Fun With Young Store Lads and My Senior Lovers
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Spitting,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Recent fun with the three store lads and Frank and Bill.


What a night I had on Friday.

As I intimated in one of my recent experiences on SOL. I was hoping to have some fun with my senior lovers, and some of my young admirers from the local supermarket where I recently teased dressed very slutty.

I had informed Mike, my husband, of my teasing Frank, Bill and the two young lads from the LIDLs store. Also of how I had brought myself to a climax in the car as they watched me use a cucumber and fingers on myself.

Whilst Mike was incredibly turned on and happy for me acting so tartily, he was understandably nervous about where it may lead to.

I was keen to do whatever he would allow, and after much persuasion, and with some conditions, he agreed to me having some fun!

The conditions where:

Firstly, It had to take place well away from our home, so that the young lads would have no idea where we lived.

And secondly the young lads must use protection whilst penetrating me. My regular senior lovers don't, but it wouldn't be sensible to have full sex with such young guys without protection.

I of course agreed and we had a wonderful fuck as he talked to me about how I would soon be "enjoying young cock".

I was both nervous and excited at the prospect, and after telling Frank and Bill of Mikes agreement, we all set to organising it.

Frank decided he would try and organise the lads from the store, whist Bill agreed to get the venue sorted.

Bills wife was very pleased when he, unexpectedly, organised a weekend visit for her to her sister down south. This gave us the venue. Bills house.

Frank meanwhile, had returned to the store and had managed to have a chat with one of the lads, with whom we had enjoyed our recent fun.

The date was set for Friday 27Th. There were to be the two of my senior lovers and there lads from the store. the two from the previous fun and Keith, the youngest lad, he is 16.

They all were due to finish work at 7pm on Friday night and non were working on the Saturday.

The plan was for Frank to collect them and for them to be brought to bills house.

I asked Frank what they chatted about, whilst organising it and he gladly told me in detail.

The lads had asked if I had enjoyed performing for them in the car, Keith was apparently very jealous he hadn't seen it!

Frank assured them that it was genuine, and that they would all be getting to have full on fun with me this time. He said they were all very excited and seemed keen and eager as hell.he told them to make sure they provided condoms.

Keith asking if he would be able to "spunk on her face". Frank assured them they could spunk anywhere and as many times as they could!

I was absolutely wet as fuck with Frank giving me all the details of how they had talked about me. Also of how horny the lads were feeling at the thought meeting me again.

Last week was spent with damp knickers, a nervous sensation, slowly building up until Friday afternoon.

On getting home, i immediately packed a bag for my planned overnight stay at Bills. His wife was safely dispatched off on Friday afternoon. Bill and Frank had supplied some new porno DVDs for to get us all in the mood, and I had been instructed on the variety of outfits and toys i had to take with me!

My bag finally packed, Mike was given a kiss and a cuddle to send me on my way and I was whisked off to Bills!

On arriving at Bills, i was furnished with a little dutch courage, a large G&T and I unpacked my bag.

I had taken with me three vibrators: my large purple toy, my long double ended dildo and my black fist shaped toy.

The outfits I had decided on taking where :

1) My shortest mini skirt, white in colour, my red undies and suspender belt set and my white thigh high boots.

2) My seamed black all in one body-stocking and my sluttiest black high heels.

I didn't bother with panties or bras. i was sure i wasn't going to be in need of either very much!

Frank assured me I would be "a knockout" in what I had chosen.

He also told me that lads would be providing some veg from the store ... We laughed at this, thinking of how excited they would be at getting me the biggest cucumbers and veg to have fun with.

The time rolled on and I had decided to wait till the lads turned up to get changed into my sexy outfit. I wanted to keep the tension building and was eager to ensure our fun was going to last all night if possible!

The time ticked on, and soon it was time for Frank to head off to collect the 3 young lads. My stomach was churning with nerves and excitement as Bill and I eagerly waited for his return.

My cunt was getting increasingly moist at the very thought!

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