Campus Secrets
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was asked to partake in a secret group that met at the woman's dorm next to mine. Each of us guys who were chosen got to meet privately with four coeds each time to get to know each other better; much, much better.

Ever since I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up, I've longed to go to college. You see, I was about nine when I first watched the television program, 'How It's Made' which is all about the factories and, especially, the interesting and complex machines that make a variety of familiar products. Things like pencils, potato chips, car batteries, computer hard drives, just every kind of thing.

I was watching it with my dad and we were talking about the machines and he told me that it was mechanical engineers who thought-up and designed and built these wild machines we were watching. That's when I knew I wanted to do just that, be a mechanical engineer and dream up crazy machines just like those in the program.

So, I was now a freshman at ... um, well, I best not reveal what university it was, just know it was a major one with a really good engineering school.

I'd done well in high school, my grades had been good though I wasn't so much of a drone that I had no social life, no, I did date a fair amount and, at least, was not entering college a virgin. I can thank Maryann Maslow for that. I still get a hard-on thinking of her. What a beautiful girl and she liked me enough to give herself to me one afternoon after school up in her bedroom. And lots of times after that.

But, we weren't together any longer, she was all the way across the country at another college.

So, I really hadn't connected with anyone yet, mostly getting used to a college environment and getting to know some of my dorm mates.

There had been several get-togethers in the communal living area of my dorm, it was a male dorm, yes, they were separated though there was a girl's dorm building right next to us. These get-togethers were really quite informal and they ranged all over the place on topics from classes, majors, sports, you name it, really.

Daniel, our dorm resident manager, a grad student in the Business School, sat in on these sessions at times, he was really a great guy and everyone seemed to like him.

After one session, he followed me out to the lobby, then touched my shoulder, saying, "Frank, can we talk a few minutes?"

"Sure," I told him and we went down the hall to his office. I wasn't worried or anything, I knew I hadn't done anything wrong so I was relaxed as I sat down as he closed the door.

"Um, what I want to talk with you about is to be kept strictly between you and me, can we agree on that?"

I told him we could and he went on, "There are some arrangements on campus, some private arrangements, to allow some of our students to enjoy sex in a safe and private way. As you know, there's a woman's dorm next door. I have an arrangement with their dorm manager to, um, keep my eye open for young men who are nice-looking, unattached and, well, wholesome, I suppose is the word. You are currently unattached, right?"

I told him I was and he went on, "Well, there is a small group of guys who, after being approved by their dorm manager, and passing some medical checks that are paid for, are picked to meet privately with four girls at a time, to, let's say, give them a show, masturbate for them, for example."

"Wow, really? How come I haven't heard of this?"

"Everyone is sworn to secrecy, Frank, you would sign that you would never tell about this."

"Yeah, I can see why, I guess. So, well, this sounds pretty good to me, how do I join?"

"You don't join, you're chosen. First, I ask you some preliminary questions," and he went on to ask me about my sexual experience, if I'd ever been arrested, taken drugs, things of that nature.

So, I told him about my first sexual experiences, those with my older sister and her friends, who had me masturbate for them, then it moved on to mutual masturbation and oral sex. I told him I'd never had vaginal sex with my sister or her friends but that I have had sex and was not a virgin. He seemed especially impressed that I had performed for my sister and her friends as that is similar to what I was being recruited to do.

He explained that I would be called over to the girl's dorm two or three times a week and would perform for the girls, four at each meeting and that many of them would also use the meeting as an opportunity to masturbate themselves as well. But, I would not be touching any of them unless they all four decided to change the rules. He also said one or more of the girls could ask me to their room and that it was up to them what we did privately.

I told him I wanted to do it and he said he would tell Barbara, his counterpart in the women's dorm and she would call me to meet with her. He also warned me that she would physically inspect me from head to toe. It's not often that a discussion with a guy gives me a hard-on but this was one of those times, for sure.

So, I went up to my room and in about a half hour, my phone rang and it was Barbara from the next dorm.

She more or less confirmed what Daniel had told me and I made arrangements to come to her room at seven-thirty that evening.

I knocked and the door was opened by a tall, very attractive brunette, probably four or five years older than I.

"Hi, Frank, come in," she said as she shook my hand and led me inside her apartment.

"You know why you're here, so, I suppose I should see the parts of you that I can't currently see."

I knew that I was going to be examined all over so I began shedding my clothes.

Soon I was standing there naked as she looked me over.

"Do you know how long you are fully erect?"

"Um, it was six and a half inches, uh, about a year ago," I said hoping it was enough.

"Okay, fine, I'd like to feel it and your testicles, okay?"

I spread my stance and her fingers wrapped around my cock and squeezed and stroked a few times. Then she cupped my balls and said, "Good, nice cock, you're good and hard. Now, any diseases you know of?"

I told her I didn't, that I'd always been careful, the she said, "Well, I'd like to see you ejaculate. Here's some lube," and she handed me a small bottle of clear liquid. I guess I was supposed to jack-off now so I dribbled some on my hand and began.

She went and got a towel and put it down on the floor in front of me.

"Let's try to make this look erotic, Frank, just try to think of four girls watching you."

Well, not sure of how to make jacking-off look erotic, what I did was use every twist and turn of my hand I'd used over the years to add a little variety to my masturbation in hopes that it might just add the right amount of spice. I also thought adding a few manly guttural sounds might help as well.

"You can take your time, Frank, the girls like you guys to go slowly."

So, I took my time, after all, Barbara was nice-looking, I was enjoying doing it in front of her.

It was slowly building up into what I could tell was a really nice cum, after all, I didn't often have an attractive young woman watching me when I did it.

Then, I felt the shiver run through me as long spurts of my semen went rocketing out the end of my dick landing on the strategically-placed towel below.

"Oh, very nice, good one, our girls will like you. Nice looking, nice body, clean, hard cock and you cum like a champ."

Well, high praise, indeed, it seemed. She had set me up with a lab test late the next afternoon for blood work and she told me if that was good, I was in line for providing entertainment for the young women in the adjacent dorm.

Then, as I was getting dressed, she asked, "Have you ever shaved your pubic hair?"

"Yeah, in high school, I went with a girl who liked it that way. Why?"

"Well, it seems that most of our girls do as well and we leave it up to you. But, I do know some who won't give a guy oral unless he shaves and, well, most of our women think it's a young and sexy look. But it's up to you." Then we parted and I went back to my room and shaved. There was nothing I wanted standing in the way of a blow job.

It was Friday when my phone rang and it was Barbara.

"Hi, Frank, your tests came back great, you're good to go. Are you still interested?"

"Oh, yeah," I told her, not knowing exactly what I was getting into but suspecting that it was going to be pretty good.

"Well, I can schedule you for tomorrow night, if you're ready."

Wow, I thought, and I told her I'd be ready. She told me to come to her apartment at eight and she'd handle it from there. And that I might want to refrain from masturbation to be able to give a better show.

I told her I would and hung up with a hard-on like I hadn't had in some time.

I made sure I showered thoroughly and put on clean briefs underneath a nice shirt and khakis and went to the dorm to her apartment and knocked.

She opened the door, then came out and led me down a hall to a room near the end and opened the door. Inside, there were four girls, each one in a nighty.

"Ladies, this is Frank. Frank, this is Lisa, Tina, Megan and Jill. Enjoy yourselves. I'll be in my apartment if you need me," and she left the room.

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