New Times
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Bestiality, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Necrophilia, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Public Sex, Caution, Violent, Nudism, Military, Cannibalism,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is an adventure story set in a different time with lots of hard sex, BDSM, and violence (including torture and snuff). Check the codes. If you don't want to read stories like this, give it a miss. It is nasty. On the other hand, it's an interesting tale passed to me by its main character. I have read variations of the theme before but his story is different.

The first time I saw her in person, she was hanging on the Blytheton Tree naked. This was what I had been told to expect. I didn't like having another vision come true. That meant the others probably would also.

Calling it a tree is not really correct since this Tree, like all town Trees, is actually a vertical X frame to which a man or woman can be tied or nailed in a spread eagle position. In itself, it's very painful as your feet can't push your body up very well and you must pull yourself up with your arms to keep from suffocating similar to being crucified. I have seen men and women die from the cross and from Tree. I personally think the Tree might be worse though never want to be on either one. Sometimes, the hands were tied lower forcing the legs to try to spread putting preassure on the pelvis. No matter how you were attached and no matter what position you were in, it was painful.

To have been put there meant she had failed to obey some law of the town. I had come up behind her so I couldn't see the law board. As I walked closer, I could see that she had been whipped and then bludgeoned. I could see welts and red lines on her buttocks and lower back and upper thighs from the whipping she had received. The bludgeon pole was not used very often but it was well up her ass and her cunt. As I walked closer, a young man moved toward her from in front and, reaching down, shook the bludgeon pole causing her to moan.

A bludgeon pole is actually a two-headed pole. Each head is about two inches thick and ten or eleven inches long. When a woman is placed on a town's Tree, she is occasionally mounted on the bludgeon pole to add to her pain. Men are also given this treatment with one head going in their asses like is done to a woman, but instead of the other head going into the cunt they don't have, it goes between their balls pushing them apart and then the head of their cock up. It can be quite painful whether you are male or female.

I also noticed that she had a great body and what was probably a pretty face when it wasn't contorted in pain and covered with dirt and spit. As I went in front of her, I was sure she was the one in the vision that the old witch gave me. Seeing her there was strange because Blytheton didn't have enough pretty women and treating one this way wouldn't convince her to stay when her punishment was complete. Of course, that didn't matter since I wanted her to come with me. I checked the posting by the Tree to determine her crime. I read that she had failed to pay for room and board after having spent the night and consumed two meals. Further on, she admitted that she had no money claiming it had been stolen from her while she was in town. She then hit the innkeeper when he started stripping her down to take her room and board out in trade. The failure to make payment explained her being tied to the Tree and whipped. Hitting the innkeeper and denying him sex for pay to cover her debt resulted in her being bludgeoned in addition. According to the notice, she had another eight hours to serve. She must have hit the innkeeper hard. She was one of two that I had come here to find.

I continued into the center of town and looked around for an inn. Seeing one, I went over to it and entered. As usual, the saloon part was on my right and the desk was to the left with a staircase between them. I went to the desk and paid for a room for the night in advanace. I went upstairs to my room and left my bag. I decided a drink would be good and would clear my throat of the travel taste. I went downstairs to the bar and ordered a whiskey shot with a beer chaser I leaned against the bar to listen to the piano player as I drank.

The bar wasn't crowded and I could see the other patrons and the bar girls. Bar girls are the same everywhere, I guess. They're hired for their bodies, easy attitudes and low intelligence. I watched as one girl was made to lean over a table, her short skirt lifted, and her "friend" of the minute pushed his cock into her cunt or her ass. At another table, one was under the table sucking one cock after another. At still another, the bar girl was sitting on her customer's lap with his pants down and her skirt up. It didn't take long before one of the girls made her way down the line at the bar trying to generate some interest and payment for her favors. She got no takers and proved the statement about too few pretty women in Blytheton. While her body was not bad, her face was not even pleasant to look at. I don't know about the others, but she did not turn me on.

As usual, swords and knives were everywhere. Most societies have rules. One of the ones with which I lived was that you fought with the same weapons as those used against you. If the other guy came at you with just a knife, you responded with the same even though you had a sword on your hip. On the other hand, you could respond with a lower weapon. I frequently fought with just a knife against a sword because I'm particularly good with a knife and it humiliates a swordsman to lose to someone wielding a knife though you won't be embarrassed long if you're dead.

Violations of this rule would result in death usually in some painful manner. I saw one man boiled alive. He was tied by his hands and suspended with his feet in a huge pot of water. A fire was kindled under that pot and the water was heated and finally boiled. The screams were agonizing coming from his tortured throat. It took him a long time to die. Dying by a knife or sword hurts. If you violate the rules and customs of our society, there are a number of very painful ways to die. Either way, you're dead.

