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Chapter 1: The Assignment

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Assignment - For the past four years, Lina Anderson and Brad Foster have spent their High School careers getting under each other's skin with pointless bickering. At the end of their senior year, their meddlesome English teacher pairs them together in a 'class unity' project, where they have no choice but to break down their walls and try to play nice.

Kingston High was unassuming enough –starting with the basic three floor structure and ending with the worn in, but carefully maintained football field. It was, in a word 'Typical Middle America' with fundraiser posters scattered through the hall, and young men and women conversing and laughing in the usual morning chatter. Ah, High School bliss, complete with social status, over-cooked instant mashed potatoes and constant bad decisions.

And not unlike every school, there is always that one girl who is stuck in the middle of everything. Not at the top of social hierarchy, but in no way stuck at the bottom. She's artistic in her own way and quirky, but not socially awkward. She is athletic enough, but not on any sports team –because honestly that would be trying too hard for attention, in her eyes. She's comfortable knowing that most everyone is aware of who she is or at least her name, but not all about her. At Kingston High, that girl was Lina Anderson.

Her locker was filled with pictures of everything from Rancid to Johnny Cash, along with a small mirror, because let's be honest –vanity is a hateful bitch who ruins the lives of everyone. With a hopeful sigh, Lina pulled her chocolate brown hair back into a loose braid, before retrieving her English book, and then gently closed her locker. In a couple of weeks she would be turning eighteen –then a month after that, graduation.

Down the hall, across from the English room was –in all intents and purposes- what looked to be the quintessential bad boy. His hair was dark and fell into his slate-blue eyes in almost curled waves, as his skin tone screamed of Italian decent –there was no denying his attractiveness, even the most popular girls at Kingston had a hard time not blushing at the sight of him. His tall frame leaned against a tiled wall as he watched Lina enter the classroom ... she shot him a nasty scowl when he wiggled his brows at her, mockingly. Damn, how she grated his nerves ... and he grated her just as hard, if not harder. How it started, no one knows –but Lina Anderson and Bradley Foster were like oil and vinegar.

Lina sat somewhere in the middle of a mass of desks, silently willing herself to wake up properly, while more students filed into the room and took their seats while continuing their conversations. When she looked up to the board, Lina actually took her reading glasses off and cleaned them, in confusion. Yes, she had read that right. "Bonding Project" was scrawled across the white board. She vaguely heard someone in the back make a comment about it being kinky.

Thankfully her teacher entered the room, carrying her usual mug of hot coffee. Mrs. Row was notorious for off-subject, whacky projects and assignments. Lina could only assume that her syllabus was at its end, and the poor woman was grasping at straws for something the senior class to do with their time in her classroom.

A huge smile cracked on the English teachers' face, "You all are probably wondering why 'Bonding Project' is written on the board." She said, a little too enthusiastically. "It's rather simple ... Everyone will be paired with a carefully selected partner, where they will get to know each other starting today and report back to me at the end of the year."

Mrs. Row had always been bothered by the fact that Lina and Brad's senior class had always been somewhat distant and 'clique-y'. Honestly, Lina didn't think she had it in her to go to this extreme, and for a while was comforted by that thought. Now, she sunk in her chair and groaned. Not only was she not a morning person, but now she would have to spend her morning grumpiness with someone else and talk about herself –and worst of all, outside of the classroom apparently, she learned while listening to Mrs. Row expand on the project. Lina quickly straightened up when her teacher pulled a paper from her desk and started calling out names.

"Jones and Martin ... Hale and Smith ... Cunningham, please stop talking –by the way, you're with Glenns ... Anderson and Foster..."

Of course. Of course! Mrs. Row continued to rattle off names, but Lina wasn't listening anymore. All she could focus on was the back of Brad's head, as he slowly turned around and smirk at her. Oh, the irony –the unjust, humiliating irony. It was like a cold slap in the face that her English teacher would actually pair her up with the only person in this school that she actually had a real problem with. He was the only one that truly knew how to get under her skin and had made all four years at Kingston just under 'ideal' for her.

The class was instructed to pair up when Mrs. Row was finished calling out partners names, but Lina refused to budge –and so did Brad. They were supposed to get together and discuss dates and times to meet up and hang out. Lina and Brad continued to stare each other down, silently challenging each other to make the move. That was until a pretty blond girl politely asked Lina if she could move, so she could sit with her partner. The cold slap of ironic injustice all over again; Lina spared the girl an apologetic smile and moved to sit next to Brad.

"So Anderson, I was thinking-"

"No." Lina said quietly, glaring straight ahead at the white board, "We're supposed to be getting to know each other for the next six weeks. That doesn't give you the go-ahead to call the shots."

Brad smirked and turned his body towards Lina, leaning closer to her so he could speak just above a whisper. "That's funny, because I thought you liked being told what to do."

His voice was always deep and a touch rough, but when dropped to just above a whisper, it made the hairs on the back of Linas' neck stand up –something she hated with a passion. "Foster, you couldn't possibly know what I like, nor do I think you could even begin to handle it." She bantered back, giving him an obviously fake, sweet smile.

Brad raised an eyebrow and actually chuckled, shaking his head "Don't underestimate me, Anderson."

Lina turned her body towards Brad and gave him a sympathetic sigh. She purposely raked her eyes up and down his body, sizing him up while giving him another fake smile, "Oh, Bradley it's not your fault." Condescension dripped from her every word. "Everyone has their ... shortcomings." She looked around the room quickly "It happens to everyone at least once –too bad for you it's every time."

