Ellie's Initiation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, boy, gi, Ma/mt, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Zoophilia, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Grand Parent, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, Spanking, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, White Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Food, Lactation, Water Sports, Enema, Scatology, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Flatulence, Spitting, Size, Hairy, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Heather's youngest daughter Ellie is fourteen and to initiated into her family's close private life. This is coming of age story. The content is strong, containing teen sex, group sex, incest, scat, watersport, and lot more.


Heather [Mother/main protagonist] 34 Tom [Father] 35 Ed [Grandpa] 53 Eleanor [Grandma] 51 Twins Sara [oldest daughter] and Sam [oldest son] 17y Jake 16, Josh 15, Rick 14 Ellie [Eleanor] 14y Frank [30] John [26] Brothers Jane [24] Sister her children [son 7y, daughter 5y]

I woke up rested and yawned daintily. I contorted my face feeling dried cum all over. I turned and watched my husband sleep on his tummy spread out like a giant he was. I love watching my man sleep and would simply look at him with loving eyes for long time and hear his soft snores. Tom is seven foot tall and built like men who do fake wrestling on TV. His body is covered with dark hair everywhere. I love the feel of his hair on my breasts and belly. Tom and I married when I was 16 years old. Tom was one year older at our marriage and still is. I was pregnant with our twins, Sara and Sam both 17 years old now. I smiled as the joys of motherhood washed over me.

Tom is virile - invariably a smile breaks on my face when I say that. We have six children. Our other sons, Jake is sixteen, Josh is fifteen and Rick is going to be fifteen in a month's time. We plan to have a big bash. We hardly need an excuse to gather friends and family for a get together, but our children are precious and their every milestone is an obsession with us. Our family is big and our house is like a rambling mansion in 120 acres of land to ensure enough space and privacy if needed. I have no idea how many rooms we actually have now. Wealth in our family is from about ten generations, mostly in gold, Gems, oil, land, corporate investments and recently we entered into web-based companies with good effect. Our family included kids' grandpa Ed and grandma Eleanor or EL 54 and 53 years old, their sons, Frank [30y] John [26y] and daughter Jane [24y]. Jane had two children 7 years old boy and 5 years old girl. Our youngest daughter Ellie was named after her grandma.

Tom shuffled his huge body and sighed in sleep. Today was a big occasion. I drooled at Tom's massive hairy ass and decided to wake him up. He had fucked me all night mercilessly and made me pass out before he obviously gave me 'facial'. I spread Tom's hairy ass cheeks apart with my tiny hands and smelt the heady fragrance of manliness from his crack. He had sweated as he fucked me viciously all night and the sweat in the crack along with other body fluids that had crept in and got trapped made a strong cocktail of aroma. I inhaled it all and my senses wanted more. I lowered and kissed Tom's hairy anus and started to lick the whole cleft between his massive heavy ass cheeks. It tasted salty, acrid and strong. It had my juices, his cum mixed with the sweat and I licked it all gulping greedily until my man's cleft was soaked with my saliva. I knew Tom was awake as his ass muscled twitched in pleasure.

Tom rolled onto his back once I lifted my face away, "My sister is wide awake before me this morning." I draped my tiny body over my brother's chest as he held me in his arms - compared to my husband and brother Tom's seven-foot giant frame my five foot six inches frame was tiny. My older brother kissed his sister and wife of eighteen years on her open mouth and tasted what I had cleaned from his cleft. Tom's hands roamed all over my soft rounded plumpish body. Repeated pregnancies have kept my body soft and supple. My large breasts became enormous and Tom loved them even more. None of the women in our family are thin.

My hands roamed all over my brother's belly until I found his monster cock. Tom kissed me on my nose, "Heth [my brother shortened Heather as my official name when we I was three and he was four, it has stuck], I need to pee."

Tom picked me up in his arms and took me to our enormous ensuite. I sat down on my knees and took my brother's monster cockhead in my mouth. When I say monster I do not mean the hugeness of eight, nine ten or twelve inches. When fully flaccid it hangs down just under a foot and my hand just about can encircle half the girth. Tom's cock is sixteen to seventeen inches when hard, its girth then defies even my two hands put together.