This inn's bar did not serve food so I left in search of a meal and the town office after finishing my drink. Across the street was the town office. I paid the debt for the woman and arranged for the bludgeon to be removed and she be untied from the Tree. It cost extra because of the innkeeper's injuries. Two doors down, I found a restaurant, stepped inside, and found a seat. The server gave me a menu. After looking at it, I made a choice and he took my order. Shortly thereafter, he came out with my food. After eating, I went about my other business. I had been hired to find and kill a card cheat who had taken a rich man's son for a fair chunk of money and then killed him. The father would have lived with the monetary loss but killing his son was too much. I had some maintenance that was needed on my equipment. I arranged for that to be done and for the completed items to be delivered to the stable. I also had a haircut.

I had seen the man in the bar earlier at a table playing cards. I returned and found him still playing poker with a small group who were not very happy since they were losing. I watched for a while and noticed that my target was cheating. This was not surprising but the skill level of the other players was so poor that he probably could have won anyway. One of the players was tapped out and I moved to take his place. No one even looked up. The dealer said, "Draw, nothing's wild, and ante is a buck." I placed my coin with the rest and the cards were dealt. I won the second hand. Now, it was my turn to deal and I set up my swindler with what looked like a great hand except that I set up another player with an even better hand. My target bet high and lost. He looked at me with a little bit of anger. The cards were dealt by the winner of the previous hand and my target won that hand. Now that he was dealing, I watched carefully and easily saw his false deal. I placed my hand on his firmly and stopped the play.

"Dealing from the bottom is not considered fair play," I said.

"Are you calling me a cheater?" was the response.

"Of course, asshole. You're not good enough a player to win otherwise." I taunted.

He pushed back his chair and said, "Your choice of weapons."

"Let's go outside for a little swordplay." I replied.

We went out and he drew first swinging at me violently and without warning. That was not mannerly but I was ready for him and simply parried his blow. Then I jumped back and raised my sword in a mocking salute which is what he should have done before coming at me. When he came at me again, I again parried his swing and then removed his head. The crowd moved back to avoid the blood spurting from the trunk as it folded back and down. The sword fell from his lifeless hand. They also jumped to not be in my way as I made my way back to the table. Resuming my seat with the others, I said, "I guess we need a new dealer."

"You deal," was the reply from one of the guys.

"Okay," I said and shuffled and dealt the cards. Outside the local burial guy picked up the body and head and took them away. A recorder came to the table and asked my name for the record since it had been a fair fight officially. I told him my name and asked for a copy to be sent to my room when it was completed for my records.

We played out a few hands with various ones of us winning. I was a little bit ahead when I got up. I said, "I've had enough for now. Thanks for the game." They all nodded a cordial good evening to me as I left and went to my room.

She was there when I went in. "Locks aren't worth much." I said quietly.

"No, they aren't. You killed the guy who took my money that I had for the room. He then lied about his theft, of course. I still hurt from what they did to me."

"I can understand that. The bludgeon is not fun. Whipping may be worse. What are you going to do now?"

"I just wanted to thank you before I left town though I would have killed him myself given a chance."

"I know, Miranda. Why don't you rest here tonight. I'll buy you a horse and we can ride together."

"Why are you helping me? I'm in no condition for sex."

"I'm not asking you to be a whore for me. You take the couch over there. I think you're a person who could help me in the future. Right now, it seems you could use some help."

"Thank you. I need to heal from the bludgeon and the whipping."

"Suits. Good night."

I guess I should describe myself. I am six feet, five inches, tall which is well above average height and muscular without being heavy set. I have blonde hair and am clean shaven. My eyes are a vivid green color. While my height can be imposing, most women find me attractive. I have one other attribute, an exceptionally long, thick cock. Most whores cannot take me all the way in any orifice on their first try. I last a long time, too. Miranda, as I had noticed before, was a good looking woman and tall herself at about five feet, ten inches.

I stripped down to get in bed and she saw my cock and her eyes widened. Even soft, it was large. She exclaimed, "I have to try that!" She went to her knees before me and said, "Let me suck it."

I didn't argue though most blow jobs I have had were not very good. It was hard for a woman to take me into her mouth, even more so her throat. I have never had a woman take my cock in her mouth and throat to the balls after I had hardened. It usually took three or four different attempts over time if they could do it at all.

Miranda knelt before me and took my cock in her hands. She kissed the tip and ran her tongue up and down its rapidly hardening length. She had a generous mouth and opened it wide. She took my cock in and pushed her body up to get it in her throat. She had taken about ten inches with a good four left when she grabbed my ass cheeks and forcefully pushed it farther down her throat. It went in all the way. She didn't hold it long but returned again and again taking it deep each time burying her nose in my pubic hair repeatedly. It was the first time I had been successfully deep throated from the beginning. I really enjoyed the feeling. Her mouth and throat were moving on me without pause creating a sensous feeling. One hand would come up my shaft when she came up and the other fondled my balls continually. I let myself go with the feeling and she had to feel the throbbing along its length as my semen made its way to the end of my cock and shot directly into her stomach. As I pulsed, she gradually withdrew until just the head was in her mouth and the last shots of my cum went on her tongue.

"Thank you, Miranda. That was excellent. You have a true talent." I lay down on the bed and she moved to the couch.

The next morning, she asked me, "What's going on? How did you know my name? Why did you pay my costs and get me loose?"