Brad glared at her, muttering an obscenity under his breath, which Lina chose to ignore. She straightened up and took out her cell phone, looking at her calendar, "I was thinking Saturday." Lina offered.

"Saturday is fine." Brad sighed, "I was going to suggest Saturday before you went all bat-shit crazy and insulted my manhood." He glared harshly at Lina, clearly not amused by her grinning.

"You're not going to start pouting are you?" Lina chuckled.

Brad rolled his eyes, "Meet me in the school parking lot at four –you can help me with my work. Wear sneakers."

Lina was clearly unimpressed. "What?" She snapped. "I told you, I'm not going to be taking orders from you –besides I don't think I want to help you with your work." She crossed her arms –obviously not the most mature move she could have made.

"Stop acting like a damn baby." Brad grunted, his eyes sharp with annoyance.

Lina glared back at Brad, clenching her fists tightly, "Maybe I wouldn't act like a 'damn baby' if you weren't a total asshole!" She kept her voice soft but fierce –vaguely recognizing the tell-tale sign Brad was pissed off, which was a muscle in his jaw clenching. She didn't care.

Brad didn't retort, all he did was simply raise his hand and wait for Mrs. Row to scurry over, "Yes, Mr. Foster?" she asked sweetly.

"I don't think this is going to work." Brad said evenly and then glanced at Lina, who nodded towards the English Teacher.

A disappointed weight came over Mrs. Row, "I know you two don't exactly get along..."

"Then why pair us together?" Lina uncharacteristically blurted, a twinge of pink taking over her cheeks immediately after.

Mrs. Row was obviously surprised by Lina's outburst as well. "I cannot assign the both of you new partners." Their teacher stayed strong and looked pointedly at Brad, who was known to talk his way out of many assignments, "End of discussion."

"How does this have anything to do with English?"

"Mr. Foster, I said end of discussion." Mrs. Row said sharply, then looked back and forth between her students "Just try to be civil with each other. Make this work. Just this once." Her voice was almost callous as she made her way back to her desk.

"Fine." Brad grunted, and then slouched in his desk. "Anderson, can we please meet at six in the school parking lot? I would appreciate if you could help me with my work." He stressed all the 'polite' words, making Lina narrow her green eyes at him.

"What do you do?" Lina asked. If she was going to help him with his work, she wanted to know what she would be getting into beforehand. She didn't trust Brad Foster –even if he never did anything to prove her otherwise.

Brad shrugged lazily, "I guess you could say I'm a photographer."

"A photographer? You're in high school you can't-" Lina started to rant, then huffed loudly and rolled her eyes. "Okay. What kind of photography are you in?"

An amused expression came over Brad's face, "A little of this –a little of that." He replied, nonchalantly.

Lina clenched her jaw and took a deep breath, "Wow, how fascinating." Her monotone deadpanned her annoyance, before a look of realization came over her face, "Damn, I can't meet on Saturday. I have practice from two to four on Saturday." Lina rushed, as she scrolled through her phone calendar again.

Brad was the one to look over with curiosity now. He raised one brow and shifted his weight, while going through every activity he could think of that Lina would need practice for. It wasn't like he really knew her personally, but he easily ruled out a musical instrument and sports.

"I'll just go with you, then." Brad shrugged, "We can go do my thing after. What do you practice for?"

Lina hesitated, "You don't have to go ... can't we just do something on Sunday?" She offered; the hopeful expression on her face slowly dropped when she realized that Brad was not interested in rescheduling the day. Sighing heavily, Lina tore a piece of paper from her notebook, wrote down simple directions to her house and her cell number, and reluctantly placed it on Brad's desk.

"Pick me up at a quarter to two, and don't be late." Lina said carefully as the bell rang loudly, "Please."

As Lina exited her English classroom and started down the hall, she was caught off guard when someone knocked right into her, with a lough "Oomph!" sound. The collision didn't knock her over, but instead the books in her hands plopped straight to the floor. Grunting, and pursing her lips, Lina pushed some hair out of her face and went to retrieve them, but was too late, for the person who ran into her got them for her. Sean Wilson. Lina had to admit he was leaning towards the side of classically handsome. His caramel blond hair was cut short for sports –his body was athletic, since he played a few sports and worked out, she could only assume as well. His hazel eyes beamed with amusement, as he held out her books for her, apologizing.

Lina had always thought he was attractive, even though she normally didn't go for the jock type. He was known for being funny and never got embarrassed by anything, and that was an intriguing quality to Lina. They had actually been sharing Microbiology notes all year, so she had got to know him on a very light, shallow level. Okay, so she was attracted to him! Jeez. Unfortunately, he was known for being a player, which did send up a red flag for Lina –albeit an extremely small, thin red flag. It wasn't that she was naive or stupid to not take that seriously ... so blame it on romance movies; she thought everyone had a chance to be a good person, if they were paired up with someone who could help them better themselves.

"Oh damn, so sorry, Lina." Sean gave a toothy grin, "I was caught up in Angry Birds." He chuckled.

Lina laughed softly and shook her head, "It's alright, and at least you didn't knock me over." She shrugged, and took her books from him.

"See you in Micro." Sean gave a little wave, "This test is going to royally screw me."

Lina chuckled, "Well, you better pass, since you used mostly my notes to study with!" she called behind her, making her way to her next class.

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