"Tom, am I going to get my breakfast as well?" I looked up at unbelievably handsome face of my brother. He smiled enigmatically. I nudged my index finger inside my brother's anus and soon hit the thick log of hard shit. My morning was going to start perfectly.

Tom pissed in my eager open mouth and I drank it greedily. His bladder was full and I had to gulp quickly to ensure I did not miss a drop of precious nectar. Tom controlled his stream to fill me with his pee until it became dribble. Tom clenched his belly to push the last bit from his bladder and his dribble became a spurt and entered my nose making me sneeze and cough. I punched my brother's tree trunk like hairy thigh that made him laugh.

I lay down on the bathroom floor. Tom lowered his massive ass over my open mouth. His hairy anus opened and closed few times as if teasing me. I rubbed my petite hands all over my brother's massive ass. Tom's anus eventually started to gape and open. As Tom pushed down he let a strong waft of hot smelly gas. I inhaled with devotion as his strong smell filled my nostrils enhancing the pleasure waiting for me. Even after more than twenty fives years of having sex and sharing each other's body fluids I was always hungry as I was when I ate my brother's shit for the first time.

I saw the thick log of shit I had felt start to come out slowly. Tom would tease me sometimes by sucking it back but that day he knew my senses were ultra ravenous and he knew not to tease his sweet sister who could turn into a tigress.

Tom pushed the huge firm to hard log of his shit, which was steaming and the strong smell was intoxicating. It slowly exited my brother's anus, which was tantalisingly wide open around his huge column of shit.

"Mum, this huge shit will test you beautiful mouth. May I help? May I daddy, mum!" Sara our oldest daughter entered naked. Sara was like me of similar height, blessed with huge D cup breasts and full ample ass.

Tom pulled his beautiful voluptuous daughter close to us, on her knees and slapped her face hard, "Good morning sweetheart." The sound of hard slap resonated in the bathroom and made Sara gasp and then giggle.

Sara could take pain better than any one in our family. We are yet to find our daughter's limit. Tom loved his oldest child too much to find what her limits to tolerate pain would be. Tom took our daughter's nipples and squeezed them hard and twisted almost to full 380 degree making her moan loudly, "UMMM DADDEEEEEE."

Tom roughly yanked our daughter around holding her long curly tresses cruelly and spanked her ass and back with is huge hand. I winced involuntarily as I knew how hard Tom's strong arm could hit. Tom's one and brutalised our daughter's nipple and other smacked her cruelly. Sara eventually screamed. Tom turned Sara around and slapped her six times with open hand on her both cheeks before literally throwing her on the floor her face close to mine.

I kissed my lovely daughter's red face. Sara smiled and kissed me on my open mouth and nose. Tom's shit started to emerge more and more. He lowered his ass until the tip of his hot thick hardish column was in my open greedy mouth. This was real good one. Tom always gave me good firm shit. In face we all almost always had the right consistency to offer each other, guess good living and love did that.

The end in my mouth had lobulated/ pebble like texture as the first log of firm shit often does. Tom pushed about six to seven inches in my mouth and broke the column. The thick log of shit was sitting on the back of my throat and my mouth was too full to chew. I looked at our daughter. She engulfed her father's huge column of firm shit and our lips met midway. We both bit the column and chewed the half we got before swallowing the delicious offering.

Tom pushed another shorter column of shit in my mouth and then moved on our daughter's mouth to drop similar amount in her waiting shit coated mouth. The fragrance of my Tom's shit filled our daughter's senses and mine.

Tom offered his wife/sister and our daughter three more large pieces of shit each. We both chewed eagerly and gulped. I had started to feel slightly full. Sara licked her father's ass clean. Tom then sat down on our daughter's face covering her whole face between the large cleft between his massive ass cheeks. Sara's nose and mouth were crushed shut beneath her father's ass.

Tom slapped our daughter's cunt really hard. Sara started to thrash as her oxygen started to run out. Sara was trying push the giant body of her father away so that she could breathe. I got up and took one nipple of our daughter between my teeth and twisted the other as cruelly as her father had done earlier. Sara was flailing her legs like a fish out of water. Her groans of panic were muffled under the weight of Tom's ass. Tom pinched our daughter's clitoris and pulled it away from her cunt as if he wanted to tear it off. I bit hard on our daughter's nipple. Sara's body went rigid and her hips lifted off the floor. We could hear a distant wail coming from under Tom's ass. Sara remained in a spastic arch and had stopped breathing. We kept the painful stimulation of her nipples and clit going and waited for our divinely beautiful daughter to ride her orgasm.

