Girl Scout Cookies

by Sly Dog

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Pedophilia, Lolita, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Size, Caution, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: I am not describing this because it will give away the ending. I am also leaving some of the codes out for the same reason.

Well it's fund raiser time again for the Girl Scouts and as you know, they go door to door selling their cookies. This is my first time at trying to sell my cookies, and I'm not having much luck. I've tried a couple dozen houses in my neighborhood and have found that someone from another troop has already been there. I was feeling rather defeated as I walked up to the last house within walking distance from my house. It was an older home and I knew that an older man lived here because he would let us kids use his pool during the summer. I also knew he was kind of a pervert, trying to get glimpses of the young girls' charms when they use his outdoor changing room.

He would go behind the changing room and pull out a cork he used to plug a knothole. That way he could look in while us girls were changing into or out of our clothes. He also had a pin hole security cam mounted in there that I had stumbled on as I was changing. At first I didn't know what it was because it just looked like a clock on the wall, but the dot at the 6 was a little larger and when I looked close at it I could see the lens. Anyway he was a nice old man even though he was a pervert, and that gave me an idea.

So before I knocked I rolled up the waist band of my skirt so it just barely covered my butt cheeks, and I pulled the tails of my shirt out of the waist band. Then I unbuttoned it and tied the two bottom corners under my 14 year old breasts. I also took off my bra and panties putting them in my purse. I strategically placed the tails of the rolled up scarf around my neck down in between my breasts, kind of drawing attention to what I thought were my best assets. They were a very large 'B' cup with large pink areolas and very pointy strawberry colored nipples. I let my fiery red hair down so it hung to my waist, and put my little hat on just askew so it would look sexy or at least I hoped it did. I had a little red wagon that contained my stock of give-a-way or trial cookies.

After knocking on the door I deliberately turned around and bent over to get some of the cookies, staying that way because I knew that the old man would see the bottom half of my butt cheeks and my ripe peach sticking out between my legs. As he opened the door I heard a gasp and had to suppress a giggle. I bent one knee then the other as I straightened the first to get my bottom to rock back and forth as I was gathering up a box of each of the cookies.

I turned around and said, "Hi Mr. John. My Girl Scout troop is selling cookies again so we can fund our week long camping trip this summer. We have this great new cookie with lemon flavored chips in it. May I come in and show you my wares and maybe convince you to buy some of my cookies, please?" as I batted my eyelashes.

He cleared his throat and in a very husky voice said, "Come in Tonya. It's been a while since I've seen you."

As I smiled I asked, "May I bring in my wagon? I don't want anyone stealing my other cookies."

"Sure. No problem. Come in and bring in the whole lot."

I turned back toward my wagon and bent over as I put the cookies in my arms back in the wagon. Then I bent down even more as I picked up the handle which I had deliberately laid on the ground, so I would almost have to bend in two to pick it up. As you can imagine my full butt and pussy were on display again as I made sure to keep my legs straight and had my feet about shoulder width apart. I heard Mr. John groan and could see him adjust his cock from between my legs, as I picked up the handle to lead my wagon into his house.

His breathing was a little heavy so I teased him by asking, "Mr. John? Is something wrong? Are you having a heart attack?"

I really didn't think he had any health problems but you can never be too careful. I didn't want the poor old man to die before I got his money and order down. Now don't think I'm being callous. Even though the old man was a pervert I did like him and didn't want to see anything bad happen to him. I just really wanted to sell my cookies so I could go to camp.

He showed me into his sitting room. I had only been in it once before when I came over the first time to ask if my friends and I could use his pool. It was modestly decorated with some sort of floral pattern on the couch, love seat, and chairs. It looked like the same pattern on the wall paper. It looked like his wife had decorated that room back in the fifties or something. I sat on the love seat with my wagon next to it, and he sat on the couch across from me. I set a box of each type of cookie on the coffee table between us, and I pulled out a plate I had to put the cookies on so the customers could sample them. Since he was the first one to let me in it hadn't been used.

I set the plate in front of him. Even though I could have reached across the table to place a sample of each cookie on it I went around the table and bent over right in front of him with my butt less than 10 inches from his face. I heard him shift in his seat and then felt his warm breath on my butt and the back of my thighs. I turned around just in time to see him pull his hand back and smiled as I asked, "Do you see something you like?"

He cleared his throat and asked, "Why should I buy cookies from you and not from my granddaughter, Tonya?"

"Hmm, I guess you could buy them from her but I have something to sweeten the deal."

"And what is that, young lady?"

"Well, if you buy one box of each cookie I'll give you a hand-job."

"I don't know. What if I wanted more than one box?"

"If you buy 5 boxes of each I'll suck your dick and swallow all your cum."

"That is interesting. What if I wanted 10 boxes of each?"

"Then you get to eat me out and I still give you head."

"Let's just cut to the chase, okay? What if I buy enough cookies from you that you get the most cookies sold in the tri-state area?"

"For that I would come over every day after school and all day during the summer and be your sex slave for a whole year. I'll do anything you want, no matter what it is."

"Okay. How much would that take?"

I pulled out my calculator and took out the order form along with last years total sales figures, and began putting in the information. I was surprised after seeing a total sum of $25,000. So I punched in the numbers again to make sure I didn't make a mistake and again got the same result. I frowned thinking that Mr. John couldn't possibly afford that. I sighed as I said, "It comes to 25 thousand dollars. I know you're going to say it's too much and I understand."

I put the cookies and my other supplies back in my wagon as I got up to leave. He stopped me, pulled out his checkbook, and began writing. When he finished he ripped the check out of the book, folded it and handed it to me. I looked at it and my eyes bulged out as I read 100 thousand dollars. I held the check out and said, "This is too much. It's only supposed to be one fourth of this, and you made it out to me personally. It needs to be made out to the Girl Scouts of America."

