Another Side
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fantasy about a woman who wanted her husband to know a woman's side of sex

This a fantasy story about a lady friend of mine who related one of her dreams to me.

I shall call her Peggy,

Peggy was about 5' 3" tall, weighed about 80 lbs, with large warm brown eyes, and short red hair. She had beautiful unblemished skin, a trim figure with succulent breasts, not huge, but a larger for her size and a firm heart shaped ass that she thought was too big. Her ass could give any man a stiff twitching cock just by watching her walk.

Adam her husband was 5' 7" and weighed about 150 lbs, had brown hair and eyes, and had a trim build with a flat stomach and swimmer's muscles, sleek, as Peggy often said. He took care of himself by jogging and swimming, running one day and swimming the next, alternating to keep from getting bored with his exercise program.

Peggy was going through another unfulfilling fucking session with Adam.

"Oh, God, Peggy! I love you so much!" he cried in ecstasy as he humped her. Peggy was not making any sounds, save for the occasional grunt or forced moan. He didn't seem to notice or care that she was faking her ecstasy.

He had her in a missionary position, her legs up around his waist. He thrust in and out of her, his penis lubricated by a mixture of their juices. The only sounds in the room were of his grunting as his cock slipped in and out of her, his balls slapping against her ass as he fucked her.

He leaned back and kissed her, as he pulled his softened cock from her pussy, a thin string of cum attaching the head of his cock to her soaked pussy hole.

She asked him, "Did you enjoy that, Adam? Do you enjoy filling my pussy?"

Adam simply nodded into her hair, gasping a little for breath as his heartbeat slowed." I have to get ready for work. I enjoyed you this morning." He said.

When Adam left the room to gather his clothes before going for a shower, Peggy lay there, briefly, staring out the window across from their bed. Her man didn't care anything about her pleasure, only for his own pleasures. They had been married for ten years; he had never cared if she was sexually satisfied, as long as he got his morning sex.

Peggy got out of bed a few minutes after Adam went into the bathroom. Put her panties on and donned her short terrycloth robe that barely reached three inches below her shapely ass. As soon as she saw Adam drive off, she reached under her robe and pushed her panties down and stepped out of them, and put them in the pocket of her robe.

She went to door and let their dog Duke in, a solid black saddled purebred German shepherd. He was huge, and sleek looking, well muscled, and out weighed Peggy by at least twenty pounds. When he stood next to her, his back was almost even with Peggy's hip.

Duke quickly backed Peggy up against the wall in the hallway and buried his nose in her crotch. It was only twenty minutes after Adam left the house and Peggy was having her cunt licked by Duke. She was looking down at him, biting her lower lip as she held the robe open so she could watch what he was doing. There was the little frown on her face as she concentrated on what Duke was doing to her. Her hips were shaking and twitching intermittently, as she made faint rolling motions against his muzzle. She was making short panting sounds, a cross between a moan and a grunt, as the dog lapped furiously at her sex.

A few minutes later and after several orgasms, she pushed herself away from the wall and took off at a run, she made it to the bedroom and was almost to the bed when she tripped and ended up kneeling on the floor, with her upper body laying face down on the bed; leaving her in a vulnerable position as her short robe had ridden up over her ass. leaving her ass and cunt fully exposed.

Duke entered the bedroom seconds behind Peggy, getting behind her; he shoved his muzzle almost into her pussy. His long tongue sunk into her pink folds, and he managed to shove it inside of her. She cried out as he wiggled his tongue into her. Now he was lapping at her insides, his long tongue getting deeper inside of her with each lapping motion.

"Oh! my God! I'm going to cum! Our dog is making me cum!" She screamed, grabbing the bedclothes as she reached her orgasm.

Her pussy juice came spilling out of her pussy, her dog lapping hungrily at it, sucking it out of her hole and swallowing it. He licked her thighs, her mound; he even started licking her asshole. "Yes! Yes, oh!" Peggy was moaning into the mattress, heaving and shaking. Duke's breeding instincts took over and he abruptly stopped, before Peggy could react, he mounted her, wrapped his forelegs around her ribcage, underneath her breasts, and he began to hump her.

"What? What are you doing? Oh no, oh no! No, Duke!" Peggy tried to squirm away, but her dog was almost 120 lbs, which was easily 40 or so pounds heavier than she. His body weight was heavy on her and was holding her down. She felt his enormous erection poking into her inner thighs as he sought the opening to her pussy. She was in shock and was trying to move away from him, but his weight was just too much. Within the few seconds that felt like hours to her, Duke's hot penis had found its mark.

"No! No! Not there, Duke!" Duke wasn't obeying her anymore. He was the alpha male, and she was his bitch. He penetrated her pussy hole with his slimy hot erection, as he shoved it deep inside of her. She cried out in pain, as his penis was easily thicker and longer than her husband's. Duke shoved himself into her until the head of his penis had found her cervix, and he began to breed with her.

He started humping wildly, shoving himself in and out of her, faster and harder than her husband ever had. He was hurting her, but it felt so good. He was whimpering as he mated with her, his only instinct now was to breed, to impregnate her, to fill her belly with puppies. Even though he was a dog, a vagina was a vagina, whether it belonged to another dog or to this woman.

"Oh my God, I'm being raped by my dog!" Peggy was moaning and crying. She couldn't get away from him, and then suddenly it felt so good to have him fucking her. She could feel the veins in his penis pulsating against her walls of her vagina, her heart was racing.

It was then that Duke's mating instincts took over completely, until then, his knot had been deflated. It began to swell, as he began trying and push it inside of her vagina. She realized it immediately, as she felt the bulbous lump hitting her tight pussy. She bit down on the mattress as his knot gradually made its way into her. The dog was humping almost violently, whimpering as he tried to shove it into her. It took him several spasmodic tries before he ultimately shoved it in, with a soft 'pop' sound. Peggy cried out in pain; his knot was much wider than his penis, and now it was completely inside of her and still swelling. Duke was still humping, which was causing it to now try and come out of her, but it was at least twice the size of his penis.

"Duke, Duke..." Jenna just kept whimpering his name as he raped her. The tip of his penis was pressed fiercely against the entrance to her womb, and the hole erupted in spasms as he began spraying his thick doggy semen all inside of her. Instincts were telling him he was impregnating her, but his body was just having an intense orgasm.

Jenna screamed in pleasure at the feeling of her dog's hot cream pouring into her body. "Holy shit, Duke! I can feel you pouring into my belly! It's so hot and thick!" She was writhing in an ecstasy she had never felt before. Duke was still moving his hips, squirting his cream into her now in lesser amounts. He was whimpering in pleasure now, knowing that he had successfully bred his bitch. His body gave way and he fell on top of her, breathing heavily. His knot was still buried deep inside of her, and his gooey cream had filled her entire tunnel and belly.

Peggy breathed heavily, not wanting to move. She moaned and writhed, gasping as her mind raced. "I was just raped by my dog. Oh, God, I was just raped by my dog! A dog! An animal!" her head was swimming.

Suddenly, after what seemed like hours but was merely thirty minutes, Duke tore his slightly deflated knot out of his human. She cried out in surprised pain, and her belly and vagina immediately began convulsing. Her body was forcibly pushing the invasive unhuman sperm out of her belly. She turned around and sat on her butt, watching the thin cream spill out of her vagina.

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