Sara ultimately flopped on the floor barley breathing. Tom lifted his ass off our daughter's face, which was congested with asphyxia. Sara hungrily gulped air and smiled at us – a silent thank you.

Tom lay down and it was my turn to offer my loving husband and brother his breakfast. Tom like a giant man ate fast and he swallowed my firm shit even before he chewed it well. I admonish him repeatedly to eat his food slowly and chew well, but to no avail.

Sara had recovered and I gave her the last piece. Tom cleaned my ass. I then gave both of them my urine. I offered them equal portions and my brother and our daughter gulped the delicious drink quickly. Sara giggled and said, "Sorry dad, mum. I had to give mine for lunch to grandma."

We took a shower together. I dried Tom and Sara. Our family lifestyle went many generations. My father and mother were two of the four children of our grandparents and they died early. Thankfully there were two boys and two girls so line continued. My uncle and aunt have established a similar large family house and we all are apart of multi-billion empire.

Our dad and mum had five children, Tom is the oldest and Jane [24y] the youngest. Jane had made house with our two brothers Frank [30y] and John [26y]. They had two children [one & years old boy and 5 years old girl] and Jane was pregnant with the third.

My siblings like me since our kids started to talk had started to call our parents Grandpa and Grandma. Only in times of passion and privacy I would call them dad and mum.

That day was our youngest daughter Ellie's fourteenth birthday. Our beautiful daughter would be formally initiated into the family and she can now enjoy all that the men and women in our family had to offer.

We all went into kitchen. Mum was busy preparing the traditional family lunch. Dad, Sam and Frank were in the family lounge watching the movie when our youngest Rick was initiated.

John, Jane, Jake and Josh were sitting around the kitchen dining table. Jane was sitting in the lap of John, one of her two husbands/brothers. John was rubbing the five months pregnant belly of his beautiful sister and wife. Sara went and sat in the lap of her twin brother Sam in the lounge and received kisses from her grandpa and uncle. Sara and Sam looked like couple together for decades. We were all waiting patiently for them to start family. Once Sam made his sister pregnant with her first child then the rest of the babies could come from any man. In our family the parents were decided by the womb of the girl the baby grows in and the man or men the girl formally lives with. The man who makes her pregnant is an academic detail no one even tries to remember and it is not easy to trace. It was very matriarchal.

Tom hugged mum and kissed her. I kissed my sister and brother and went to join my brother and hugged mum as she cooked. Tom rubbed the large hanging breasts of our mother covered by an apron alone. Our mother is beautiful beyond words. Her long wavy lush tresses cascade well below her hips. Her full, now almost plumpish rounded body was blessed with huge soft heavy breasts that had suckled five children and many grandchildren.

He rounded soft waist accentuated her soft belly that had started to bulge slightly sexily with age. Her hips were wide and soft that merged with her meaty full thighs. The soft ass cheeks and thighs had some dimpling here and there making her look even more beautiful. Our mum's face is sculpted to perfection. Her light brown eyes sparkle. Her nose is the pinnacle of her beautiful face that can mesmerise any man or woman, so beautiful and enchanting is our mum's beauty. People say that our mum has given us all every bit of her beauty. We girls are lucky.

Eleanor Dorothy Angleton at 53 years of age that day was divinely beautiful and naked except the cooking apron. I saw my giant brother hug our loving mother, the matriarch of or family, with the kind of deep love that is almost devotion.

Mum was cooking all the specialities with secret family recipe that her grandma gave her when she was initiated into the delicacy of warm shit and urine. The long deep tray was laden with thick hard logs of shit lightly fried in two kinds of batter both made in urine and saliva of all the family members. Mum called them 'fried shit rolls'. The logs were dexterously filled with urine in the middle by coring out shit. We all get a rush of warm piss as we bite into the 'shit rolls'.