He held up his hand and said, "No. That is the right amount and I didn't make a mistake in making it out to you. You take that to the bank, deposit it and have a cashier's check made out for the cookies. That way if someone comes up with bigger sales this year you can just take more out to make up the difference. What ever is left over is for you. After all you are going to earn every penny of that money starting now. Come over here and take those clothes off. I want to see all of you."

He moved the coffee table out of the way and stood up as I began to take my clothes off. Sure I had been bold saying I'd do anything but to tell the truth I have never done anything before. I was shaking wondering what all he would make me do, and I hoped he would be gentle. I almost wanted to give him back his check and call the whole thing off, but I discovered something about myself as I stood there quivering as I removed my blouse, skirt, shoes, and socks. I was turned on. I had juices running down the inside of my legs and I could smell my own excitement. I don't know what excited me more. The taboo of having sex with someone old enough to be my grandpa, or not knowing what he might ask me to do, or the fact that this was all new to me. Well, I knew what sex was and had seen plenty of fetish sex sites on the Net. So I wasn't exactly naive about such things. I just didn't have any physical experience when it came to performing sex acts.

I stood before him naked and he had taken off his clothes as well. I had seen plenty of hard cocks on the Net but this was my first one in the flesh. I was staring at it as it stood tall and proud. I thought old men needed that Viagra stuff or something to get hard. Boy was I wrong. It looked like he could hammer railroad spikes with it, as hard as it looked. I gulped because it was huge looking. I had no idea how that would fit in me without it ripping me in half. I looked up at his face and he smiled at my reaction to his stiff member.

He said, "I haven't seen it that hard in years. It must be because I have such a beautiful young lady willing to do anything I want. I hope you are not scared. Your legs are so wet, did you pee yourself?"

I shook my head and he said, "That must mean you want my cock inside you as much as I want to put it there, but first let's go to my bedroom and get more comfortable. You can leave your clothes where they are at for now. By the time we get done today you'll need a shower before you get dressed to go home. Unless you don't mind smelling like you were fucked."

We both laughed at that. Mine was more nervous than mirth, though. He had me walk in front of him as he guided me down the hall to his bedroom. When we entered he had the same floral print on his bedspread as the furniture in the sitting room. He pulled back the covers so all that was left was the fitted sheet.

He turned to me and said, "It will be nice falling asleep with the smell of a girl and sex in my sheets again."

He wrapped his arms around me pulling me into his naked body causing his cock to be pinned between us. I looked up into his eyes as his mouth descended to mine in a soft but passionate kiss. He licked my lips ever so lightly and I opened for it like I had been doing this for years. I also returned the intrusion as my tongue entered his mouth to do battle with his as we tried to memorize the feel of each others mouths. By this time one of my arms was firmly around his neck as my left hand wrapped around his hard cock. We both moaned as I squeezed his cock and he kneaded my firm round butt cheeks. He lifted my 115 pound body by the grip he had on my ass and laid me down gently onto his bed. He knelt on the bed next to me as he started to kiss all around my neck and ears, then moved down to my very hard nipples.

I moaned as he took one nipple in his mouth as his fingers of one hand began to lightly pinch the other. Every few minutes he would switch and the nipple that was pinched was being suckled and the one that was being sucked was being pinched. Every time I felt the gentle sucking and pinching it would send a jolt of pure pleasure to my pussy. If I had known that having my nipples sucked and played with felt this good I might have let my ex-boyfriend have a go back when we were dating. But his loss was Mr. John's and my gain. I could feel my pussy juices running down the crack of my ass and pooling under me as the sheet tried to soak it up, failing miserably. If I didn't know that it wasn't possible this fast I would say I could feel my butt cheeks wrinkling like as if I stayed in the bathtub too long.

His free hand had started to rub on my stomach in circles that got bigger and bigger until he was just grazing where my pubic hair would have been if I hadn't shaved it before I left the house today. That is when he slid his hand down and cupped my pubic mound and pussy lips causing me to gasp. He let his middle finger slip between my lips as he moved his hand up and down. I spread my legs for him to get better access to my most private area and could feel the tip of his middle finger rub circles around my pussy hole and then lower as he rimmed my butt hole. I moaned as he did this and then he used his thumb to circle my clit, just gently touching it, causing me to thrust my hips in a fucking motion.

I couldn't believe how good this felt. I was so close to an orgasm that I was just going crazy. Only he wouldn't trip my trigger. He just kept teasing me making my vagina flood with juice to the point that my butt felt like it was lying in a swamp. His lips left my breast and I moaned in disappointment at the loss until I felt him kissing down my body as he shifted and lifted one leg over my head. Now his cock was in my face and I just had to see what it was like to have it in my mouth. I opened as wide as I could and took the tip in my mouth. It felt warm and it twitched as I licked my tongue around the end of it. I realized right then that I was going to love sucking cock. I didn't know if it was the feel of it in my mouth or the fact that his mouth was doing things to my pussy that I have never felt before.

His tongue was formed into a circular tube as it cradled my clit. He would twist it around my clit and send shock waves of pleasure through my body. Then I felt him make it long and fat as he probed into me, and I had no control of my body as my hips tried to make my pussy fuck his tongue. It was amazing what he could make my body feel and do with just a few touches and licks. I was so lost in what he was doing with his tongue that I didn't feel him fucking my mouth as I sucked on his cock. Before I knew it he had slipped his cock down my throat and I only noticed it because I hadn't been ready for that so I hadn't taken a breath. I began to panic but he seemed to know something was wrong and pulled out before I passed out.

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