Tess's Smiley Face Panties Need Washing
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lolita, Reluctant, Lesbian, Fiction, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Water Sports, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sister Ursula keeps Tess's panties close for periodic sniffing of the wonderful erotic scent of the 16 year old girl's pretty pussy. She knows it is far to dangerous for a teacher in her position to obsess on a student so she carefully turns her attention to other students in need of a firm hand and special attention over her knee. The naughty nun is attractive, 34, and still a technical virgin.

Sister Ursula was not middle-aged by any stretch of the imagination.

She was a scant 34 years old and in the prime of her womanhood. Yet 16 years in service had taken its toll on her in abnormal ways generally experienced by the average female restricted to sexual abstinence by her vow of chastity.

Ursula was not her real name. Her real baptized name was Margaret and she loved her nickname of Margie. When she was tagged with the title of Sister Ursula, she shuddered a bit inside thinking,

"Ursula? Where in the world did they get that name from?"

At 34, Ursula was still a virgin. She had her chances in the few scant years before her final vows but had never gotten up enough nerve to "go all the way".

Even now, when she stood in front of a full length mirror, Ursula could see her body was nicely curved and full in all the right places. Her tender nipples stuck out pertly when touched even slightly. Her neatly trimmed bush brimmed with fluids whenever it was rubbed with serious intent. Sometimes, she would look back into the mirror and watch how her tight brown hole quivered at the touch of her finger.

Ever since her encounter with Tess in the third floor bathroom, she had fallen into the habit of arousing her sensitive clitoris as she inhaled the intoxicating scent from the student's smiley face panties. When she was in the midst of such a session, she would not stop until her female juices ran down the inside of her naked legs.

However, in the classroom, she made certain she did not come in contact at any time with the 16 year old student knowing that her weakness for the girl would be far too obvious to prying eyes.

When Tess raised her hand to ask permission to go to the bathroom, Ursula noticed she moved her knees together in a slightly suggestive pose as if saying,

"You know you want it! I'll hold it in just for you if you tell me."

Ursula shook her head at the nasty thought and waved her hand in permission to the bouncy and flirtatious Tess to leave the classroom. It was difficult for her to tear her eyes away from the ungirdled ass cheeks fighting with each other as the girl made her way quickly down the aisle. Sister Ursula's hand itched to spank the little tramp's bottom until it was nice and ruddy red.

Sister Ursula was well-versed in the administration of discipline to the sometimes rowdy young girls. She felt no guilt at the practice. In fact, she felt that she was doing the work of the Lord in making these young girls more circumspect in their behavior.

Her reflections on the swaying bum of young Miss Tess influenced her to instruct the plump Miss Higginbottom to attend her after class for further discourse. She stroked her 36 inch ruler with her delicate fingers and opened her legs behind the desk to cool down her overheated pussy.

Most of her teaching years had been right here at Saint Brendan's Academy for Young Girls. During those years, Ursula had learned the best way to relieve her highly pressurized pussy was to put a young student over the age of 16 across her lap and let the young villain squirm and fuss right against her heated pussy mound. Some of the young ladies were "duds" when it came to the little game of submissive discipline. Hyacinth Higginbottom was not one of those. She was probably Sister Ursula's favorite candidate for corrective behavior lessons. It was the combination of her beautifully plump ass cheeks well-padded with a layer of "baby fat" and the way she vocalized her dismay at Ursula's firm treatment of her bottom. Ursula was always careful to start the girl off with her white cotton panties discreetly covering her round bum.

One session with "Higgy" generally took care of Ursula's itchy pussy for the next 48 hours. Young Hyacinth would be turning 17 later this month and Ursula planned to initiate her into the use of her broad leather belt with the same number of stripes across her tender little rump. The anticipation of that special treat had induced Ursula to introduce Tess's smiley face panties to her nostrils as she rubbed out her shuddering release in her small cell.

