14 Years Old and Enslaved
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Tear Jerker, Sports, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Water Sports, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Size, Slow, Violent, School, Nudism,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Little girl gets adopted and quickly finds out her role, to be a slave.

Today is the start of your new life. That's what Henry said to me on the car ride over to the House.my name is Paige, and I'm an orphan. My parents died when I was 5, and I have been in the system ever since then. Then all of the sudden, I was told a family wanted to adopt me. They told me that it was a man with 4 kids, and they had actually picked me out from 50 other girls! I'm so excited to get out of the system! I had thought since I'm 13, that I would be in here forever because usually only the little girls got adopted.

As we pulled up to the house I suddenly became very nervous. I had been to a few foster homes before but had never stayed long, but here was a family who actually wanted to keep me! It was a huge house in a very nice neighborhood. Henry helped get my stuff out of the car and walked me up to the door. When he rang the doorbell a very nice looking man opened and shook Henry's hand, then hugged me. Henry gave me his card and said if there was any trouble to call him. I couldn't have felt better watching him drive away and feel like I finally had a home.

Mr. Helton, that was his name, showed me all around the house. When I asked why no one was there he said that all 4 of the boys were at practice, and that his wife had died a couple of years ago. He then said that he was going to take me out to dinner for a celebration.

He took me to a very fancy restaurant, and we got a table in a back corner. After we ordered out food, he told me he knew my birthday was tomorrow and that he had a present for me. He gave me a small box and inside was a beautiful necklace. I tried it on and he said it was beautiful, and that tomorrow we would get some clothes for me to wear. I noticed there was something else in the box, and when I took it out I realized it was a credit card! He explained that since I was a member of the family he thought I should have my own source of money. This was amazing for 2 reasons. One I had never had my own money and 2 it made me feel part of the family.

Mr. Helton then said he had something very serious to talk to me about. He said, Paige, I've seen your school records, and you have made straight A's every year. Now as your new father I am willing to make you a deal. If you are willing to go on with what I'm about to tell you, then I will use some friends to get you into Yale. I was squirming in my seat now, Yale, I would do anything to go to Yale. And so of course I said yes.

Paige, I want you to listen to me and not interrupt me while I tell you what you have to do. I nodded and he continues. Paige, I have 4 teenage sons, and I'm worried about them. I know the 3 oldest ones have been having sex, and the younger one looks at porn. You know about sex right Paige? I knew some things about it from my health class, so I nodded. Well Paige, since we are now all a family, I want you to take away some of that burden, do you understand? He must have saw my confused look so he went on. Paige, when your home from school with them, I want you to, and I know this may sound crude, but to have sex with them.

I just kind of sat there. It wouldn't be all the time Paige, just maybe an hour or so at night, and of course your schoolwork comes first. Also, I think it would help them if, just at home, you wont really wear much. Now Paige, you are very attractive for 13, and you'll be 14 tomorrow. Now what do you think Paige? Some thoughts were going through my mind, and I just wanted to clarify a few things with him. Uh, Mr. Helton ... Please Paige call me dad. Ok, dad, I'm having trouble remembering this sex thing, and they didn't cover much in health class. It's where a boy puts his privates in my secret place right? Yes Paige, but we can go over all that tonight. Ok, and if I do this I get to go to Yale. Yes Paige and you will be a part of this family. I thought it over, well this sex thing can't be that bad, and I overheard a few of the girls at the orphanage talking about it, and they made it seem great. Sure dad, I'll do it.

As we were driving home, he explained more about my future life. He explained that he was very wealthy, so I would never have to work, I would be busy enough with school and having sex with my new brothers. He also explained that a maid cleaned the house and I was never to talk to her or anyone else about what I did with them.

When we got back home, it felt great to say that, there was a car in the driveway. Dad said the boys must be home. We went inside and sure enough 4 boys came running down the stairs. All four were tall and muscular, they were on the football team I guess. There was a weird moment of silence when the boys kind of looked me over. Then dad told them that I had agreed to the terms and was now their sister.