I felt guilty and rubbed my nose on mum's shoulder, "Sorry mum, Tom and I were greedy and offered each other fresh shit. We should have come to give you that."

"Don't worry sweetie. You both deserve that. After all you two created my divinely beautiful granddaughter. Oh! By the way I have kept the fried logs of Ellie's shit separate just for her beautiful mum and dad," Mum rubbed her hair in my face as she stirred the cold the soup. Tom and I drooled into the soups as and when mum hinted, "but we all know this is just a ritual meal. Ellie likes like you sweetie fresh from source."

Mum was right all of us wanted our shit and pee served from ass and bladder straight into our mouths. The steam and warmth of fresh shit and urine could not be matched by any modification. What mum did was close second. That was not a criticism of mum's grandma's recipe but the fact that grandma declared whenever she closed her mouth around the hot feces of her family members.

The soft shit was made into vegetable soup with piss and saliva and cum. The piss and saliva was collected for two or three days to have enough volume. There were big jars of 'pee-cocktail' made from urine, a bit of vodka and saliva. I kissed mum and went to join the 'boys' in the lounge.

I sat in the lap of our father. Ed, our father like all men around seven foot tall. He has put on weight with years and his massive muscles were padded with a thick layer of fat. I insist that the growing paunch and extra weight makes our father look even more handsome and elegant.

Dad's face is sheer poetry in perfection. His face is as beautiful as it is handsome. He had passed on his perfection as he received it from his ancestors to his progeny. All the men were six feet eleven inches to seven feet one inch tall. Dad was naked, as were all of us. His monster cock hung softly as he rocked me like a child. Dad and my brothers were hung like my husband/brother. Their penises when hard differed only within an inch, if at all that much, in length. The boys were built on the same lines and even when young their cock reached a length of a foot and then grew steadily until they turned twenty. We, Angleton women, had to deal with monsters right from the start. Our sweet Ellie would feel and taste those monsters for the first time.

As I watched the initiation video of my sweet son Rick I felt the cunt juices run along my thigh.

Boys were initiated, by women of the family, and girls by men. The other sex simply helped and guided. Rick was fucking grandma as her aunt Jane whipped him. Rick had nearly outlasted all the girls. I was so proud as that fourteen years old almost out-fucked the four females. We spanked him, whipped him and made him fuck us in ass and cunt non-stop. He did and came for more. Grandma youthful pussy and my added cruel whipping succeeded and Rick passed after six hours of continuous torrid sex as he exploded inside mum.

Mum declared the special initiation lunch was ready. We all started to gather in the huge family room. Mum rang Rick and asked to bring the birthday girl Ellie down.

Rick brought Ellie reverentially into the lounge. Ellie like all women was six feet and three inches at fourteen. She will grow to 5'6" by eighteen. Her breasts were large but jutted out straight. They looked like two halves of a large watermelon. Her rounded body had good amount of baby fat making her look like a girl and woman at the same time. Ellie's long wavy hair hung like all of us to her full, swaying ample hips. Her pussy barely had visible growth. Angleton women grew pubic hair later than most. Moreover, the weird auburn/brunette hair we all had simply turned shade we grew older but never turned grey.

Rick held the golden chain tied to the diamond-studded collar around his sister's neck. Ellie's wrists were cuffed with diamond studded gold handcuffs that had been used for five generations for initiation.

Ellie was trembling, smiling and blushing with anticipation. Ellie had been an observer for many years and she had been initiated into rest of the private pleasures for some years. She loved joining us in the morning to share her dad's and mine urine and shit. Her brothers had to share theirs with her and Sara. Today she would be made woman and then she would be free to choose her 'mate or mates' among her unclaimed brothers as and when she decided to. I had a feeling she and Rick were already had a bond that would be firm with time.

Tom uncuffed his daughter and kissed her. Grandpa gently pulled his granddaughter and took her mother, I kissed my daughter and then she was taken to her aunt, and sister. Grandma took over from grandpa. Men had collected in the deeper part of the lounge and women were around grandma.

"Eleanor, dear Ellie, would you agree to be initiated into your family." Grandma held Ellie close to her. Ellie blushed and nodded a BIG YES, "yes, grandma."

