipped and sprayed me with the cum that fountained from his cock. Master spoke 'don't waste that cum, be a good girl and drink it all' he grunted as he plowed me long and deep. I finally managed to capture the dogs cock again and clamped my mouth down hard nursing him as he blasted me with his seed my warm sucking mouth seemed to make him come ever harder. His hips pistoned as he came and I loved it!

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