"You were one of the two people I was searching for in Blytheton. The other was the crooked gambler who is now dead."

"They're all crooked. The one you killed was only a little worse than the rest of them. Who are you?"

"I am called The Enforcer." Her eyes widened at that. "My real name's Lemuel Jones, call me, 'Lem.'"

We left the hotel and went to the stables. I purchased a horse for her. I loaned her arms that were sufficient. She looked at my side arms enviously seeing their quality. We mounted and left the town. She spit on the town city limits sign as we went out on the north road. We kept going until night. Not having seen a person or dwelling all day, we made camp off the side of the road in a ruin that I knew. We hadn't spoken all day.

"You knew me and we're going somewhere in particular, correct?"

"Yes, both correct."

"Tell me about it and why me?"

"Some of it's a story that's older than both of us put together. Some of what I was told I know is over a thousand years old. I believe that some of it may be even older but I don't know. We will meet the third member of our group tomorrow afternoon and then I will explain everything to the both of you." That was the first lie that I told her. I had no intention of explaining everything to her or anyone else. Of course, I'm not even sure that I knew everything.

We ate a small supper. I stretched and yawned. Laing back on my blankets, I composed my body for sleep. She had placed hers close to mine. She lay next to me for a moment. She said, "May I suck you again?" She could see me nod by the firelight. She pulled my pants down and engulfed by cock even more easily this time. It wasn't long before I came hard shooting my looad into her stomach and, as she lifted her mouth, into her mouth. She swallowed every drop. "Thanks," she said. We. slept. At dawn, we rose, saddled the horses and left our camp still heading north.

Later that afternoon after steady but, not hard, riding, we saw a camp in the distance. We rode closer and I smiled because there was no one there.

"Lem, if she hadn't been with you, I would have killed your little lady." We heard a voice from the trees.

"Red, come over and let me introduce you. We will be together for a while." We rode into camp and a large red haired and bearded man came from the trees and met us. "Miranda, meet Red. Red, this is Miranda. Our party is now complete."

Red is stocky, around thirty years old, and about five foot, ten inches, tall about the same height as Miranda. He would be considered just above average height by an inch or two. On the other hand, Miranda was very tall for a woman since most women were just barely over five feet tall. She also had a superb figure with large, firm breasts, a small waist, and generous hips with a tight, high ass. Her face was pretty with long, black hair. Red's, of course, was red, dark red.

I got off my horse and went through the process of removing the saddle and wiping him down. After a moment and a hard look at Red, Miranda did the same.

We brought our bedding to the fire and settled in.

"Let's eat. As we eat, I will tell you what's going on and where we are going.

"A month ago, I was approached by an old witch after accepting my last job from a rich man who lost his son to a crooked gambler. That gambler is now dead and I have the proof. I will collect the remainder of my fee when I can. The old witch told me that my face and name had come to her in a vision. That worried me because dealing with witches is not good. She was convincing in what she said. That's why I'm here right now. She put a simple spell on me and I saw each of you and the circumstances and locations of our meetings. I met up with Red where she told me I would find him. I left him here while I went after you and the gambler. You were also where I was told you would be, Miranda, including being on the Tree.

"Now, we're together and I will tell you what I know. It's the old witch's story and it's her telling of it that I give you. I knew some of it from traveling around and listening to people but she filled in a lot and told me what is going to happen unless the three of us do something about it.

"The first things she told me were that I would meet the two of you and circumstances of those meetings. Each meeting has happened as she foretold. I was told the three of us must ride together and find a group of people west of here. We will lead them to conquer some other group north of their location who are about to uncover some old icons that could kill all of mankind. If we are successful, we will each receive our real hearts' desires. If we fail, we will die with everyone else.

"She explained that, if we do nothing, then we will die anyway with along with the rest of mankind. I didn't care for her vision but it seems to be borne out by events over this last month. As I said, I was told where to meet each of you and under what circumstances plus about a couple of minor, but odd, events right after her tale which pretty much verified her statements to me. Now, the details on the trip west are pretty clear and I have drawn a map to show you." I pulled a map from my pocket and unfolded it. They both studied it for a few moments.

Red said, "That's some rough, dangerous territory. We'll have to pass close to the Vegans and they're crazy and dangerous. It's also dry country." Miranda nodded.

"That's correct on both counts. We can prepare for the dry and will have to fight off the Vegans if they come after us. I plan to travel fast enough so that, when we are close to them, we'll get the jump on their patrols."

Miranda said, "How does this old woman know our real hearts' desires? I'm not even sure what mine is!"

"I don't know mine either. I'm just going to trust her on that since she says the alternative is dying. She did supply me with expenses and explained the trip west. We are headed to the Angels."

Red said, "This just keeps getting better and better. They practice human sacrifice in some rather gruesome ways. They're no better than the Vegans."

"Yeah, she gave me a talisman to show them that is supposed to put them on our side."

"I sure hope it works. Like Red said, their ideas about dying are painfully real." Miranda said.

"Let's get some sleep. We leave first thing in the morning." I finished the discussion.

There was no sex that night.

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