"This will mean all the men of your family would cherish you as they please and as long as they please. We will help them but not stop them. The initiation would not finish until all the men are tired and stop or you faint or pass out," Grandma kissed Ellie's beautiful face, "Ellie, do you have anything to add, ask or any objections to what will happen soon."

Ellie smiled and whispered, "Grandma, I have waited for this day so long. I cannot wait to be initiated."

Grandma took Ellie to her father and declared to all the men, "I offer to the men of my family another beautiful member so that Angleton name carries on as it has for four hundred years."

"Ellie, please kiss your father's cock by that I will hand you over to your men who will make you scream, and moan. May your screams and moans resonate in this house for a very long time," grandma gently kept her hand on the back of Ellie's head as she bent slightly to plant a kiss on the monster cock head of her father's monster. She looked tiny in front of her giant dad.

Grandma kissed Ellie and joined us women. Ellie was engulfed in middle of eight huge men, three of them boys but equally monstrous. My breathing was heavy, as I knew what was going to unfold.

Grandpa pulled Ellie and pushed her mouth on his rampant monster cock. Ellie opened her tiny mouth as wide as she could and took grandpa's cock in her mouth. Grandpa held his granddaughter firmly, her wrists in one hand and other hand holding her head.

Tom started the process. His open palm rose and fell with all his strength on the soft ass of our daughter. Ellie's head shot off grandpa's cock and her scream was loud and heartrending. Grandpa let her mouth unoccupied so that we all could hear Ellie scream. Tom's hand rose and fell faster and harder as he smacked our daughter's quivering ass cheeks and back. Ellie was crying loudly. Her tears were streaming down her face.

Grandpa pushed Ellie's sobbing mouth on his cock and pushed it hard. Ellie gagged and her sobbing turned into ugly retching sounds. Frank replaced Tom, and he used same brutal strength to spank Ellie. Ellie sobbed gagged in equal measure. Her tiny body shook. The giants, that her men were, made Ellie five-three petite body appear diminutive. Frank gave way to John and the painful smacking had turned the whole skin on Ellie's as and back bright red. The finger imprints had merged and skin 'looked' painful. John made way for Sam, Jake, and Josh. Sam was the last but no less brutal.

It went for an hour. Ellie's face was covered with her tears and mucus. Her beautiful nose streamed as did her eyes. Grandpa's cock tormented her as much as the spanking.

Sara had brought quickly some help as we all felt heat emanating from or groins. Grandma put on the double-ended strap on. These were made form special polymer making them firm but pliable. The eight inches of thickness went inside grandma's cunt and the twelve inches of equally thick cock was jutting out to impale Sara.

I had similar strap on and soon had my pregnant sister's ass sliding down the foot long thick dildo. Jane sank on my laps the dildo buried inside her rectum. Sara had done the same. She chose to take it in her cunt. Grandma mauled her granddaughter's breasts as languidly rose and sank on the strap on cock. Jane simply ground her heavy pregnant ass on my dildo making me moan as the buried cock stimulated my clitoris. I tweaked and pinched my sister's long thick nipples. Her breathing became heavy. None of the dildoes were even half as thick as the cocks of the men in our family.

All four of us were watching with eyes peeled wide open. Tom stood behind our daughter who looked even more beautiful with her face soiled with her tears and snot.

Tom whispered, "Ellie ask daddy to fuck you."

Ellie sobbed. Tom slapped her hard and made her cry, "Ellie, I want you to say that NOW."

Ellie's little body shook and her child like voice sobbed, as her father rubbed his monster cockhead on the tiny hairless slit of his daughter, "DADDY FUCK ME PLEASE."

Sara moaned, as did Jane and I. We knew what was coming. Tom held Ellie's hips firmly. His sixteen champagne bottle thick inches throb as he placed it at the soft virgin entrance of his daughter's cunt.

Tom looked at our father who nodded and held Ellie firmly. We all held our breath. Tom's huge body towered over our daughter's tiny shivering body. He slammed his cock inside the virgin passage of our daughter. Ellie's scream was blood curdling. It lanced my heart as much as it did Tom's but this was the bond we all need and create. Each scream of pain would hurt Tom and I as much as the pain felt by our daughter Ellie.

