Called to Judgment

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I was left in charge of my younger twin sisters for the weekend and they had a sleepover for three of their friends. It was the contest they asked me to judge that really got things started. Oh, did it ever.

Chapter 1

I grew up in one of the better suburbs of Los Angeles, both my parents were professionals, so we had a nice house with a great in-ground pool that was just wonderful growing up.

In addition to Mom and Dad, I was the oldest and I was followed two years later by my identical twin sisters, Lindsey and Sandra. We got along okay, mostly I just did my own thing since, well, they were girls and younger girls, at that, and were twins which seemed to be a special bonding all its own.

What I'm going to tell you about happened one weekend during the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school. It was the transition between middle school and high school for my sisters which, since we had been in different schools, also helped to separate our lives somewhat.

I was sixteen at the time and had just gotten my driver's license so on that Friday, I had gone to a friend's house but knew I had to be home by five because my parent's were going away for the weekend.

When I went in, I heard all kinds of commotion upstairs when I remembered that I'd been told that my two sisters were having friends over so I girded myself for a weekend of giggles and silliness.

There was money to order in pizza so that was not a bother and after a while, they all came down wanting to know when I was going to order, they were busy excitedly discussing the various toppings, trying to reach some kind of consensus, not easy with five girls.

So, once that was settled, I called in the order and the pizzas soon arrived and were devoured by us all.

After we'd eaten, I went to my room to play video games and they went to their room; they had, except for Mom and Dad's room, the largest bedroom in the house, where they encamped for the night.

Of course, there was plenty of girly-noise, just what you'd expect, and after a while, both my sisters came in and Lindsey asked, "Can we borrow your electric razor? The one with the trimmer?"

"You're kidding. Look, I might let you use it but you'll have to really clean it well, I don't want to be shaving my face with a razor covered with all your underarm hair, okay?"

They both looked at each other and laughed.

"Yeah, whatever; we'll clean it real good, don't worry," Sandra promised so I went and got it, handing it over, hoping for the best. They both gave me quick kisses to the cheek, then ran off giggling like mad.

I went back to my games and soon became aware that the music coming down the hall seemed to be the same couple of songs played over and over. Must be some band or two that middle-schoolers were really into, I thought.

After about an hour, it was now, maybe, near eight o'clock, one of my sisters, they're identical except that one, Lindsey, is the more self-confident and fearless one, came in and asked, "We've been working on a show for you, Mark, and we're ready to put it on if you want to see it."

Well, my sisters had done things like this before so I said sure.

"There's one thing ... um, this show's kind of special ... um, kind of, well, it's just for you."

"Yeah, okay, I'm coming."

"Well, yeah, but, um ... when you come in our room, we've got a chair for you to sit in."

"Sure, whatever."

"Well, I'm not finished. It's a really personal show, just for you, right? So, before you sit down, you have to take your clothes off," she blurted out, her face reddening.

"I what?"

"Your clothes, you have to take them off."

"You're kidding."

"Well, I can tell you you'd be stupid not to, Mark. These are all very pretty girls. Trust me, you can't lose."

Okay, I thought, I probably would be crazy to turn this down. There's five of them and I've seen all these girls in bikinis and, well, I agreed and she told me to give it five minutes, then come to their room.

The worst thing that could happen, I guessed, was that these five girls, including my sisters, would see my dick. They might just be setting me up to get me naked and then not do anything themselves. Well, I guess I could chance that, I thought as I got up and walked down the hall. Their room was empty of the girls and had a single chair right in the middle.

I pulled off my shirt, then loosened my shorts and pulled them and my briefs off together. Oh, yes, I was hard, I expect you would be too.

So, I sat down and waited.

In a minute, from down the hall, I heard, "Are you ready, Mark?" so I called back that I was. I sat there nervously, not daring to touch myself.

Then, one of my sister's friends, Nicole, a cute, little blond in a ponytail, came in wearing a robe, took a look at me, blushed and yelled back, "He did it. It's really big," then looked back at me to ask, "You ready?"