Surprisingly, dad just said for them to take me to my room and get to know me. They carried my stuff upstairs, and I was set back by my room. First of all I had my own room and second it was huge! They asked me if I needed anything, and I said I wanted to take a shower. They showed me the bathroom, and I realized they didn't have a shower, just a tub. It felt kind of nice to actually take a nice warm bath. When I got out I no one was around, so I went downstairs. Dad took me into the kitchen because he said he wanted to talk to me.

Now Paige, I figured since you turn 14 tomorrow, tonight would be a good time to do what we talked about. Since its still kind of early, we're going to watch a naughty film to help show you what to do. He held my hand as we walked back into the living room. Dad and the boys sat down on the couch, and I kind of stood there not knowing what to do. Paige I put a blanket and pillow on the floor there if you want to lay down. It was right in front of the T.V and suddenly I was very embarrassed because as I started to lay down, I noticed that since my shorts were very short they would see the bottom of my cheeks. Dad noticed this and told me to relax because we're all family, but when I looked back the boys were just staring at me.

The movie I found out was considered "hard core". A woman was tied down to a bed and was crying. Then a man came in and undressed himself. I had never seen a man's privates before, and I was curious. He walked over to the woman and lifted up her legs. That's when I noticed the girls private place looked different than mine. Hers was very big and had hair around it. The man then put his privates on top of her secret place and pushed in. I didn't know that the entire thing went in, and then I started to wonder if this was what they were going to do to me tonight. The man continued to do this, and each time he did it the girl would make a funny noise.

The man suddenly pulled out and something sprayed out of his privates. It didn't look like pee so I asked dad what that was. Paige that is sperm, now pay close attention to this next part. The man crawled up to her face, and put his thing in her mouth! The girl seemed to be gagging on it. Suddenly I got very scared. They weren't going to do that were they? And again the "sperm" came out and all over the girls mouth.

I turned around "dad, I don't want to do this anymore" Paige, I know this is scary, but we'll take it easy tonight.

After that I couldn't help it, and I started to cry. Dad sat by me and said we can go upstairs and show me that's in no big deal. I said no and I wanted to go back to the orphanage. Dad then picked me up, I was only 90 pounds, and said to the boys to go upstairs and we'll go ahead and do it. Guess what Paige, its mid night, so your 14! It's time for you to become a woman.

He took me to my room, and the boys were in there taking off their shirts. Dad gently set me down on the bed. Now Paige, why don't you go ahead and take off your clothes. I tried to make a run for the door, but the oldest caught me.

Paige, we can do this easily or we can do it the hard way, now please take off your clothes. I was still crying, but I bent down to take off my socks, for some reason trying to stall for time. Luckily I had just grown into a bra, so the next thing I took off was my shirt. I looked up and through my tears I could see them all staring at me, and then I started sobbing. After about 5 minutes, I realized I would have to do it, so I took off my bra, and immediately covered them with my arms.

The oldest said, why did you get such a small one, she's only 5'4 and probably not even 100 pounds. They all started talking about my body which just made me cry more, when dad told me to take off my shorts. I turned around so they couldn't see me, and took them off so I was just wearing underwear. Paige, be a good girl, and take it off. I tried to get in the bed under some covers, but dad pulled me out and put me on the bed. He reached down for my underwear and ripped them off, so I was completely naked. All of the boys were standing around me and the dad said to go ahead and feel around, but don't go in her. My hands were held down to my sides as I felt hands all over me feeling my small chest like I was a toy. Then dad came back in with some rope. I tried to get up again but the boys held me down while he tied my arms to the bed post.

Then they all stripped down to nothing, and dad said he would be first. I noticed all the boys privates were a lot bigger now and they stood straight out. Then dad got on the bed and I got scared when I looked at his privates. His was a lot bigger than the boys, but all I could do was cry. He moved my legs around, and when he was in between he said. Paige, you haven't started your periods yet, so you cant get pregnant, but we'll start you on the pill tomorrow. Also, Since you just turned 14 tonight and you're a virgin, this may hurt, but after the first time it won't hurt as much.

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