Tom without pausing pulled an inch and slammed again. His monster tore through the hymen. Ellie's screams were loud; her body shook with pain and desire. Our dad held my little girl firmly as my brother and Ellie's father skewered our daughter on his gargantuan cock. The sight of tiny Ellie impaled on her giant's father monster penis would have been obscene but for the intensity of love and union that it depicted.

Ellie cried louder as her father's cock went in painfully but steadily with each thrust. Tom gritted his teeth and used his superhuman strength and slammed his cock and over a foot of his cock was now buried inside his virgin's daughter's cunt. Ellie's screams were mixed with hoarse crying. Tom pulled and slammed, pulled and slammed again making Ellie's sobs turn into scream. Tom was buried to the last of his monstrously thick cock inside the virgin cunt of her fourteen years old virgin daughter.

Tom pulled his monstrosity out and even my eyes bugged out. It was not smeared but coated with bright red virginal blood. Tom looked at his huge cock now shining red and slammed again. The lubrication of blood helped and he stooped when he had buried the full length inside his daughter's cunt. Ellie's scream was ripe and loud. There was a soft spray of red fluid as Tom's cock squeezed out the blood out of our daughter's deflowered cunt.

Sara shrieked as grandma twisted her nipples hard and came hard. Jane moaned as my fingers tormented my pregnant sister's clitoris. She slumped even more into my lap as her orgasm tore through her. To fucked our daughter hard and fast. Ellie screamed but her decibels had reduced. Her body shook both with her rising lust and the brutal thrusts of her father.

Tom fucked real hard. I knew all men unlike when they would do latter would try to cum as soon as they can. They would try to put Ellie through everything other women were put through before she gave up or passed out. My heart knew our daughter had little chance of out fucking eight virile insatiable giants that surrounded her.

Tom came hard and his eyes closed with pleasure. He pulled his still hard cock out. He replaced grandpa in the chair and offered our daughter his blood and cum soaked cock.

Grandpa stood behind his shivering granddaughter. He engaged his cockhead inside the vaginal ring of our daughter and lunged with full might of his giant body. He buried his cock in three monstrous thrusts. Ellie screamed but less so. Grandpa fucked as hard as his son had done. Ellie was shaking and moaning. Grandpa fucked ferociously his monstrous cock appearing and vanishing with amazing speed in and out of his granddaughter's cunt.

Once grandpa came inside Ellie's cunt, he pulled out. Frank was next. He fucked his niece with same ferocity. Ellie would come eventually. I knew her cunt would adjust very quickly and she would have her first orgasm from real fucking. I shivered as I saw my dad's cum and blood soaked cock. I was younger than Ellie by four years when my initiation was done. The same cock had tore through my cunt and I knew I felt I would die but did not and came repeatedly as the day progressed.

Frank came and pulled. John ploughed his cock in cum filled cunt of Ellie and started a savage fucking. Ellie had started to move her hips and her father started to pinch and squeeze her breasts and nipples.

We four women sat as if zapped into playing statues and came with silent moans repeatedly.

John fucking was as brutal and savage as that had preceded him and Allie suddenly shrieked and came. John ignored his niece's orgasm. The aim of initiation was to introduce the men to Allie. If she enjoyed it good otherwise there were million days ahead of her filled with pleasure that these men would bring. John finished with a growl. Sam was quick in filling the dripping cunt of his sister. His cock sliced through the token resistance of his sister's cum soaked cunt and fucked her savagely. He came once her had made her cum again.

Twins were keen and Jake went first [older by two minutes] and Josh was after him. Both used long brutal fucking thrusts they had mastered in quick time since initiated and Ellie shook and moaned. She was cumming continuously. Her mouth drooled saliva on her father's rampant cock.

Rick was last but e made his sister know that what he would offer from that day onwards if she shared his room as they had done since five years of age. Only eleven months separated them. Ellie came with a scream as her body slumped but the strong arms of Rick held her like a doll ad his hips slammed his monster cock like a piston of a rail engine until he came.

Ellie slumped on the ground and was breathing in gasps. Grandpa got up to do his role. Traditionally father took the vaginal virginity and the senior male member took the anal. In my case it was my uncle, dad's older brother.