I nodded as Nicole started-up the now-familiar music, then left the room.

So, as I sat there, my dick standing up from my lap in anticipation, I heard a commotion from the hallway and in came all five girls dancing and singling, each one wearing a short nighty. As each one came through the door, their eyes were riveted to my lap as their eyes grew large.

They formed a line and kept dancing, kicking their legs up while they flipped up the hem of their nighties, each time flashing their newly-shaven pussies for me to see.

As this went on, the flipping of their nighties got higher and higher as I began to see their pretty breasts. Each of these girls was pretty, my sisters, especially. And, they sure did show me everything they had. The performance began to come apart somewhat as they began laughing while they tried to sing and dance and soon, nighties were being pulled up over their heads and tossed at me.

So, here I was in my sisters' room, naked, with them, also naked, and three of their friends, naked as well, all dancing around me and singing as they came closer and closer, now reaching their hands out to touch me, rubbing their hands on my back and chest, dragging their fingers down my arms, onto my legs, coming close to my dick which twitched in delight.

Then, one girl, a little blond, Krista, I think it was, she stopped in front of me, turned facing away from me and backed up toward me wiggling her butt until her backside was touching my cock while she gyrated pressed against me. The head of my cock was pushed up against her pussy lips as she shimmied and shook.

Another girl, a little redhead, Diane, all covered with freckles over her pretty body, head to toe, was standing there next to me, bent over rubbing her nice, little hard boobies back and forth across my left cheek and when I turned toward them, she stopped and moved a nipple to my mouth.

Being no fool, I spread my lips open and took it in to suck as she grinned at me while her friend kept rubbing her pussy on my cock.

I hadn't seen my twin sisters naked since they were ten or so, but now, well, at fourteen, they were gorgeous. What a change.

It was now obvious that they had shaved their pussies so now I was hoping that maybe they might forget to clean my razor, a happy thought indeed.

Krista moved away from me as each girl took a turn backing up to me rubbing her pussy on my dick as the others had their hands all over me. Even Lindsey and Sandra were rubbing their pussies on my dick.

Then the music ended.

Chapter 2

"Look, your dick is leaking, Mark," my sister, Sandra, said, pointing at the tip of my cock, giggling at the precum leaking out.

"Okay, girls, time for the maypole," my sister Lindsey said. "Get on the floor, Mark, on your back," she told them so I got down and the girls all crowded around me on either side, some kneeling, some cross-legged.

"You're the maypole, Mark," she said as she brought out a bottle of hand lotion and they began passing it around. My sister, Sandra, was the first one to put lotion on her hand, then she gripped my cock and began masturbating me up and down as the girls all laughed and hooted.

They each began going around in a circle, each one masturbating me for what seemed like some kind of set time, and, evidently, they were seeing which girl would be the one to make me cum.

"You can touch our boobs if you want," Nicole said and both my sisters nodded, so I guess they meant it as well. Since my sister, Sandra, was doing me at the time, I reached to her nearest breast and cupped it in my hand.

Oh, she was so soft and pliable, so warm and nice, her little pink nipple was hard as could be. I saw my other sister move her boob toward me so my other hand took hers. My sisters are identical so they looked just the same. I did know there was a small dark blemish on the underside of Sandra's left foot, right on her heel, that was the only physical difference between them. But their breasts felt just the same.

As the girls took turns, they'd broken out, singing, "Here we go 'round Mark's big, long dick, Mark's big, long dick, Mark's big, long dick. Here we go 'round Mark's big, long dick, rubbing on his big hot pole," which they repeated over and over as they laughed and giggled taking turns jacking me off.

And, I lay there, living out every guy's dream as these five nubile girls circle-jerked me while their other hands were rubbing all over me.

I wasn't doing anything at all except enjoying it, but my heart was racing as it pumped more and more blood to my cock which they were teasing closer and closer to what I knew was going to be a gigantic orgasm.

"Oh, girls, oh, huh, this is, huh, so good," I panted. They giggled and sang and stroked having almost as much fun as I was having.

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