When Hyacinth stood in front of her, Sister Ursula just stared at her without saying a word. The strain proved too much for the poor girl and she blurted out,

"I am ever so sorry, Sister, I didn't mean it."

Ursula stirred in satisfaction. This was going to be easy.

"What exactly are you sorry for, young lady?"

Hyacinth started to bawl like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar. It was entirely unsuitable for a girl slated to celebrate her 17th birthday in less than a week.

"I couldn't help myself, Sister. Timmy the delivery boy told me he had a surprise and I was to close my eyes. I didn't think he would put his thing in my hand. Honest, I didn't!"

Ursula let her hand wander down to her lap and she started to press hard against her growing agitation at the top of her slit.

"How long did you hold it, little slut!"

The tears were flowing down "Higgy's " eyes.

"I think just a few minutes, sister. It started to jump and move funny and a bunch of stuff came shooting out and got my uniform all messy."

Sister Ursula groaned as she tightened her legs around her probing fingers.

"What did you do with the mess, Miss Higgenbottom?"

The girl looked desperate now.

"I wiped it all up with my panties, Sister. Then I put them back on because I didn't want anyone to think I was a bad girl or anything."

Sister Ursula took out her 36 inch ruler and placed it on the desk in front of the crying girl.

"What should I do with a girl that does such naughty things?"

Hyacinth wiped her eyes with her sleeve and looked up at Sister Ursula with a pleading look on her pretty face.

"You should spank her good and hard Sister and make her be a good little girl."

"Do you want to be a good little girl, Miss Higgenbottom?"

Hyacinth put both her little hands on Sister Ursula's arm and begged her to spank her good and hard. She promised to be a "good" girl and do what she was told to do.

Ursula pulled up her habit so her legs were unfettered by thick cloth. The young Higgenbottom girl hastened to pull up her school uniform and stretched her body across the nun's well-shaped legs. Ursula felt the girl's pubic mound press down onto her bare skin and she saw the white panty covered ass cheeks stick proudly up into the air. The girl was nervous and hyperventilating as she waited for the first blow on her naughty bottom.

The very first blow was delivered sharply. The ruler left a visible red stripe across the back of "Higgy's" legs. She gasped and whimpered a shaky "thank you" as she had been instructed from previous sessions with Sister Ursula. The twenty ruler blows were unusually harsh because all Ursula could think about was that this upstart girl was holding and jerking off a nice healthy cock and she had never had one between her legs in her whole life. Life was passing her by and these young cockteasers were doing things that she had always been too afraid to even try.

Ursula investigated "Higgy's" slit and found it was quite damp and pulsating with heated energy. She kept her hand right on the girl's clit button and pulled down her cotton panties in the rear. When she inserted her finger into the girl's deep crack between very plump ass cheeks, Hyacinth groaned and pushed down impaling her wide open wet slit on Ursula's waiting hand. In a quandary, the shy girl moved back from the invading fingers feeling the pulse of her clitoris and immediately impaled her soft tender pucker hole on Ursula's other hand. Soon, she was moving up and down in a rhythm of alternate impalements front and back that made her entire body a frenzied mass of quivering jelly.

As Hyacinth moved through a series of little orgasms, she looked up at Sister Ursula with devoted and loving eyes much like a little puppy trying to perform for its master.

After the student left the classroom, Sister Ursula thoughtfully sucked on her delightfully scented fingers still damp from the girl's juices. She could even inhale the aroma of her own excitement and hastened to open all the windows to air out the classroom.

There was no point in taking unnecessary risks and ending her position at Saint Brendan's too soon.

The promise of eager little bums waiting for her spirited attention made her pussy run with rivers of female juices. She had visions of Tess's head planted firmly between her legs and her pretty little tongue lapping up her emissions like an obedient little pussy cat trying to keep everything nice and neat and clean.

She was thinking that maybe it was not too late for her.

What was that delivery boy's name again?

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