Grandpa lifted slumped Ellie and put her on the leather-covered table. I swooned; dad was going to take my daughter's anal virginity in missionary position so that she can see the monster going in. Rick sat above his sister's head to hold her down. Grandpa dipped his cock only six or so inches inside Ellie's cum filled cunt.

Grandpa held Ellie's legs wide apart and pushed them above and handed them to Rick, who had placed his ankles on his sister's shoulders. Ellie had no place to move. Grandpa spread her quivering ass-cheeks and placed his monster cock head against her tiny anal ring. We four girls held our breath. Grandpa pushed hard and grunted. Ellie first moaned and then her scream rang through the hall nearly deafening all of us. Grandpa's cock forced Ellie's anus wide open and his cum coated cock slid inside her anus. Grandpa towered over the supine helplessly fixed tiny Ellie. He was infact slamming down as much as forward.

Ellie's scream bounced off the walls as her grandpa plunged his impossibly thick cock with relentless brutality inside her virgin ass. Grandpa was buried in sex savage thrusts to the hilt.

Sara shuddered into another orgasm helped only slightly by my brutal twisting of her nipples. I gritted my teeth as my own orgasm shook me.

Grandpa pulled his cock right out. I was not surprised to it coated with brown shit and many streaks of red blood. My little baby will cry when she would shit for the next week or more. Grandpa slammed his cock in three lunges inside the bucking screaming Ellie. Grandpa after coming once was ready to fuck his virgin granddaughter's ass brutally with only desire to cum inside the convulsing and writhing rectum.

The smell of Ellie's shit ratcheted our lust. Sara lifted her cunt off the strap on and sank down burying it in her rectum. "Sara, I would like to eat you shit before we finish. Have I told you how much dad and I love you." These initiations always make me sentimental and gooey.

Sara was tipped over by my expression of affection and she slumped back on my chest and whispered, "Mum, I love you too."

Grandpa was pistoning his monster cock with savagery that shook his granddaughter with each thrust. Her screams had mellowed to shrieks followed with low-pitched wails. Rick had pulled his sobbing sister's legs back even more lifting her ass lifting off the table. That allowed grandpa to lean forward and maul Ellie's growing large breasts and still hammer his cock with brutal lunges.

Grandpa came hard and it showed in his thrusts and handsome face. Grandpa pulled his shit and cum coated cock right out making Ellie yelp in pain.

Tom was next and wasted no time and thrust his cock in gaping anus of his daughter as it started to close. Ellie's scream was the signature of her father's bone jarring lunge to bury his immense cock to the last inch inside his daughter's ass. The shit splattered on our daughter's white upturned ass and the strong aroma that pervaded the air, I knew, turned on Tom. Tom climbed on the table and like a giant made himself lean over his daughter. He slammed his cock like push-ups but used his weight to drop freely to slam the full length with savagery that made our daughter scream repeatedly.

Grandpa offered his shit coated cock to Sara who licked it clean and came as she tasted the shit of her virgin sister off her grandpa's cock.

Tom fucked his daughter who writhed and shrieked until his orgasm exploded making him grunt in delight that was obvious on his face.

Frank pulled Ellie free of Rick's grip and bent her over crouched in fetal position and slammed his cock holding her firmly by her hips. Rick put his hands on his sister's shoulders to prevent her moving up the table as their uncle fucked her ass with savagery Rick would use when his turn would come. Frank fucked Ellie's ass with lunges that ever increasing in pace and force. Ellie started to moan and her ass was moving to meet the thrust. Frank fucked his niece's ass solely to cum deep inside her rectum. His shit-coated ass fuelled his lust and he slammed his cock harder and faster.

John was stroking his cock as he waited for his older brother's shit coated cock to explode and when he did finish. He pulled Ellie's ass off the table until her belly was on the table. He held his niece with his hands under her bent shins and he thrust his cock his cock balancing his niece to a level that suited his lunges.

As my brother fucked her ass fast and hard from the first thrust Ellie's sensitive breasts rubbed against the gain of the leather. Ellie's moans 'shook'; as did her body such was the passionate ravaging of her ass by John. John's kept up the pace of Ellie's ass fucking all throughout. Sara finished cleaning her father's cock and swallowed all the shit that she licked greedily and shivered as the sight of her little sister getting ass fucked and taste of her shit made her cum.

Jake pushed his sister on her back and took her ass like his grandpa and Rick helped. Ellie's was buffeted and I knew how she felt. I had experienced the same twenty-five years ago. I sucked my daughter's shit off my brother's cock.

Josh was merciless and his cock changed angles as Ellie's shit made her gaping anus easier to fuck. Ellie's scream this time was of her first orgasm from ass fucking. Mum and I shared frank and John's cocks to clean. I close my eyes as the taste of little girl filled my mouth.

Jake came as he made his sister achieve another orgasm. Josh jumped in and Elli's moans became louder. I got the pleasure of sucking my son's cock clean and taste of my sweet Ellie's shit again.

Josh and Ellie came together and Ellie's hips met every thrust of her brother's. I waited as Sara moved languidly on the strap on solid 'space-flesh' cock. I wanted my sons' cocks in my mouth covered with little girl's shit. The first time was so sweet and I wanted to etch these moments in my mind forever.

Josh growled like a wolf and exploded, as did Ellie. Her body slumped on the table. Rick rolled his sister on her belly and spread her legs wide apart. His six feet eight frame totally covered his sister's five foot three body. He buried his cock and we only saw Rick's ass go up and down. My little baby girl was buried under the giant body of my baby boy. I moaned and came as Josh's shit coated cock made me swoon with pleasure.

Rick hammered his cock savagely. Ellie was slammed against the leather-covered table as her brother fucked her ass with mature force matching his senior family members. Ellie's last scream was loud and long. I knew my girl was cumming and she would pass out.

Rick was panting when he came, as her soul mate, his sister Ellie exhausted with the savagery of the fucking and orgasm slumped limp. Rick kissed his sister's snot and tear covered face and he pulled himself off the tiny body of his sister. Grandpa sucked Rick's cock clean.

Jane was exhausted as her pregnant body was torn by six or seven orgasms. We all insisted that she should go and rest.

Sara picked herself off the foot long dildo. I removed the strap on. I licked my little girl's bottom clean. I turned her over and licked the snot and tears as she whimpered.

Ellie's eyes fluttered open and she saw her full family all around her. Her little girl's voice came out all tremulous and weak, "Mummy, I did not pass out. I was just slumped and tired. I did not pass out daddy." My heart wept as my daughter was coming of age and doing so with grace and beauty all her own.

Grandma spoke before any one could, "Ellie, sweetheart! Who said you passed out? We are going to have your Birthday special lunch and you ten more cocks to tackle."

Ellie looked puzzled. Grandma smiled, "You have not forgotten Shadow and Buster, have you?" shadow was our Great Dane and buster was St. Bernard. Ellie's face lit up and she flung her arms around her grandma, "Do dad, grandpa and ... and uncles think I passed out. I did not."

Grandma turned theatrically and looked at the men who towered over her by a foot and a half and nodded with gentle inquiry.

Grandpa was the patriarch, "Ellie, Are you trying to break the three hundred years old family tradition. You did not pass out and we have all day to savour you."

Ellie's happiness made everyone's eyes go moist.

Grandpa lifted Ellie and she whispered something in his ear that made him laugh. Grandpa slowly impaled wincing Ellie's cunt on his cock. She was facing away from him and that is how e had our lunch.

The main food was delicious. We all applauded as the hot crusty shit rolls opened up in out mouths and flooded them with pee. Grandma blushed with pride. Piss cocktail was consumed and soon grandma was apologising that she should have collected more. The mundane ordinary food too was good. Ellie fed grandpa and he fed her. We all had the special treat. Ellie's shit rolls. Tom and I got the best biggest bits. Ellie giggled as she saw us eat those with undiluted pleasure.

"Mum, you have my shit most days!" Ellie laughed.

Grandpa kissed her laughing mouth and said, "Today it is special, sweetie."

Ellie's giggles turned into a smile that made her look angelic and radiant. She smiled that enigmatic smile of Angleton women possessed when they unlock a secret or lock a secret inside them.

Tom crushed my hand in his huge hand suggesting that I should not cry.

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